Sources Reveal New Details About Blueface's 'Cushy' Time In Jail

By Logan DeLoye

January 22, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Blueface will remain behind bars through June after violating his probation in a 2021 assault case, but apparently, his time in jail has been very "cushy" in comparison to other inmates. Sources recently revealed inside information to TMZ, detailing television access, rooftop phone calls, a full rotating menu of delicious meals, and more!

The "Thotiana" artist recently turned himself in for violating a probation that was issued for "beating up a bouncer at a venue in San Fernando Valley" as part of a "felony assault case from 2021." As of January 15, 2024, he is being held in a cell of his own referred to as an "administrative segregation area," in which he can leave for seven hours a week for educational or religious purposes.

Not only are his meals delivered directly to his cell, but the menu is quite extensive. Featuring items such as Texas beef and cajun chicken ramen, jalapeño peppers, and sliced pepperoni, Blue is undoubtedly offered a variety of spice and flavor. And why stop with the main course? For dessert, he is given the option between Oreos, hot cocoa, cookies, coffee, and blueberry or chocolate doughnuts.

In addition to having his own living quarters and an array of tasty meals, the rapper is permitted to watch a shared-unit television, and has access to the jail's library. As for calls to family and lawyers, TMZ mentioned that he spends time chatting with these individuals on the "rooftop yard."

Blueface will remain behind bars until July 2.

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