Shark Bites Paddle Board In California, Dog, Owner Thrown Into Ocean

By Logan DeLoye

August 11, 2022

A peaceful morning paddle boarding session off the coast of Monterey Bay took an unexpected and scary turn for one unlucky local. According to ABC10, Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove was the site of what could have been a fatal interaction with a shark. While the unidentified paddle boarder was paddling through the ocean with their furry friend, a shark came up and bit their board. The incident caused great damage to the board and the paddle boarder and their dog were instantly thrown into the ocean.

ABC10 mentioned that the event occurred in almost the exact same place that a swimmer was attacked by a great white shark just two months prior. The paddle boarder and their dog did not notice when the shark swam directly under the board before taking a bite. When the shark bit the board, it did not bite the dog or any part of the boarder's feet.

Immediately following the incident, the boarder and their dog quickly climbed back onto the board and swam it to shore. The pair got away without sustaining a single injury. A section of the coast encompassing the area where the paddle-boarder and dog were attacked will be shut off to the public until August 13.

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