Why Meghan Trainor Thought She Was Going To Lose Baby No. 2

By Rebekah Gonzalez

February 7, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Meghan Trainor gave birth to her first son Riley in February 2021 and was ready to go through her second pregnancy in 2023. But this time around, Trainor encountered some unexpected reactions from her body and was worried she was experiencing pregnancy loss. The "Made You Look" singer opened up about the confusing early weeks of her second pregnancy, which she called "the opposite" of her first pregnancy.

"So many things are different that I'm like, I've got to write another book and be like, 'Well, also, this could happen,'" she told E! News. On April 25th, Trainor's book Dear Future Mama, "a TMI guide to pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood," will hit the shelves.

"Not to get gnarly, but I had so much bleeding in the beginning that I didn't think I was pregnant," she said of experiencing implantation bleeding "perfectly right on track with my period." As she and her husband Daryl Sabara had been trying for a baby, the singer remembers taking a pregnancy test one morning "and was stoked" after getting a positive test result. "And then an hour later, I was like, 'Oh, here's my period.' It was tough."

After a visit to the doctor and a blood test, she confirmed she was pregnant and shared the exciting news with the world. Trainor went on to share other differences in her second round of pregnancy. "I didn't feel any sickness with Riley, I was just tired," she said. "This one, I was rocked." Now she carries around Quaker rice cakes wherever she goes. "I need a crunchy, salty snack with me because that's the only thing that helps my nausea," she said. "A lot of people get too sick where they can't eat anything, but these have saved my butt."

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