Woman Posts Video Of UFO She Found, But Doesn't See Eerie Thing In It Blink

By Dave Basner

August 9, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Now that the military has admitted that they have encountered unidentified flying objects, it isn't as strange when everyday people claim they've encountered strange crafts. However, when one Arizona woman shared with TikTok how she thinks she stumbled upon a strange saucer, it only marked the beginning of the weirdness. That's because in the video she shared of the odd, old, metallic item she encountered, many commenters are sure there was something in the UFO that blinks.

It all began when Ally Murray posted a video from the woods that extend miles behind her house. In it, she asks the conspiracy theorists on TikTok to identify the gray saucer-shaped object she found. The thing also has hatches.

To help viewers understand the situation more. Ally went on to upload a second clip. In it, she explains that there is nothing but trees on all sides for at least a mile and that the object is attached to the ground. While it might be far away from civilization, someone was still able to stumble upon it and decorate it with some Super Mario Bros. imagery.

Ally also gave her followers a view of inside the object, which had a bunch of large rocks in it, as well as a few inches of sitting water.


Reply to @laurensalvesen I think it’s a bunker or something?? Someone tell me what that hole is for tho

♬ original sound - Ally

People had guesses as to what the item is - everything from the top of a water tower to two satellite dishes welded together to a prop from a movie.

In a third video, Ally goes on to ask if anyone can figure out what a mysterious hole on one side of the object could be for, pointing to it with a stick. However, when she does this, many commenters swear they see something in the water blink.


Reply to @veggie.reggie.id #ufo I move next week, so I want to know what this is

♬ original sound - Ally

One commenter wrote, "Did y'all NOT see the eyeball in the water open then close????????" Someone responded, "I seen that it was open for a while, after she pointed with a stick the thing closed or whatever that was." Another person wrote, "IT F***ING BLINKED 😳😳😳😳😳"

While there were some responses that it was just a bubble popping, still plenty of others were sure it was something more sinister.

To see if Ally shares any more videos on what the object, or the eyeball, could be, follow her here.

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