Miley Cyrus Found Out Her House Burnt Down While Filming 'Black Mirror'

By Rebekah Gonzalez

September 6, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus' "Used To Be Young" TikTok series continues and her latest video dives into her time filming the beloved "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" episode of Black Mirror. In the new video, Miley recalled, "I was filming Black Mirror, and while I was there the Woolsey Fires happened in Malibu and I was in South Africa but it was taking place in Malibu. So, it was just a real trip."

She went on to share how the strange traumatic event affected her. "Like probably two or three years later, after this happened, I didn’t understand, but I would have this anxiety attack with a vision attached – that I would be strapped down to a gurney,” Cyrus said. “So I would have these dreams any time I would go to perform. I thought that was just an anxious vision that made no sense, but actually, as my house was burning down, I was strapped to a gurney with my hands locked in handcuffs, strapped to a bed.”


Used To Be Young (Series) - PART 36

♬ Used To Be Young - Miley Cyrus

"Found out that my house had burnt to the ground and this was the next day," Miley said, turning the iPad towards the camera to show a music video sequence of herself as Ashley O in Black Mirror. "The show must go on."

In the previous episode of the "Used To Be Young" TikTok series released earlier this week, Miley revealed that she didn't make any money on her 2014 Bangerz tour. "The Bangerz Tour was an investment in myself," she said. "A lot of these ideas were so outlandish that no one really wanted to support me in making these pieces. And so I had big puppets, oversized beds, I came out of my own face on my tongue."

Miley Cyrus
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