If You See A Halo Or Glare Around Lights, You Need To See Your Doctor Now

By Dave Basner

May 3, 2022

Your health can be a tricky thing to manage. Many times, your body makes it very clear if something is wrong, either with pain, discomfort or a change in how things typically work, but sometimes you could be suffering from something and not pick up on the subtle clues your body is giving you. That's the case for one particular issue with your eyes, and if you are seeing halos or glares around lights, you might have it.

Now most people will see a halo around a bright light like the sun or car headlights, that's just how your retinas react to an overload of light, but if you notice that same thing happening when you look at dimmer lights, then you might be suffering from Fuchs' (pronounced: "fewks") dystrophy. The medical condition can lead to swelling in the corneas and is serious enough that the Mayo Clinic recommends seeing an eye care provider or, if the symptom develops suddenly, to go to urgent care. The halo around dim lights could also be a sign you have glaucoma or cataracts.

Side view shot of female doctor and patient in ophthalmology clinic
Photo: Getty Images

As for Fuchs' dystrophy, other symptoms include poor night vision, blurred vision, vision that fluctuates by starting off poor in the morning but improving later on, eye pain, and a cloudy look to the eyes. It usually affects both eyes and causes vision to worsen over a period of years. It typically strikes people in their 30s and 40s, but can also develop in those older and younger.

If you are showing any of the symptoms, definitely give your doctor a call.

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