This Is The Most Famous Food In North Carolina

By Sarah Tate

March 29, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

North Carolina may be known for many popular foods like barbecue, shrimp and grits and sweet potato pie, but only one can stand dish in the Tar Heel State can stand out above the rest.

Mashed compiled a list of the dish or ingredients each state is best known for, including this regionally-specific meal in North Carolina. According to the site:

"It's a shared identity, a source of pride, and sometimes, it even gives you a glimpse into an area's history. And that's important — food brings us together, but it also gives us a way to identify ourselves."

So which dish is the most famous food in North Carolina?

Pulled Pork

Many states have their own take on barbecue, from the sweet tomato-based Memphis style to the smoky Texas, but North Carolina's pulled pork stands out as the most famous food in the state.

Here's what Mashed had to say about North Carolina's most famous food:

"North Carolina BBQ is in a category all its own, and when it comes to specifics, it's pulled pork for the win. According to the Southern Foodways Alliance, pulled pork has a famous food history that goes all the way back to at least 1769 and George Washington, who made mention of enjoying a BBQ in his diary. Today, pork is the BBQ meat of choice thanks to North Carolina's early Scottish, German, and Irish settlers. It's also often served with coleslaw, which provides a nice, fresh contrast to the intense pork flavor."

Check out the full list here to see the most famous food in each state.

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