Nightmarish Icy 'Grim Reaper' Photographed Outside Man's House

By Dave Basner

January 27, 2022

Folks who live in areas that get cold know that Mother Nature can bring just about anything during the winter months, but what was left for one man is still pretty surprising.

Outside of his home in Ontario, Canada, Ben Tucci came face to face with disturbing ice formations that resemble the Grim Reaper. He told The Mirror about how it felt to encounter the sinister figures, saying, "My initial reaction was one of awe. I couldn't believe my eyes. On the first formation, I thought this is Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, Father Christmas, or perhaps even the Grim Reaper. My immediate reaction to the 'dejected' looking figure was of an eerie looking woman or a sea hag of sorts, leaving the property almost as if to be walking away from Jack Frost."

He explained that the figures were likely created because of his proximity to Lake Erie, and that water from the lake's waves hit objects like his neighbor's lamp post and froze.

However, even with a rational explanation, the story still took a creepy turn. When Ben showed the pictures to his young daughter, she "was stunned," revealing that the hunched over figure was one of the "spirits" that's been tormenting her in her dreams.

Others were equally freaked out by the figures, with one commenter calling them "the stuff of nightmares" and another writing, "If the Angel of Death looks like this when he/she comes to get me, I'd be running on water away from it." A third commenter chimed in, "I'm just saying that if I lived near there, I wouldn't be sleeping for the rest of the winter."

You can see more of Ben's winter pics on his Facebook page.

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