This Is The Weirdest Home In Texas

By Ginny Reese

November 30, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Each state has some unique homes that set them apart from others. But whether they're practical or not, they're always fun to look at.

Cheapism compiled a list of the most bizarre homes in each state. The website states, "While it might seem like the United States is stuffed with cookie-cutter dwellings, some homes break the mold in a big way. These unique places might be a tough sell, but they represent the blood, sweat, and tears of builders who dared to think outside the box (and brick)."

According to the list, the most unique home in Texas is the Bruno Steel House located outside of Lubbock. The unique home is made up of a whopping 110 tons of steel! Cheapism explains:

"Outside Lubbock, there’s a house that defies attempts at categorization. Maybe it’s a UFO? Maybe it’s an animal, ready to pounce? Whatever it is, this is certain: It’s made of a whopping 110 tons of steel and was built by an architect, Robert Bruno, over three decades. The home remains unfinished after Bruno’s death, with holes between levels, according to Atlas Obscura. And if you're feeling adventurous, get out your checkbook. The home is now on the market for $1.75 million."

Check out the unique home below:

Check out the full list of the most bizarre homes in each state on Cheapism's website.

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