Dave Grohl Opens Up About The Time He Lived In An Actual Haunted House

By Katrina Nattress

February 27, 2022

Los Angeles Premiere Of "Studio 666" - Arrivals
Photo: FilmMagic

Foo Fighters' horror movie Studio 666 hit theaters on Friday (February 25), and while that story may be fictional Dave Grohl divulged that he actually once lived in a haunted house.

“I moved into a house in Seattle in 1993. It was a new house built at the edge of a forest and little things started happening: noises, motion detectors going off. That soon ramped up into doors opening on their own or I’d feel like someone was right behind me at all times," he recalled during an interview with NME. "Then I had these recurring nightmares where this old woman would be standing looking at me. She was barefoot in a grey sweater and this weird, dirty blue skirt. She was covered in mud and her hair was all f**ked up. It got to the point where I’d hear footsteps in the kitchen…”

So did he pack up his bags and move immediately?

“It wasn’t so bad that I wanted to move though," Grohl assured. "I just sort of stayed there and felt creeped out for two and a half years.”

The Foos launched a special merch line to celebrate the release of Studio 666, which you can check out here. Grohl also recorded a full thrash metal album under the moniker Dream Widow (the movie's fictitious band) and promised it'd be out in time for the film premiere. Unfortunately, it's not out yet, but you can get a taste of what to expect with the band's first single "March Of The Insane."

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