Michigan Woman 'Terrified' After Unlikely Animal Chases Her Out Of Woods

By Logan DeLoye

May 2, 2023

Scared Young Woman Running On Footpath In Forest
Photo: EyeEm

A Michigan woman was walking her dog along a rail trail just northwest of Midland when something very unusual came out of the woods. Kate M. Buning told MLive that all of a sudden, a pari of emus came running out of the woods beside the trail that she was walking on. The incident occurred at "9:30 a.m. Monday on the Pere Marquette Rail Trail in North Bradley."

“They just came out of the woods”

Buning was "terrified" of the emus, but managed to take a photo of them before running away from the scene. She noted that her dog was also frightened by the random appearance of the large birds. After emerging from the woods, the emus began to walk towards Buning and her dog. The birds started to chase them along the trail for one-half mile, while Buning periodically turned around to throw sticks and stones to get them to stop chasing her.

She eventually made it to a road where the emus stopped and she was able to escape. MLive mentioned that Buning called 911 and a Midland County Animal Control officer came to the trail to search for the emus. As of Tuesday, May 2nd, the Midland emus remain on the loose.

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