Man Hailed As Hero For How He Called Out A Cheating Woman

By Dave Basner

May 26, 2021

You meet someone, hit it off and wind up spending the night at their place, only to find out in the morning that they are in a relationship - what do you do? Some people might be annoyed and leave, while others might think nothing of it and carry on with the affair, but only a few would think about the person being cheated on. One guy did consider the boyfriend of the woman he spent the night with, not knowing she was taken, and now he is now being called a hero.

His story was shared on TikTok with a video of a note he wrote to the woman's boyfriend that reads, "This chick just told me she has a boyfriend the morning after. Sorry to tell you like this, but I'd want to know if I was you. Sorry bro." While it was a very considerate letter, the reason the man who wrote it is getting so much praise is because of the ingenious place he left it. He didn't want the woman to find it and destroy it, but he wanted to make sure her boyfriend saw it, so he taped it under the toilet seat.

Commenters were incredibly impressed with the move. One person wrote, "Ok but he is the smartest dude alive," while another said, "He's a real one for that." Someone else wrote, "Respect for that guy," and another person added, "Tbh, I wouldn't even be mad at him after that."

No word on if the note's recipient stayed with his girlfriend.

Photo: Getty Images

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