Triangular UFOs Seen In California Are 'Stranger Than Aliens'

By Logan DeLoye

June 14, 2022

Triangular shaped ufo flying in the sky
Photo: Getty Images

Black triangular objects emitting a strange white glow were seen hovering multiple times over a U.S Navy air base in California. According to Daily Star, several servicemen had spotted the UFO and did not know how to explain what they had seen.

Former Navy serviceman Angelo Accetta resided at Lemoore Naval Air Station, in Lemoore, California in 2011. He explained to UFO researcher, Ryan Sprague, that this object was no ordinary plane.

“I noticed an object in the night sky. It was too slow to be an F-18 SuperHornet. I’m very familiar with these planes because of my job,” Accetta wrote to Sprague. Accetta described the object to be lit up on each corner.

“[The lights] were on each point of the triangle. They were extremely bright and gave off a white glow."

He told Sprague that the object moved moderately fast and almost looked as if it were gliding on water. By the time that he had centered in on the object to get a good look, it sped away into thin air.

When Accetta told his superior at the base what he had seen, his superior did not take it seriously.

“My superior immediately laughed and jokingly asked if I had been drinking on the job.”

Accetta and a few other servicemen witnessed the strange triangular object glide over the base multiple times after the initial sighting. Daily Star mentioned that every time they saw the object in the sky, there were never any naval planes around.

It is still inconclusive as to what these objects are.

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