Illinois Man 'Almost Faints' In Store After Winning Gigantic Lottery Prize

By Logan DeLoye

October 19, 2022

Portrait of man looking surprised
Photo: Getty Images

Imagine taking a routine trip to your local grocery store, and walking out an instant multi-millionaire. One Illinois man did just that over the weekend. The individual walked into a grocery store off of Thatcher Avenue in River Gorge, purchased a lottery ticket, and had no idea that his life would soon change forever. According to WGN9, as of Sunday, the man is the 10th person in Illinois to win over a million dollars this year. So, just how much did this unnamed individual win, you ask?

A whopping $4.85 million dollars, to be exact. The grocery store that the winning ticket was sold at also got to cash in on the winnings. WGN9 mentioned that just for selling the ticket, the store received a $48,500 bonus. Rich’s Fresh Market manager Lucas Bujak told WGN9 that he knows exactly who won the ticket, and can even recall the man's reaction.

“The gentleman came into the store on Sunday morning and began inserting his tickets into the Lottery machine. One of my employees jokingly asked him if he won, but before he could answer, the customer almost fainted,” Bujak explained to WGN9.

WGN9 detailed that this winning marks the second largest jackpot win since April.

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