Strange Alien Creature Found On Sidewalk After Downpour

By Dave Basner

March 3, 2022

Australia is well known for its many animals. There are kangaroos and emus and koalas, but also dangerous creatures like giant venomous spiders and great white sharks. Those aren't the only critters in the continent though, and a truly strange one was found on a sidewalk recently after it rained - one that is so bizarre some people think it might be alien.

It was discovered by a man named Harry Hayes, who was jogging in a suburb of Sydney. He was out for a run after days of rainfall that caused flooding in the area. As he made his way down the sidewalk, he encountered a small, armless, off-white object with a bulbous head and a trunk-like appendage on the pavement. Unsure of what it was, he examined it, filmed it, and prodded it with a stick.

After posting the footage on his Instagram, Harry got a lot of comments from people guessing what it is. Some suspect it is an embryo or organ from some kind of animal, others suggested it is silicon or glue that was squeezed out of a tube, one person said it is a rock and others were sure it is a tadpole.

Interestingly, a biologist who saw the video shared it with "dozens" of her colleagues and none of them were sure of what it is, though she thinks it's an opossum embryo. Of course, it could also be something not from this world. Harry told Yahoo, "I'm very much the investigator and don't have any concrete theories. I think having an open mind to the potential of extraterrestrials is most important. With Covid/WW3 and the floods this could be anything really.”

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