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May 23, 2024 28 mins

Are there some women who are all about bringing down other women? That is the question at the center of this episode of our Sex and the City watch series. We have thoughts.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Hey, this is Annie and Samantha.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Welcome stuff. I ever totally your production of iHeart Radio.

Speaker 1 (00:18):
And we are still in it. We are still on
the road to working our way through Sex and the
City of all of them, all of them. They're slowly
and steadily going through it. And we are now on
episode three of season three. Yeah, does progress progress. We're

getting there. We're getting there. I will say I have
said this a few times already. This season is a
busy season. They have a lot going on. There are
relationships that begin and end and start all over again.
Like there are so many things new relationships you wouldn't
even think that jump into, like one hundred love it.

And then there's some really really problematic themes in the
season as well that we will definitely address and point
out and have a conversation about. And just like we
did last season, we're gonna do a guest spot with
one of our listeners, friend of the show, whomever. It
may be very excited. I've actually start I pinpointed episode. Annie.
I'll let you know later off my because you know,

we won't make the big revillion just yet, but if
you are interested in being a part of the show,
it would love for you to send your name through
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Still not Facebook. Don't do Facebook because it's kind of

defund It's been flooded with a lot of spam and
it's not worth it. So but those you could even
go through our email and all of these things. We
will tell you what they are at the end, because
Annie's got this down like a pro, because she is.
But yeah, if you are interested and would like to
be a part of the show, we just watch as

if if you know anything about the segment. We sit
together after Annie has made all these guesses, gives us
a review and watch it together and have a discussion
at the end about what we just saw. And that's it.
Have a good time sometimes that it has in a
company of beverages, whatever beverage you would choose, speaking of which,
do you have a drink water?

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Oh, because it's hot?

Speaker 1 (02:32):
Do you want to go get something?

Speaker 2 (02:33):
It's funny because like sometimes I drink hot water oh
or my throat. Oh, but I don't like doing it
unless it's in like a mug.

Speaker 1 (02:43):

Speaker 2 (02:44):
So this is an odd experience for me.

Speaker 1 (02:45):
Well, would you like to go get something to drink?
You can wait for a second, that's okay, you sure,
I can. Well, that's a first. I am drinking a
diet soda because that is also how I roll. But yeah,
you never know if you want to come on, if
you are particking of something as you're listening to us,
or maybe you're watching along. I don't know, do it

responsibly at this point in time. None of the things
they were talking about, including the show, including which is
now Max because as they decided they didn't like HBO anymore.
But whatever whatnot, They are not sponsors currently currently. We
know things change, you know, hit us up, we canna
help you out. But yes, so we are. Like I

said in episode three of season three, can you kind
of let the people know what has been happening thus
far on season three only we'll keep it succinct.

Speaker 2 (03:36):
Okay, okay, all right, Well, I would say the season
has opened with a lot of questions for all four
friends about what they want with Carrie, her on again
off again boyfriend Big who's marrying a younger woman. That's
how the last season ended. So she's on the market

and she was dating this political guy candidate and he
revealed a kink that he had and she was not
on board with it, and she kind of kink shamed
him publicly. So that has ended in her column. We've
got Charlotte, who is once again on the prow looking

for husband. Miranda is with Steve but is struggling to
who we met previous seasons if you've wanted to show,
you know, he's a big character and is not sure
what they are and they're kind of discussing it. Samantha
is doing her thing. I feel like she's so hard

to defind because she's always like doing something completely.

Speaker 1 (04:49):
Kind of random life.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
She's just living her life. And the last episode was
really interesting because I had a lot of commentary about
politics and like voting or just voting on looks or
things like.

Speaker 1 (05:03):
That, voting on looks. I think we've discovered that Charlotte
would have been a Republican.

Speaker 2 (05:10):
Yeah that felt yeah, that felt yeah.

Speaker 1 (05:14):
Yeah, but that's yeah.

Speaker 2 (05:16):
I think that's about it.

Speaker 1 (05:18):
Yeah, there you go. Good job, good job, good job. Yes, yes,
that's why where we are. You know, we're making a
little more simpler with the fact that we're just starting out.
It's going to get real complicated real soon you might
want to start taking notes, just fyi. But yeah, So
for today's episode, the title is a tech of the
five foot ten woman. Can you guess what this may

be about?

Speaker 2 (05:42):
Any Well, in the last episode, there was a lot
of discussion of shorter men who is not that much shorter.

Speaker 1 (05:49):
By the way, right, They just made it seem like it.

Speaker 2 (05:52):
They made it seem like it. So I wonder if
this is like the flip of discussing taller women and
any Oh, I don't know because I've spoken taller women.
They say, like, dudes aren't always on board with that. Yeah,

discussion of dollar women, that's what. And they go to.

Speaker 1 (06:16):
Brunch and then they go to brunch or you're switching
it up where they go to brun Okay, okay, I
see I see you, I see you. Well, uh interesting,
let's jump into this.

Speaker 3 (06:42):
There are very few things this New Yorker loves as
much as Sunday brunch.

Speaker 1 (06:47):
Immediately there you go.

Speaker 2 (06:50):
Alcohol is often included with the meal, and Sunday is
the one day.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
A week you get a single women's sports pages. Single
women's sports pages not sexist at all.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
I don't want to hear that.

Speaker 1 (07:04):
I'm all depressed.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
This is also so like getting a newspaper and reading it.

Speaker 1 (07:09):
At or looking at the like wedding at the holidays
with the mimosa.

Speaker 3 (07:18):
I am, it's amazing how upset women can get over
the marital status.

Speaker 1 (07:23):
Not about this. Why would you read it if it
doesn't make you happy?

Speaker 2 (07:26):
I think some people the unhappiness makes you happy, you know.

Speaker 1 (07:29):
I guess gossip of that's something, right.

Speaker 2 (07:31):
Yeah, yes, I have a friend who reads like arrest reports,
and I feel like it's similar.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
Yeah, it's the weirdest thing to me.

Speaker 2 (07:39):

Speaker 1 (07:39):
Oh, there's the occasional familiar face in the New York Times.

Speaker 2 (07:46):
It's official. People still do this. They've put like an
announced announce paper.

Speaker 1 (07:51):
Yes, I think they do. My mother made an announcement
for my niece's graduation, so that was like two years ago.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
Wh prepared for this. Guys, they had an engagement party
at the plaza. But sometimes engagements break off.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
This one didn't. Let's move on. Let's move on. That's correct, Miranda,
and let's move on. Boom. If it's pr anybody could
be the story, anybody who's getting married. And then Charlotte
has to make it worse. Ye, I know, what you're

gonna do.

Speaker 3 (08:32):
I mean, you can't not read it, and you're gonna
cry and it's gonna be awful. So let's just read
it now and get it over with, Okay.

Speaker 1 (08:40):
I mean that's true. You know he's going to kill
you until you actually read it. So rather doing it alone,
being together and trash talking it together, yeah, kind of nice.
That's what you're frither for.

Speaker 2 (08:52):
I had a friend who I had something I really
didn't want to read, and she read it for me
first and then gave me this summary. Was like, do
you still want to read it?

Speaker 1 (09:02):
That's great, that's good God journalism. Marry they did yesterday
in Southampton. Of course they married.

Speaker 2 (09:10):
They're only fifty guests.

Speaker 1 (09:11):
We wanted to keep it intimate, she said, just family
and close friends.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
Yeah, in the New York Times.

Speaker 1 (09:16):
Really, how intimate is that?

Speaker 2 (09:19):
I don't hear big anywhere in this article.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
Natasha is calling the shots and he's just along for
the ride. I mean that is the kind of like
making the story up in your head, or like they're
definitely miserable, right.

Speaker 3 (09:31):
And as she walked down the aisle, a saxophone played
when a Man Loves a Woman.

Speaker 1 (09:37):
Well, that's tacky.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
No, that's big.

Speaker 1 (09:43):
Roll. Oh no, crying. Like there's so many points where
I've told you, like, for like a good three or
four guys that I was dating the person they met
after me, they got engaged to and or married to,
and I was like, what the hell is the I
was not sad, I was not that attached. I was

definitely hurt my feelings a little bit and that like,
what so that's the person that said I'm not gonna
get married. But it still was something that was in
the back of my head, like what is this So
being the right before I was like I got him
ready or I really don't one of those two things.

Speaker 2 (10:21):
It's hard not to think about it. Yeah, which I
feel like this show we've talked about that several times.
But yeah, I recently found myself stumbling upon a picture
of my axe. I hadn't expected it was from a
picture from when we'd been together. Oh, that's weird, And
I was like, I'm not sad that we're not together
at all anymore. But it was just kind of like, Oh,

I forgot You're living a whole life without me, right right.

Speaker 1 (10:49):
They're like, oh, this is new.

Speaker 3 (10:56):
You know what?

Speaker 1 (10:57):
I always drank my coffee out of my loss. We
have your current character. She will now be here forever.
It's Magda. We love some Magda bring you nice herbal
teas for you.

Speaker 3 (11:11):
Oh, thank you very much.

Speaker 1 (11:13):
But this is like their beginning relationship. A little bit
of judgment. Why do I have a rolling pin? Why
do we have a rolling pin? Have you ever owned
a rolling pin?

Speaker 2 (11:23):
I own one? Now, guess what.

Speaker 1 (11:24):
It's Star Wars the Oh my goodness, I have never
owned you never roll I've never rolled a thing.

Speaker 2 (11:32):
Apparently I used to make pie crest. I'm pretty good
at making piecrest.

Speaker 1 (11:36):
Oh really, yeah, I'm the girl. I was like, it's
frozen in the freezer section.

Speaker 2 (11:40):
Why, yeah, honestly, it's pretty good. I have zero judgment.

Speaker 1 (11:45):
I think it's like whenever I've made anything homemade in
the end is like, it's not worth this, right, it's
not amazing. Let me move on and go get the
other stuff.

Speaker 2 (11:58):
Congratulations on this thing on the wedding. This is Mariana.

Speaker 1 (12:02):
She's shopping with me.

Speaker 3 (12:04):
Nice to meet you. That looks nice.

Speaker 1 (12:07):
That what you have on there, what you have on there?
Not only is she like flummoxed, but that she's like
sounding real old, which is one of her insecurities. What
you got there? It looks nice? What you got? What
you got there? Does?

Speaker 2 (12:22):
It is strange? Meaning your excess new partner right, a
difficult situation? Okay, yes, I would prefer to look amazing,
but not like I'm trying amazing, just effortlessly striking.

Speaker 1 (12:39):
I see, And will Big be at this event? No,
it's a woman in the arts luncheon.

Speaker 3 (12:44):
This isn't about Big, It's about Natasha.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
Okay, but this is also a strange part of the X.
It's like wanting to impress the person there with and
be like, no, I'm good.

Speaker 1 (12:53):
It's that wholy pitting a women against women thing in general,
and that like, yes, you need to be intimidated by
me because you need to think of about what he
thinks about me, and though you know we're ended, right
Did you move my hair dryer? It used to be

under the sink in the middle drawer?

Speaker 3 (13:16):
Last week I organized.

Speaker 1 (13:17):
For you, Magda had discovered Miranda's goodie drawer. That is
a very cleanly put fun drawer.

Speaker 2 (13:31):
Did you call it a better fun drawer?

Speaker 1 (13:33):
What do you call it? What do you go with this?

Speaker 2 (13:38):
I don't think I've given it a name.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
That might have been off the cuff, but it sounded right.

Speaker 2 (13:48):
I'm just not comfortable being naked in public.

Speaker 1 (13:54):
Well, this isn't really public.

Speaker 3 (13:56):
It's a lady's locker room. I didn't grow up in
a name.

Speaker 2 (13:59):
This was all full in high school. I hated the
lady's locker name.

Speaker 1 (14:03):
We didn't have that. I mean we did, but nobody
really got naked. I don't think maybe I just put
that part out.

Speaker 2 (14:10):
We didn't get naked, but you had to get down
to like your sports bra and your underwear, and there
was a lot of judgment.

Speaker 1 (14:17):
To be fair, they are so critical of women. And
then like what they say to Samantha later down the road,
which you haven't seen yet, which she had gained like
five pounds, and they were like, oh my god, what
happened to you? This is not a like unreasonable reaction.
I would never want to be naked around ladies.

Speaker 2 (14:34):
Like that ever.

Speaker 1 (14:36):
To be fair, I'm definitely chubbier than all of them.
But still, I know, oh, thanks, do you think they
make the right statement? Well, what statement do you want
them to make?

Speaker 3 (14:52):
I am beautiful and powerful and I don't care that
you're only twenty five and married my ex.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
I'm trying to think there's many times that I've had
like I must look perfect and have to do this
type of impression. But it's never been for an ex
or or anyone that's like related to that. It's always
been for like when we do panels or when we
do like like outings, I'm like, I have to look
at least decent. M M.

Speaker 2 (15:14):
I don't know if you know this about me Smitha,
but I used to edit the podcast Say Yes to
the Dress.

Speaker 1 (15:20):
Oh No, I didn't know that.

Speaker 2 (15:22):
Yeah, And one of the hosts on there just really
stuck out with me once she was saying a wedding
she was she was coming all of the things she
was doing to lose weight to fit into the dress
that she had ordered to like really be a showstopper
at this wedding, like the shoes and the makeup and everything.

And I remember thinking like that, and it wasn't like
that far away, like like like two or three weeks.

Speaker 1 (15:51):
That's the other part to that is like people talking
about getting like this perfect image for this moment and
then being able to do all these things. But the
misery you have to live with it. Like the anxiety.
And I've been there because I'm like I had to
lose this, like and I had a specific number, and
I'd raid myself. I would take the water pills, i
would do the cleanses, I would do like all the things.
It's so miserable.

Speaker 2 (16:13):
Yeah, it is.

Speaker 1 (16:21):
Just pressure.

Speaker 2 (16:22):
Okay, oh, yes, that is just fine.

Speaker 3 (16:28):
I just turn over now.

Speaker 1 (16:30):
Never in a million years would I get a missatch
from man.

Speaker 2 (16:33):
No, I had one. I had a man once, and
I did you.

Speaker 1 (16:37):
I asked to.

Speaker 2 (16:39):
If it could be a woman, and it was very awkward.
I'm sure they understood.

Speaker 1 (16:43):
Yeah, I'm sure they absolutely would have understood that.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
No, I and I did, but it was like one
of those things that I gave me a lot of anxiety,
like I've got to say something. I cannot do this right.

Speaker 1 (16:53):
No, I would have been so uncomfortable the entire time. Honestly,
I'm uncomfortable with a woman right any naked anyway. Yeah,
if it's a man, even worse.

Speaker 2 (17:05):

Speaker 3 (17:06):
Since they were running out of time, Samantha decided to
take the matter into her own hands.

Speaker 1 (17:12):
What the hell that is sexual harassment? And what kind
of person is such a thing to molest a trained
professionals trying.

Speaker 3 (17:25):
To do his job.

Speaker 2 (17:26):
What if the thousand Rubinstein is a civilized place realized.

Speaker 1 (17:32):
I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to come back here. Also,
she should be charged. Clearly she meant actual battery.

Speaker 3 (17:41):
Look, this isn't my fault. I know for a fact
that Kevin went down on another customer, and that's why
I booked the appointment.

Speaker 1 (17:48):
Whoa so many things. Samantha was very in the wrong
all these things is what what the hell? Man?

Speaker 2 (17:59):
I'm oh, Natasha's not here yet.

Speaker 1 (18:03):
Oh you know what, Natasha's not coming, but she's got
a terrible cold, poor thing, and she didn't want to
get toy shit and fell. To be fair, that's about right. Yeah,
Like that's what would happen to me as well. Like
my internal battle, which is just a one sided battle.
I lost a jump, right.

Speaker 2 (18:23):
The other person doesn't even really know.

Speaker 1 (18:25):
They don't know that this is a thing. Why are
you here eighty five dollars? We're having our two drinks.

Speaker 2 (18:31):
I definitely would say feeling for the drinks.

Speaker 1 (18:33):
At this point, you pay for an outphile, find somebody
to talk to.

Speaker 3 (18:40):
I am telling who is this and what is she
doing in my bedroom? It is virgin Mary.

Speaker 1 (18:48):
And where's my other thing? What? See? I don't know
if I would confront someone who is obviously judging my lifestyle,
such as Morinda, rather than just be like you don't
texting them, be like we're done, but no man will
marry you.

Speaker 3 (19:03):
If that is by bed, it means you don't need him, Magda.
What I don't need is another mother. I have one
in Philadelphia and that's close enough. I need a housekeeper
who will clean my apartment and stop judging me because
I'm a thirty four year old single woman living in
New York.

Speaker 1 (19:21):
I drink coffee and have sex.

Speaker 3 (19:24):
And buypies and enjoy battery operated devices. If you can't
deal with that, I will find another housekeeper who can.

Speaker 1 (19:31):

Speaker 2 (19:32):
Yeah, sorry, I couldn't be there.

Speaker 1 (19:45):
That's pretty.

Speaker 2 (19:46):
That's a good like we use the wrong there. Tasha
has a law.

Speaker 1 (19:53):
If it hadn't been handwritten, it wouldn't have been as funny.
Good thing she got married.

Speaker 2 (19:59):
The woman's an idiot.

Speaker 1 (20:01):
I mean, once again, it's kind of like, there's nothing
wrong with what she did. Just because she's young and
married your ex does not make her the villain. And
they quickly do so and again, she's so kind and
seemingly sweet and understanding to her, Like she's like kind
of walks around quietly and doesn't try to make scene

m m like talking about her husband or being you know,
about being married. She's just existing and they're very much
like we hate her, she's the worst and all. She's like,
he's the one that left her and left like they
broke up a foot, Like he didn't actually cheat on her,
so at the very least he had that decency. Yeah,
even though it was a toxic relationship. But I mean,

you can be bitter, but you can't hate the woman
like that. That seems absurd. Yeah, I forgot about that
whole line.

Speaker 2 (20:54):
Yeah, I mean, I feel like there's a difference between
kind of venting to your friends about like I'm mad
at this guy my ex in this very heteronormative sense,
and like, yeah, hating on a woman who has not
really done anything other than be right the person he's

dating now, like.

Speaker 1 (21:19):
The person he ended up like choosing right.

Speaker 2 (21:22):
Right, Like I do get the impulse, but especially like
a lot of the things they were saying, it was like, yeah, yeah,
there's no need ye like bash, like.

Speaker 1 (21:32):
The whole thing making sure, finding all the flaws, trying
to be like I have to one up her. It
could be one thing to be like, oh, I can't
let her think that this is who I am, like
the chaos that you see, Like I can't do that.
But to go after her all the time and making
sure that all the friends like kind of despise her.
It's kind of like, ah much, a little much, a
lot much. And then this is where this is the

anti women's show, Like this is where like you're anti
and this is not cute. Of course, I still although
they are in their mid thirties at this point, so
you would think they grew a little bit, but hey,
whatever whatnot. Yeah, so they did go to a brunch congratulations,

and there was a five ten woman end of story. Yes,
so you get like five out of ten like that,
you get a fifty to fifty on that one.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
I think I did pretty good.

Speaker 1 (22:44):
Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, I'll put it
on the d like you definitely passed. But I wouldn't
say it's way up there. It's kind of like when
you put your name down correctly.

Speaker 2 (23:00):
I think it was a bit higher than that.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Wow, But yeah, no, I think it's interesting because of
the build up that they have that they show the
dynamics here where it's like us versus them, which is
a lot of Afghan The season is kind of like
that in general, whether it's like cities or friendships or
like even preferences. I guess it's a very maybe that's
the whole take, and I've missed and that's been with

it throughout all of Sex, Sex and the City. But
like us again, us against the five ten women, us
against the younger women, which was the last one too,
or us against this and this, which is kind of
this mindset like you're creating your own drama, which, right,
I mean you have to have a little bit drama
for a show.

Speaker 2 (23:48):
Oh yeah, yeah, it's true that it is. Yeah, it
is very It's one of those things when you watch
and you're like, yeah, I feel that too. But I
feel like I have the capacity to my mind to recognize, oh,
that's not healthy, let's not do that, you know what
I mean? Right, So, and in some cases I don't

really feel like I I've said before, I don't. I
don't really get jealous, which is what was an issue
in my last relationship. But right, yeah, yeah, it does.
I think you're right, like the creating of your own enemy,
because in theory, as far as I know about Natasha,
she has not done anything other than be yeah, the

woman yeah and falling for.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
Him, which we'll see more of her, which again, her
real life was not similar to this but kind of
similar to that.

Speaker 3 (24:44):
It's up.

Speaker 1 (24:45):
She ended up being the older woman, I guess because
Bridget moyne Haan was with Tom Brady and she was
pregnant with Tom Brady's baby when Giselle came in to
play oh yeah. So I always think about that. I
don't know why, but that never laves my mind because
Ridget monihan also moynihan also is kind of like low
key and so many movies that you don't realize she's there,

but she's oftentimes the catalyst to whatever that movie is.
So she was John Wick's girlfriend wife and like she
is that for so many different shows. So it's kind
of like what she was in Serendipity as John Cusac's
you know, fiance, and she's perfect and sweet and like,
like there's so many characters. I'm like, you know, what,

justice for Bridget moyna hann goes. I don't know why
she keeps getting thrown into these situations y'all are rude. Yeah,
I just think about her every now and again. I
don't know why, but that whole light line for her
and then all the roles that she plays that, I'm like,
she deserves better. Give her a full character, y'all. Stop

killing her off or making her the bad person. But anyway, so,
how'd you feel about this episode? Do you feel like
you know how this is what this is leading to?
Do you feel like you can you get a sense
of what the season's about?

Speaker 2 (26:04):
Not really, I mean in terms of because I do
think Carrie's gonna get with You've told me there's like
a big mid season thing. Yeah, so either I feel
like Aiden's gonna show up, are Big is gonna something
with him? Miranda, I feel like she's making strides and

wanting to be independent and letting her wants known. So
maybe that will lead back to Steve. I know what
Charlotte wants. Again, I've said I feel like every season
this is so I'm not sure, like, maybe will it
repeat itself? Will she get somewhere? I don't care. In
terms of marriage, and yes, again, Samantha is very difficult

to predict but I feel you will have adventures, and
I feel safe in saying that.

Speaker 1 (26:57):
Well, there you go. That was episode three, season three
of Sex in the City. We're just beginning once again.
If you're interested, you should let us know about joining
us for one of these episodes. And you don't have
to have ever watched it. We have had plenty of
people our own people even who have never seen the
show that have jumped on board and did so well,

and I feel like they enjoyed it. They're either lying
to us and doing a very good will in acting
like it, or they really did enjoy it.

Speaker 2 (27:29):
A good will. Yeah. And if you entered last time
and you weren't chosen, enter again, come on.

Speaker 1 (27:40):

Speaker 2 (27:41):
Yes, we still have the list. But I understand now
you're like, I'm not interested into this anymore. That's fine.
So if you if you did enter previous thing, you
would like to enter again, please do so, just let
us know. I feel like I have to specify, even
though I think it's clear there's no like prize. I
just there's legal trouble if you use the wrong terminology. Yes,

it's just a joining. Yeah, it's just coming on watching
with us, hanging out that's all and we would love
to have you, so yes, please contact us if you
are interested, and if you're not, but you just have
thoughts let us know. You can email us Stephanie mom
Stuff at iHeartMedia dot com. You can find us on
Twitter at mom Stuff podcast, or on Instagram and TikTok
at Stuff One Ever Told You. We also have a

YouTube page, a tea public store, and a book you
can get wherever you get your books. Thanks is always
to your super producer Christina or executive pducer My and
your contributor Joey. Thank you all of whom have been ya,
and thanks to you for listening Stuff I Never Told
You his production by Heartradio. For more podcasts on my
heart Radio, you can check out your heart radeo Apple
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