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May 24, 2024 71 mins

Have you ever wondered whether some secret group genuinely runs the world? Ben, Matt and Noel finally explore the concept that hybrid reptilians change shape at will, dictate the path of human civilization, and -- for some reason -- seek to keep the entire mission a secret.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
From UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies. History is
riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or
learn this stuff they don't want you to know. A
production of Iheartrading.

Speaker 2 (00:24):
Hello, welcome back to the show.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
My name is Matt, my name is Nola. They call
me Bed. We're joined as always with our super producer Paul,
Mission controlled decand folks. Serious warning, serious disclaimer. Tonight's episode
may not be for all lizard people. Have you ever
felt like there was some secret group running the world.
I think most of us have at some point, right.

Speaker 4 (00:46):
Yeah, it's got many names, right, the Illuminati, perhaps.

Speaker 3 (00:51):
They they they live them you know, yes, I haven't
seen they live. I'm so familiar with the it all with.

Speaker 4 (01:01):
That's sort of almost a lizard people kind of vibe, right,
like the yeah.

Speaker 3 (01:05):
Yeah and this h and also Matt, I appreciate the
shout out to they the stars of the show. The
stuff they don't want you to know. In tonight's episode,
we're exploring one of the most long running genres of
conspiracy on the planet, the idea that some shadowy cabal
really does run the world, A cabal that may not
be entirely human. Only rowdy rowdy piper can save us.

Here are the facts I mean, of course, right, if
you're if you're an intelligent person, you look around. Most
people are intelligent. You look around, and at one point
or another in your life you think somebody might really
be running the show, you know what I mean, something
like how much of a democracy is given insert giving

country here? How much power to the people actually have?
And the stuff we have to get out of the
way immediately is there's a grain of truth to this
genre of belief and accusation. It's just the specifics where
things get sticky. Does that sound fair? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (02:13):
We look around and we see the society, no matter
where you live, is built around the people that control things.
And then you realize, oh wait, a lot of the
people who are really important have these like social clubs
that they hang out at. Oh wait, a lot of
these really important people go to these fancy restaurants that
I and my family can't get into. You just start

to see it and you start to feel, wow, there
really is maybe there is something bigger to this.

Speaker 4 (02:41):
Well you guys doo, I mean, you know, talking about
the little secret kind of societies and social clubs and all.

Speaker 3 (02:46):
That, But what about colleges.

Speaker 2 (02:49):
Think about that.

Speaker 4 (02:50):
That's one of the biggest social clubs of all that
are very exclusive and hard to get into and have
kind of legacy histories of acceptance.

Speaker 2 (02:58):
Right, and dynasties within families. That's because of those colleges,
because all those social positionings.

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Yeah, the simple sociological answer would be that people, despite
what people say, they like to hang out with other
people like them. You hang out with people that you
share things in common with, or that you believe you
will share things in common with. However, that answer is
kind of boring to a lot of other folks, so

they want more to the story. This is where we
hear people accusing, you know, wealthy dynasties like the House
of Saud or the Rockefellers of being a true global
power behind the throne, and the argument good. The argument
is almost ancient aliens in its prejudice, because it's like
this particular group of families couldn't have been successful on

their own. They have to have some sort of diabolical secret.
They worship infertile powers, or they are aliens or time travelers,
or all the racist stuff I thought earlier was right.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
Yeah, but when in reality, I guess it's just the
resources that members of their family extracted a long time
ago and then built.

Speaker 3 (04:11):
Well phone m Yeah name. You know. It's possible to
name one self made billionaire, but name six. I'm hard
pressed for one. I'm sure you have one in mind.
I've just I'm making room for the four billionaires who listen.

Speaker 2 (04:30):
To our show. Ye.

Speaker 3 (04:31):
Yes, can we borrow some money? Yes, have your footman
in your valet call it, or better yet, write us
an emails so we can get it on record.

Speaker 2 (04:40):
It is still weird, though, because power behind the throne
is kind of a thing. When you think about campaign
finance donations, and that's.

Speaker 3 (04:46):
What I'm saying, there is a grain of truth. There
are secret king makers and campaign finance donations. You know,
saw the news about that right very recently. A very
small group of billionaires recently donated some six million dollars
to the current campaign cycle.

Speaker 4 (05:03):
And that's all thanks to Citizens United, which totally wrecked
the campaign finance system for all intents and purposes. It's
like just just mangled it beyond recognition and saving.

Speaker 3 (05:13):
Yeah, and international non governmental institutions, the builder Burgers, the CFR,
insert your favorite corporate conspiracy here.

Speaker 4 (05:24):
Whenever you hear builder Burger, Am I the only one
who pictures a bar where you can make your own hamburger,
you know, and put pipicpic whatever you know toppings. You
want a Builder Burger, it's like a builder the builder Bergs.

Speaker 2 (05:35):
Right, it's a little different.

Speaker 3 (05:39):
People are saying, you know, this Council on Foreign Relations
the Builder Burgers Trilateral Commission. That's another deep cut. The
question then, is why do all these powerful people really
get together. What do they actually talk about in their meetings?
Do they build fast food? Do they do they say
more than what they publish in their pr statements? For

we the lowly peasants, how's their golf swing?

Speaker 2 (06:04):
Yeah? What do they really get into a Davos? And
you know, over the years, guys, we've seen versions of this.
I seem to recall a time when I want to
say it was Hillary Clinton when she was on the
campaign trail in oh gosh, years and years ago, where
she gave a public speech, a more public speech that

was filmed, and then there was like footage from another
meeting from that same day with the higher ups in
the campaign world, and she said a completely different story
and it was like allegedly leaked footage. But that's the
kind of thing that perhaps we imagine happens all the time,
and perhaps it does, but we often don't have proof

that it's happening.

Speaker 3 (06:49):
But you love to see it. That's the ubami, you know, Like,
I mean, it's true. I love your bringing up d
Davos because security at Davos is super tight and super
weird because global VIPs are there Behemian Grove kind of
tough to get into, and they're up to some strange,
strange stuff. So it's natural to ask these questions. We see.

Powerful religious organizations got the same accusations. Back in the day,
there was an anti Papist party here in the United States.
Their political platform was just this one thing they didn't
like Catholics or the Pope, and they ran for office
on that and someone would be like, well you think
about taxes and they would be like, I don't know, man,
some screw with the pope though, and they're like, all right,

I'll vote for you.

Speaker 2 (07:33):
Yeah. Well, there's the Anti Mason's Party that was huge,
and they're just there. The whole platform was let's not
have members of this secret society be in government. Positions.

Speaker 4 (07:43):
Yeah, let's try a new flavor this season. Go on
exactly the rest of us a.

Speaker 3 (07:48):
Chance and the more modern conspiratorial cabal theories. There are
investment firms, right, consulting firms. I think there's some sand
to those. The defense industry. There's also some sad to those,
because in those cases you can follow the money. But
it's also even like institutions that are open about what

they're supposed to do, or that seem to be doing
good things, like the United Nations or the Red Cross
or the Red Crescent, they get accused of being shadowy cabals.
I mean, and yes, the Red Cross is very oriented
toward the extraction and distribution of blood, like I get it.

Speaker 2 (08:27):
Oh and sometimes water, sometimes people need water. They hook
people up.

Speaker 3 (08:33):
It's not just the Red Cross. It's not just blood.

Speaker 2 (08:37):
There you go perfect, Oh my god, guys, I just
quickly in this thread here, we got a message from Rob,
who is somebody who's written into us a couple of times,
met we've mentioned on listener mail, telling us a story
about an organization his mother was a part of that
I'd never heard of before. And I think we need
to do a whole episode on it because it kind
of matches in with all this stuff we're talking about.

It's called Joe Daughters j ob apostrophe s Daughters, not
spelled like you know, gobu, but it is. It's an
offshoot of Freemasonry, and it is fascinating and huge and
powerful and again, on the surface seems like a great thing.
But they've got like a Supreme Guardian Council and all

kinds of the Umami you're talking about. Man, all the
things that are just like, ooh, this is an exciting
secret society. We should cover it at some point.

Speaker 3 (09:28):
Yeah, Rob, right, it's an email, love to learn more.
I got Yes, that is new to me, but I
like the vibe. Is it like a Gilead type thing?

Speaker 2 (09:38):
Uh No, it's it's it's about placing the women who
are it's girls who join almost like a girl Scouts
kind of thing, but within the Freemasonry kind of.

Speaker 3 (09:51):
Okay world or Eastern Star kind of.

Speaker 2 (09:54):
Yeah, but it is and it seems really good on
the surface, but man, it's deep.

Speaker 3 (09:58):
Oh man, all right, I love it and we're on
it another. Of course, this all fun this cabal, conspiracy, cabal,
it all fund funnels into one general milieu, which is
that rich and powerful people overall are up to something
heinous and the vast majority of people are affected by

it with no control over what it means. And each
of these ideas, these sub genres, they come from their
own set of perspectives and prejudice and concern I mean, yeah,
the Rockefeller banking dynasty came, and call it banking dynasty anymore.
They're very well off, they have global concerns. But a
lot of times when people are talking trash about the Rockefellers,

they ultimately are dog whistling some pretty racist stuff, you
know what I mean, And like paragraph four because they
don't think people read past the headline.

Speaker 2 (10:48):
Yahney don't well, and it's you know, I was gonna say,
it's really unfortunate that even thinking about this stuff, at
least for me, I don't know about you guys, makes
me feel like I'm having like I'm verging into that
territory right towards the racism and grouping of people, even
though it's really just a theoretical imagining I guess, of

what the potential motivations are behind actual powerful people.

Speaker 3 (11:17):
So it's exception of the Welsh. But yeah, I'm going
to talk about that they know what they did.

Speaker 2 (11:23):
I guess what I mean is, it's just it stinks
that that's the thing that it that gets talked about
and thought about when you're just even even contemplating motivations
of just wealthy human beings.

Speaker 3 (11:36):
Because it's an absence of transparency, right, so the speculation thrives.
I mean. And also, yes, the defense industry is crooked,
it's as crooked as a cursive letter zu. But war
profiteers from the ancient times to now have always been
pretty upfront about their primary motivation. I just want to
make money, just some money. And you know, explosions are cool,

Explosions are technically objectively pretty cool. Yeah, we had the
immense privilege of befriending the world's number one expert on
underwater explosions, such a specific field. I love it in
a different show, and that is a thing that's amazing.
But to date, nobody has been able to conclusively prove

one of their their pet conspiratorial cabal actually runs the world.
Truth is unfortunately a little more complicated we talked about
in the past. There does not seem to be a
single group of powerful people successfully running the entire world.
There are multiple groups of powerful people who kind of
run parts of the world, and every single one of

these groups is also pretty sure the world would be
better if they were the only people in charge of
the entire thing. These folks don't always get along. They
kind of hate each other.

Speaker 4 (12:58):
Yeah, you guys been following this with like the tariffs
on Chinese imports they were imposing.

Speaker 3 (13:03):
Like that's interesting.

Speaker 4 (13:05):
Because like we're so behold into China, but we also
low key hate them and resent them. And you know,
Biden talking about like, well, Americans can do any job
that the Chinese can if the playing.

Speaker 3 (13:16):
Field is level.

Speaker 4 (13:17):
All of those low key, little snipy negotiations are kind
of what keep things from getting into a hot war situation.

Speaker 3 (13:27):
Right, But we're always just a couple of clicks away
from that if you think about it. Yeah, and it's
no coincidence that those kind of what we'll call bellocost
signals occur at the same time Uncle G and our
buddy Vlad just had some public pinky squares R. You
know what I mean. So it's so easy. I love
your pointing that out. It's so easy to make our

Charlie Day conspiracy board because real things are happening. But
I guess we're always trying to answer that question. Why
do some people always seem to have more while others
have less? Why do some groups seem to profit no
matter who wins the given war? You know what I mean?

Speaker 5 (14:08):

Speaker 3 (14:09):

Speaker 2 (14:10):
Because of the petro dollar? Obviously tight?

Speaker 3 (14:13):
Is that a point?

Speaker 2 (14:15):
Is that?

Speaker 3 (14:15):
Is that crypto? It's kind of like the original crypto? Joking?

Speaker 2 (14:21):
But you're absolutely right, then you can only trade in
my currency the Nixon huge Wait a second, wait, who
could we be thinking about here?

Speaker 3 (14:31):
Bro? You're so navel right now, That's that's what they said.
But yeah, this is a question tonight, folks. If there's
really some secret cabal pulling the strings, why does civilization
still kind of stink? Do that job, aren't they? Yeah, Like,
if you're in charge, do better? Why is human civilization

riddled with instability, destruction?

Speaker 4 (14:54):

Speaker 3 (14:54):
What sort of group would allow these things to occur?
If this group exists, is it even human? That's the
root of an episode that has taken us way too
long to get to. I think we'll have fun with
this one. The Reptilian conspiracy. Here's where it gets crazy.

All right, let's just freestyle on this one. Guys. Okay,
what is the reptilian conspiracy.

Speaker 2 (15:23):
It's the conspiracy that it makes all of the terrible
stuff that's happening makes sense. Guys, what if the motivation
for the groups that do control the world are about
dividing everybody and making us all fight and destroying everything
and even destroying the climate and the planet because they

want to take over.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
Just like Cheryl Crow said, think about it. Read the lyrics.

Speaker 4 (15:52):
But what comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard. Yeah, the
sun never comes back up over Santa Monica Boulevard because
the reptilions.

Speaker 2 (16:03):
But I made serious though this the Reptilian conspiracy, at
least two from my perspective, is a proposed answer to
why everything seems so messed up and why there's such
a division in the world and has.

Speaker 3 (16:19):
Been because the forces ruling the world are fundamentally different.
The forces ruling the world are indeed inhuman. That's yeah,
that's I think that's at the heart of this. If
you look at the headlight of it, the idea is
they're going to hit you with a couple of base assumptions.
We just have to go with those assumptions to understand

the argument. One, extra terrestrials exist and they have been
in contact with Earth for a long long time. Two
they are reptilian. There are other kinds of aliens in
this theory, but the ones you have to watch out
for are the reptilians. Three it's tough to watch out
for them because they have innerbred with human beings, and

they can shape shift, and they possibly have a bunch
of other supernatural abilities, including telepathy. But the world still sucks.

Speaker 4 (17:08):
I don't know, man, given all of those abilities, and
they're you know, in their supposed infiltration, you know, are
they just playing the long game to mess with us
like a cat and mouse kind of situation? If they
really wanted to wipe us out, couldn't they have just
nuked us out of existence?

Speaker 3 (17:24):

Speaker 4 (17:24):
Why take so long and be so protracted and then
cause so much long term suffering instead of just getting
it overweight? Doesn't seem very efficient, is what I'm getting.

Speaker 3 (17:34):
At it does. It does seem to beggar explanation, right,
because the idea that is that they are super into.
Although they have this immense power, they're still super into secrecy.
They have not publicly stated, Hey, aliens are real we're
part alien. We control the world. We've got a big,
weird plan.

Speaker 4 (17:55):
It's like that scene in The Witches by Roald Dahl
where behind the closed doors that's when they take off
if they're human masks, and only then can they let
their you know.

Speaker 3 (18:04):
Their lizard faces breathe a little bit.

Speaker 4 (18:06):
I just I think that's such a trope that you
see all the time, this idea of like, you know,
impostors that go behind, you know, in some sort of
secret meeting and then reveal their true identity only to
each other. But of course there's an interloper, and that's
the inciting action for the story.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
Role Doll amazing author. The Witch's adaptation was really good too,
very good, very very scary, dark guy. Everybody check out
George's marvelous Medicine. By the way, Rolldall's best conspiracy book.

Speaker 4 (18:33):
I think, and don't bother with The Witch's remake, the
original nineties Witches is where it's at.

Speaker 3 (18:40):
I did. I didn't know there was a rebake.

Speaker 4 (18:42):
It was a straight to HBO Max thing.

Speaker 3 (18:44):
It was not good.

Speaker 4 (18:45):
It was directed by somebody of note, actually, but it
was very very bad. Anne Hathaway plays the Grand High Witch,
You can't fill fricking Angelica Houston square toed shoes.

Speaker 3 (18:57):
You just can't do it.

Speaker 2 (18:58):
There, You go, well unless you're a shape shifter, right,
and then you you probably could fill her shoes as
well as her face and arms. Sorry dude, keeping but
they're just one. I think we're gonna get into it,
but one caveat there. Just when we're talking about the

extraterrestrial version of this theory, there are older and different
theories where they're not necessarily some extraterrestrial race that traveled
to Earth. Sometimes they're a race. Yeah, there's a race
that either goes back to Atlantis or Lemuria that is

like older, like ancient, ancient, ancient version of the thing
that humans became, right that that still control things and
they've been around for so long. Well, we'll get into that.
But just like these reptilians are other, that's the whole
I think that's the whole point. Right, they're not human, right,
and they could also be extra dimensional. Yeah, they could

be ancient gods or the remnants thereof Right, it's kind
of again like any good conspiratorial folklore. It's sort of
the Chipotle line. You can add the avocado.

Speaker 3 (20:15):
If you want.

Speaker 4 (20:16):
Oh, man, it just occurred to me that the Neil
Gaiman book American Gods has something in common.

Speaker 3 (20:21):
With some of these thoughts.

Speaker 4 (20:22):
Because the gods are on Earth affecting the outcome of
civilization quietly and secretly, and then their factions even within that,
or they're fighting against one another, you know, because some
people are more in supportive humanity than some people are
totally against humanity. There's this push and pull which could
answer the question of is there an opposition force to

the reptilians? Are there contingents within that are fighting against
the evil aims of the overlords of this species?

Speaker 3 (20:52):
Like in the mini series documentary v.

Speaker 4 (20:54):
V is so good, the old one holds up. Man,
there's a remake again, but the old one is good.

Speaker 3 (21:00):
It's good.

Speaker 2 (21:01):
Well, it would stand to reason if they're not hive mind, right, Uh,
then there are probably factions within within.

Speaker 3 (21:07):
The different kinds of snakes too. So in the adaptation,
you know, we'll make some of them look like king cobras.
You know, you have like a wise monitor lizard who's
got some sort of hot takes on economics or something.

Speaker 4 (21:26):
The beard and dragon that just sort of sits there ponderously.
I don't know which kind of reptile is our?

Speaker 3 (21:32):
Is our like comic relief, But folks, please find us
the funniest reptile and.

Speaker 2 (21:36):
Charge our bikes. I was gonna say, it's a small puppy.

Speaker 3 (21:41):
It's at That's what it looks like when it sees
that you have a camera on it. Right, So this
the idea to uh, to go back know you were
you were mentioning this concept of this grand design. That's
the thing they're saying. Every This argument says that every catastrophe,
thick event, every great disaster, every technological breakthrough, all the

positive stuff too, can be traced back to the secret
group of lizardfolk. And we don't know why they're doing it.
Their grand design seems pretty mysterious, but if you know
what to look for, you can see they're hidden hand
in world events. It's an ancient conspiracy. There's also this

concept that they were dropping hints the whole time. The
truth was right under your nose, and reptiles don't understand
it because they have a different kind of nose or whatever.
But like the name of the star system they originate from,
per david Ike is Alpha draconis so they told us
and we just ignored it. It just it goes on
and on. I mean, it's so great for fiction X files.

We named V They Live. I can't believe you haven't
seen They Live. I'm very familiar with that.

Speaker 4 (22:53):
I've seen clips. I'm a huge John Carpenter fan. It
was actually playing at my favorite little kind of indie
theater in New York when I was there a few
months ago. I didn't make it, but I'm plan on it.
I also another lizardish kind of cult movie that Rowdy
Roddy Piper is also in, Hell Comes to frog Town.

Speaker 2 (23:14):
Oh snap, sorry, I see you.

Speaker 3 (23:19):
Have you guys heard of Hell Comes to frog Town? No?
I have, but I haven't seen it.

Speaker 1 (23:23):

Speaker 4 (23:23):
Roddy Piper plays a dude named something like Stephen Hell
and he fights against these frog people that have kind
of kidnapped some I believe, vestal virgins who are the
only chance for repopulating humanity.

Speaker 2 (23:37):
Wow, does he chew bubblegum and kick butt and he's
out of bubble gum?

Speaker 4 (23:42):
I think that's right. Yeah, that sounds like something that
Rowdy Roddy would do.

Speaker 3 (23:47):
That literally is something that he would do. Also, while
we're on the fiction note, we have to say this
informs or is occurring in step with a lot of
cosmic horror fiction like HP Lovecraft, the hell Boy comics
and BPRD as well. Get really into the idea of

an elder race, right, an ancient civilization and this this
ends from theosophy this you know what, that's the fifth
element too.

Speaker 2 (24:16):
Yeah, but big time guys, the Mass Effect series, but
it's a little different. Yeah, we still see.

Speaker 3 (24:24):
We can see these threads, you know what I mean,
Like the monsters and they live are not necessarily reptilian,
but everything else about it just checks the boxes of
this theory. It becomes very big in the public sphere
in recent decades. A guy who gets a lot of
credit for this is a guy we interviewed back in
the day named David Ike in nineteen, i want to say,

nineteen ninety eight. He wrote a book called The Biggest Secret,
and he laid out you know, like Moses coming down
with some weird paperback tablets. He laid out the rules
of the modern lizard people conspiracy. He says everything we
said before, and then he also says, as a matter
of fact, many of the great historical and modern leaders.

Your favorite ones are half reptile and half human. Yeah,
let's just.

Speaker 4 (25:13):
Say that he is what do you say, Ben ten
toes down on this stuff? But he fully but this
is this is very real to David.

Speaker 3 (25:21):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (25:22):
Didn't we we talked to him, hadn't he sort of
softened on some of this a little bit? Or was
he still all in I kind of can't remember. Well,
uh yeah, some problematic issues too, as ad he did.

Speaker 2 (25:35):
He's such a complicated person in my mind because to him,
at least in my estimation, I don't know about you guys,
but he seems to truly and fully believe that he
experienced something out in the desert that he felt was real.
There was a message about this very stuff about apocalypse,
about what's coming and why he.

Speaker 3 (25:55):
Genuinely Yeah, in my estimation from like, yes, problematic to
a great degree, but in speaking with him and then
reading his books, I think he genuinely believes it. Like
I don't think he sees himself as trying to call people.

Speaker 2 (26:15):
That's at least where I where my mind goes when
I think about the way he's spoke and what he
spoke about and then since nineteen ninety eight. His career
is about, you know, selling books now and writing a
ton of more things, and each one of those has
to expand a little bit right on all the things before.

Just if you think about it from a business perspective, right,
you can't just write the same thing over and over
and over again in like eighteen different books. So it's
he's almost I'm just trying to see the human part
of it, right, He's kind of forced to expand on
all that stuff. And then a lot of the theories
and the ideas that are in his books seem to

be traced back to super problematic things, even though what
he's saying in his books actually aren't that problematic on
the surface until you realize maybe the originating place.

Speaker 3 (27:12):
Of them which kind of stuff, right, Yeah, which he
may not be aware of. He also he also told
us that his views had been mischaracterized, and I think
in that conversation read back some of his own quotes
to him, yeah, that he wrote, so so this is

this is a whole other bag of badgers. It's funny
because to that point about expansion, the list of people
who are lizard people does continue to grow. The British
Royal family. Of course they had to be in there,
right business tycoons, your favorite modern presidents. George Washington, George Washington,
friend of the show. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4 (27:56):
I have a quick question, guys. If this is the case,
and if history has been populated with all of these
influential figures, who are in fact lizard people? We talked
about the idea of interbreeding over a long enough timeline,
wouldn't there be more lizard people than actual people? Given
the prominence and power of some of these high ranking individuals.

Speaker 3 (28:18):
It's a recessive trait, just like controlling dragons in some
so fire, got it. That's why. That's why all the
ancient Egyptians and old European dynasties were banging each other.
That's why the cousins were. I think they were just important.
This wasn't anything else to do. Well, when it goes wrong,
you get a habsburg. When it goes right, you get

like a lizard person.

Speaker 2 (28:40):
What is really interesting, how obsessed royal families, just over
the span of human civilization, of the way they've been
obsessed with bloodlines?

Speaker 3 (28:50):
Right? Yeah, and how else would you rationalize such an
absurd government system? Yeah, you're inherently better than the people
that you're taking advantage of.

Speaker 2 (29:02):
You have to be touched by God or you know,
in this case, by you know, the whatever what do
we call the line of reptilian DNA. Yeah, don't I
don't know, guys, But this is a good point though.
We've talked about this a lot, where when a conspiracy
becomes popular enough and it becomes this morphing thing because

everybody now has input, right and can like add to
the thing.

Speaker 3 (29:30):
Just what we're talking we're talking about corpse.

Speaker 2 (29:32):
Well, yeah, when we're talking about the list and how
it's grown because kind of everybody gets to add people
in there, and then it could just expand and expand
and expand.

Speaker 3 (29:41):
Then why aren't there more Welsh people on the list? See,
I'm bringing this back. I'm just gonna see how far
we can go with fake prejudice. Safe space. It's a
safe space to tell the truth about the Welsh. Well,
you know, get too many fs, You have too many fs.

Speaker 4 (29:57):
We do have a lot of as those words are unpronounced,
not unpronounceable. I do wonder though, if you guys thought
about the idea of connecting this theory to a recent
episode we did, and you could sub in lizard person
for antichrist Oka in some senses very much.

Speaker 3 (30:13):
So, yes, yeah, and that's an astute observation. And you know,
one of my favorite examples of the list of lizard
people is Bob Hope. No, not Bob Hope. I have
an auto I have an autograph picture from Bob Hope,
So I may have evidence of a lizard person I
want to see. It's one of those things that comes

with a letter that says dictated but not read. Oh no,
he signed it. That's so old school. It's like what
they would do with fan mail, right, yeah, yeah, it
very much was a story for another day. But maybe
we do have proof of lizard people, per Ike. We might,
but that you know, for some of us who are
just getting read onto this theory, it can be kind

of disappointing. You might say, hey, what gives what about
all those old old school shadowy cabals that used to
believe in What about the Illuminati? We mentioned that at
the top, what about the Freemasons? David Ike shakes his
head and says, these are all basically conspiracy middle management.
They were each organization was created and deployed by the
lizard people. Yet another series of steps in their unknowable

grand design. There is no spoon.

Speaker 2 (31:24):
Yeah, think about organizations like Freemasons, and a lot of
these clubs go back to the Bavarian Illuminati. It's an
invite only it really didn't have anything to do with
your blood at all. Though if your grandfather was a Freemason,
that's a big plus if you're trying to get into
that organization.

Speaker 3 (31:41):
Everybody loves a legacy higher.

Speaker 2 (31:43):
That's true, but you don't have But you got bit,
but you don't have to have that connection to join
that group. You could just be interested in join. So
like this concept within the theory that it's middle management, right,
it's almost like humans serving this other group.

Speaker 3 (31:58):
Yes, yeah, sort of the overseer class. Right. But this
also before we lose this point with like you could
argue that what he's doing more skeptical people would argue
that he's kind of soloing folklore at this point. You know,
he's kind of adding his own, uh, and other people
are taking it and running with it as well, the

same way that the Cuthulhu mythos started with HP Lovecraft
and expanded to other authors.

Speaker 4 (32:25):
Well, and inevitably, when you look at something like that
and someone who like Ike, who's motivated by publishing dollars
and continuing to have that output, You're probably gonna see
some inconsistencies as he started building and sort of talking
till he gets an idea, you know what I mean,
talking till he gets an idea.

Speaker 2 (32:43):
But when you but when you I guess if you
buy in to the theory right early on. Let's say,
let's say you read The Biggest Secret, right, and you
buy into this concept and you keep going down that
rabbit hole. Uh, you buy into the idea that he
was given or di some message. Right, It's not for

your perspective if you're in it. You're not seeing the
pulling in of all the different theories and all the
different ideas that then shape the big theory. You're just
you imagine that's the message that was received. Right, So
all of this is in some way some divinely inspired,
let's say.

Speaker 3 (33:21):
Right. So in that case, the person through whom you
learn these things is not themselves the author exact profit.
They are a platform, they are a medium. And this
is also a clever way to get out of trouble.
If you say the wrong thing, and.

Speaker 2 (33:37):
We're gonna see it repeated as we as we follow
the trail back in time.

Speaker 3 (33:41):
Yeah, multiple times. He has given lectures to over six
thousand people that a go that's better than live shows
that we have done so far. But there's always more
to the story. And before we make conclusions about this theory,
before we throw it all out with the reptilian bathwater,
we do have to think of it as folklore. And
when we think of it as folklore, will find that

just like the Nazi fantasies about secret vrill energy and hyperborea,
which also shows up in help Boy, we'll find that
this could be a case of fiction gone wrong, because
the idea of lizard people dates way back before David
Iike's book, like Conan and the Barbarian as lizard people

and rips that off from the Theosophist the spiritualist movement.
But the author of Conin did say it was fiction,
so kudos dam Well.

Speaker 4 (34:34):
I mean, you know, guys, I like a lot of folklore.
I feel like this whole framework is best served as
kind of a very interesting metaphor for the way power
is corrupting and the way power is spread and manipulated
from the shadows and the idea of there being this boogeyman,
you know, I think is only you can read it

almost more as like a parable than it is an
actual facts thing that's going on.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
Yeah, yeah, can we stick on on Conan just a bit?

Speaker 4 (35:06):
I believe I always want to stick on Conan. He
is a smoke show.

Speaker 2 (35:10):
Well, you know, I just didn't expect that guy to
become such a popular late night talk show host. You know,
like a.

Speaker 3 (35:20):
Probably you will take the quiz at the end, you've
got a surprise for us. But yeah, how can you
explain his success? Surely he couldn't just be hard working
and good at his.

Speaker 2 (35:31):
Job, I know, and just hilarious and creative whatever.

Speaker 4 (35:35):
But man, and we're talking about two different Conan's here.

Speaker 3 (35:39):
No, they're both barbarians, make the mistake, both Mega ripped.

Speaker 2 (35:43):
Have you have you seen his travel show? He has
a new travel shows, Delights.

Speaker 4 (35:47):
It's fabulous, secretly Mega Ripped, absolutely top.

Speaker 3 (35:51):
Not because I'm picturing now in Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan
the Barbarian in a YouTube travel show. You know what?

Speaker 4 (35:58):
That be wonderful? Yeah, Conan. This would have been early days,
like Golden Age comics.

Speaker 3 (36:05):
In nineteen twenties, so the author Robert E. Howard, who
originates Conan and the Barbarian as a short story called
The Shadowed Kingdom. And by the way, all of the
graphic novel or comic book adaptations of Conan and the
Barbaria are pretty great reads if you're into this stuff.
So he he goes back, most likely to another controversial figure,

sort of a David Ike of her day, called Helena Blavatsky,
and in eighteen eighty eight or so, she writes a
book called Or. She collects some lectures and things she
had said previously about the idea something you referred to earlier, Matt,
the idea that there are lizard people who are part
of an ancient civilization that was once more advanced than humanity,

but met with great peril and disaster at Land or
Lemuria sinks. Howard has this story in The Shadow Kingdom,
whereing Conum the Barbarian runs into the serpent Men, which
are pretty much beat for beat the Dragon Men from
the Secret Doctrine and the other stories that Levatsky took

from and surprise Conan. The serpent people are bad, they're pills.

Speaker 2 (37:24):
Well, but it really does influence the way reptilians are
spoken about the powers that they allegedly have and the
other parts of the theory their motivations. Even so, within
Howard's story, you meet this guy named Cole k U
l L who's like a barbarian who.

Speaker 4 (37:44):
Takes the confused with krawl. No, no, no, isn't that
krawl also kind of a thing though, wasn't it?

Speaker 2 (37:49):
Yes, it's a sci fi think and that's awesome that
some of the some of my weirdest childhood memories come
from watching that show. And then he got mixed up
in my head in weird way as it's a movie.

Speaker 3 (38:01):
It was such an interesting film. Is this the one
where they have the huge throwing star? Yeah? Yeah, yeah,
it looks like.

Speaker 4 (38:07):
A weird seeing em and or rather like a what
do you call it, you know, like a like a starfish.

Speaker 3 (38:13):
Kind yes, yeah, and yeah Kroll also probably calls back
to this stuff, Matt, where you're going here makes sense
to be right. Cole the barbarian so got so Coden
meets a colleague would be the children's story.

Speaker 2 (38:30):
Kind yeah, I kinda. And but Cole, he's this dude
from Atlanta or he what no, he he's from Atlantis.
He's a barbarian, and he conquers this other place. Right
once he goes in, he conquers this place, takes over.
I'm krig now and he's going to bed in the
palace and he gets contacted by this other this other
group of people, and basically he finds out are He's

shown by another one of the characters in the story
that all of the guards in this palace are still
everybody looks like they're still on guard, but he's shown
that the actual guards have been knocked out and their
bodies are like in other rooms, and he's like, what
the hell is going on? And he is told that
these this group of people, these serpent men, have shape

shifted to look like all the guards and are all
in place. And then a counselor comes in who is
also a shape shifting reptilian creature attempts to assassinate him.
And it's really interesting because it's it goes back to
operating in secret, right, conspiratorially replacing people to look as

though it's someone you would trust. All of these concepts
of what a serpent man is as described by Howard
in this story. It follows you can follow that trail,
and when you take it back to Blovatsky, it's really dude,
it gets it gets super in the weeds. I don't
mean to get in the weeds.

Speaker 4 (39:57):
Here, but the Great Dragon the that's where we are, dude.

Speaker 2 (40:01):
She describes the Great Dragon and the Serpents of Wisdom,
which it goes back to the way she describes I
think it's five races of like humanoids that have existed throughout.

Speaker 3 (40:15):
Time, and she's ripping off a lot of ancient myths
from the Indian subcontinent. This we do have to get
in front of some emails. Please still email us again.
Pictures are the funniest reptile. We need the comic relief
for this film. But we do have to say important
point here. Just to be clear. Cole is sort of

Conan's colleague, but Cole is like the duplo to the
lego that is Conan the Barbarian. So Cole is an
earlier thing that is basically Conan the Barbarian, arguably a
bit smarter, written by the same author, and then later
he goes to Conan, and then Conan has pretty much
the same thing.

Speaker 4 (40:57):
So it's not a superman. Captain Marvel kind of like
rivalry thing. This is actually the same individual that's created
both of these characters.

Speaker 3 (41:04):
Yeah, and just kept creating the same character, kind of
like when a director just has the one French I guess.

Speaker 4 (41:12):
Yeah, like like Transformers or whatever. Oh, by the way,
funniest the lizard or reptile. I would argue the geka,
Oh wow, geko would be great comic relief, just saying.

Speaker 2 (41:23):
Oh, oh, one last thing, shape shifting. Yeah, one last thing,
not just shape shifting, but magic, like ancient technological magic
like that. Cause of that thing where it's between magic
and technology. They are able to do things like make
you believe you're walking into one area or one room
when you're actually somewhere else. Almost like.

Speaker 4 (41:47):
What is that?

Speaker 2 (41:48):
It's like the Jedi mind trick kind of thing. Yeah,
causing an illusion in your own mind.

Speaker 3 (41:52):
Illusionists. They also are seen as these gatekeepers of wisdom,
and again this is ancient folklore goes back to the
first time people started peopling and someone got bit by
a snake and said, I learned something snake bad. Oh
there we go. What's up with all of this anti
reptile rhetoric? Yet yes, so some of us, for.

Speaker 4 (42:15):
Good reason but there are other creatures what bite.

Speaker 3 (42:18):
We also we also see another commonality. The modern lizard
folk are thought to be the ones that you see
that look human are sort of the ones that have
stronger human genes or better at shape shifting. And the
rest of the lizard people live underground in secret bases
and you can't tell anybody, and they're still pissed at

humans for some reason. And they will rise, right, they
will rise. They will rise when it's warm enough outside,
maybe in the afternoon.

Speaker 2 (42:49):
Yeah, you got to heat the planet up, bro.

Speaker 3 (42:52):
That's it. That's fo he is about two spoilers. We
also have to thank political science professor Michael Barkun who
who has a good look at Ike's theories and traces
back this Blovatsky e Howard origin. And we could stop there, right,

we could say, okay, this is provably pulp fiction. It's
real gone wrong. Right, that's another comparison. But we can't
be satisfied with originating that theory just in the eighteen eighties,
because Noel, you hit on something that I think gets
us even deeper into the story. So what say we
take a break for a word from our slithering sponsors

and then see if we can come back to solve
the mystery. Oh, peek behind the curtain. Sometimes when we're recording,
we'll give a message to future Paul, or we'll say, hey,
future Paul, check this thing out. So future Paul, if

you're listening, I'm sorry we haven't mentioned Opus Day yet
because they also get lumped in with lizard people, so
respect to that shadowy capal. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (44:04):
Man again goes back to the Catholic Church feelings that
people have.

Speaker 3 (44:08):
Oh, there's supposed to be as we record today, there
is supposed to be a press conference by the actual Pope,
by the actual facts Pope on UFOs and supernatural No way, Yes, wait.

Speaker 2 (44:22):
I heard, I heard through the grapevine, guys that we
are being prepared not only by the US government since
twenty seventeen, but also by great religious leaders such as
il Popo, that we are that we are going to
we are being prepared for full disclosure. Finally, after gosh,

how many how many times have we talked about disclosure?

Speaker 3 (44:48):
At this point, it's going to be anti climactic. I
feel like civilization has can I say this on air?
I feel like civilization has been edging on disclosure for
so long, caare we say, what are we.

Speaker 2 (44:59):
Going to do if the Pope discloses Reptilians the day
we're recording our episode on Reptilians, We're.

Speaker 3 (45:06):
Gonna have to ask We're gonna have to fuss with
our schedule and get this published as soon as today. Yeah,
we'll just have to ride the wave on that one.

Speaker 4 (45:15):
I just want to see the Pope, you know, come
out on his little patio or whatever to address the
people and just pull.

Speaker 3 (45:21):
That human mask right off. Wouldn't that be sick? What if?
What if he comes out? He says? Reptilians are real?
I am the actual only member of the clergy who
is still human.

Speaker 2 (45:36):
And the take off their masks and they've got spears.

Speaker 3 (45:41):
Through the glaves. Yeah, where's the Swiss Guard? This goes
all the way to the top of the peaks of Switzerland.
All right. But if they have like laser guns?

Speaker 2 (45:50):
Yeah, okay, all right, I love it.

Speaker 3 (45:53):
What kind of smoke do they burn when they make
that announcement? I do love the smoke signal thing, you know,
when they love there we go. So why did this idea?
There's so many shadowy, secret cabal things. Why did this
idea in particular, get so much attention, gain so much steam. Yeah,
there's human prejudice, but that applies to every single other
secret group, conspiracy we've talked about. No, you hit on

something that I think resonates with all of us, which
is we can't just explain it with human prejudice. We
have to think about animal prejudice too. People hate and
fear reptiles on a primal level. Right, you see birds, well,
depending on where you live, you see birds pretty often. Right,
you'll run away from them. But if you're walking by

and you see a snake. There was that time I
ran away from the chicken because it was chasing. I've
been in some situations with birds, I get it, but
you know geese or jerks, right, But generally, I would
argue most people have a hardwired awareness and caution around

reptiles like little lizz I think get a pass for
most people, but after a certain size, even the most
harmless lizard is gonna give.

Speaker 2 (47:07):
You, right.

Speaker 4 (47:08):
I mean, it's certainly one of the more prevalent phobias.
My mother was deafly afraid of snakes. You couldn't show
her a rubber snake, You couldn't show her a like
beaded tapestry depicting a snake like seriously, it would it
would freak her out.

Speaker 3 (47:25):
To no end.

Speaker 4 (47:25):
And it's this primal fear that I think, you know
comes from a legacy of you know, humans wanting to
like survive evolution.

Speaker 3 (47:34):
Yeah, you bit me. I learned something so that reptiles
are higher refence.

Speaker 2 (47:39):
I just want to put this outther guy. So, I
was a known and feared lizard hunter in parts of Clearwater,
Florida when I was a child. I had surprise me
and I meant business.

Speaker 3 (47:48):
Let the lizards call you cole shop the market.

Speaker 2 (47:57):
No, but I would never kill him. They were just
so awesome. I would hang out them because they were amazing.

Speaker 3 (48:02):
I had some I had some lizard situations too, man.
I think snakes are always fascinating because they're one of
the animals that if you just see it in the wild,
because so many other successful animals have limbs and tarsals
and meta tarsals and flangies and all that and thumbs,
shout out the thumbs. When you see a snake that
has none of those, you're just like, look at you, buddy,

how'd you get here? What did you do today? What's
the rest of your weekend?

Speaker 2 (48:29):
Like how are you a thing? How are you a thing?

Speaker 3 (48:32):
Like what it's like see to giraffe, It's like, I
understand you're alive. I expect your right to exist, but
also why and how this? I think? Right? You know,
fear of lizards in particular is her petiophobia her petiophobia,
and I do it does seem to be a programmed thing,

because if we go back pre Blevatski Plevatski and pre
the Secret Doctrine, we see, you know, snakes showing up
as a reptile, showing up as givers of wisdom, givers
of infernal danger and great decisions, deceivers, deceivers right right,
illusionists in so many different things. There's a great book

with a really long name from Eye of Newt and
Toe of frog, adders, Fork and Lizard's Leg The Lore
and Mythology of Amphibians and Reptiles. It's a very specific book, uh.

Speaker 2 (49:28):
Of frogs and lizard's leg.

Speaker 3 (49:33):
Yes, yeah, it's got the cadence and this author, Marty Crump,
also talks about the reptilian conspiracy of today being related
to the mythology of the Naga from India. Half cobra
half human creatures. They were thought to be the originator
of earthquakes and eruptions. They were great powers of the earth,

which meant, you know, now fast forward a little bit,
play telephone play folklore, we've got other reptilians who still
control Earth. So it's an interesting evolution of a myth
if nothing else. Yeah, it is.

Speaker 2 (50:10):
But we've talked about it before, guys. But if there
was a time is long right long? Or it's been
around for a long time. There have been many iterations
of creatures that have existed and then been wiped from
the face of the Earth. Over and over and over.
It has happened. Is it any wonder that we have

these myths about this kind of thing?

Speaker 3 (50:34):
I don't know it.

Speaker 2 (50:36):
It does make me wonder. I'm constantly wondering if there
was some form of intelligent not maybe not too technological
advancement stages or things like that, but a highly intelligent
reptile of some sort that existed in an era way
before hours, that left something behind that was found a
long time ago, and it just created some kind of

I don't spark of another.

Speaker 3 (51:00):
Even yeah, even early human or hominid encounters with reptiles
that are a little bit too smart. Yeah right, clever girl,
They say, yeah, millions of Muldoon. Wasn't that his name?

Speaker 2 (51:16):
I don't know, I just really I'm every time we're
thinking about this, my brain goes to places they're just like, man,
there's gotta be something.

Speaker 3 (51:23):
What was that conversation? Oh everyone, fellow conspiracy realists. If
you haven't listened yet, check out our episode on probably
the best ancient civilization hypothesis, the Silurian hypothesis, right, which
is neck and neck with this or not.

Speaker 4 (51:40):
It's not a competition, not neck gek and ghek.

Speaker 3 (51:42):
So yeah, there we go. It's a gek and ghek.
I'm still learning English. I apologize. But there's also there
is no proven case of a human reptile hybrid now,
not one in all of history, unless it's a big
cover up. There are things you could say are kind
of like hybrid, Like we know reptiles existed that had
some mammalian traits or seemed to be something that was

kind of like a reptile was kind of like a mammal.
But those are basically extinct or they're as wacky as
the platypus, which just looks like such a scamp, you
know what I mean, what's the platypus up to? What
kind of phineas and ferb there is? But none of
those things look humanoid. That's that's the issue.

Speaker 4 (52:28):
Isn't that interesting too? That like what an antithesis to humanity?
The reptile is right in terms of blood works different,
you know, it needs different environments. You know, it has
this like scaly skin. Sometimes they have venom, they can
regrow their own tails. There's just something uncanny and inhuman

like to the extreme about reptiles.

Speaker 3 (52:55):
I think they're super cool.

Speaker 2 (52:57):
To be honest, there are there are also a potentially
formidable opponent right to advancement of humans, right or a
real threat.

Speaker 3 (53:08):
The ideeah the idea being that if the dice had
rolled a little bit differently than the role of the
dominant role of apex predator a Homo sapien would have
been played by something possibly reptilian, which you know, they're
the progenitors of the avians. They've been around for quite
a long time and science still has a lot to

learn about reptiles. Really fascinating stuff. You know, reptiles do
have emotions. It was a common stereotype that they did not.
The ongoing debate is the depth to which they process
those emotions, because they are, to that earlier point, so
very different from mammal emotions. But you I'm going to

tell im, Goanna say don't do this, don't do it
at home. But it is proven that people can befriend
like alligators, crocodiles, they're puppies. They're ancient swamp puppies. They're
ancient creatures. They reached what they needed for evolution and
they just been coasting on it. You know, humans are
the new kids in the game very much so. So okay,

you might be saying, we've definitely said it. You might
have said this is neat folklore, right, But why does
this matter today? Is it just because you guys are
going to have fun talking about it? A yes? But
does it teach us something? Yes? That is it also
teaches something because in recent years here in the United States,

when propagandists were weaponizing any kind of ideological gait they
could find to get people to move the way these
propagandists wished, they didn't spare the reptilian conspiracy. They got
it onto the polls and parts of the United states,
like I'm voting for this person because they're against lizard people.

They get it. We find we have an honest comptroller
in Southwestern District of Minnesota that is a made up example.
All due respect to the great comptrollers of Southwestern Minnesota. Yeah,
very powerful cabal in their own right. But this, I mean,
do you guys remember hearing about this like people were

it was like the early twenty teens.

Speaker 2 (55:25):
I do not remember hearing about this. I remember yesterday
when I was on Instagram and there were people making
reels about reptilians and capturing capturing something on camera at
the met gala or something where somebody's eyes didn't look
right and it's definitely a confirmed reptile. And it had

hundreds of thousands of plays and thousands of shares and
comments and it's now, it's like right now, But back then,
what was going on?

Speaker 3 (55:56):
Oh back there's a great Vox article by a journalist
alex Abad Santos in twenty fifteen. This writer noted there
could be real world consequences when we confuse good stories
with facts, and especially when it gets weaponized. Right by
the students of Bernese, I should say the disciples thereof,

and there's the article is a must read. It's really good.
It's from twenty fifteen, but it holds up today, and
pointed out some polling that I had no idea existed.

Speaker 4 (56:29):
Oh this is fascinating. Yeah, I really did blow my
mind as well.

Speaker 3 (56:33):
To quote.

Speaker 4 (56:34):
Back in April of twenty thirteen, Public Policy Polling conducted
a poll about conspiracy theories like aliens and imposter Paul
McCartney and of course lizard people, and the polling organization
found that four percent of Americans believe in lizard people,
while another seven percent were unsure. Asimulatter taken to its
absurd extreme, that would imply around twelve million Americans.

Speaker 3 (56:59):
Heard the phrase lizard people and said, yeah, sounds about right. Yeah,
someone's asking the real questions.

Speaker 2 (57:06):
I'm going back to movies from twenty thirteen, guys, just
to like see what's in the popular mind.

Speaker 3 (57:13):
Yeah, the box office.

Speaker 2 (57:16):
Well, I mean there's interesting stuff when you look at
some of the science fiction. That movie Dark Skies came
out that didn't get a ton of you know show.
I guess there was a movie about one of Jupiter's
moons called the Europa Report. That's when after Earth came out,
Remember that one with when Will Smith?

Speaker 3 (57:35):
Oh no, Will Smith?

Speaker 2 (57:36):
Yeah, yeah, okay Will Smith's kid yeah, oh yes. And
isn't Will Smith in it too? Maybe not? Maybe so
I can't remember, but like.

Speaker 3 (57:44):
Just s of There's Game came that year.

Speaker 2 (57:48):
Yep, oh my god, you guys.

Speaker 3 (57:50):
This is a deep cut and I hope you guys
have seen this.

Speaker 4 (57:52):
It's a Villa Neov film called Enemy, starring Jake Gillenhall.

Speaker 3 (57:57):
That movie is entirely about.

Speaker 4 (58:00):
Like it's not it's not reptiles, it's more Iraq knet,
but it's definitely there's something going on with humanity that
this one guy is trying to get to the bottom of.
It's a very Lynchian art film, but absolutely doppelganger Freaky City.

Speaker 3 (58:14):
I highly recommend Enemy.

Speaker 2 (58:17):
That's also your snow Piercer was was like remade in
an American version. There's the Pacific Rim came out that year.
Just this, there's a lot of thought going into maybe
conspiratorial things up some some group above the.

Speaker 3 (58:33):
Boss University, conspiratorial cosmic corp or sci fi.

Speaker 2 (58:37):
World war Z, somebody had plans or whatever to take over.

Speaker 3 (58:42):
Yeah, and we we see that this is in the
zeikeis twelve million Americans is a lot of people. Yeah,
not the biggest demographic in all of the pie slices
of the United States, but it's huge. And you can
easily find that David Ike's work in particular as ardent proponents,

not satirical proponents, but ardent believers in well over forty
five countries. Right. Something about this idea seems to resonate
with people. And this is the same reason that works
like the Secret Doctrine and the myths that got kind
of plagiarized to make that book. This is the reason

they were all so popular in their day.

Speaker 2 (59:30):
Oh yeah, quickly, guys, some of the myths that are
a part of the Secret Doctrine, specifically the second book
in that series. Because she only wrote two. There's a
third one that's written by somebody else, and then a
fourth one that's like a compendium of all of them.

Speaker 3 (59:45):
It becomes kind of like Lovecrafty and mythos again when
the authors pass around the story and add their own
avocado to the thing.

Speaker 2 (59:53):
Oh yeah, and like you said, it goes back to
other myths, right. But then Blovatski's another person who said
she read this one book and she was doing meditations,
and she was again almost a message was being channeled
through her. That becomes what is known as the Secret Doctrine.
But in that there is this concept that these serpents

of wisdom, these great dragons, whatever all this stuff is,
they they are a group of some form of creature
that uses serpents to describe them, right, that live underground.
They live in subterranean areas, at least according to Bolovatski
and whatever she you know, whatever information she's going on,

they live underneath some type of pyramidal structures. So if
we blow this out and imagine this thing, this concept, right,
think about the ancient pyramids that exist across the planet,
Like literally in every continent there are pyramidal structures.

Speaker 3 (01:00:51):
Or just mountains that look like pyramids.

Speaker 2 (01:00:55):
Well yeah, but in many cases they are they are
man made rtures. This concept that this is where I
was taking it, guys, this concept that there was some
ancient humanoid creatures that were very smart and intelligent that
survived whatever apocalypse occurred by going underground. And the humans

either created these pyramid structures to you know, keep them
down there or to you know, whatever it is, to
protect themselves from these creatures. Right then, then I imagined
all of the ultra wealthy people that exist now that
will survive whatever apocalypse comes that we're going to experience

at some point in the next several thousand years, because
you know, it's time again for another one of those
they will They may be the only humanoids quote unquote
that survive because they go underground again.

Speaker 5 (01:01:55):

Speaker 2 (01:01:55):
And it just made me think about, well, if there
was some type of intelligent reptilian thing that survived the
last great destruction, that would probably be how they would do.

Speaker 3 (01:02:05):
It, and probably be a maritime There's a great book,
oh gosh, what's his name, Neil Stevenson. It's called Seven Eves.
It's never going to be adapted, but it absolutely should.
It struggles with that same question, like who survives in
a world ending event? This is not even this is
just how weirdly high stakes the book is. The first
sentence is something like, all at once, for no reason,

the moon blew apart, and then it talks about how
fragments of the moon fall down to Earth and people,
enormously wealthy people, governments, religious leaders all try to survive
and figure out where they would go. So I think
this is Oh gosh, I've derailed us. This is just
an excuse for me to talk about how I love
that freaking book.

Speaker 2 (01:02:49):
Well, it's just a thought experiment, right, I guess, is
what I'm saying. Like, all of that stuff, even that's
included in the Secret Doctrine, to me, sounds like a
thought experiment that is interesting to apply to the future
rather than and even back then.

Speaker 3 (01:03:01):
Because this is another thing. I'm glad you're bringing that up.
We have to be careful when we're saying there is
no objective proof about something, because if we are interrogating
this in the realm of folklore, then we have to
realize the important thing is it's meant to teach us
a lesson, something to take with us when situations like

this occur. Right, the specific characteristics of a boogeyman in
the woods might not be real, but it does teach
you the woods are dangerous, you know what I mean.
So it's not necessarily malevolent or drifting. I mean, it
also shows us these ideas do not have to be
true to have real world effects. And a lot of times,

especially when this was kind of weaponized in US elections,
the people who are weaponizing these stories and trying to
get you to do stuff. They don't care whether or
not the story is true. It's just an ideological door
to get you to move in footstep with what they
actually want, whatever that real conspiracy may be. That's the

thing we have to pay attention to, not what the
right hand is waving, but what the left hand is
holding behind its back. I'm getting too weird with the
similes analogies. I don't know. Maybe I'm becoming a lizard person.
Do you guys ever wonder if you're definitely become strange
that it becomes strang? Yes, I should have just texted
you that instead of saying I couldn't make it to

hang out you. Oh, you're right, We've got to bring
that back. No, I don't know.

Speaker 4 (01:04:31):
I really appreciate you you consistently referring to this as folkloric.
You know, in nature, we feel that way in terms
of a lot of these kinds of stories. You know,
whether there's a grain of truth to them or not,
the life that they take on beyond whatever that grain
is ends up becoming the thing that captures people's imaginations.
But I really like the idea of this as kind

of a parable for how power is kind of manifested,
you know, and passed on and just this knee to
believe there's some nefarious force other than just the nefarious
force is inherent and being a human that are causing
the bad things to happen to us in the world.
I think it's natural to want to, you know, blame

something on that that is outside of ourselves. But at
the end of the day, I think people are just
as capable of evil stuff as weird alien reptiles.

Speaker 2 (01:05:23):
Well, it almost speaks to the desire of power as
being some infectious thing that's handed down that isn't actually
exactly a part of what we are or could be
or should be, right, just that the desire to seize
power and then hold it is outside of us.

Speaker 3 (01:05:44):
Yeah, and there's this there's one thing we have to
end on, like before we get to it, the penultimate
thing you're wondering, am I a lizard person? With? Thanks
to the journalist Philip Bump, there is a that example
of a quick quiz you can give yourself and Matt Noll,

who we're playing with this a little bit off air,
would you be comfortable giving your answers to this brief quiz.
Absolutely all right, Here is a list of clues that
you or someone you know, maybe a lizard person. Do
they or you have? Number one green eyes? I do not.

Speaker 2 (01:06:26):
Does hazel count is I'm gonna.

Speaker 3 (01:06:30):
Put it as a point five? Okay, al you I'm
the wrong person to ask. Unfortunately, no other green or okay,
check green eyes? All right, h I'll have to put
in the file. I didn't know. Number two. Do you
have good eyesight or hearing? Excellent eyesights and hearing.

Speaker 2 (01:06:54):
A terrible eyesight, good hearing?

Speaker 3 (01:06:58):
All right, Well, I'm putting you both as a yes
for that one. Three red hair? God crap. You know
what's funny?

Speaker 4 (01:07:05):
You know I did used to have some red in
my beard, which is sinsterned white. But for a time
I had a little red streak in my beard. Can
I get a point five on that one?

Speaker 3 (01:07:15):
Yes? Yes, you've got a point five.

Speaker 2 (01:07:16):
I'll take a one point five.

Speaker 3 (01:07:18):
Yes, this is my favorite one. By the way. The
next one is so it's so pointed. Do you have
a sense of not belonging to the human race? Absolutely?
Damn it. I mean Zoom would want to be in
that club, you know what I mean? I don't blame you. Uh, okay,
five unexplained scars on the body or are you just

not cool? I got a couple of weird ones. I
feel like it's normal to have unexplained scars. Do we
remember every time we got a booboo when we were
a little kid?

Speaker 2 (01:07:51):
Is that like regenerated limbs and stuff? Is that we're
talking about?

Speaker 3 (01:07:54):
I cut you know. I was trying to find I
was going through Mysteries of the Unknown, fantastic series available
on eBay, I guess, and I was trying to find
a longer quiz that had questions like do you find
yourself fascinated by thunderstorms? Who is not fascinated by thunderstorms?
I mean your own eyeball?

Speaker 2 (01:08:15):
Do you prefer the taste of small rodents?

Speaker 3 (01:08:18):
Do you have extra vertebrate? Was one of the things,
and just a couple, just just a couple, that's one
of the things. Yeah, oh check, okay, okay, uh, it
is common to have extra vertebrate? Yeah, do you have?
Some of these are such bs? Do you have a
love of space? I know, I know a couple people

who actually hate space, and I think that's such an
interesting perspective really, I mean, it's terrifying, but it's awesome.

Speaker 2 (01:08:49):
You know.

Speaker 3 (01:08:50):
Well they're rightly saying, maybe we should fix Earth. You
know what I mean we have Yeah, well they're like,
we have problems at home. Why are we trying to
make problems in orbit?

Speaker 4 (01:09:01):
You know, technically space holds our planet up. Yeah, in
some way shape or form seven. Do you have low
blood pressure?

Speaker 3 (01:09:10):
And yeah, I think so. Sometimes pressure is normal. Pull
my charts. That's our big takeaway. We're not debunking the
reptilian conspiracy, fellow conspiracy realists. We're telling you it could
be anybody. Mm hmm. You are listen person, please please

please contact us right in and if you are a
lizard person hearing this, just to be completely clear, we
will sell out immediately. Just get in touch with us.
We're on your side, team Lizard. Let us know, you know,
get us, get us in the pyramid. We know which
side our bread is buttered or yeah?

Speaker 2 (01:09:51):
Or are you team Nordic. That's a whole other type
of aliens.

Speaker 5 (01:09:55):
A little Nazi for me, yeah, a little bit, A
little bit, yeah, a little bit, but all all jokes
and truths disguised is just a side we would love
to hear from you.

Speaker 3 (01:10:06):
Folks. We try to be easy to find online. Oh
we try.

Speaker 4 (01:10:11):
We like to think we succeed. You can reach out
to us via our handle Conspiracy Stuff on a myriad
of social media platforms of note, including.

Speaker 3 (01:10:20):
Facebook, or we have our Facebook group.

Speaker 4 (01:10:22):
Here is where it gets crazy YouTube, where we've got
video content rolling out every single week, and x fka Twitter,
where things also happen.

Speaker 3 (01:10:31):
On Instagram and TikTok. We're Conspiracy Stuff show.

Speaker 2 (01:10:33):
Hey, we have a phone number one eight three three
std WYTK. Call in and tell us that we forgot
to talk about the twenty thirteen movie Elysium. Sorry about that.
You could say anything you want when you call in.
Give yourself a cool nickname and let us know if
we can use your name and message on the air.
If you've got more to say than can fit in
that message, why not instead send us a good old

fashioned email.

Speaker 3 (01:10:56):
We are the folks or entities who read single email.
We get. Be well aware, folks. Sometimes the void rights back,
and as a matter of fact, we owe some of
you some emails, so so check on and while you're checking,
drop us a picture of our of the funniest reptile,

whatever that means to you conspiracy adiheartradio dot.

Speaker 2 (01:11:20):
Com Stuff they Don't want you to Know is a

production of iHeartRadio. For more podcasts from iHeartRadio, visit the
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