Bride Dies During Wedding So Groom Marries Her Sister Instead

By Dave Basner

June 3, 2021

Weddings can be unpredictable, and strange things have happened at many of them. There was the time a drunk father-in-law kissed his son's bride, the time when a bride hip-checked her granny and sent her flying to the floor, and even a time when the bride found out the groom's mom was her mom too but still went on to marry him. However, this latest story might be the weirdest of them all.

According to the Times of India, it happened during a wedding taking place at the bride's house north of New Delhi. As the wedding rituals were underway, she complained of not feeling well and soon after, collapsed. The woman was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately was pronounced dead on arrival. Doctors said the cause was a heart attack. As is tradition in India, her body was brought back to her home before her family planned to have it cremated.

However, instead of reeling from what just happened and mourning his wife-to-be, the groom asked the bride's parents if her sister could take her place and marry him. They said yes and the wedding went on with a new bride while the original bride laid deceased in a nearby room.

The bride's brother commented on what happened stating, "It was a bizarre situation as the wedding of my younger sister was being solemnized while the body of my dead sister was lying in another room."

No word on where the newlyweds will be honeymooning.

Photo: Getty Images

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