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August 25, 2022 2 mins

Welcome to the new season of Family Secrets, premiering September 1st.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
This was a family matter. This was something that was
really no one's business. I shared a lot on the
Today's Show, but this wasn't mine to share. That's Katie
Couric reconciling her very private life with her very public life.

It was just as you can imagine, to go from
thinking you have a healthy husband too, and the span
of twenty four hours having a doctor say it's very bleak.
He's got calling cancer and it's all over his liver.
The prognosis is very bleak is pretty astounding. It was
something that I didn't want to share with the world.

I'm Danny Shapiro and welcome to the new season of
Family Secrets. Since the pod launched three years ago, I've
been asked many times, where do you find your guests.
My answer, every where, And we don't just find them.
They find us, they find one another, and perhaps most strikingly,

they find you. With over twenty five million downloads, the
importance of both telling and hearing secrets is apparent, and
I am so excited to share ten astonishing news stories
with you, stories of family secrets that emerge from dark,
hidden places, as they so often must. Welcome to season seven,

which drops on Thursday, September one, here's rich Benjamin speaking
about how little he knew of his own family history.
I couldn't have told you whether they came on a boat,
a raft, a plane. I assume it was a plane.
But I couldn't have told you when they left. I
couldn't have told you precisely why they left. I couldn't

have told you what their mood, or their fears, or
their anxieties were when they left. I couldn't have told
you what happened when they land. Did A literally didn't
have a detail to tell you. And Ashley Seaford grew
up surrounded by danger and secrecy. I knew I had
a dad out there in some respect, but I knew

nothing about him. I didn't know what he looked like.
I didn't know who he was in any respect, and
I asked my uncle clearance to me. You know, that
was my first question to him, was do you know
why my dad is a president? I wasn't sure that
he knew, and my mind wasn't sophisticated enough I guess
to assume that he would. He reacted by saying that

he didn't think it was his place to tell us.
I hope you'll join me and my extraordinary guests for
this new season of Family Secrets, coming Thursday, September one
and available wherever you get your podcasts.

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