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May 8, 2024 37 mins

Miles and Jack were joined by Producer Jabari for this week’s fun episode about the continued rise of Anthony Edwards, whether the defending champion Denver Nuggets can turn things around on the road and plenty more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Well, well, well, the nil suddenly look mortal and Anthony
Edwards appears to be immortal, and we've got a ton
of great playoff basketball to discuss with our very own
super producer podcaster Churtless Jerry Davis.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
On today's episode, I'm Miles Gray and I'm Jack O'Brien
and this is magic three.

Speaker 1 (00:30):
Got it that?

Speaker 3 (00:31):
Luka doncic it's ten o k. There you go be
driving spinning.

Speaker 4 (00:40):
The block's got it with five?

Speaker 3 (00:41):
Who's gonna try another three? Mister? Look on James to
be honest, what the tas? Look out little shirt time?
What you got?

Speaker 2 (00:50):

Speaker 3 (00:51):
First episode? Free? Yeah I am free Mile.

Speaker 1 (00:57):
Oh yeah, I was gonna say, yeah, freedom for you,
Yes you are, Yes, And welcome Tobari, Welcome to the
couchment this week.

Speaker 3 (01:08):
Yeah, hey, what do you want to watch today?

Speaker 4 (01:10):
Should we?

Speaker 1 (01:11):
Let's let's turn on the I guess well, as we
record this, Oklahoma City and the MAVs are having their
first game series. I mean, yeah, they were two and
two against each other during the regular season and split
games on each court, so, you know, seemingly very even.
But I'm wondering. I know we were talking a little
bit before what we think of this matchup. Jack, You're

definitely incentivized.

Speaker 3 (01:33):
To I'm incentivized for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Yes, he's incentivized.
That's all you need, folks.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
And you know, I'm just as Just watching the MAVs
close out their series of the Clippers, I was.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
Like, yeah, they might they might have something there too.
The MAVs are the hot pick, They're the sexy pick
among pickers. They are they the favorite? They're not the favorite,
I don't think, but I think it's very close.

Speaker 1 (02:00):
Yeah, that's what it feels like. Jabari, how are you
looking at the series? You are you leaning one way?
I mean I think earlier I was saying, I I
think I like the Mavericks.

Speaker 3 (02:09):
But let me tell you why.

Speaker 1 (02:10):
First, I believe that because of what is happening in
hip hop, Canadian players are wobbling right now.

Speaker 3 (02:17):
So Lou Dort, I mean, yeah.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
That matchup with Luca could look cool, But I believe
you're born in Montreal. Shake Gills is Alexander, I believe
you're also Canadian.

Speaker 2 (02:28):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
I don't like their spirit. I mean, look what happened
to Jamal. You know Jamal Murray has also we'll get
to that series in a second. But that is my
hair brained theory that has no science behind it. It's
pure conjecture and it's responsible.

Speaker 3 (02:43):
It just feels so scientific.

Speaker 1 (02:47):
Science's advanced science. It's called West Coast science, you know
what I mean. This is where where aggrieved West Coasters
can find someone to take out their collective frustration on.

Speaker 3 (02:57):
But yeah, I don't know. I mean I think I
think it could be really close. I just personally my
my fa the Mavericks because of the second Like, I'm
just glad that the Nuggets Wolves series didn't like start
the day that we were about to record something, so
I wasn't like on there, you know, making any predictions

because like that, I think we're learning it's so matchup based, right,
like what happens, And I mean, I just the thing
I'm saying about the Nuggets and Wolves is obviously I
would have picked that the Wolves would win the first
two the second game by twenty to thirty points on
the road, because I just wouldn't want people It just

sounds like a lot of pressure because then everybody would
assume that like I'm the Nostradamis of the.

Speaker 1 (03:44):
NBA exactly, And after the shellacking the Lakers got, I
would have projected that Jamal Murray would be a minus
thirty eight in the series.

Speaker 3 (03:52):
Yeah, I would have predicted that.

Speaker 4 (03:54):
I would have because but to Jack's point, you're one
hundred percent right.

Speaker 5 (03:57):
It's all matchup based, like we can look at, we
can look get and and truthfully, we can pretty much
throw out what took place in a regular season because
you're not catching teams on the you know, back end
of a you know, three games out of four days
and things of that nature.

Speaker 4 (04:10):
You know, everybody's going to be ready.

Speaker 5 (04:12):
When I look at the Mavericks and okay, see my heart,
uh you know, actually I'll start with my head. My
head tells me the Mavericks is going to take this
because I you know, like when I think of two
teams are somewhat evenly matched, I look for who's the
best player in the series, and I've got that as
and I've got that as Luca. No disrespect to Shay,
you know, he had an MVP type you know season
this year, but I would still give that advantage to Luca.

Speaker 4 (04:35):
So really what it boils down to is, you know,
who are the other guys that.

Speaker 5 (04:38):
Are going to make the difference. I mean, you pretty
much know you expect, you know what to expect out
of Kyrie and Shaye. But I'm looking at guys like
Jalen Williams and PJ. Washington as X factors in this matchup,
like truly, and I know that's not you know, groundbreaking analysis,
but you know, this feels like the matchup that someone
like that is going to swing it.

Speaker 3 (04:55):
I like Jalen Williams in that matchup between those two.
I don't know, man, Loud Lou dort Lou, don't I
like him. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling good about the Okay. See,
I think you know, I think it's I don't think
it's very clear.

Speaker 1 (05:10):
I think at this point, I'm just gonna rely on
my West Coast biases to take me away to a
place called uh inaccuracy and pure emotion.

Speaker 3 (05:19):
We'll see, we'll see how its. So you're riding with
Mavericks over okay. See because of the Kendrick Drake beef. Yes, yes, oh,
purely be purely based off of that.

Speaker 1 (05:29):
I'm taking energy from a completely unrelated industry and field
and transposing it onto the NBA and saying this is
what the universe.

Speaker 3 (05:38):
This is how the universe is bending currently. It feels
like these are both two teams that their main their
achilles heel is they don't have enough size, but the
fact that they're going against each other gives them one
more round where they can, you know, look like normal
NBA teams. And then who knows, but the Wolves and
the Nuggets are seen. Those guys. Those guys are big big,

Those guys big, real big. Yeah. Oh well, so growing
big up there in Minnesota. Oh yeah, they do, they do.
Do they even have one player that's a local? I'm
not even sure. Oh yeah, definitely every NBA team. I
assume all their players are local.

Speaker 1 (06:22):
Yeah yeah, Oh, I mean that people always do lists
like that, were like who wins team l A, team
like Bay Area.

Speaker 3 (06:31):
L A would dominate. I mean, it's crazy. We were
just looking because I was trying to, you know, in
preparation for the eulogy for my sexers. I was looking
at Melton and I was like, oh, he also from
l A, from the great Los Angeles. Shut up. This
series could go any direction. I'm totally not I don't

feel confident in any of my picks other than that
it would be cool if ok see one.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
Okay, so then you're saying and so moving on because
I think whoever goes on to face the winner of
this next series, it's going to be very difficult.

Speaker 3 (07:04):
Yeah, but he seems feel like beyond the Celtics, they
would be the favorite to win the title. Whoever wins
this next series. NuGet Timberwolves, Timberwolves. Yeah. So game one
and man, it was like, wow, this is going to
be a war.

Speaker 4 (07:25):

Speaker 1 (07:26):
Yeah, complete total dominant. What do you put it, like
forty three points? Yeah, it was obscene. It was obscene
to watch. And you know, Jabari we were talking a
little bit before. I was like, I'm not that it's
any kind of flash in the pan moment. I'm like,
is he just on a hot streak or is this
Anthony Edwards proclaiming to the world that he is in
fact here and he is ready to just be that

guy again.

Speaker 4 (07:51):
You're right, we were talking about it. I think he's
absolutely here. You know. Now he'll go out in game
three and of course have a you.

Speaker 5 (07:57):
Know, have a bad game, and people will listen and
say like, oh, well, those guys on mad Lucius didn't
know what the hell they were talking about.

Speaker 3 (08:01):
But they don't. Nobody cares. Nobody cares about the show.
We're pretty clear about the fact that we're he did,
so you don't have to worry. You're you're in with
the dumb dumbs Jabbari. Nobody don't bet your money on
our picks except for check except for yeah, except for
my off season picks based on seeing a single highlight

of chet. Yeah, I don't want to play money.

Speaker 4 (08:26):
I do think that Minnesota has figured out this. You
know this mix. I mean even in Game two they
didn't even have go Beer in the mix.

Speaker 1 (08:32):
You know.

Speaker 5 (08:33):
I know that he was criticized for missing a game again,
people will say whatever, but you know what, family first,
and I get it. Plus, hey, look their defense got
even better without them.

Speaker 3 (08:43):
So yeah, yeah, Gilbert is like that kid's going to
be there when you get done. Hey, look, I've had
two children being there for the childbirth is over ray.
Hey man, I think that's cool that he was able

to do that.

Speaker 1 (09:04):
I missed the birth of my son to go get
a basketball autocraft by skip skip to Malu at foot
Action UH in downtown LA.

Speaker 3 (09:12):
And it was it was worth it. Yeah, it was
worth it. It was a headache. Was there too.

Speaker 1 (09:16):
AO all the A one people, I was like, I
told I told my partner, I was like, I gotta
get down there.

Speaker 3 (09:20):
But one was like, a wow, the Wolves are here.
They're like serious, They're going to be able to make
this a series with a team that I think a
lot of people were probably expecting. Not me, obviously, I
knew that they were gonna win both the first two games,
but a lot of people were expecting Nuggets five, like
five games. Nuggets in five, maybe Nuggets in six would

have been generous. Game one were like, wow, ant is here.
The Wolves are serious. After that game, I don't know
anybody who was prepared for Game two, just being pure Dominash. Yeah,
and they're just absolutely I don't know. I did not,

And you could tell that the Nuggets felt it early on,
like they just looked dejected. Coach Malone was on his mind. Yeah,
he lost himself in the moment the music. Yeah, you know,
we were saying his on off numbers weren't great. Well,
you have to keep in mind, when he's off, he's

still contributing by throwing heatpacks onto the court. So that's wild.

Speaker 1 (10:29):
What kind of what kind of reverberations do you think
that's going to have, Like what's the worst sort of penalty.

Speaker 3 (10:36):
That he could face? I think a suspension? How many?
Probably one? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (10:45):
Yeah, because he threw a talel and a heat pack.
It's like the talent didn't reach its intended destination and
the heat pack didn't either. But that does not seem
like that ends well considering that the league is looking
into that.

Speaker 3 (10:57):
It did make me, uh kind of realized that if
I was an NBA player, I would be doing stuff
like that all the time. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah of
the thing where he's filled the drink to like stop, yeah,
and like it. When that happened, I also was like, man,
how do they not do this every time? Like because

I'm such a like you know, I scream things like
when I'm in my home, Like when when that shot
went up from heart to like beat the sixth way,
it was tie game. Heart gets an open look. He's
been killing us all series. We had like friends staying
with us. They're in the kitchen. I'm in the other

room and I'm just like no, no, no, no, Like
they like came in to check on me. Yeah, they
thought you were like you caught fire or something. My
kids are coming in being like, what is wrong is Max? No, No,
we're fine. It's fine. It's we're fine. We're fine. It's

it's it is what it was. But yeah, I mean
again like Cat nas Reid, My goodness. Look, Kat is
playing much better than I ever thought. Like Game one
he was really strong like that, you know, there's the
cat things that where he has like lapses here and there,

but just much better offensively than I thought I would
see in a playoff series. And then Game two he
is even better.

Speaker 5 (12:29):
Yeah, you know what this running from Cat reminds me
of honestly, twenty twenty Anthony Davis win Final. He was
no longer on his own team, no longer having to
carry the load, no longer having to be the guy
in every way, and you just focus on playing basketball
and suddenly he, you know, you be, put up his
statistical best, best year of his career. I'm not necessarily

saying the Cat's going to do that, but to you know,
to your point, he looks like he's at peace. He
looks like he's just playing at ease. And that's a
dangerous that's a scary thing if you're if you're facing
these Simberwolves.

Speaker 3 (13:00):
Former UK Wildcats with a prominent eyebrow, you know, like exactly,
it's all there, It's all there. I would say, I
would say that this is more out of the blue.
Anthony Davis was always thought to be, like have the
potential to be one of the better players in the league,
like prior prior to that run. Sure, maybe maybe I've
just been an underestimating cat, but uh yeah, this has

been fun and it really does seem to come back
to Anthony Edwards. Uh just nobody saw this coming for him,
this long after e R's run ended. I'm gonna doctor
joke for as long as he is in the NBA.

Speaker 6 (13:42):
For our younger listeners, they're like, what are they Okay,
he's got like Michael Jordan in two years and I'm
still gonna be making Anthony Edwards from E R T
from R. They Yeah, it's a I'm he's like he's
doing he's doing the MJS shrug, he's flexing on the crowd.

Speaker 1 (14:02):
He's just got, he's got. I'm absolutely uh invested in
in him right now. Like I just and by that
as a Laker fan, I mean like, come home, Anthony,
come home.

Speaker 3 (14:14):
He's not He's not from LA right you just mean
come home in terms of every great player. And the
best thing I saw about him was somebody who went
to high school with him was like, you never saw
him walking through the hallway without a different beautiful woman
under each arm or I guess girls once its high school.
But yeah, yeah, that's Christmas. He's got he's got the

riz as we don't really as we say as old
people who try to sound like young people, say this.

Speaker 5 (14:46):
Somewhat to that point, I feel like we spent the
year asking, you know, openly, like, okay, we got to
kind of having a change in of the guard. Who's
going to be the face of the league. We you know,
we threw a bunch of names out there, and Anthony
Edwards just told you all.

Speaker 4 (14:58):
No, it's me.

Speaker 3 (14:59):
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

Speaker 1 (15:03):
Just also that the defense and gin I just as
someone who watched that Lakers series, I'm like, wow, So
that's what it looks like when players buy into what
the coach is saying, yeah and like really executing to
the letter of the law. That then I'm like, okay,
so I'm taking notes. Uh, they have a coach that
is yeah they are Yeah, And again, like to your
point about the twenty twenty Lakers. They're defending Jokic like

the twenty twenty Lakers too, which somehow the Lakers of
now couldn't remember that. That's well, I mean, I guess
Darbnham couldn't remember. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 3 (15:36):
Yeah. We just we're lacking. We're lacking the depth, we're
lacking the size. It's all the scheme is. With the Lakers,
it was Dwight javail on Jokic with a d helping,
And with the Wolves it's Cat and nas on ball
with Golbert helping.

Speaker 1 (15:53):
Yeah, and even when even when Gobert was out, it's
like they still this is my thing, do you I
part of me to just center the Lakers again asparta.

Speaker 3 (16:02):
Yeah, was like how do we make this about the Lakers?

Speaker 4 (16:05):

Speaker 3 (16:05):
Absolutely, yeah, And I will tell you why.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
I believe that they had to, Like by beating the Lakers,
it psychologically set them up to say, because we were
the last stop for them to go to the finals
last year, and I think they were like, we've overcome
this team, and I we're probably in a good place.
I don't because some people are like, oh, they're just washed.
It's like the NFL or you know, you like the
one team next one years. You doesn't have it together

the next season.

Speaker 3 (16:28):
But I don't know.

Speaker 1 (16:29):
It just seems there's like a level of frustration that
you're seeing from the Nuggets that feels.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
Like a bit I don't know, like they were really
expecting things. You're expecting it to go the other way.
It also just seems like Murray is a step slow.
He's very frustrated, and we really see a massive difference
in this team, like anding Yokichen and everything when he's

not like it. Just that is the thing that unlocked everything,
which I guess we knew that about the NBA, Like
having somebody who is a knockdown shooter who can get
his own shot and knockdown ridiculous shots is a shot
making is the name of the game? Is the thing
that I say, because I'm really smart, I disagree.

Speaker 1 (17:20):
I think it all boils down to how many Canadians
you have on your team. That's right, and that's my
own analysis, and that's called West West.

Speaker 3 (17:27):
Y'all all right, should we go to a break and
come back with the new the hottest segment in basketball
podcasting in Memoriam Dearly.

Speaker 1 (17:46):
And we're back, and it's time to send a few
more teams to the big court in the sky.

Speaker 3 (17:54):
Yeah, made Park.

Speaker 1 (17:59):
I think now, although each team fought valiantly, we're going
to need the Clippers to step right up first the
low Clipper Nation. So I mean it feels like the
Clippers remain on an endless time loop that consists of
off season positivity, optimism, media and fans alike a great

run in December or January, only to wind.

Speaker 3 (18:22):
Up in the same position each postseason.

Speaker 1 (18:25):
Put Simply building around several players that have routinely been
injured at the end of the year might not be
the best of options.

Speaker 3 (18:34):
Any notes on that eulogy, get that? Yeah, I mean
I wouldn't know anything about building a team around several
players that have routinely been injured at the end of
the year. So yeah, I just I can't do anything
but sit here and feel sorry for Clippers fans. Yeah
that must stink. Yeah. No, I did not appreciate the

way Kawhi just decided to spite me and not play
well in the playoffs. After I you heard what you said,
you heard My big pre playoffs note was watch out
for the Kauhi guy. Yeah, last year, you know he
was a little bit hurt. He's best player in the
league for two games. It's uh, I don't know. I
wanted to see them do well. I was pulling for

the Clippers and they once again, you know, it's just
a it's not they didn't match up well. But uh,
I don't I don't think they were beating many people.
They It seems like not a hopeful situation for this too,
thought Jack.

Speaker 5 (19:34):
I think what you're the words you're looking for is clips,
going clip and see you guys next year for the
same exact thing.

Speaker 4 (19:40):

Speaker 3 (19:42):
Yeah, those weren't what I was trying to say, but
go ahead, Well it felt like it. It felt like
that's where I was going.

Speaker 1 (19:50):
Lakers fans, That's what That was a lot.

Speaker 3 (19:54):
That was a lot, uh Jack? Would you like to
step up to the lectern? Not really, but okay. The
Philadelphia seventy six ers, speaking of teams built around players
who are routinely injured, at the end of the year,
we have reached the time of the year where I

can officially take a deep breath and contemplate whether I
want to take this ride ever again with these Sixers.

Speaker 1 (20:27):
You do.

Speaker 3 (20:27):
We found we found our other star in Tyrese Maxey.
But maybe it's time to tear it all down around
MBT M Maxi and rework the supporting cast yet again,
I've seen the list of people who are going to
be available. I don't know if that makes sense. Maybe
it's time to tear it all down around Maxi only

oh oh, send the big fella wherever he'd like to go.
So it's I wish I could say it was a
fun ride, but yeah, it was more of the same
and a little bit good pointing.

Speaker 1 (21:01):
Yeah, rest peach Jabari any other comments for these Philadelphians.

Speaker 5 (21:07):
I can't, I can't like pour this on no man,
I feels mans I do not even just yet.

Speaker 4 (21:14):
I got Buddy on I got Buddy on Twitter. It's
saying the same thing.

Speaker 5 (21:17):
He every year tells me this is their year, and
every year I have to tell them it's not going
to be.

Speaker 4 (21:22):
But I'll see you at the end.

Speaker 3 (21:23):
Yeah no, but see this time Embiid was hurt. If
he was not hurt this time, then we would have
been we would have won the championship exactly. Mm hmm.

Speaker 4 (21:33):

Speaker 3 (21:34):
Yeah, I don't know, Like I think it might be
time to experiment with radical things like maybe he doesn't
play for the first half of the season or the
first half of games. I don't know. This schedule does
not work, it turns out. But he's he's great. I
appreciate the opportunity to get to root for him. It's

just the playoff frustration feels like it's not going any
anywhere for a while.

Speaker 1 (22:05):
Absolutely well. That brings us to the Orlando Magic. And
we wanted to give Orlando's offense the benefit of the
doubt after their shooters caught fire following Game two. But
just when they needed to seal the deal, their trio
of Paolo France and Suggs combined to go just thirteen
of sixty four in an elimination game in which they

had an eighteen point lead at one point.

Speaker 3 (22:29):
Tragic stuff.

Speaker 1 (22:30):
And now come to Klay Thompson or Bradley Beal, rumors
that are likely to be a large part of this
summer's discussion.

Speaker 3 (22:38):
And I may already be exhausted by them. But thank you,
or you gave us something, You gave us something that
was It was a good It was a good run.

Speaker 4 (22:47):
It was a good run.

Speaker 3 (22:47):
I gotta say. By the way he mentions like Paolo
Franz Suggs combination is like like ninety percent of those
makes were Paolo, Like the front Suggs combination was yeah, yeah,
well that was really dire when you get down to
that met I enjoyed watching the magic. They are like

a you know, they're just a very unique team. It
was almost like watching a different sport when they're out there,
because their offense is yeah, their offenses as we've described,
their defense is a weapon, like their defense is their offense.
There they get turnovers in ways that I've not seen

NBA teams get turnovers, just like ripping you right when
you come across the court. Apparently Sugs is even better
than this usually and was like a little bit hampered
by injuries. They were fun. It was like I love
having a team that has a super specific identity in
the playoffs like along the Way. And I actually would

have liked to see them go against the Celtics because
I think they would have made the Celtics somewhat uncomfortable
and made it at least, like, I don't know, painful
for the Celtics to roll on for the Eastern Conference.

Speaker 5 (24:03):
I don't want this to sound disrespectful, you know, because
I'm not in any way saying they're like a high
school level team. But to you know, to the point
you just made about their defense, it seems as though,
you know, you remember, like a great high school defense,
how we can impact the game.

Speaker 4 (24:15):
It felt more like that. Yeah, honestly, if you give
them just a couple.

Speaker 5 (24:19):
More competent offensive players, I think the match are going
to be right in the mix next year. Maybe not
you know, title contenders, but you know, still be top
of the Eastern Conference and pushing teams.

Speaker 3 (24:29):
But Clay and Bradley Beal are not it. I don't know.
I don't know who we're looking at here. That's the
I gotta I gotta take another look at these free
agents and off season tradeables and you know, signables, because
that wouldn't do it, I don't think, and.

Speaker 1 (24:44):
I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I have to go,
and I hate to do that in the most professional
way in the middle of the podcast recording, but thank you,
this is not a bit I do have to run
because I have a family gathering that I got to
get to. But I will be back next to and
I you're you're in good hands with Jack and Jabbari.

Speaker 3 (25:04):
The stuff we're gonna say about you after you're gone.
Believe stuff? Is he for real? His camera is still on.
He's just back there, Taco Bell. He's trying to do that.
Baby is going to be there tomorrow. Miles family.

Speaker 1 (25:24):
I turned out, I go, but my camera's on. I'm
just rehearsing a TikTok dance. I'm trying to get down
really good.

Speaker 3 (25:31):
All right, y'all, let's see, all right, my Miles Jabari.
Time has come to talk about the Bucks. Milwaukee a
technical hometown.

Speaker 4 (25:41):
Even though I grew up in Los Angeles, I was
born in Milwaukee.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
There you go. So do you want to take this one?

Speaker 4 (25:46):
Sure? The Bucks?

Speaker 5 (25:48):
What more can I say? Wouldn't wish the job on anybody?
I mean except Doc Rivers.

Speaker 4 (25:53):
He's the one guy would wish his job on.

Speaker 3 (25:56):
Well, he's a hero, he is. I mean, it was brave.
It was brave when he came through and took that
job over.

Speaker 4 (26:04):
Are they still giving out like purple? No?

Speaker 3 (26:06):
No, I don't think the military can technically give it
to him, but it's definitely I'm just gonna say it
was under discussion in the Pentagon.

Speaker 4 (26:15):
I can see why. I mean, you know, Milwaukee they
still have.

Speaker 5 (26:18):
They still got Yannis and Dame under contract, But no
word on the whether the travel party or the team
managers or any of the you know, just just driver, yeah,
bus driver, anybody else, anyone can get it. When it
comes to Doc Rivers, no word on whether they're you know,
what their future holds. And you know, it's interesting because
you know, before the show you talked about you asked
whether Doc was coming back, And the more I think

about it, it's like, well, what the hell else is
he gonna do?

Speaker 4 (26:43):
Yeah, he'll be back and we'll be right here again
next year, and.

Speaker 3 (26:46):
We'll be right here feeling sorry for him again. I mean,
having to coach yannas Jannis, like it's not even how
you pronounced g yeah, yeah, yeah, what. Yeah, It'll be
interesting to see what happens to them, Johanna's Dame, and
then who knows after that. But yeah, I mean, Darryl

Morey was like, it's going to be a teardown around
MBT M MAXI basically at his postseason press conference, and
Doc has said the same thing about the support staff
and the bus drivers and everything else.

Speaker 5 (27:21):
And that's why I'm going to buy yourself more time. Yeah,
walk and tear it down. You're automatically given another year
or two.

Speaker 3 (27:29):
Yeah, all right, Eastern Conference Celtics, Calves. I don't have
a ton of hope that this one's going to be
super competitive. Any glimmers of hope here.

Speaker 5 (27:38):
Jabari, Honestly no, like I would like to lie to
you and say that, yeah, I could see the Calves,
you know, pulling this off. And while I'm not going
to say they're going to get swept or anything like that,
because you know they they are. You know, when they
get it going, they can be effective. I just can't
see them winning, you know, four out of seven against
his team, not you know, high level analysis.

Speaker 4 (27:57):
One team's just better than the other.

Speaker 5 (27:59):
And even with porzingis probably or likely out for this round,
I still.

Speaker 4 (28:04):
Look at what Boston has and I just don't see
you away from Yeah.

Speaker 3 (28:07):
Yeah, So I think everybody's kind of counting the Celtics,
like just putting the Celtics in the finals, and the
other series Knicks Pacers, I don't know, Like again, I
don't foresee either of these teams able to defeat the Celtics.
The Knicks are tough, at least of the remaining teams

in the Eastern Conference. I feel like the Knicks probably
have the best chance.

Speaker 5 (28:31):
What do you think, I think that's gonna be the
best series, like of the Eastern Conference as Celtics and Knicks.

Speaker 3 (28:36):
Yeah, so we will eagerly await that, assuming that the
Knicks are able to win three more. They did win
Game one. Jalen Brunson fourth straight forty point performance by
a six foot guard Ishah yeah, six foot ish guard
is unbelievable. Like his ability to the ball in is

truly I mean he's the man and then yeah, the
villanova like Josh Hart Evencenzo thing. It's really wild because
like I remember watching them in school and being like, man,
these guys are good. Like I feel like Brunson was
one of those. I remember having this with Embiid two
where like Brunson looked awesome in college, but like he
didn't necessarily look like a pro, you know, because he's

a little bit smaller and it's not like blinding speed
or anything like that. And I remember having that with
embiid where like watching the Wigans game where it was
like Wiggans versus Jabbari, like that that game is like
these are the guys who are gonna be the best
and like watching him being like embiid is gonna be incredible, right,
and everyone's like yeah, I mean maybe, but yeah, I

don't know it. It's like the thing that you always imagine,
like a good college team. It's like all these guys
are gonna stay together in the pros. They're gonna be
best friend. But it's like somehow working for them. It's
a fun story.

Speaker 5 (30:00):
Team chemistry is a real thing, and when you have
effective guys that are you know, also friends, yeah we are.

Speaker 3 (30:07):
Yeah, it was never going to work out for me
and my buddies, but we thought it would. All right,
should we go to one more break and then come
back and do the rapid fire. There's one question on here.
I really like, all right, we'll be right back, and

we're back, and oh, super producer Jabbari, you have entered
the rapid fire round of questioning and we're just gonna
do one question because we we've answered all these other questions.
We had a guest bail last second, so just a
little peak behind the curtain. So that's what's what's going

on here. We're not going to say names, but we
are going to do a single rapid fire round of
questioning question that I liked so much. It comes from
our discord from Charlie Xavier on the discord or Charlie Javieer,
depending on how accurately you want me to pronounce it.
But the question is, so, the Tom Brady roast just

happened as we're recording. This a big success for a
lot of people, and Charlie's wondering Lebron is the obvious choice.
Shack is a roast regular, but with the release of
the Tom Brady Roast, I'm wondering if we're going to
see more live athlete roasts on Netflix and what NBA
stars they would want to target. Just tossing this out
because it might make a good lightening round question someday.

What player would you want to see a roast of?
Charlie today? Is that day? It's a good lightning round
question right now, Well done, very good question. So Lebron
is the obvious choice and feels like the one that
we would be most likely to get. Lebron or staph Yes,

and those would both be bad.

Speaker 4 (32:00):
Yeah, because you know nobody wants to say anything about
like an old timer.

Speaker 3 (32:04):
You know you're roasting a brand.

Speaker 5 (32:06):
Yeah, unless it's Shack, because folks for whatever, well for
a lot of different reasons, feel like, yeah, I can
give him the business. Yeah, but you know, all a
guy like that, it's like, yeah, what are you gonna say? Hey,
family guy? Hey, you know you look like you have
a healthy family.

Speaker 4 (32:21):
Cool. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (32:21):
Yeah, it just feels like it wouldn't be that fun.
But then again, Tom Brady didn't seem like it would
have been that fun, and they just I think they
like gave three subjects that were off limits and then
just went to town just body shots on everything else.
So maybe it would be fun no matter who we pick.

Charles Barkley, I feel like, would also be sort of
an obvious pick in the same vein as Shack, being
kind of a roast regular. Who are you thinking I'm.

Speaker 5 (32:51):
Gonna steal Miles's answer? And you know what, since he's
not here, that's what you get, Miles.

Speaker 3 (32:55):
Yeah, that's what you get. Miles. Nice. Try should have
stuck around.

Speaker 5 (32:58):
I want give me Draymond and you know what, I'm
gonna be careful here. But for one, I think he
would be a good sport about it and.

Speaker 4 (33:06):
Really get into it. But then there's also the flip side.
What if he's not. They give me that too. Yeah,
we've seen what he can do. It's gonna be entertaining,
you know either way.

Speaker 3 (33:15):
Yeah, I think I would enjoy that. I think, I mean,
if you could get Jordan, which you can't, but that
would be interesting. We know, we saw the last Dance.
We know that he takes things personally that are not
remotely insulting to anyone besides him, So it would be

I feel like we would watch a man walk out
of a room with like a list of thirty lives
to ruin. But I don't know. I think that would
be a lot of fun personally.

Speaker 5 (33:47):
Mike would take his boot cuts off to expose some
fresh sports yeah, and say, everybody line up, let's go.

Speaker 3 (33:55):
I would just want to see them roast his wardrobe
like that would be just fun enough on its tone.
All right, Jabari, we did it. We we rapid fired
one question. We're at the end of the show. We
are ready, So I guess we didn't do picks on
the on the series. But who do you like? MAVs? Okay, See,

like I.

Speaker 5 (34:17):
Said, my heart, shoot, my head is telling me the MAVs.
But I'm gonna go with my heart here and you
want to know why I am a shameless corporate shill. Yeah,
and it benefits this show if OKAC continues to be successful.

Speaker 4 (34:30):
Yeah that's right, let me get okay, see in that series.

Speaker 3 (34:33):
Yeah, so it's pretty pretty straightforward. Do you like the Wolves?
Do you think the Wolves are gonna do it?

Speaker 4 (34:38):
And I will admit I did not have them before
the series.

Speaker 5 (34:40):
Now that we've seen two games, yes, you know, I've
seen what they did on the road in those two games,
really setting the tone.

Speaker 4 (34:46):
I believe the Wolves are gonna take that.

Speaker 3 (34:48):
Yeah, okay, we're both aligned there, Nicks over Pacers.

Speaker 5 (34:54):
Nick's over Pacers. I hope it's a good series. I
hope it's a better series, and I'm anticipating this for
some reason. This just feel this feels like one of
those four to one, maybe four two, you know, Nick series.
But I would definitely take you know, a seven gamer
that would be fantastic.

Speaker 4 (35:07):
Still got the Knicks.

Speaker 3 (35:08):
Yeah, I think this is one where I might have
picked the Pacers before game one, and I might still.
I'm gonna pick the Pacers just to go wild, even
though they're down one to oh at the stage. I
just I think they have a lot of offensive firepower. Unfortunately,
I think they're gonna be an easier team for the
Celtics to play, but I do think that they have

a pretty good shot in that series. And then I'm
going Calves over Celton now Celtics.

Speaker 5 (35:38):
I was like, well that that is definitely one and
you know what, all of you know what? We do
have someone else and shout out to this guy forgot
his name off Ham, but he's in our discord.

Speaker 4 (35:47):
He picked Calves in.

Speaker 3 (35:49):
Five calves and five calves and five why.

Speaker 4 (35:55):
You know, not at that level with him, but I
appreciate his confident.

Speaker 3 (36:00):
I mean, a man after my own heart or a
woman I don't know. All right, that is going to
do it. For this episode of Miles and Jack got
mad Boosties Jabari, Where can people find you? Follow you
all that good stuff?

Speaker 5 (36:12):
I'm easy at Jabari Davis NBA. Make sure you follow
Miles at Miles of Gray.

Speaker 3 (36:18):
Uh huh. You can follow me on Twitter at Jack
Underscore O'Brien, and you can find boost Y's stuff at
hashtag mad boost E's Mad b s t I E
s for show links updates, and you can now join
the conversation on discord You can submit questions for the

Rapid Fire Round of Questioning. Just go to hashtag Mad
Boosties on Twitter. You can find the discord link to
join the discord. You can submit questions for the Rapid
Fire Round of Questioning. All that good stuff. That is
another one in the books. Haha ah he said we
couldn't do it, but that's episode one twelve where the

players dwell, you know, there we go, bye bye,

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