Someone Left A Creepy Doll On A Texas Bench And Now It's A Local Celebrity

By Dani Medina

February 12, 2022

Photo: City of Keller Government/Facebook

At around 9 p.m. Wednesday night, a "gang of spritely teenage girls" left a "Creepy Victorian Murder Doll" on a bench in front of the Town Hall in Keller, Texas.

Now, that doll — which the City of Keller has named "Vicki M." — is attracting tourists and becoming a selfie hotspot. A local celebrity, if you will.

The City of Keller has been documenting this whole saga on social media for all of us to enjoy. So here it is. On Wednesday, the city posted a photo of the doll, with a pale, made up face and a blue gown and the caption:

"So noooooormally we’d bring lost and found items inside the building, but uh….yea. If you’re missing your Creepy Victorian Murder Doll — we’ll go with Vicki M. for short— she’s up here visiting Keller Town Hall, just chillin’ on the front bench presumably cursing every visitor who walks past. Vicki M. arrived at about 9 p.m. last night, delivered by a gang of spritely teenage girls. So noooooormally we’d think nothing of it, but we’ve seen The Craft. And Annabelle. And Child’s Play. So….yea. We’ll be calling for some backup from Keller Public Safety on this one."

So noooooormally we’d bring lost and found items inside the building, but uh….yea. If you’re missing your Creepy...

Posted by City of Keller Government on Thursday, February 10, 2022

After the City of Keller posted the photo, dozens of replies poured in from people who hilariously paid a visit to Vicki M.

"Our Creepy Victorian Murder Doll is now a local celebrity 😅," the City of Keller tweeted along with 12 selfies of Vicki M.'s newest friends.

Thursday night, Vicki M. mysteriously disappeared.
"We’re not sure whether to be impressed or terrified. So our Creepy Victorian Murder Doll disappeared off her bench early this evening, and a life-sized version has evidently replaced her!" the City of Keller said, along with a photo of a woman bearing striking resemblance to Vicki M. No offense.

Friday, we meet the "gang of spritely teenage girls." The City of Keller tweeted a photo of four teenage girls named Lucy, Sara, Anne and Via. They are the ones who delivered Vicki M. to the Town Hall bench on Wednesday.

So it turns out Vicki M.'s real name is Millie and she's a Halloween prop.

"(Millie) had been freaking everyone out at one of the girl’s home, so this team headed out after church youth group on Wednesday to find her a new home 🤣🤣🤣," the city said in a tweet.

"Thanks for the fun, y’all," they added.

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