At Wedding Groom's Mother Learns That Bride Is Her Daughter, They Still Wed

By Dave Basner

April 7, 2021

Most times, you know what to expect from a wedding - an exchange of vows, a kiss, and a couple becoming married. Of course, sometimes weddings can be unpredictable. Crazy exes can show up uninvited, family members can rudely interrupt the ceremony, the officiant can go strangely off-book, or a drunk relative can do something wildly inappropriate. However, what happened at a recent wedding in China probably won't ever happen again.

Before the nuptials, the mother of the groom noticed a unique birthmark on her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's hand, one she recognized because it was similar to the one on the hand of her long-lost daughter who went missing decades earlier. She went up to the bride's parents and asked them if they adopted their child over 20 years ago. They were shocked she would know that since it had been a secret. According to the Oriental Daily, the confessed to finding the girl on the roadside and bringing her up as their own, never even revealing the truth to her.

The bride's new mother-in-law then broke the news to her, causing her to break down in tears but not because she was about to marry her brother. Instead, the bride was overjoyed to meet her biological mother, describing her feelings as "happier than the wedding day itself."

As for the elephant in the room - her sharing a mother with her about-to-be husband, the mom was able to put her mind at ease. It turned out that the groom was also adopted. The mother apparently adopted the boy after spending years looking for her daughter and giving up hope on finding her.

Quite the happy ending.

Photo: Getty Images

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