Mom Shamed For Letting Kids Swim In Pool That Neighbor's Child Drowned In

By Dave Basner

May 7, 2021

Finding the perfect home for the right price is not an easy thing to do, but one mom got very lucky and not only found the ideal house for her family, but got it for an amazing price - and it even had a pool. However, she soon learned that the pool was the reason behind the lower price tag - a neighbor's child had tragically drowned in it during a summer pool party. The death devastated the community and the previous owners could no longer stay in a house where such a terrible incident took place.

However, when the new family moved in, they were able to look past the home's sad history, and as the weather warmed up, they took advantage of their pool. The new homeowner wrote on Reddit:

"When we had moved in the pool was empty and we didn’t see the point in filling it since at the time it was too cold out to go swimming anyway. Since it’s getting hot out now we decided to finally fill it last week. Our kids had a great time swimming and were having fun laughing and playing games. Later though, [my] husband was confronted by our neighbor, the one whose kid died, saying that the sounds of kids playing in the pool was traumatizing to his family and that we were horrible for letting our kids play in that pool after what happened. Since then we’ve learned from an online post that several other people in the neighborhood similarly feel that we are being insensitive by letting out kids play in the pool. Many of them thinking that the right thing to do would have been to get rid of the pool or fill it up."

The mom added, "Even considering it all though, we don't want to get rid of our pool. We never had a pool before, but now we're really enjoying it and our kids do too." She asked Reddit if she was in the wrong for keeping the pool and using it, and over 2,000 people responded.

The overwhelming consensus was she should keep the amenity and use it whenever she wants to. One person wrote, "You can't change what happened before you moved in," and other stated, "The neighbors have the right to move. I'd in fact encourage it for their own mental health. Having that reminder next door would be terrible." Someone else pointed out, "It is extremely expensive to remove/fill in a pool that is below ground. If they didn't have the money to put the pool in, they definitely don't have the money to take it out. If the community is so traumatized by it then they can scoop together the tens of thousands of dollars to make themselves feel better. And that would be assuming that [you] actually wanted to not have the pool in the first place."

You can read more of the responses here.

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