'Grisly' Video Shows 23 Contact Lenses Removed From California Woman's Eye

By Logan DeLoye

October 14, 2022

Contact lens
Photo: Getty Images

Newport Beach native, Doctor Katerina Kurteeva was shocked when a patient arrived at her clinic without having removed their contact lenses for two years. According to Daily Mail, the woman's vision gradually became blurry after piling new pairs of contact lenses into her eyes before removing the previous pairs. "Gruesome" video footage shows Kurteeva picking out the 23 lenses from the woman's eyeball with a q-tip.

"Asking the patient to look down again, I could see a huge, dark-purple blob of contact lenses stuck to her eye. It almost looked like a second pupil. I gently started using a Q-tip to peel the lenses apart one by one, like you would deal a deck of cards," Kurteeva shared with Insider.

The doctor explained that she has not seen anything like this in her career thus far. Daily Mail mentioned that the video, recorded by Kurteeva's assistant, immediately went viral. Doctors around the world began to use the viral recording as a warning of what could happen if you forget to take your contact lenses out every night. The patient immediately put a pair of contact lenses back into her eyes after the 23 old lenses were removed, despite Kurteeva warning against it.

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