Woman Slammed For Naming Son After 'Most Iconic Villain In History'

By Dave Basner

February 13, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

When naming a child, plenty of parents-to-be use the opportunity as a way to pay homage to someone meaningful to them. That person might be a family member, a historical figure or even a beloved character from a TV show or movie. Many times, the significance of the name is only known to the person it belongs to and their loved ones, but occasionally, it's pretty clear what a name references.

If you were to meet someone named Khaleesi, you'd probably know that's a reference to Game Of Thrones, or that Katniss is from The Hunger Games. Well one woman has chosen a name from pop culture for her son, and it has caused quite a stir with her family. That's because the name she chose is "Anakin Skywalker." For those who aren't fans of Star Wars, that's Darth Vader's name.

The mom-to-be's sister wrote about it on Reddit, saying that before she heard the name, she believed her sibling, who was 19, wasn't ready to be a mom, having become unexpectedly pregnant by her boyfriend of three months. The upset sister explained her reasoning, noting that her younger sibling made it clear "in a multitude of ways, but none so egregious as her name announcement." She posted it on Facebook by putting the name in calligraphy. It read "Anakin Skywalker" followed by their last name.

Thinking it was a joke, she responded with a laughing emoji, but when she asked her sister what she really planned to call the boy, her sister confirmed he would be Anakin Skywalker. The sister tried to dissuade the mom-to-be, telling her he would be made fun of, but the expectant mom just replied that the name to them is "not about Star Wars at all," rather they "just really love the name Anakin Skywalker. It has good phonics." They added, "I'm sure people won't care if he's called Anakin."

Her sister disagreed, calling her an idiot. She wrote, "I just can't believe my nephew is going to be fully named after the most iconic villain in history. Lol, what the hell. It's almost funny if you don't think about how much it would genuinely suck to be named Darth Vader." Commenters agreed, stating things like, "It's a human child that will be living an actual real life as a real person and will have to deal with this. If she wants an obviously chosen from Star Wars name then give it to a hamster or a dog, not a baby," and, "Good grief, I have a room devoted to Star Wars memorabilia and I would never even consider naming my kid Anakin freaking Skywalker," and, "Maybe Anakin by itself MAYBE could have been fine but why the whole name!?" Another asked, "Has she even seen the Star Wars movies? Just remind her that Anakin brutally murdered a room of small children in cold blood."

No word on if she went through with it.

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