Joy-Anna Duggar Under Fire For 'Reckless' Parenting In Instagram Video

By Dave Basner

June 14, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Raising kids is a non-stop job and no easy task, so of course all parents make mistakes every now and then, but when famous moms and dads make questionable parenting decisions, it's a much bigger deal because they have millions of eyes on them. It's something Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth has learned the hard way.

The 23-year-old star of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On is mom to three-year-old Gideon and 10-month-old Evelyn. She recently took them to a car wash for the first time, filming the experience and sharing it with her one million followers on Instagram. While many of her fans thought seeing Gideon's reaction was adorable, plenty of others lashed out at Joy-Anna for using her phone to document the event while she was driving her kids.

Commenters on the post said things like, "Please please PLEASE don't video record yourself/work you phone/camera while you are driving, especially with kiddos in the can get so dangerous." Responses to the clip on Reddit were even stronger, calling Duggar "reckless," and stating things like, "As someone that is physically disabled for the rest of my life due to someone on their phone instead of driving correctly, this infuriates me. She’s putting hers, her CHILDS, and everyone else on the road in grave danger. It only takes a second. I! Am! DISGUSTED!"

Some followers defended Joy-Anna, pointing out that car washes pull vehicles and don't require the car to be driven, but critics pointed out the video started while Joy-Anna was driving, before she even reached the car wash.

This is by no means Joy-Anna's first time facing backlash. She recently posted a video of Gideon within reach of a hunting rifle on the kitchen table, plus she was shamed for a photo showing Gideon standing on a stool having dumped milk on the counter.

For now, Joy-Anna has kept the video of the car wash up on her Instagram page and has not commented on it. You can follow her here to see what else she posts.

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