Disturbing Blood-Covered Clown With Knife Appears On Google Maps

By Dave Basner

January 10, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Google has mapped out just about every place on the planet with Google Maps, Google Street View and Google Earth, and in doing so, they've captured a lot of unexpected things. Among them - a cheating wife, a UFO in Antarctica, a couple in a very awkward position, and an angry neighbor's epic vengeance. However, what was spotted this week on Google Maps has a lot of people terrified.

The creepy image was filmed in Montreal, Canada and shows a clown figure that is reminiscent of "Pennywise" from It standing in the doorway of a basement apartment. Blood stains the entranceway as well as the knife that the clown holds menacingly in his right hand.

Photo: Google Maps

It's likely that someone just spotted the Google-branded camera car that photographs for Street View and set up the scene so it would be captured by the vehicle, or perhaps it was all just a perfectly timed shot on Halloween, so residents can rest assured that there is a homicidal clown in Quebec.

However, this isn't the first time something potentially criminal was caught on one of Google's cameras. In 2014, Scottish police investigated what looked like a murder on Google Maps. They were able to follow-up on the 'killer' and learned he worked at a nearby garage. He and some co-workers were just pulling off a prank when they saw the camera car coming.

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