Ghost Captured On Film Outside House Where Man Recently Died

By Dave Basner

January 29, 2021

You might think of TikTok as an app for videos of dance crazes and lip syncing, but it is quickly becoming the place people go to post footage of more paranormal things. Sometimes it's accidental, with people sharing a fun dancing video only to realize later there is something more sinister in it, but other times it is because they swear they saw a ghost. That's why Roberto Morales posted what looks like an innocent video of a man picking up a bag of cement from the back of a truck, but there is something else in the clip.

After the man shoulders the cement and starts to walk away, a human-shaped shadowy figure can be seen at the front of the truck, and Morales thinks it's his brother, who died by suicide in the house just a few weeks earlier. Roberto captioned the video, "Look in front of the silver SUV, we believe [it] is his spirit roaming the house."


look in front of the silver suv, we beleive is his spirit roaming the house 😢😭😭😭#fyp #foryoupage #scary #ghost #spirit #sad #cry #rip

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Roberto also posted some still shots of the figure, which had one commenter suggesting that it wasn't his brother's ghost at all, rather it was a demon.

It's not the first time the San Diego native captured something strange in the house where his brother passed away. Roberto posted another video he said was taken three days before he saw the dark figure. That clip shows the room next to the one where Morales' sibling died, and Roberto thinks there is a face in the mirror in that room.

Those who saw all of Roberto's footage were pretty freaked out, with one writing, "Lord protect me from this post," and another suggesting, "Dude, abandon that house immediately. You shouldn't be there." Someone else said, "Sometimes when someone passes away in a house the spirit is attached to the mirror I think."

You can follow Roberto here to see if he witnesses any more eerie occurrences.

Photo: Getty Images

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