VIDEO: Woman Says Ghost Of Her Father Saved Her From Horrific Car Accident

By Dave Basner

July 2, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Most people who have lost someone close to them know that that person is never really gone from their lives. Sometimes they see them in dreams, and other times they feel their presence around them. Well that is what happened to one woman and she feels it saved her life.

Her name is Kim and she shared her story on TikTok, explaining how when she was 36 weeks pregnant, she was driving home on the highway during a snow storm. At one point, she said her car was "absolutely filled with the overwhelming scent of my dad's cologne, even though he passed away ten years earlier." Kim had a gut feeling her dad was telling her to take the next exit instead of her usual one two exits away. She did and got home safely, only to find out later that there was a 15 car pile-up right before her normal exit."

In another video, Kim described how special a person her father was, writing:

"I was 17 when I realized my dad would use all of the money he had to feed my brother and I when we were at his house every other weekend (divorced parents). He'd survive off a jar of peanut butter and two loaves of bread when we weren't there. I always wondered why he never had food in his house when we weren't there and he'd always play it off. He did this for 11 years before he passed away. As a mother now, I would absolutely do the same in a heartbeat. But I never got the chance to thank him for sheltering me from how horrible our situation was. My brother and I never had to go hungry. I wish I could show him I'm okay now. My kids will never know the struggle. Thank you Dad."

It seems like maybe he knows how grateful she is.

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