Nandi Bushell Shares Video Documenting Her Night Playing With Foo Fighters

By Katrina Nattress

September 22, 2021

Last month, Nandi Bushell lived "the best night of [her] entire life" when she played drums with Foo Fighters at their Los Angeles show. Now, she's letting fans see a behind-the-scenes look at the whole day, from arriving at The Forum and soundchecking with the band to her little brother Thomas' tear-soaked face as he hugged his sister post-performance, in a nearly 15-minute-long mini-documentary.

Before bringing her out for the last song of the night (and only track that's guaranteed to make every setlist), "Everlong," Dave Grohl told the story about his epic drum battle with the 11-year-old prodigy last year. After admitting that she kicked his a** every round and calling her his "arch nemesis," the frontman got serious for a minute.

“This person inspired me last year, so much, and I’ll tell you why. Because in a time where you would pick up your phone and turn on your computer and all you had was bad news, for that one day you could pick up your phone and see this connection between two people who had never met making music together and spreading joy and love all across the world," he said before bringing her onstage. "Ladies and gentleman, will you please welcome the most badass drummer in the world. My new friend, Nandi.”

Their connection has resonated with so many people that "Everlong" made its way back onto the charts after the performance, 25 years after its initial release.

Watch Bushell's heartwarming video above.

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