Prince William & Kate Middleton Reveal Their Most-Used Emojis

By Rebekah Gonzalez

October 13, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton have revealed what their most-used emojis are! This week, the Prince and Princess of Wales made an appearance on BBC Radio 1 for World Mental Health Day on Tuesday, October 10th, and shared some fun personal information about themselves.

After being asked what their most-used emojis were, Prince William gave a playful answer. "Is this a clean thing, or is this a family one?" he asked per E! News. "I've been told not to say the aubergine, so I've got to pick something else. It would've been the aubergine, but I'm saying now—because I've got to be a little grown-up—it's the one where the eyes go up and down the mouth's out."

Kate also answered that question, revealing that her most-used emoji is, "probably going to be the heart." She went on to add, "With then the crying emoji—the sort of like hysterical laughing when things have gone wrong."

The royal couple also gave more insight into their personal lives elsewhere in the interview. After being asked what they would be having for dinner that night, the conversation into a discussion about how spicy the royals liked their curries. Prince William confessed, "I can't do too much spice, I start sweating. It’s not attractive." Kate then revealed that she has to adjust her cooking because of her husband's sensitivity to spice. "Whereas I like the spice so I have to sort of cook the curry and then add the spice, extra spice at the end," she shared.

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