This Is Illinois' 'Creepiest' Legend

By Logan DeLoye

October 26, 2022

Creepy Clown Holding Balloons
Photo: Getty Images

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to build excitement for the holiday than by sharing scary stories. These particular stories have been passed down throughout the years despite their varying factuality. Urban legends are just that: legends. Though there may be some truth to the story, a few of these tales have yet to be proven entirely factual. Regardless, there is one legend that has been told and re-told throughout Illinois history that you might have heard a few times before.

According to a list compiled by Insider, the creepiest urban legend in Illinois history is that of Homey the Clown. The origin was derived from the suburbs of Chicago in the1990's, and involved an unidentified individual dressing up as a clown to try and lure children into his van.

Here is what Insider had to say about the creepiest urban legend in Illinois:

"Throughout the suburbs of Chicago in the '90s, there was a rumor going around elementary schools: There was a creepy man dressed as Homey the Clown (yes, from "In Living Color"), driving around in a white van trying to lure kids into it with candy and money. In some variations he was a kidnapper, in others he was a rapist. But in all variations, Homey left a mark on young Chicago kids in the '90s."
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