These Are The Luckiest Lottery Numbers In California

By Logan DeLoye

September 26, 2022

Retro Lottery Drawing Host
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If you knew that there were certain lottery numbers chosen more often than others, would that impact your strategy? Though these numbers are derived from factual data, it is important to keep in mind that lottery numbers are chosen at random every time. According to KTLA, there are certain numbers that are being chosen more than others in lottery drawings throughout the Golden State, and there might just be a method to things after all.

After breaking down the statistics, KTLA figured out that the numbers being drawn the most within the California Super Lotto were 15, 6, 25, 34, and 13. Numbers being drawn most frequently in the Mega Millions were 7, 38, 64, 3, and 40. The numbers being chosen most often as the Mega Ball number were 24, 18, 4, 17, and 1. The most common five numbers being drawn in the Powerball were 39, 37, 63, 36, 61, and the most common Powerball numbers were 18, 4, 26, 5, and 7.

Here is what KTLA had to say about compiling the data to find the luckiest lottery numbers in various drawings throughout the state:

"We took a look at the statistics for the California Super Lotto from LottoNumbers, and Mega Millions and Powerball via USA Mega, to see which have been the most-drawn numbers. The California numbers are based on 2,327 drawings and the national ones are based on the last 100 drawings. We’ve limited the numbers to the top five on the list."
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