Justin Bieber Shows Off Impromptu Babysitting Skills In Sweet Fan Video

By Sarah Tate

December 8, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Justin Bieber showed off his impressive impromptu babysitting skills in a sweet new fan video.

TikTok user Alexandra Lourdes shared a video on Wednesday (December 7) of her family enjoying a meal out in New York City while on vacation with her husband and young daughters. The group stopped by Rubirosa Pizza for lunch to enjoy a slice from one of their favorite pizza spots in the city when one of her daughters, Mila, was antsy and "on another level."

Another person in their group ended up taking Mila on a walk around the restaurant when they ran into Bieber outside the restroom. Not even hesitating, Mila reached up for the "Ghost" singer to pick her up, which he obliged. Like any concerned parent, Lourdes got up to see what her daughter was up to, but couldn't believe it when she saw none other than Bieber holding up her daughter. He even gave her a kiss on the cheek and posed for a photo.

Lourdes shared the video with her followers on TikTok, appropriately writing that she "still can't BELIEBEEE this actually happened."

Apparently the little one was smitten with the superstar, with Lourdes writing in the caption that "Mila is in love," adding that Bieber was "SO nice."

Other users flooded the comments with their shock at the surprise encounter, with one writing, "My jaw dropped when I saw who it was damn that's out of pure luck." One commenter said, "Mila knew exactly what she was doing," while another echoed the sentiment with, "We all need a Mila in our lives for this very moment."

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