This Is The Best Food Festival In Wisconsin

By Logan DeLoye

June 24, 2022

A Group Of Friends Helping Themselves To Food At A Summer Barbecue
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Some states are specifically known for the food that they produce the most of. For example, Georgia is known for peach production and Wisconsin takes pride in their cheese supply. Attending a food festival and sampling different cuisines is a great way to get a feel for the local culture. Wether the festival centers around deserts, seafood, meat, or locally grown produce; the food that is available will reveal something about the area's agriculture and which foods they take the most pride in. Also, who doesn't love free samples?

According to a list compiled by LoveFood, the best food festival in all of Wisconsin is the Cheese Curd Festival held in Ellsworth. The Cheese Curd Festival is exactly what you would expect. Featuring an endless supply of of cheese curds and cheese related entrees; the festival does a great job of encompassing Wisconsin culture.

Here is what LoveFood had to say about the best food festival in Wisconsin:

"There ain’t no party like a poutine party. Cheese Curd Festival, held over a weekend in June, shines a spotlight on one of Wisconsin’s specialties in the most delicious way. Ellsworth dubs itself the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin" and the gathering celebrates its long heritage of cheesemaking, with a variety of dishes made with squeaky white curds – think cheese curd topped fries to cubes dusted in cinnamon sugar for a surprisingly sweet treat. There's also wine, beer, music and a cheese curd eating contest."

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