Lizzo Visits Sesame Street To Play Cookie Flute For Elmo & Cookie Monster

By Rebekah Gonzalez

February 22, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Nearly five months after she became the first and only person to ever play the fourth US president James Madison's crystal flute, Lizzo is showing off her skills on yet another one-of-a-kind flute. The Grammy winner made a special visit to Sesame Street and played what Elmo deemed "the famous cookie flute."

"This is it, Elmo?" Lizzo says as she looks down in amazement at the chocolate chip cookie flute. “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before. May I?” she asks before showing off her skills in the short clip shared on Sesame Street's Twitter account.

Another famous Sesame Street resident drops by but he isn't impressed by the music as much as the treat it's coming out of. "Boy oh boy! Can me try?" Cookie Monster asks before turning the cookie flute into a snack. “That was the one and only cookie flute,” Lizzo says to which Cookie Monster replies, "I know, how can me not eat it? What an honor.” As Lizzo and Elmo laugh off the monster's antics, they're soon quieted by the beautiful music that comes from the cookie flute sitting inside of Cookie Monster's stomach. "That sounds pretty good," Lizzo says before all three start dancing to the music.

Everyone has been waiting for Lizzo to make a visit to Sesame Street since she teamed up with Cookie Monster to write new lyrics to her hit "Truth Hurts" via Twitter.

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