This Restaurant Serves The Best Mac And Cheese In Ohio

By Logan DeLoye

October 31, 2022

Mac N' Cheese
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Mac and cheese has a stellar reputation. For some, it is a classic comfort food and a quick bite during a busy week. For others it is a go-to meal when ordering food at a restaurant. This dish is often topped with seafood, bacon, breadcrumbs, extra cheese, and more! Mac and cheese is often served as a side with meat, bread, and greens, but can be the main course when served in larger quantities. Most restaurants will offer this dish in a dairy-free variation for those with specific needs. Regardless of where and how you choose to enjoy mac and cheese, there is one restaurant in Ohio that serves it better than the rest.

According to a list compiled by LoveFood, the best mac and cheese in the entire state can be found at Lucky's Cafe located in Cleveland. LoveFood recommended trying the classic Mac and Cheese.

Here is what LoveFood had to say about the best mac and cheese in the entire state:

"For the tastiest mac in Ohio, head to Lucky's Cafe in Cleveland. Hearty and satisfying, Lucky's take on the classic dish is made with a decadent blend of Cheddar, brie, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses topped with a generous sprinkle of brioche breadcrumbs. There's even a portion of applesauce on the side. Some customers say it's the best mac 'n' cheese they've ever had."
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