Woman Has Train Pass Right Over Her, Then Casually Gets Up And Uses Phone

By Dave Basner

April 18, 2022

Portrait Of Smiling Young Woman Lying On Railroad Track
Photo: EyeEm

There have been plenty of viral videos of trains slamming into cars and trucks that get stuck at a railroad crossing, but there is a new video making the rounds that is both jaw-dropping and confusing. The clip is making its way across the internet not because it shows a train passing over a woman who is lying on the tracks, which it does, but because of what happens next. To the surprise of everyone watching the video, the woman in it calmly gets up and starts chatting on the phone, as if she didn't just have tons of steel moving past her mere inches above her nose.

It comes out of India, where it was posted to Twitter by a police officer there. He captioned the post, "Gossiping on the phone is more important."

Commenters were shocked by the woman's behavior. One wrote, "Lucky there are no hanging parts on this goods train," while another suggested she get a bravery award "in the form of a tight slap." Some people demanded that woman be arrested, while others felt that the video has been edited.

There is no word on what the woman was doing on the tracks or whom she was talking to.

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