This Secret iPhone Feature Makes Sure No One Sees Your Embarrassing Photos

By Dave Basner

January 11, 2021

If you've ever given a friend or a family member your phone and told them to scroll through photos of a recent trip or event, you might have found your heart racing when you remembered pictures you took a little before that trip or event, pictures that you definitely did not want a friend or a family member seeing. Well it turns out, there is a secret iPhone feature that makes sure any kind of naughty pics you've taken won't get accidentally seen among your more innocent photos.

It's called "Hide Photo" and the easy-to-use option will prevent people from getting a glimpse of a picture they shouldn't be seeing. All you have to do is go into your "Photos" app and click on "select" in the upper right corner next to the three dots. Next, tap the photos you want to hide. When the ones you'd like hidden have blue checkmarks, click the "share" icon in the lower left corner of your screen (the square with the arrow pointing up). That will open a window and in it, scroll down until you see the "hide" function. Click that.

This will move those photos to your hidden album. So where is that? Well if you go into your Photos app and click on the "albums" tab, then scroll down past the "Media Types" section, you'll see the "Utilities" section. There, you'll find the "Hidden" album. Click it and you'll be able to access the hidden pictures.

That should be enough to put yourself at ease, but if not, there is another layer of security you can take too. If you go to the "Photos" settings in your iPhone's "Settings" app, you can scroll down to the "Hidden Album" option and turn off the switch next to it. That will remove the "Hidden" album from the "Utilities" section in your "albums" tab. The photos will still be in there, but the only way to access them will be by first turning the switch back on.

If you're not able to find the feature, be sure you've updated your iOS to the latest version.

Photo: Getty Images, Dave Basner

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