This Is The Most Expensive Airbnb In Wisconsin

By Logan DeLoye

June 1, 2022

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As we enter the hottest season of the year, many travelers search for the perfect place to cool off, relax, and spend their Summer vacation. Vacation rentals that offer the best amenities are ideal, but can ring in at a high cost. The most expensive Airbnb rentals in America can be found in California, Alaska and Massachusetts.

According to a list compiled by Joybird, the most expensive Airbnb that you can rent in Wisconsin costs $17,702 for a three-night stay.

Here is what Joybird had to say about how they compiled the data for each state:

"To find out, we searched each state for the most expensive Airbnb rental in July, the costliest and most popular month for vacation rentals in the U.S. (Rentals already rented prior to the data weren’t considered.) Listings were pulled prior to February 3, 2022, so some costs may vary as rental prices fluctuate throughout the year.For this study, we considered the property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of guests the rental can accommodate, cost per night, total cost including fees, rental dates (every listing is a 3-night stay during a weekend in July), any special amenities, and average rent by state (for normal rentals, not vacation rentals)."

For more information regarding the cost of the most expensive Airbnb rentals in each state visit HERE.

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