An Angel? A Ghost? Odd Lights Caught On Security Camera Disturb Homeowner

By Dave Basner

January 26, 2022

Photo: Dave Basner

Most people set up home security cameras for protection and peace of mind if they are worried about crime or negligent babysitters or just want to watch their pets. However, one woman in Jacksonville, Florida had one installed because she started noticing some strange activity in her house. It didn't take long for her to find footage she feels is paranormal, but not everyone agrees with her. However, what she captured on camera was enough for the local news to do a story on her.

She explained to the news, "When I woke up, I checked the webcam and it looked like a giant strobe light." In the video, which takes about 30 seconds for the sound to come on, the woman points out the odd light and laments to a man there with her, "I don't know what to do Clifton... This is insane!"

"There's two eyes in the middle of the white ball. Is it an angel? I'm so scared to go in there. What the heck? Is it a ghost with energy and its energy that it's been drawing from something?" She then reveals that she put sage all over the house and is praying for protection, noting, "I fell so helpless."

The homeowner goes on to say that people never believe when others see something paranormal, even when there is video footage, and that anyone who sees this will come up with some kind of explanation. And she is right - comments point out that what she is looking at is just a reflection. One person writes, "The light is a circle shape, which is coming from the lenses of the camera and the sunlight outside," and another says, "It's called lighting." However, there are also believers, with one stating, "I think it is a spirit! Yes!"

Meanwhile, the homeowner says the cameras also filmed what appears to be people looking through her window. The local news promises to keep investigating the story.

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