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May 29, 2024 67 mins
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Speaker 1 (00:05):
But yeah, I could do that only in WE bowling.
I can't do the English the ball, That's what I'm
talking about. I'm sorry. Did you think I met real bowling? Yeah? Oh,
I meant I met WE bowling. Yeah, yeah, I don't
care about Yeah, yeah that WE bowling bro we bowling rolling.

Oh wait, no, this isn't that arkall.

Speaker 2 (00:27):
Are you guys talking about WE bowling? Oh shit, yes, yeah,
yeah that's right.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
Joey. How are you with the WE bowling?

Speaker 2 (00:33):
I would say not good, but I like, I'm a
WE bowling appreciator, but not a WE bowling pro.

Speaker 1 (00:38):
How are you irl bowling?

Speaker 2 (00:41):
Okay, so I feel like I could have been a
good bowler, but I feel like my first ten years
of bowling, I just tried to purposely bowl really badly,
Like I would do vertical layups and like fuck up
the laying with the ball or it's like I would
try to do like no look shots right, and it's
like yeah, yeah, totally totally totally. Like I feel like, uh,

if I actually tried, I could have been a good bowler,
but I was too busy just like try to do
it for the lulls, you know, right right, yeah, because.

Speaker 1 (01:09):
Also that also insulates you from when it doesn't happen, Like, dude,
I don't care, I'm just doing it. I wasn't trying.
You have tears rolling down inside. Yeah that was me sobbing.
That's the better approach because if I wasn't perfect, the
second I tried something, I'd like rage quit it. Sometimes.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
Oh yeah, you know you gotta do You gotta do everything, ironically, man,
don't don't do like even I drive my car ironically
this quote Mark.

Speaker 3 (01:34):
Yeah, yeah, you're like almost sideswiping them and you're like
rolling your eyes and doing the jerk off.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
I was like, Oh, this guy gets it. It's not
real driving. This is my wacky driving. It's just doing
a goof.

Speaker 3 (01:55):
Hello the Internet, and welcome to Season three forty, episode
two of Guy Stay production of iHeart Radio. This is
a podcast where we take a deep bap into America
share consciousness. And it is Wednesday, May twenty ninth, twenty
twenty four.

Speaker 1 (02:12):
Five twenty there. It's also a National five twenty nine Day,
which is everybody's saving up for college one of those
five twenty nine savings plans Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
for the kids. Also National flip Flop Day, National Cocoavant Day,
National paper Clip Day, and National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

Get fit, y'all. Do some strength training. Got to do
strength training. Olds gotta do it.

Speaker 3 (02:40):
Am mobility old, and that is how they prefer to
be addressed. So I think we're winning some converts. Right,
gets a kick out of it when I say that
to him.

Speaker 1 (02:48):
What's up, Old? Yeah? What's up? Old? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (02:51):
With with our recent uptick in bird and hummingbird content,
I think we are attracting older demo.

Speaker 1 (03:01):
Yeah, do some string training. Olds. Don't do cardio, you
fall over and hurt. I'm doing pickleball, man, Start doing
some fucking dead lifts.

Speaker 3 (03:09):
Dead list. My name is Jack O'Brien aka. Been golfing
in the streets and hitting mincles.

Speaker 1 (03:15):
Donner, No I'm down or not no no, no swinging my
clubs and public puff threes. No no, no, I'm down
or not down or no. Golf in the streets and
I don't know la though, No, no, no, I'm down
or no, I don't know golfing with mod But his
business talk for you.

Speaker 3 (03:29):
That is courtesy of Panoramic View on the discord in reference,
it's a little peace frog Aka in reference to our
conversation about golf, specifically schoolboy Q saying he made more
money golfing than wrapping somehow, just closing deals on the
let go, let him go on a tour again, and hopefully,

God if he still made it on tour, I'd like
golf rooting for.

Speaker 1 (03:55):
Rap to beat out golf.

Speaker 3 (03:57):
Anyways, I'm thrilled to be joined as always buy my
co host mister Miles Grass.

Speaker 1 (04:03):
Miles break a deadlift, shrimp and Aka just thinking about
that it's on the old deadlift.

Speaker 4 (04:13):
But anyway, so it's meet Aka. Please take long till November.
Please take long till November. Take your sweet time. Please
take long till November. Please take long till November. Please
take long till November. Please take your sweet time. Please
take long till November. I can't believe that this is
the last week of May. It's almost June, knows how.
All I can say is like, take.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
Long till November. Take take till long till November, and
give a kiss to my mother. All right, shot out
no clue on the discord, little y cleft John gone
till November. And I've been saying almost on a daily basis.
Please take your time, November. Take you're good. We're good here, November.
It's like the in between, just the in between space.

That's that's fine, that's fine for now.

Speaker 3 (04:54):
Well, Miles, we are thrilled to be joined in our
third seat by a brilliant TV writer, perform and enrolled
member of the cowl It's Indian tribe who's written on
shows for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, the Netflix animated series
Spirit Rangers. Yeah, he's the creator of the brilliant web
series Gone Native. Please welcome back to the show. The Hilarious,

the Talented Joey Cliff Joey.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
Hey, everybody, I'm Joey Cliff AKA Oh I'm Joey Cliff.

Speaker 1 (05:26):
Wo oh guess it. I was like, guys, take my hand,
we'll record it. I swear I'm on the daily side.

Speaker 2 (05:35):
Geist shout out to me fifteen seconds ago when I
realized to a parody song about myself.

Speaker 1 (05:41):
Did that fifteen seconds ago? I was off the that
was off the dome man the Daily See. Yeah, we're
fucked Jack. This guy came up with that fifteen fucking
seconds Yeah, to help us. Fucking Genie.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
It's better than usually usually like you start singing and
then I'm just like, oh ship google popular lyrics and
it's just like okay, can I like can I do
the the not like us like like verse like about
like certified podcasts, certified Joey Cliff.

Speaker 1 (06:16):
Yeah, yeah, there you go. So this I had like
a little bit aheadway. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (06:22):
I've noticed a lot of our guests block out the
heart where we sing in their memory, so it's they
just remember when we start singing.

Speaker 1 (06:30):
They're like, oh god, I forgot this show. Show as
weird as fuck. Yeah, how you been, Joey. I'm doing good.
I'm doing good.

Speaker 2 (06:39):
I really excited you back in the daily Zye guys,
I just want to Webby Award a week or two.

Speaker 1 (06:45):
Yeah, I got a you got a Webby Trophy behind you?
Check you did you? Did you go to the ceremony?
Not I did a number of years ago, so.

Speaker 2 (06:57):
Maybe so the Webby Awards it's such a you you
probably know this, but the Webby Awards is such a
wild experience. It's like the Emmy Awards are people who
work in TV, the Oscars are people who work in movies,
whereas the Webby Awards just people who do stuff on
the internet. Yeah, so it's like you just so, it's
just like you'll find yourself in a conversation with like
Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and then three seconds later a conversation

with like the person who makes memes for the aarpis
Twitter account.

Speaker 1 (07:24):
And then like the fourth blippy body double like in
case the first three are out.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
Oh yeah, like my go to hangout group for the
ceremony was a person who has a popular website about birds,
and then also a founding member of the nineteen seventies
New Way band the Go Gos. It's like, wow, it's
just it's it's just like a fever dream of an experience.
So I reckon if you're listening, I recommend winning a webbee.
I think it's a good idea. It's a fun experience.

Speaker 1 (07:48):
Wait, which are the Go Gos? Was it Jane? Yeah? Yeah,
she was super nice. Wasna Sorry? I didn't mean to
like drop first. Yeah, I feel like but Jane Weedland
is like I feel like the most visible Go go usually.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
Yeah. Also, also somebody in a Grimace costume for McDonald's
was there.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
So it's me Jane Whedland fucking Grimace. Yeah, it's like yeah,
it's like me, Jane Grimace and somebody who has a
fun blog who lives in Eugene, organ.

Speaker 3 (08:19):
Right or could you know what was being honored for?

Speaker 2 (08:25):
I think it was okay, So there was a I'm
probably gonna butcher this, but I feel like there was
like a like a Grimace flavored McDonald's ship that they
had like a promo force.

Speaker 3 (08:37):
It was a big topic on this show. So I'm
just curious. Did they win for all the like viral
clips of the Grimace milkshake like brainwashing people into like killing.

Speaker 1 (08:49):
Oh yeah it was that. Yeah, I assume it was that.
I didn't look, I didn't have like we knew this
all along. This was our plan. You're welcome the internet,
and that was that was the one. Okay.

Speaker 2 (09:00):
So like folks like Julie, Luis Dreyfuss was there. There
are a lot of other like big folks there. Did
not take selfies with any of them, but the guy
and the Grimaces. He was like, oh, I got a
document this how that should smell? Honestly, it smell like,
you know, like a little bit what a little bit
of grape, you know, like just.

Speaker 3 (09:17):
Like the smells like the milkshake taste blueberry and grape.

Speaker 1 (09:20):
Yeah yeah, oh wow best viral PR campaign? Is that
what they want? Yeah? Wide and Widen and Kennedy won
that award.

Speaker 3 (09:30):
Come on, why the Internet was doing a lot of
work for them on that.

Speaker 1 (09:33):
I was gonna say, look shout out. You know, I
know people who work at Wide, but come on, man,
you know that was us bro. That was really all
of us won that. Grimace, that's what you're saying exactly.

Speaker 3 (09:44):
They probably didn't specifically reference The Daily's theory that it's
fully grimos come because I think a lot some of the.

Speaker 2 (09:53):
Other viral when I when I did get a selfie
with Grimmace, he did whisper that my ear old.

Speaker 1 (09:59):
Shake you come and You're like, my name's Brett. I'm
just a guy in a suit. You're like, oh I
thought you were the real Grimmage. Oh my god, weird dad,
this is so much weirder. All right, Joey, we're gonna
get to know you a little bit better in a moment. First,
we're going to tell the listeners a few of the
things we're going to talk about later on.

Speaker 3 (10:20):
We are going to talk about new research into Orca's
the ramming incidents, off the Iberian Peninsula have not gone away,
and in fact, there's been six hundred and fifty since
twenty twenty. So science immediately got to work.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
Trying to figure out what's going on. We'll talk about
what they found.

Speaker 3 (10:39):
We will talk about Boeing choosing not to fix the
leaky shuttle before launch. We'll talk about the new Reagan
movie starring Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan. It's a it's
a journey. They just released the new trailer and it's
pretty wild, and we might even get to garf Furiosa. Actually,

we'll definitely get to go with our Steam guest today.
So they were trying to do the Barbenheimer thing with
Furiosa and the Garfield movie and didn't work from a
box office perspective. But your results may vary. I think
a lot of people I know a lot of people
who went and saw Furiosa and enjoyed that, And I

think I know somebody who might have seen Garfield and
enjoyed that. So all of that plenty more. But first, Joey,
we do like to ask our guest, what is something
from your search history?

Speaker 2 (11:34):
Okay, so the last thing for my Google search history
is the question is one pull up a lot of
pull up. So I've started, like I think I've talked
about my personal fitness journey on the dailyese Geist a
little bit, but I've just reached the point, after a
year and a half of working without the personal trainer,
that I can do one pull up and I'm very

proud of myself for like, i feel like I'm at
the point where if I see a bar hanging about
my head, I don't care what time of day it is, like,
I don't care like where I'm at, I don't care
how I'm dressed. I'm gonna bust out exactly one very
struggled pull up.

Speaker 1 (12:07):
Yeah, or do the one the kind I do? Or
you use your upward momentum from a jump to be like, yeah, man,
I'm up, and that's how I used to be able
to do that. No, this is a full hang.

Speaker 2 (12:16):
Okay, this is a pull up probably on HG H
or some ship. Nobody can do a like that. Oh yeah, recording,
nobody can do it. But if I can't, the entire
zoom window are my muscles. Yes, I mean, like look
frock Lesnar can probably do one, maybe one and a half.

Speaker 1 (12:35):
Hoole I doubt. I'm just saying I doubt that pull
ups are that.

Speaker 3 (12:40):
That was the one part of the Presidential Fitness Test
I didn't even attempt. Yeah, I was just like, go
up and I'm out of here. I'm not gonna I'm
not gonna.

Speaker 1 (12:51):
Let you see me squirming the stretch ship like the
push ups. I was like, miss me with that, the stretch.
You want to see how flexible these as are? Oh me,
touch my toes h watch me fuck up this little
wooden box with the inaccurate lines drawn on it like
the one we had at our school to like gauge
however flexible you were. And then the other one, Uh,

run shuttle run, shuttle run, killing it at the fucking
shuttle run. Yeah that's impressive. Yeah yeah, like wind sprints? Yeah,
pull up, yeah, get the fuck away from me. Man?
Was rope climb universal? Did everybody do that?

Speaker 2 (13:25):
We don't have rope climb at ours? We had a
rope climb in mine. I could not. I could I
just that was that was my like, oh there's just
no way I could ever.

Speaker 3 (13:32):
Yeah, same like the pull up some rope climb. We're
a real mess for me. Well, congratulations on the one
pull up.

Speaker 1 (13:39):
Yeah yeah, hell yeah, I'm still too afraid to try.
But hey, you can do it, man. You give hope
to those of us who just got up there. And
it's it's hard. My body's so heavy. The thing is,
because my body is so heavy, my arms so weak,
I can't support my own weight. What is something you

say is underrated? I'm gonna say the Chris Pratt Garfield movie.
Yeah right.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
I saw it this weekend and honestly, okay, look, they
were like a couple of minor like you know, script
is shues or whatever.

Speaker 1 (14:12):
But honestly, it's delightful. It's really good.

Speaker 2 (14:14):
It's clear that they're coming from a place of like
loving the you know, loving the world, loving the characters.
There's a moment where a character is frustrated and then
as an exclamation, they say Jiminey Davis, like, you know,
Jim Davis, the creator Garfield. So it's like it's just
clear that there's they're coming from a real place of
like love. And honestly, like I went into it, you know,
kind of not with the highest expectations, but coming out

of it, I was like, oh wow, this was like
this is probably the best piece of Garfield media since
Garfield and Friends came out in like the eighties.

Speaker 1 (14:43):
Oh wow, damn Mike.

Speaker 3 (14:45):
I was in a fast casual restaurant with my kids,
Burger Lounge, and they had shout out to Burger Lounge,
Burger Lounge, and they had a little TV with a
Garfield promotion like happening every fifteen seconds, and they came
away with lots of questions Garfield movie, like good and

is there a Garfield TV show? And like I was like, yeah,
but I don't think it's good, but we can check
it out maybe, And They're like why what's.

Speaker 1 (15:15):
Bad about it? And I was like, I don't fucking know, man,
I don't know, man.

Speaker 2 (15:19):
I mean I think, I think. I think you'll have
a good time watching that movie. And honestly, like, you know,
I feel like there was a lot of conversation about
Chris Pratt beforehand, and I would say that Chris Pratt's
Garfield is inoffensive. It's like it's you know, like Mari, Yeah, no,
the Mario I think was genuinely like bad, but but
his Garfield is like fine.

Speaker 1 (15:38):
Sure, as so long as you nail the energy of Garfield.
Is there any references to sending Odi to Abu Dhabi. Uh,
that's what the third actor is about. No.

Speaker 2 (15:47):
There, I was like, there's a couple of like, yeah,
they don't kick Ody off of a table. I think
that maybe they've learned something about the whole animal abuse.

Speaker 1 (15:55):
Ah, but it's Odie, you know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (15:58):
Yeah, John, you know they they definitely he standed off
the deep incell vibes of the comics, right.

Speaker 3 (16:03):
Yeah, sure, No, it no longer seems like John is
a desperately lonely person who's created Garfield or is imagining
Garfield and Garfield's actually dead.

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Right Oh, I mean that is what does the third
actor real?

Speaker 1 (16:18):
Yeah? Yeah, the collar falls off his neck. He's like,
I am Garfield. I am Garfield? What is What's something
you think is overrated?

Speaker 2 (16:29):
The Bill Murray Garfield movies. I think the like those
and I don't think that Bill Murray's a good Garfield
So yeah, I just think in general, like the difference
between these two Garfield movies to me is I feel
like the Bill Murray Garfields were like annoyed or too
cool to be making a Garfield movie, and I feel
like that was like Bill Murray's energy is like I'm
too good for this, right, because I feel like the

Chris Pratt Garfield movies, they're like stoked about making a
Garfield movie and it's great.

Speaker 3 (16:54):
Right, he made it on purpose. That's always a big improvement.
I feel like when everybody involved, including the star, is
making a Garfield movie on purpose.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
Yeah, they're like, this isn't like the this isn't This
doesn't feel like a paycheck for anybody in that movie, right.

Speaker 3 (17:09):
Whereas Bill Murray made the Garfield movie because he thought
it was a Coen Brothers movie. I don't know if
he thought it was like a Garfield biopic like The
President Garfield, or if just really thought the Coen Brothers
were making a Garfield movie.

Speaker 2 (17:26):
But so my okay, so my suspicion on that this
is my this is my conspiracy theory. I think that
I think that Bill Murray knew it was not a
Coen Brothers movie. I think that's just a thing that
he says to try to maintain his cool points for
being in a if that makes sense. Yeah, Like I
think that that's like a line that he's saying to
try to maintain his crede right, yeah, oh I didn't

The guy who voiced him in the TV series, which
is the one I grew up watching Lorenzo music. Yeah,
I was like, what a fucking sick name, dude. Yeah
that music, Like, I mean, Lorenzo music, to me is
probably the best Garfield voice.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
Yeah that's it's a mean yeah, that's not that Garfield.
Yeah yeah yeah. In this house, Lorenzo music is the voice.
Yeah yeah, yeah. Bill Murray not by Garfield. Larry is
not Garfield. And he didn't believe it was a Cohen
Brothers movie. Damn this, dude, man, I'm I'm you know,
I'm a little bit ashamed that I did not know.

Speaker 2 (18:21):
He was like a big He was a he was
a big sitcom star in the seventies, I believe. And
he passed away in two thousand and one, just a
month or two before nine to eleven. Are those things connected?

Speaker 1 (18:32):
Maybe, but we don't know. We don't know just three days.
Have a lot of theories. He passed away three days
before Usher released his iconic eighty seven oh one album.
Yeah I was connected. Maybe what he's eighty seven oh one?
Mean you know what it be? August seventh, two thousand
and one. We don't fucking know where those no way
to check numbers.

Speaker 3 (18:53):
Honestly, no way to know. No, I don't know, but
very well could be amazing. All right, let's take a
quick break and we'll come back and talk about some news.
We'll be right back, and we're back weird, and we're back.

Speaker 1 (19:19):

Speaker 3 (19:20):
Sounds nice, I was gonna say, sounds nice.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
That's just a what do you got there that everyone
uses in mic? Sounds nice? Let me just guess he is?
That is sure? Sem seven? You're coming out some seven B.
Let me just close my eyes and listen. Yeah, yeah,
that's that.

Speaker 5 (19:41):
Yeah, let me Yeah, I think that's a seven B
marmalade one time marmal I heard all those sounds nice,
but it smells like ship.

Speaker 1 (19:55):
I gotta change this sponge on the top.

Speaker 3 (19:58):
Oh man, the sponge has been put and then work
since the pandemic.

Speaker 2 (20:02):
I gotta say, I just I also have the same MIC.
I just smelled my sponge and it smells gross.

Speaker 1 (20:07):
I should change this. Yeah, it's said.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
Look, we got I drink coffee, is what I'm learning. Anyways,
I put it down here.

Speaker 1 (20:17):
I think I'm spinning bits of ground beef onto mine.

Speaker 2 (20:21):
Yeah, I mean you are just eating a log of
brown beef.

Speaker 1 (20:24):
Yeah, right, but the kind you get at the store
that's in the tube. We're using it out like a googurt.

Speaker 3 (20:33):
Take it out of the plastic bananas.

Speaker 1 (20:39):
I mean, you know, live your life. You should maybe
cook that. Dude. No, it's fine, it's eighty twenty. It's
eighty twenty more fact taste taste better. Let's bacteria, all.

Speaker 3 (20:48):
Right, Oh, or Orcus, we've been fans since twenty twenty
when they've started ramming the yachts of wealthy people. Not
the yachts of the people. You're targeting the yachts of

of the wealthy. And you know, some of us got
pretty invested in the ideas that the workers were going
to lead us to overthrow hyper capitalism.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
Yeah, proletarian revolution. We thought we maybe we were on
the heels of it. But yeah, like apparently the governments
of Spain and Portugal order to study because they're like,
rich people's books are getting hurt. We know what the
fuck's going on, And they got all these top experts
to come to the conclusion that basically boils down to
their kids and they're having fun. That's it. And I'm like,

you mean to tell me. They also didn't see that
moon Cat video about crypto and got radicalized. No fuck,
uh no, it's just I'm sure some of them did.
But the numbers actually aren't great with the ye not great,
not great. But their testes do have microplastics in it.
That is one thing we do that is a constant

in the natural world. But apparently they're bored. This is
this is a quote quote. The sea is a very
boring place for an animal, says Randology Stefanese, president of
Marine Life Preservation or organization SEARC. Imagine, if you're a
dog or some other mammal, you can interact with objects
around you. But in the sea, there's not much for

the orces to interact with. So they play with the rudders,
So they play with the how you say, ruthers play
with the incredibly.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
I first of all, I don't know if I'd blame
the sea so much as what we've done to the
sea by thinning out the wildlife and killing here's.

Speaker 1 (22:43):
The thing, it's boring out there.

Speaker 4 (22:45):

Speaker 2 (22:46):
My takeaway from this is that we got to just
throw some Nintendo switches in the sea and.

Speaker 1 (22:49):
Yeahk you yeah, get them doing something. Yeah, yeah, the
scientists believe quote young juvenile orcas, who tend to be
more curious and exploratory, started the trend, which then spread
through the population. Apparently, as they say in this article, orcas,
like humans, love following trends. The highly intelligent social mammals
are known for experienced fads. Are known to experience fads

among their pods. For example, there's this thing in nineteen
eighty seven there were pods of orcas that were going
around wearing dead salmon as hats for no other apparent
reason other than everyone.

Speaker 2 (23:23):
Else was doing it. Oh yeah, I mean that was
That was me in the eighties too. I just thought
it was a good salmon hat. Yeah, yeah, just.

Speaker 1 (23:29):
This Yeah, freshly clean salmon, split it open, wear it
right on top of your head. Boom, got the new
headwear in demand header. So I guess this was like
their Stanley Quencher era for orcas. Yeah it wasn't the
dead salmon hats.

Speaker 2 (23:43):
Yeah, I'm just gonna say, Okay, So, like, I totally
understand the frustration of you know, we want orcas to
be standing up against the bourgeoisie and smashing yachts, but
them just being people that are bored and doing stuff
to fuck around does make them more relatable. Yeah, it's
just as related a lot of different in a different way.
And I got to say, like, look, I am the
school that I went to. On the toilet Press. Our

mascot was the Orca, and you know, I feel I
feel like every yeah, it's like every year I'm more
proud of, Like, hell, yeah, you guys represented as well.

Speaker 1 (24:12):
You know. Yeah that's a good mascot. Did you see
they eat they fuck up great whites like on the regular.
Oh yeah, I mean they're called that's why they're called
killer whales.

Speaker 3 (24:22):
Yeah, they were named by great white sharks.

Speaker 1 (24:25):
Yeah, they're like, you'll get these killer whales away from us.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
Yeah, I mean they're yeah, it's killer like all the
fucking killers. But like they're also they also are murderers.

Speaker 1 (24:34):
Apparently they like to just just rip out their livers.

Speaker 3 (24:38):
Yeah, they like they are very wasteful when it comes
to a great white sharks carcass.

Speaker 1 (24:43):
They just go for the liver. You do way more
if you have that opportunity, you do way more damage.
Eat the whole damn thing. There you go. I think
it's interesting, like if they if the organs were literally
eating poor people, we still wouldn't have a stud completed,
but like the rays and they're in operation fucking warp

speech to like get an explanation out. I love that we.

Speaker 6 (25:08):
Need a vaccine for these orcos to stop, but also
like this is so vague and diffuse, and like the
science the scientists explanation being like the sea is very boring,
you know how they know it just comes like this
just feels like what like they needed to come up

with a thing because they were afraid of what the
workAs had started, and so their explanation is both like
they're just bored.

Speaker 1 (25:39):
Just like you and me. We're all bored, and so
play with your smartphones, dumb dumps.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
And also they're just like us. It's a fed, like
you know how we all like to go shopping. Hey,
why don't you go shopping?

Speaker 1 (25:50):
They're also piling on drake, very tasteless, but just reframing
it as like the fun fed that they're doing for boredom,
like a like one of those TikTok dances. Yeah you
go back to here TikTok dances.

Speaker 2 (26:05):
Yeah if you if you shout certified lover boy in
a pot of ways, they will bloop back stuffed pedophile.

Speaker 1 (26:12):
You know that was dude, that was a minor that
they all right, thank you, Willie. But the one scientific
thing that may explain more than anything is that the
blue fin tuna population, which is like one of their
main sources for food, has like exploded in the area.
So it's made like they just spend way less time

hunting because food is just so readily available at the
moment that they have more time to fuck around. Yeah,
that one just rather than be like, dude, it's pretty
mid out there in the Strait of Gibraltar, so like
you know, they're just trying to turn ship up their
micro dosing and stuff doing wild stuff. But yeah, it's
more just like we have more time because food is

just so available. So what if this was like rich
person propaganda and like, oh, it's not because we suck,
it's because they're bored. Like how much should we trust
this study? Yeah, it's just like rich people being like,
oh the orchest think we suck and hate us. That's
real bad pr for rich prady. We got to say that, like,
it's not because they hate us, they're.

Speaker 3 (27:14):
Bored and they're playing with us because they think we're cool.

Speaker 1 (27:17):
Yeah, really, we're the cool, Robert, do that character you
do Red No do Stefanies and just like let them know.
It's because like the ocean's like fucking mid as fun.
This journalist Fox will eat it up.

Speaker 3 (27:31):
They yeah, it's also like the explanation is basically like
they what happened to a lot of people when we
had like shut down during the pandemic and had more
time on our hands, we all started wanting to attack
rich people's yachts.

Speaker 2 (27:50):
So yeah, like I bet a couple of yachts in
twenty twenty one.

Speaker 1 (27:52):

Speaker 3 (27:53):
Yeah it was not successful, but you know we all
rammed it with our foreheads.

Speaker 1 (27:59):
Yeah, yeah, I told you one real sick pull up
on that yacht. Dude. I threw a full twenty ounce
sprite in a plastic bottle. Yacht missed it. They knew what,
they knew what time it was.

Speaker 3 (28:10):
Yeah, you're trying to christen it in the broken that's
what the.

Speaker 2 (28:17):
Loo look out of the yacht, and you were just
like nobody's christened this in a while.

Speaker 1 (28:22):
To come up, We'll just fill this two liter up
with piss and throw it.

Speaker 3 (28:27):
All right, Just an update on from Boeing. We always
like to check in with this company because we're proud
of the good work that they do. As Americans present,
present sponsor daily guys bowing. We can't stop fucking up anyways.
NASA has a contract with Boweing to build a space taxi,

like I'm assuming they came up with that title after
watching the Fifth Element. They can ferry astronauts to the
ISS International Space Station. And it's been it's a little
behind schedule. So the original flight test was due in
twenty seventeen. Right now they're talking about getting it off

the ground in June of twenty twenty four, so that's
a slight seven years behind schedule.

Speaker 1 (29:18):
So they did a.

Speaker 3 (29:19):
Successful uncrude flight to the ISS in twenty twenty two
and it but it wasn't like fully successful. There was
an issue with the vehicle's parachutes that required modifications and
new tests, and they also noticed a small leak.

Speaker 1 (29:37):
In the helium tanks.

Speaker 3 (29:39):
And NASA, after seven years of dealing with these motherfuckers,
is just like, we're good man, let's just fucking do
the thing. So they're going to do They're going to
go to the International Space Station with a manned flight
with small helium guess week going there's just like I just.

Speaker 2 (30:03):
Want to say about that, if you're a Boeing whistle
blower and they offer you a ride on that space,
you don't do it.

Speaker 1 (30:08):
It's trapped. But this will be.

Speaker 3 (30:11):
Its first astronaut launch and it's gonna happen at the
beginning of June after spending the past few years struggling
with more problems that just like keep popping up there
essentially like.

Speaker 1 (30:23):
Fuck it, Like yeah, they basically.

Speaker 3 (30:27):
People will do it live, but I don't know, they
probably fix it when they're up there.

Speaker 1 (30:31):
Yeah, that's I mean, I don't know, Like all I
think of is like the Challenger and just how like
little things turned into a lot of things.

Speaker 3 (30:40):
Very The Challenger was a like the story behind the
Challenger was they knew exactly what the problem was with
that ship, and it was just a thing where a
group got taken over by the people for whom it
was like more important to like meet the deadline than
it was to like be safe. And yeah, but like

the thing that caused the Challenger explosion, like faulty O
rings was the thing that everyone was talking about for
the year leading up to that launch.

Speaker 1 (31:10):
They were like, we've got to like gott to delay this.
The O rings like sure, ceiling, oh ring, Fine, it's
just a quote small helium gas leak and it only,
as they say, affects one of twenty eight booster systems. Yeah,
so just stop fucking freaking out, man, we're getting this
thing fucking out of here.

Speaker 2 (31:31):
Well, I think it's tough. I think that if if
the space Shuttle is or anything like airplanes, it's like
there are like probably like a dozen different failsafes on
something before you get to a problem.

Speaker 1 (31:44):

Speaker 2 (31:44):
It's like it takes like in like any given flight,
like six of those fail safes will fail, but because
the other four are still there, it's still okay. Right,
So it's like I get I get the I totally
get the logic of like, okay, to them, it's probably
like this is a problem that like is something that
maybe should be but it's like there's like fifty fail
safes that would also have to fail for them to
be an actual issue. But it's like Boeing being a

company with you know, like a couple of little pr
issues right now.

Speaker 1 (32:11):
Yeah, maybe it's yeah, you know, maybe.

Speaker 2 (32:12):
It's like okay to delay it for a little bit,
just to make sure that this is immaculate going into space, Well,
then we.

Speaker 1 (32:18):
Have to That's the reason they aren't fixing is because
they say, well then we'd have to take it apart
at the factory. Yeah, that is hard to start all over.

Speaker 7 (32:26):
Oh, moms, is so fucking unfair. Let me launch my
fucking space tax scene now the fuck because a one
helium league. Yeah, I mean again, I know fucking nothing
about aeronautics and say so like and I get too.
They're like, look, it's there's twenty eight thrusters. This only
affects one of the twenty eight. It's a thruster. Whatever,

it'll be fine. But yeah, I think it's more just
like the history of you know, terrible disasters that were
accidental and you know boeing S track record at the moment.

Speaker 2 (33:01):
Yeah, I mean maybe, uh maybe they were like they
saw the two tragedies have happened, and they're like.

Speaker 1 (33:07):
Can we go three for three? Yeah? See, you know, yeah,
it's like all things come in three.

Speaker 3 (33:12):
So the sooner we can knock that third and one
out and go really big, the sooner we can like build.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
Back our space shuttle explodes, everybody will forget about the
door plugs.

Speaker 1 (33:21):
Real fast.

Speaker 3 (33:22):
The Circle of Death. Yeah, all right, well we've got
good news. It was not a boffo weekend at the
bo at the box office, unfortunately, but we there is
relief in sight. We just got the trailer for the
new Reagan movie.

Speaker 1 (33:39):
Oh my god, have you seen it? Have you watched
the trailer? No? Can I watch it really quick? Oh?
Did you watch it? Yeah? I watched it. I watched it.
I watched it, like right before, there's nothing a retired
governor can do, but a president now you can do
a thing. Okay, I've even eight seconds in already. I
don't need to see the trailer. I get it.

Speaker 3 (34:00):
It has a scene where Reagan explains his political skills
by recalling that he was once a lifeguard and.

Speaker 1 (34:08):
I learned how to read the currents, just the ones
on the surface, but also the ones deep under the
water and deep under the water. Wal whaler wales. Dennis
Quaid is I don't know.

Speaker 3 (34:24):
I don't know if people have been keeping up with
Dennis Quaid's political kind of evolution.

Speaker 1 (34:31):
But no problems killing it.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
But yeah, so this is going to be just a
puff piece. Like this guy's a hero. He predicted everything.
He was like I'll tell you what our biggest problem is.
Well and unions.

Speaker 1 (34:50):
Line. That's just isn't their line? Just like I can't
do much to save the country as a retired governor,
yas president exactly.

Speaker 3 (34:59):
It also features so Dennis Quaid, other familiar consert conservative
luminaries John Voight and Robert Dave, one of the brothers,
the non Joey pants brother from Goonies and yeah John Voight.
So Weirdly, John Voight is playing a fictional KGB agent
who the story is like told through his eyes. He's like,

I remember, like my first assignment was wail. He also
talks that way. For some reason, was tracking this young
actor Ronald Reagan, and I think basically it's just going
to be him being like, God.

Speaker 1 (35:36):
Damn, this man is cool.

Speaker 3 (35:38):
We only have anything like Ronald Reagan in the USSR
just too perfect.

Speaker 1 (35:43):
Yeah, but also we should be open to the ideas
Russia has as well. I don't want to poison ye
also being the Yeah, somehow like even though it was
the bad guy, I feel like we should maybe get
along in the future.

Speaker 3 (35:59):
He's telling this story to a young boy, and then
that boy like puts on his jacket and it says
Vladimir Putin On.

Speaker 1 (36:07):
Yeah, I hope that if they do that, it's treated
like a Marvel reveal, like yeah, the post credits, it's
like designed for an Applus break, right. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (36:16):
So a couple of things about this trailer. One, the
show Biz Direct logo that at the start of the
trailer is the most iMovie ass studio logo I've ever
seen in my life. Like, I am not a graphic designer.
I could make a better logo than that. Another thing, Uh,
what's wrong with that actor's face, like the vacant actor.

It just he's covered in way too many prosthetics. It
looks very weird.

Speaker 1 (36:41):
Yeah, Dennis Quaid, Yeah, Dennis Quaid.

Speaker 2 (36:43):
It just looks it's like very uncanny Valley. I don't know,
whatever they did, it does not look good.

Speaker 1 (36:47):
It looks like remember those old Durassel battery commercials in
the nineties that had like the that family that like
all the plastic head family. Yeah yeah, yeah, like yeah,
his face looks like it's made of wax. Yeah yeah,
their cousins yeah yeah yeah.

Speaker 2 (37:02):
And then I was trying to think of like, okay,
so you know, there's Garfiosa, there's Barbenheimer. I'm trying to
think of what the pairing is for this movie. Yeah.
The one other I think big movie that comes out
that weekend is the Craven the Hunter movie, the the
Sony Marvel Craven the Hunter movie. So I'm like, Craven
the Reagan.

Speaker 1 (37:21):
I don't know, Cragan the Hunter, Craven Ronald, there we go,
there we go, Craig. What are you doing for Ronald
Craven weekend? Fucking nothing for me.

Speaker 3 (37:35):
As if that cast weren't cursed enough, we also have
Creed's Scott Stapp playing Frank Sinatra.

Speaker 1 (37:42):
Oh can he take it higher? Yeah? That really the
movie took.

Speaker 2 (37:50):
A lower rate on it because it was his sacrifice.

Speaker 3 (37:55):
He will play Sinatra for the scenes in which Reagan
was the president of SAG, so presumably they're not going
to include any of the scenes focusing on Nancy Reagan's
long affair with Sinatra, as alleged in the Kitty Kelly.

Speaker 1 (38:08):
Oh, she was smashing Frank Sinok, smashing the throat, go
and the chairman of the board.

Speaker 2 (38:13):
You know, there was There's a lot of stuff on
her relationship with mister t though that's pretty extensively there.

Speaker 3 (38:21):
The entire third act is a story between the two
of them.

Speaker 1 (38:26):
Great, well, mister t would you mind betting my wife
as in the Lincoln bedroom as I watched the hole
in the wall and says, well, well, kitty, that we
please his muscles. I love them. He could do one
pull up. You don't understand.

Speaker 3 (38:49):
So obviously as presidential biopics go, you know, we have Lincoln,
which was made by Steven Spielberg. We have Nixon made
by Oliver Stone, j K. Also Stone, but Jeff Kid
is really not a biopic. Reagan is being helmed by
Sean McNamara, who you probably remember for such movies as

Cats and Dogs. Three pause, unite, exclamation point and Aliens
Stole my Body. No explanation exclamation point on Aliens stole
my body.

Speaker 1 (39:21):
But oh my god, these characters and the alien stole
my body. It looks like a rip off Star Wars,
Bounty Hunter and someone like from Memory Drew Arnold Schwarzeninger's
mister Freeze from the Yeah, okay, like a fourth grader
did that. Yeah it sucks.

Speaker 3 (39:41):
Perhaps more consequentially, the sole producer credit belongs to a
guy named Mark Joseph, who we've talked about before. He
previously produced right wing polemics like the anti cancel culture
documentary No Safe Spaces starring Adam Carolla and Dennis Praeger
Preger real person, not just the.

Speaker 1 (40:03):
I thought it was a terrible website. Yeah, how is
he the Preger? You guy? Well?

Speaker 3 (40:09):
Well, well, and he also produced In addition to the
Corolla documentary, he produced Doonbe, which is about a mysterious
stranger played by John Schneider, an actor who recently threatened
to murder Joe Biden.

Speaker 1 (40:26):
Is that his credit? That's what he's mostly known for.
Its on his IMDb?

Speaker 2 (40:31):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's like John Schneider, is he
any warrior princess? Yeah, also recently threatened to murder Joe Biden?

Speaker 3 (40:38):
Right, So he plays a character named Sam Dombey who
enters a small town and just like reading the plot synopsis,
I was like, well, doomb.

Speaker 1 (40:49):
Is clearly a fucking anagram for something, right, And sure
enough it's nobody because he is actually the ghost of
a fetus that was aborted by the whole visiting God.
So it's got a message. It's got a real message.
Got them to say, wow, haunting, haunting your birth mother

as a middle aged man.

Speaker 3 (41:13):
But this did come up before because making it even
more conspicuously propagandistic. The role of the older woman who
tries to convince the young woman not to get an
abortion in the first place before she's haunted by abortion
ghost is played by Norma McCorvey aka Jane Row and
the Roe v.

Speaker 1 (41:32):
Wade case. She's been doing a lot recently, so she well,
So she did like a bunch of anti choice shit
throughout my life, and then on her deathbed was like, hey, guys,
like I gotta come clean. They were like paying me
incredibly well for that. I am not anti choice, Like
this was all bullshit.

Speaker 3 (41:51):
I just like live in America and need to be
able to pay for health care. So my bad deuces.

Speaker 1 (42:00):
Was like that one that one gift of the dude
throwing up deuces and then just fading into thing exactly.

Speaker 3 (42:09):
But yeah, she was like, I was paid to become
a trophy for conservatives and I was paid well, and
that's important in these United States. So coming from that
guy in an election year, I'm expecting Reagan to be
a completely down the middle interesting take on history.

Speaker 1 (42:29):
Three stars. Could you imagine like in the age we're in,
like they have to tear down his myth in order
to like make whatever this version of the conservative like
movement be like that's where it's at. Like he the
fucking line in the trailer, mister Gorbachev, tear off my balls,
tear up this assss.

Speaker 2 (42:50):
Do you think that there's a monologue in the movie
from Reagan that's very clearly shooting to be about cancel culture.
Probably you think that he says like, just like I, well,
I'm afraid of William Nancy.

Speaker 1 (43:03):
Which bathroom do I use? Nancy? I don't want to
get in trouble now, you know.

Speaker 3 (43:09):
But he's asking him because he can't remember which room
is the bathroom? But his vision is so terrible, and
he's now, which where do I go?

Speaker 1 (43:17):
For number three? Nancy? For three? You know what that is?
You know that was code for Nancy.

Speaker 3 (43:25):
All right, let's take a quick break and we'll come
back and of course talk about bart No. I'm trying
to Furiosu Field.

Speaker 8 (43:35):
All right, we'll be right back, and we're back.

Speaker 3 (43:50):
A lot of people are saying, so just personally, I
root for the box office. I want to be able
to continue to see movies in theater.

Speaker 1 (44:00):
Like Reagan, you were just saying off to the future, Yeah,
like Reagan, Like Regan.

Speaker 3 (44:04):
I want to be able to see Reagan in August when.

Speaker 1 (44:07):
People aren't afraid to say shit anymore.

Speaker 3 (44:11):
But everybody likes a story about Hollywood's failing and they
had a tough The people who pull for the box
office had a tough weekend this past weekend as Furiosa,
the Med Max prequel and Garfield. A lot of people
were like, this is going to be the next Barbenheimer
gar Furiosa. I don't know if people were seriously saying that, but.

Speaker 1 (44:33):
I feel like I feel like it was just me.
I was the only person who was loudly saying that.

Speaker 3 (44:39):
But that didn't happen at all. It was the worst
Memorial Day weekend, not counting the pandemic, since the movie
Casper with Christina Ricci in nineteen ninety five.

Speaker 1 (44:51):
Yeah damn almost thirty years. Wow. Yeah really, Yeah they
broke the streak. Yeah, they really took.

Speaker 3 (45:00):
Back to ninety five. Our writer JM says, by the way,
Furiosa is way better than Casper.

Speaker 1 (45:07):
Furiosa is fantastic.

Speaker 3 (45:08):
Yeah, I mean I can only imagine we'll hopefully see it.
But Casper by the way a children's movie in which
it goes to by my mass is at least in
his forties relentlessly hits on Christina Ricci as a teenager.

Speaker 1 (45:23):
Yeah, but he's like a ghost, like but he's like
a kid ghost, you know, he's perpetually a kid. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but it's also exactly certified Casper certified pedaphig. But yeah,
Furios is thirty two million. To put that in perspective,
last year.

Speaker 3 (45:41):
Disney's A Little Mermaid remake made one hundred and eighteen
million Memorial Day Weekend. The year before that, Top Gun
Maverick made one hundred and sixty million. Obviously, those were
both massive hits.

Speaker 1 (45:52):
So let's just they're not on the same level, like
in terms of international fandom. Like I mean, I get
obvious because Furry Road was huge, but not like to
the place where you have people who like live and
breathe a Little Mermaid all the time, or like live
and breathed Top Gun and shit, Fury Road was like
when it was coming out, we were all like, this
is very silly, Like this seems like they have given

a kooky old man a huge budget to make a
film in which people like the names of the characters
were the first thing to go viral because they were
just like so over the top, right, And then it
came out and was one of the best action movies
ever made. And so I think people like, it's just so.

Speaker 3 (46:37):
Funny how people are like, so this helmer legged it
out to four hundred million, so expect Furiosa to do
the same. And it's like, well, it's not lightning in
a bottle, Like, you're not gonna always be able to
capture lighting at a bottle the second time. And also
it's a fucking prequel. How many times do we have
to do this, you guys?

Speaker 1 (46:55):
Yeah, well I will agree.

Speaker 2 (46:57):
And that's what I'm a huge like, I know, talk
about Garfia a lot, but I'm also just a huge
like Mad Max post apocalyptic fan. So for me, this
was just like, this was genuinely weekend. I was like
so soaked devoted, And you know, that's something that I
really love about the Mad Max world is like, you
have a character named the Bullet Farmer who farms bullets
and has bullets for teeth, and there's a point in

like Fury Road where he pulls one of his bullet
teeth out and then puts it in a gun and
then shoots somebody with his bullet tooth. It's just like
it's just watching like an insane fever dream for two hours.
Oh yeah, and I super agree. I think that, you know,
I think that Fury Road was like George Miller, I
think is a fantastic director. But I think that Fury
Road just the alchemy on it was like so perfect

of it's just an insane car chase for two hours,
you know. And Furiosa I think was good, But I
do think that it was hurt by the fact that,
like Fury Road came out like a decade ago, and
though it's considered to be like the best movie the
twenty ten's, it's just been a little while. I feel like,
you know, just like the box office is a little
bit fraction right now, and you know it Fury Road

or Furiosa, it definitely had buzz of like, oh, this
is a really good movie going into it, but it
didn't necessarily have the like, holy shit, you have.

Speaker 1 (48:09):
To see this.

Speaker 2 (48:10):
But yes, you know, yeah, and I think it's gonna
have a little bit of a long tail, assuming they
don't just throw it on Max in two weeks or
whatever it's like. I think it's got good buzz, and
I think that like next weekend and the weekend after
that will probably also.

Speaker 1 (48:21):
Beg for it.

Speaker 3 (48:23):
I think we'll continue to see like it's just so
the thing that happened about ten years ago is they
let the marketing department take over what films got made
and how they were developed. And so now that like
the Marvel movies and all the franchisees have been like
juiced dry, they're like now have to like make movie

movies again. And so it's like marketing people trying to
make movie movies and they're like, I don't know, make
a prequel to that one from the Barbie movie, like
the Best Thing We Loved Gosling, Make a Gosling funny movie.
And it's just like they're pulling pieces out, but like
this is they the thing that is making those first
movies great is like the filmmaking and you know, the

actual like things that actually drive creative inspiration and creative execution.
And so I think we're going to continue to see
like these types of like hyped movies like this isn't
I think it's weird that this is being pitched is
like a flop, that's not that big of a flop.
It's like about what I would have expected it to do.

But like, I think we'll see these movies underperform like
big box office expectations, and then we'll see like surprise hits,
like we'll continue to see things like everything everywhere all
at once that like nobody sees coming and just like
get through by nailing it.

Speaker 2 (49:48):
I think it's also tough because the industry is very
quick to label a movie as either a flop or
a hit, like you know, day one of it being
out sure, and like, I mean, I don't know. It's
like when I was a kid, like Jurassic Park was
in theaters for a year, you know, like like Titanics.
Titanic is one of the most profitable movies of all time.

Its opening weekend was like fine, you know, it did
like what like forty million or whatever it's or fifty million.
It's opening weekend off of a several hundred million dollars project.
I remember people were like, this is kind of a flop, guys.
But then like, but then it's like second weekend it
did like thirty five million. It just kept going up
six million, you know, and then it just got that
going for like twelve weeks or whatever. And I think that, like,

you know, Fall Guys is another movie that I feel
if people immediately able to flop, but then like you
go to any screening week two and screenings were packed
of people that are excited to see it. It's just like,
you know, a little bit of patience would be appreciated.

Speaker 3 (50:40):
Yeah, right, But because they're they're like they're measuring it
up against fucking Marvel movies.

Speaker 1 (50:46):
It's like, well, that's not how these are going to perform, right.

Speaker 2 (50:48):
Yeah, it's not going to do a four hundred million
dollar opening weekend or something like, well you know it should.

Speaker 9 (50:54):
Yeah, it's like that's my ass on the line. Okay, no, no, yeah,
it's it's definitely like difficult. And I think, like to
your point in Joey, like there is such a rush
to immediately be like this is an impact right now,
just over three days, I can tell you this is hit,
this is flop, and yeah it's not.

Speaker 1 (51:13):
It's the worst way to assess a film. But yeah,
I don't know, I don't know if they'll be able
to fully quit the habit of like you know, it's
like the sort of development process. Now it looks like
they're just looking around the couch, like underneath the couch
cushions for stuff that maybe they forgot about they can
make a movie into. They're like, oh, oh, what about
this fucking thing too? I forgot about that.

Speaker 2 (51:34):
Speaking of okay, so if Fury wrote a Furiosa was
a flop, I gotta say the Garfield movie was a hit.
It's made one hundred million dollars box office off a
sixty million dollar budget so far.

Speaker 1 (51:46):
I know it's a hit.

Speaker 3 (51:47):
Well, but people are pulling at a flop. Like the
headline is like, what Garfield and furios A flop at
the box office, and it's.

Speaker 2 (51:55):
It's like, no, the Garfield movie, and the Garfield movie
came out in international territories like two weeks ago. Yeah,
so the just the so, but like it's made one
hundred million dollars of a sixty million dollar budget, and
I get Furiosa a little a little bit because it's
got one hundred and fifty million dollar budget and it
also made like thirty million dollars this weekend or whatever.
So it's like that just has more of the line

to make its money back. Where's the Garfield movie. It's
made forty million in profit or whatever you know already,
like and that's not even counting like promotional tie in.

Speaker 1 (52:23):
Yeah, well, I mean speaking of promo you if you were,
I saw you getting a lot of retweets this weekend
in regards.

Speaker 2 (52:31):
Oh yeah, okay, So Garfield weekend and so this was
this was a big weekend for me. I saw Furiosa,
you know, with my my girlfriend on Friday and Imax,
and then we planned basically all of Saturday and Sunday
to be like Garfield Days. So as you know, any
weekend is for me normally.

Speaker 1 (52:48):

Speaker 2 (52:49):
Yeah, but we basically set aside, yeah, ye're not Monday,
not Monday. So we set aside basically two days to
do all of the Garfield promotional tie in things like
Olive Garden had a deal with got like lasagna sponsored
by the Garfield movie.

Speaker 1 (53:02):
There. How was that We were talking about that, like,
I mean.

Speaker 2 (53:05):
It's Olive Garden. It's always all Garden hits, you know,
especially those all like my girlfriend she commented on like
she'd been this was her first time in an Olive
Garden in like years, and she had a bred stick
and she was like, oh, this is like real good.

Speaker 1 (53:17):
You know, it's the fucking taco bell of Italian food,
of course.

Speaker 2 (53:22):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was great, as like we walked
in the door wearing like very elaborate Garfield shirts, and
the people at the counter immediately like gave us Garfield
Children's menu coloring books, yes, and then and then because
they were just like, oh, you guys should have these.
And then we sat down at our table and our
Garfield coloring books were next to it, next to us
when the waiter walked up and they were like, oh,

do you want us to like wait for your kids
to get here? And you were like, no, we're two adults.
We're shit the fuck up.

Speaker 1 (53:52):
So so our Saturday we ate all guard where do
you think my kids are?

Speaker 3 (53:57):
We two parents are just waiting like yeah, that happened
a lot like separately.

Speaker 2 (54:03):
Yeah right, yeah for sure they didn't go to the
bathroom on their own or whatever. Right, But so like
we ate at this, We ate this this three course
lasagna meal at Olive Garden and then afterwards we were
going to check into Motel six, who has a thing
they're calling the Garfield Suite, which is for there's like
ten locations in America that have one room decked out

in Garfield merchandise that's called the Garfield Suite. It's hard
to book. You have to like call it in in
order to get the room. It's like it's and when
I called in, it was like the most nerve wracking, like, oh,
I got a book, this, I got a book. This.

Speaker 1 (54:35):
Yeah, twelve people like texted to me or whatever.

Speaker 2 (54:38):
So after we had our like oliveguarden meal, we get
to the Motel six by Lax, which is the only
motel in Los Angeles that had the Garfield Suite, wearing
our elaborate Garfield shirts. We're getting ready to check in.
They're like talking about like, oh, you guys must be
really big Garfield fans because we're like wearing our shirts.
You're like garfae. Yeah, they're they're about to check us in.
They like turn around the thing for me to sign,
and they stop and say, wait, we double booked the room.

And we looked to the right and saw somebody like
two cash registers over just covered in Garfield aren tattoos.

Speaker 1 (55:08):
Biz basically.

Speaker 2 (55:14):
Yeah yeah, So it is the odds of like we
they double booked the room, this Garfield Suite, and the
two people the two groups of people who booked the
room showed up at the exact same time to check.

Speaker 1 (55:24):
Yeah, yeah, and it was it was intense.

Speaker 2 (55:25):
It was like people were like like they were like
tears about to be shed, like you know, it was.
It was we were all very passionately but like politely
but very passionately fighting over this room themed after a
nineteen seventies comic book character. Right, and finally, you know, yeah,
for sure, for sure, for sure, so finally yeah. So
the resolution was basically like we kind of realized, okay,

like there's no way that boath all of us are
going to get this room. You know, it's it's it's
just not gonna happen. So instead what we did is
we were like, will you like give us a refund
and just let us take like fun selfies in this room? Right,
So they like they said like oh thank god, yes,
and they brought us into the room and we like
got we took got like five minutes worth of pictures
in the room, and then we left and yeah, it
was just such a wild experience.

Speaker 1 (56:06):
We just filed that bedroom just a good measure.

Speaker 2 (56:10):
Oh yeah, I for sure took a ship in the
Oh no, we tried to be like really cool and
yeah yeah, but like so I posted about this on
Twitter and it like blew up and now it's like
I think, like the thrillest it like interviewed me about
it this morning.

Speaker 1 (56:24):
Was like articles during.

Speaker 2 (56:25):
Write ups, it's like it's uh, like the producer of
the Garfield movie like posted about on an Instagram.

Speaker 1 (56:31):
It's like, dude, hopefully this will lead to something really
dope rather than a Motel six room with it's like
merror orange stuff on the walls, and they're like, no, man,
we want to offer you something even better.

Speaker 2 (56:42):
Yeah, we went to offer you the Heathcliff suite. Yeah,
the dumpster.

Speaker 1 (56:46):
Wait, so was the because because you seated the room
to this other person? Were they grateful? How did that
play out?

Speaker 2 (56:54):
I mean, honestly, so, I would say that this is
a situation of like a bunch of you know, for sure,
grown adults with out children who were all just like okay,
we like understand this sucks, and like you know, and
everybody was very It was like the sort of thing
where it's like nobody nobody wanted to use the I
need to speak to the manager tone.

Speaker 1 (57:12):
Right, But it was more like a ship Are you serious?

Speaker 3 (57:16):

Speaker 2 (57:16):
Yeah, like you like, like I don't know, there's a
glits in the system. Oh and another fun detail is
they were like we could like reschedule. They were first
they were like, we can give you an upgrade on
your Motel six room and we were like no.

Speaker 1 (57:29):
And then the second thing they offered is like very specific. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (57:32):
And the second thing that they offered was like, oh, yeah,
we've so we do have one day in this entire
promotion where the room is still available. You can put
change your to that it's on a Monday. And I
was wearing a T shirt that had fuck Mondays on it,
and I was like, that's even less of an uption.

Speaker 1 (57:48):
Are you fucking serious? Yeah? Yeah, they offered us the
room on a Monday. Uh with me right now?

Speaker 2 (57:54):
And like, and I think my girlfriend, she's very My girlfriend,
who's very kind and very sweet. Her name's Goldie, said
very since cerily to the Motel Sex employee. You don't
understand Garfield hates Mondays as a justified reason for us
to not get the room on a Monday.

Speaker 1 (58:09):
Right, right, rare you know right right? Yeah? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (58:11):
So the resolution is, yeah, so we got We took
a couple of selfies in the room and you know,
kind of and seeded the room, and you know that
the other person, they were very grateful and motes SICS employees.
I think we're just happy to not have like a
fist fight break out over a Garfield room.

Speaker 1 (58:26):
Well that's good that you know you had self Both
parties had self awareness in the in the incident, you
know what I mean.

Speaker 2 (58:31):
Yeah, And like Motel six, we we talked over social
media a little bit and they're gonna send us like
a nice gift basket. So it's like, you know, it's
like there, I feel like we're all trying to like
treat the situation. Okay, you know, yeah, yeah, I was
unexpected thing. I did not expect to maybe get into
a fist fight over a Garfield suite this week.

Speaker 1 (58:49):
Yeah, but you know I will put my money on
you in Goldie though.

Speaker 2 (58:52):
Oh how many second? Yeah you saw how many pull ups?

Speaker 1 (58:55):
Like yeah, man, you'd be like, hold on before you
want to fucking ball your fists up in front of
watch this ship. You do one pull up now, very struggled,
like I'm definitely going like shaking later, Hey, where are
you going? Where are you going?

Speaker 3 (59:08):
Producer Justin Connor was like, is this going to be
like the beginning of Barbarian?

Speaker 1 (59:12):
Like, yeah, like you check in and then the people
show up.

Speaker 2 (59:17):
What if Barbarian was in the I think you should
leave sketch from Garf from the Garfield Sketch for the usually.

Speaker 1 (59:23):
Yeah. Well, holy shit, Joey, I can't believe we got
you on this day.

Speaker 2 (59:29):
Yeah, you got the exclusion. You beat out the thrillist yeast.

Speaker 1 (59:34):
Where can people find you? Follow you, find out more
about your Garfield related adventures. Oh yeah, for sure.

Speaker 2 (59:41):
You can follow me on Twitter and TikTok at Joey
Tainment that you can follow me on Instagram and threads
at Joey Cliff with like five or six eyes. Also,
this is a dorky finger remote.

Speaker 1 (59:50):
I just updated my website for the first time, like
five years.

Speaker 2 (59:54):
It looks anybody anybody who's a writer who's listening right now,
you know, it's like you don't dig your website very often,
but I just updated the last week.

Speaker 1 (01:00:00):
Go to Joey Cliff dot com. You can see cool
pictures of me in funk goofs. That's right. Oh so yeah,
you can.

Speaker 2 (01:00:05):
Check that out and then uh, you know, uh listen
to a watch Gone Native, my Webby awarding digital series
at Ganda Dot A spear Raising dur Season three just
came out on Netflix, and uh, I'm actually a freelance
writer on Pop Patrol and my Pow Patrol episodes I
think come out this week. So if you have kids, yeah,
I'm watch my Paw Patrol episode.

Speaker 1 (01:00:24):
Like k it's just rediscovered Paw Patrol. Like we were.

Speaker 3 (01:00:26):
We have one TV that's not like attached to any
like Apple TV or anything like that, so we just
have whatever's on the DVR and the only thing on
the DVR is NBA Basketball and Paw Patrol because like
it learned that we like Paw Patrol like six years
ago when they were young, and so they started watching
it again and now they're requesting Paw Patrol.

Speaker 1 (01:00:46):
So I'm gonna I'm gonna watch. I'm gonna have a
watch party with my kids. And then you pause it
and they're like daddy knows him until dude, what are
you talking about.

Speaker 2 (01:00:55):
That's the crazy thing about like writing on like shows
like Paw Patrol is like I'll you know, I'll hang
out with my friends who have kids and their kid
will be wearing like a pop patrol backpack, like a
cocoa melon. Suret like you know, a spirit rangers like
you know, like book in their hand or whatever, and
like their parents will be really excitedly.

Speaker 1 (01:01:11):
Just like, oh, this guy writes for all the shows
you love and the kid like that's gibberish words.

Speaker 3 (01:01:16):
Oh yeah, what do you mean he writes for it?
That shit actually happened?

Speaker 1 (01:01:20):

Speaker 2 (01:01:21):
Yeah, yeah, that dog is a real cop.

Speaker 1 (01:01:23):
Yeah yeah. Or it's just like he don't look like
the characters on Paw Patrol. Are you sure he works
on pop? Like I remember having that sort of disconnect
in my mind. I'm like, well, he's not an animated character.

Speaker 2 (01:01:33):
I know this is a visual this is an audio medium,
but in this on the zoom window, I do look
like a dog who's a firefighter. Yes, spent a lot
of money for this.

Speaker 1 (01:01:44):
Look amazing. Is there a work a media that you've
been enjoying?

Speaker 2 (01:01:48):
So just I guess on the theme of Garfield. I've
really been getting into the the Garfield nineteen eighties musical
album Here Comes Garfield.

Speaker 1 (01:01:57):
It's by Lou Rawls, who's.

Speaker 2 (01:01:58):
This amazing singer and I just did a yea, yeah,
he did a Garfield album, and it's it's honestly, it's
a musical. It tells like a complete story. It's the
soundtrack to like a TV special that came out in
like nineteen eighty one or whatever. And it's just a
good album. It's a Yeah, Here Comes Garfield. Check it
out on Spotify. Uh, you know, just indulge, treat yourself. Yeah,

my girlfriend and I had a deal where I could
listen to the title track Here Comes Garfield as many
times as I wanted last weekend until we saw the movie,
and then I could never listen to it again.

Speaker 1 (01:02:28):
So I was really getting my fix. Amazing. Miles, Where
can people find you? Is their work? Maybe you've been
enjoying Oh man, let's see. You can find me on
Twitter and Instagram at Miles of Gray. You can find
Jack and I on the basketball podcast Miles and jacko
mad Leases. You can find me talking ninety day Fiance
on four to twenty Day Fiance. Hey, and if you
like conspiracy theories, you can catch me on My Mama

Told Me, which is Linkston Kerman and David Boris a
conspiracy theory podcast, or I'm a guest this last episode
talking about bow parties. And really into the bottom of
where did it come from? Where are we headed? As
a side man, I went to so many of those
when I, oh, yeah, did you totally do? Yeah? Where
whose house? It was? Like John Johnny, Johnny Smith, Johnny

Johnny threw the best rainbow. But your name is John,
isn't it legally? Okay? So it is your house? It
was actually, yeah, it's my house. And what happened? Oh man,
it was just like me, you're Tip, Yeah, very literally yeah,

and then Tip with my first water color set. Anyway,
tweet I like another Ellie Cream and doll banger at
Ellie creaman doll to tweet it. Who you are when
the airline loses your luggage is your true self? Oh
my god? And I think, yeah, I hope that's not true.

Speaker 2 (01:03:52):
That's why I only bring a carry on. I do
not check bags.

Speaker 1 (01:03:56):
Yeah, I'm kind of dead inside in a weird way
where if it happened. I try to like accept the
reality of the situation I'm in, because as doing a
lot of self work, you'd either accept or resist. Not
to say like that, like I'm fine with it. Keep
abusing me. But if I can't do anything about it,
I'll be like, fuck, all right, just give me a voucher.

I guess to say, valuum. Yeah, I can just fine,
give me some Valu. Fine, I guess tase me because
I'm screaming at the ticket counter.

Speaker 3 (01:04:31):
Tweet I've been enjoying. Katie at Katie Feedy tweeted entitled
millennials are quote quiet nourishing, taking twenty even thirty minutes
out of the middle of the workday to eat food.
We interviewed eighty seven corporate bosses who hate it. That's
just a real trend, guys that I think we all
need to look out for. And then John Drake tweeted,

I'm being hunted for sport, but I can't stop eating pistachios.
So I'm very easy to track. And when I get
going on some pistachios, I really can't stop. Pistasio is
a good Yeah, there's something about the combination of the
actual content and then the peeling that I.

Speaker 1 (01:05:11):
Just Yeah, any food, foods that involve your hands, they
they're just become beloved, you know what I mean? Mm hmm,
all right. Uh.

Speaker 3 (01:05:20):
You can find me on Twitter at Jack Underscore O Brian.
You can find us on Twitter at Daily Zeitgeist right
the Daily Zeitgeist on Instagram. We have a Facebook fan
page and a website, Daily zeitguys dot com, where we
post our episodes in our footnote where we link off
to the information we talked about in today's episode, as
well as the song that we think you might enjoy. Miles,
what song do you think people might enjoy?

Speaker 1 (01:05:41):
We are gonna go off this artist McGee mk dot
g e E who's like, I think from Jersey, but
then there's also like making music in la He's like
a producer. We've done other tracks in the past. His
like style is really versatile, and he just put out
an album that has like this really cool like I

don't know, like old di y like eighties folk rock.
I don't know how to describe it. There's like a
little bit of guitar electrical piano, but it's recording in
a way that's like very not distorted, but it almost
sounds like they're like recording like like as if you're
singing to a guitar. Am kind of sound to it.
And it's called are You Looking Up? And it's just
kind of got a really catchy chorus and little guitar

lick in it. So this is are you looking up
by McKee or mick g however you pronounce it mick G.
Well it's mk dot g E and they always on
their things's pronounced mick and then hyphen gee, so then
I'm like McKee mcke anyways, name is Michael Gordon. There
you go, Okay, Michael all right, Michael.

Speaker 3 (01:06:43):
Daily zaike as a production by Heart Radio for more podcast.
My heart Radio is the heart radio app Apple podcast
wherever you listen.

Speaker 1 (01:06:49):
To your favorite shows.

Speaker 3 (01:06:50):
That's going to do it for us this morning, back
this afternoon to tell you what's trending and we will
talk to you all then yep, bye bye bye, Thank you.

Speaker 6 (01:06:57):

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