Harry Styles Shares Why It's 'Freeing' To Finally Unveil 'Harry's House'

By Kelly Fisher

May 20, 2022

Harry Styles finally debuted his long-awaited third studio album, Harry’s House, on Friday (May 20). Fans promptly lost their minds as they listened to each song on the 13-track project, saying that the highly-anticipated collection is “everything.” So, it was fitting that Styles celebrated the instant hit album with an exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party.

“Our guest has established himself as one of the biggest and most influential artists in music today. The world has been waiting for his third album. The day has come. Harry’s House is finally here…” Ryan Seacrest, who hosted the event with Sisanie and Tanya Rad, said as he kicked off the party with the first single from Styles’ new album, “As It Was.” The entire project is known already as one that’s packed with intimate sound and lyrics, which fans got to hear in “Daylight,” “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” “Cinema” and other tracks played during the release party.

“It’s like your ‘secret’ for so long. Sometimes there’s a little moment of, ‘oh, it’s not mine anymore,’” Styles said, when asked what it feels like to release the album to the public.” But it’s really freeing, I think. It kind of feels like it’s in a vault for so long, you feel so protective of it. And then just being out to play it loud and let people hear it is really fun, and ultimately what it’s for. I’m really, really excited. I’m really happy with the album and I’m really excited that people are gonna be hearing it now.”

Harry’s House presents a blend of upbeat and delicate tracks, taking listeners on a journey from start to finish. Styles explained that it’s a priority for him to create an album that’s a “thing for you to kind of experience.”

“I think sequencing is probably the part I find the most stressful because it’s essentially finished and then you just have to — you’re just listening to it a ton of different ways,” Styles explained. “I think there’s some things that feel like instinct. So, it feels like, ‘OK this is the last song and this is the first song,’ and then you can kind of feel like, what feels good with this one and what feels good in the middle. I think this was the longest I’ve spent on putting it in order, for sure.”

Later, speaking about perfectionism while working on an album, Styles said: “You can do that [re-work a project] forever, and I think in a lot of ways, albums are never finished.” But with his latest album, Styles said he’s happy with the end result. See the complete Harry’s House track list here:

  1. Music For a Sushi Restaurant
  2. Late Night Talking
  3. Grapejuice
  4. As It Was
  5. Daylight
  6. Little Freak
  7. Matilda
  8. Cinema
  9. Daydreaming
  10. Keep Driving
  11. Satellite
  12. Boyfriends
  13. Love Of My Life

Loyal fans undoubtedly already recognized “As It Was,” “Boyfriends” and “Late Night Talking,” the latter two Styles unveiled when he headlined Coachella last month. Styles revealed during an appearance on the TODAY Show that “Boyfriends” was the most difficult song on the album to write: “There were a lot of different versions of it. We were trying to work out what the best version for the album was. It was like different guitars, different, you know, vocals and stuff,” he said.

Styles, who is gearing up for Love On Tour 2022 dates, also chatted with the iHeartRadio Album Release Party hosts about balancing his busy lifestyle and taking time to prioritize his mental well-being. The “As It Was” artist reflected that when he was younger, he used to want to be around people all the time, and being alone felt “terrifying.” Now, he particularly prioritizes spending his time with people he loves — who love him, too — and when he spends time by himself, he finds peace. Listen to some of the songs from Harry’s House below:

Harry Styles
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