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June 26, 2024 64 mins
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Speaker 1 (00:05):
When I point out it's for Jesus. Hey, I know,
I know, Jack, like say, antagonized me because I'm a
I'm a follower of Christ myself.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
So yeah, yeah, Miles has some stories about his boy.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
Man. Look that's what I'm saying. Man, it's like, you know,
just like Jesus got a lot of coupons too, because
he saves. Also. You know, now, Greg, what you can't tell.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
Miles is wearing a bucket hat, so you can't tell
that he just turned it around backwards. But it is
on backwards, so he's.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
Let me, you're going to turn it around. It was
just going to have a giant cross on the front.
Let me wrap tea for a second. Let me just
let me talk to you as Miles rather than pastor
Miles for a second. Those clouds coming on them. Out of office.
I was testing a new fog machine for our next
service on Sunday. We're doing a little more you know,

light production. It wasn't, I'm not. Don't look at the lasers, dude, don't.
Why do they smell like chemicals? It smells like pinicle.
It's vape juice, all right, you got me, got me,
it's vaping. Vaving them fucking vapor for the Lord.

Speaker 2 (01:11):
Hello the Internet, and welcome to season three forty four,
Episode three of Joy Daily.

Speaker 1 (01:17):
Day production of iHeartRadio. This is a podcast where we
take a deep dive into America share consciousness.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
And it is Wednesday, June twenty sixth, twenty twenty four.

Speaker 1 (01:30):
Hell yeah man six two six two four, look shout out.

Speaker 3 (01:34):
To the what wait which one I knew? I knew
you were fuck around with the last numbers, fuck around
four eight fifteen sixteen twenty three forty two four eight
fifteen sixteen twenty forty two.

Speaker 1 (01:45):
It's National Beautician's Day. It's National Chocolate pudding Day. It's
National parchment Day. That's for people who like to cook
on papillot, you know, cooking with parchment paper. National coconnut Day,
National barcode Day. So wow, what a day. Barcode bar code, Yes,
shut out the barcodes, shut out the bar codes to

cold chocolate pitting name Jack O'Brien. You like Jack? You
like Yeah?

Speaker 4 (02:15):

Speaker 1 (02:15):
I like chocolate pudding.

Speaker 2 (02:16):
I like coconut the best of all the things.

Speaker 1 (02:19):
That Yeah, a coconut bitch. Okay, all right, you like
chocolate pudding, but I'm a coconut bitch. I'm not sure thing.
You know what I you know, have you ever bought
coconut syrup? Yes, Jude, I put that on ship, and
I put it on things that it shouldn't go on,
and I then, yeah, it's great, like a hamburger. No, well,

sweets good. Yeah, everything else it goes on, it should
probably go on.

Speaker 2 (02:50):
My name is Jack O'Brien aka Come My Grimace, Come,
Come My Grimace, win the baseball game before you finish.
That is courtesy of Cleo Universe rest in p RIP
two and I looked it up.

Speaker 1 (03:03):
Fifty shifty shell shock.

Speaker 2 (03:04):
Right, doesn't that have to way? At age forty nine?
Yea the frontman of rap rock band Crazy Town, Yeah,
who just passed away at age forty nine. One of
the sickest baselines too.

Speaker 5 (03:15):
In that song.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
What was that song called counter Lady eure a butterfly
not suck suck Yeah, yeah, what a song. The aesthetic
of that video, oh yeah, so specific.

Speaker 1 (03:33):
And I think it was like the theme song for
like Sierra mist or some shit or some right. I
remember when that came out, it was like, oh.

Speaker 2 (03:39):
Fuck, theme song in my life. Every time I walked
into a room. I wanted that playing in people's minds,
and that's why I dressed like I did and got
all those eyebrow piercings. I'm thrilled to be joined as
always by my co host mister.

Speaker 1 (03:54):
Miles grass Is Miles Gray in honor of the Pringles
Queen herself, Blair. So I gotta hit you at oh Pringles,
in them morn in Pringles, in the evening, in Pringles,
when you got a deadline, when you when you progress
to and ain't on a project, eat cads of Pringles
any time. And Blair famously said she'll eat two cans

of Pringles when she's working on something just to pass
the time. And I respect a two can sam type,
you know, dedication level like that from Blair. So shout
out to you, Blair, and shout out to Peanut Buddy
Brown on the discord for that. AKA.

Speaker 2 (04:28):
You remember the Pringles thing where they gave themselves a
little duck bill, little Pringles duck bill.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
That's very hard to do, very hard to do.

Speaker 2 (04:34):
But they that gesture by that actor probably just like
tossed off, you know, But I'm sure that wasn't like
part of a focused group decision to do the duck bill, but.

Speaker 1 (04:45):
I always that's the one. The commercial that was took
place on the beach, I believe, yes, And there's I
identify with the guy who has the bag of lays
and goes greasy not fun. Uh yeah, He's.

Speaker 2 (04:56):
Like, oh my fucking lays of the beach.

Speaker 1 (04:59):
I I can't believe how well I know that that
fucking jingle pop up, Oh Mau mau, pop up, bring goals.
Wow wow, I didn't. I didn't remember it. Once your
fun the fun dolls. Once your pop the fun dolls stop.
Greasy not fun anyway, So.

Speaker 2 (05:18):
Most of the day such like baby language, greasy, not fun.

Speaker 1 (05:24):
Because the guy was such a dork. He was like,
oh man, I'm at the beach. I got a shirt on.
They got fucking chip grease all over myself.

Speaker 2 (05:29):
Yeah, embarrassing, not me. That's how I oiled up. Oh god, yeah,
that's why it was so golden Miles.

Speaker 1 (05:40):
Enough bullshit.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
We're thrilled to be joined once again by very funny
comedian improviser you may know from the hilarious podcast.

Speaker 1 (05:49):
Mega and we got a new one.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
A new hilarious podcast is called Get It to Dutch Please,
welcome Greg.

Speaker 1 (05:59):
Guys. This was like a real it was a real
joy to listen to. It was almost like a clockwork
orange reference audio reference levels to things that happened in
the early two thousands that I was like, oh yeah,
and that Pringles thing, yeah, it was it was you
remember that, right? I do remember that? Yeah, And I
remember that music video too. My god, was that like

just watching CP yeah yeah yeah, Like.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
There were little like the lane flares happen in.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
All those screen flares.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
Deep contact with the camera from Shifty left at what
what do we call them? Shifty? I thought it said
shitty this morning. Wait, like, what a tough name? A
shifty shell shock?

Speaker 1 (06:43):

Speaker 2 (06:46):
I thought it said shitty shell Shock this morning. Was like,
you know, it's a cool name until it's your obituary
and then everyone's like, and we are today morning, shitty
shell shock.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
But that's not right.

Speaker 2 (06:57):
It was Shifty and all right.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
Yeah, yeah, all right, man, that's a tough one because
he was also like I remember he was always on
like celebrity rehab and stuff, and he was like his
latter day career was always like the due from crazy
Town's kind of a fucking mess. Yeah, a little I'm
sure not the best ending for him, but yes, a
great song. Thank you for that.

Speaker 2 (07:19):
Also, what hr people call like a messed up situation?
Crazy town in here, guys, everybody just needs to take
a take a beat. Leave. But Greg, So, the last
time you were on, which was pre pandemic days, we
were talking about MEGA, which is an improvised comedic podcast

about megachurches. Take us megachurch.

Speaker 1 (07:42):
Yeah, we're still jamming MEGA. It's been great. Yeah, if
people want a little uh reprieve from constant evangelical Christianity
seeping into your political and personal lives, come and make
some hay with us on MEGA. It's a very fund
improvised podcast.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
Or if you just want to break from your megachurch.
You know you're spending all day every day at your megachurch.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
You want to know it's so weird, dude, We get
people that come to it. Actually, somebody just messaged me
yesterday and said they put on an episode in the
car with their evangelical friend who was like, this is God,
this is great. Yeah, as we were like trying trying
to fake save someone on the podcast and every day, Yeah,
where did these folks worship at? I'd love to go.

I know what they're working with here, I know. So yeah,
if even if you even if you want a fake
worship experience, you can come join us over on Mega
and then tell us about Get It to Dutch. We
got a new iHeart podcast and uh, honestly, you know
how when you when you make something and you you
want to be like, ye, it's pretty good, you know,
like uh, and you kind of try to downplay it.

And I'm trying to do this thing in my life
in general, which is look, you don't always have to
be self deprecating, and this is one of those things
to me, well of just like you know, when you
make something and you're like, you know what, God damn it.
I'm actually really excited and proud about this. Yeah. We
have this new podcast and it's called Get It to Dutch,

and it's basically me and my two best friends who
I've done comedy with now for twenty years, ever since
we came up in Chicago and Second City, And it's
called Get It to Dutch because we play three struggling
screenwriters who are trying to get a screenplay to a
fictional producer named Dutch Huxley. And every week we come

in and we read a piece of one of the
screenplays that we think about sending to him, and so
it's an improvised banter at the table, and then we
get into it and we actually read pieces of these
fake screenplays. Of course, as the series goes, the guy's
lives are sort of falling apart. It's everything that we've
gone through as comedy writers in la we sort of

packed into this satire about trying to make it as
a writer in Hollywood. So of course we're doing it
from I put quotes around this where recording from mark
shitty studio apartment in north North Hollywood, where we're all
sitting on weight benches and looking at a scarface poster.

Speaker 6 (10:13):
You know.

Speaker 1 (10:13):
We have Weird al Is plays, our entertainment lawyer on it.
We got Tim Robinson. Tim Robinson, who's our longtime collaborator,
plays basically the landlord of the building that Mark lives in,
and got other great people Rob Huebel. It's it's been
a real blast of real delight. So it's only twelve episodes.
You can binge the whole thing. I think people will
really like it.

Speaker 2 (10:33):
Yeah, if you like comedy bang bang like I do.
You'll you'll really like this. Some great guest spots and
it's just really very funny.

Speaker 1 (10:41):
Thank you, thank you. Yeah, So you know, I would
I would, Uh, I would like to say that I'm
actually proud of something for the first time maybe maybe
in my life.

Speaker 2 (10:52):

Speaker 1 (10:53):
Still trying to get that, trying to get that.

Speaker 2 (10:54):
I'm trying to Yeah, we're all chasing that. I'm still
chasing that high of My kid.

Speaker 1 (11:00):
Can't kick a soccer ball one hundred yards yet, so
I'm a little bit you know. But the cooling about
kids is they're always like, look look what I could do,
and you're like it's okay, Like kids aren't really that
good at like they they are always down to be
proud of something. So trying to channel good to encourage
kids does that lower the bar. I was raised in
a home where it was like call me up when

you're in the league.

Speaker 3 (11:24):

Speaker 1 (11:24):
Yeah you couldn't. You couldn't get that. You really had
to prove yourself. Yeah, they're like a six foot hoop,
my man, Okay, wow, wow, wow, you you can dunk
kind of six foot hoop. Well you can jump over
a six foot hoop. I'm an adult man. Yeah, Greg,
you were to me you were last on January twenty
first of twenty twenty, so yeah, okay, time travel man. Yeah,

we were just saying that those January twenty first of
twenty twenty. Have I been on two times? Man? But
I do you guys have this with the sort of
like pandemic, just like black hole where you're not sure
what you did or who you were of course all
the time. Yeah, without a pandemic. Yes, yeah, it's just
kind of Wednesday for me, but I I yeah, okay,

January of twenty twenty. Wow, I think Kobe Bryant was
still alive. That can't so many people were still alive. Yeah,
he died on the twenty six because we were up
there for sketch Fest. I remember whoa right and then
or not up there, but anyway, we were up in
the Bay I remember for sketch Fest. Anyway, all that
to say, it's been too long. It's been too long,

but thanks for having me.

Speaker 2 (12:32):
It's been too long, too long his house, I last
talk to greet people. All right, Well, hopefully we don't
curse any generational great to an early demise, although I
guess we already.

Speaker 1 (12:46):
You got to stop blaming yourself for that man, you
blame yourself for Kobe, he blames got it.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
I don't blame myself.

Speaker 1 (12:54):
I don't not blame myself.

Speaker 2 (12:56):
You know. Well, it's been tough, all right, Greg. We're
gonna get to know you a little bit better in
a moment. First, we're gonna tell our listeners a couple
of things we're talking about. It seems to be genuinely
up in the air if Trump's going to like just
not show up to the debate on.

Speaker 1 (13:13):
The money, if anyone's taking money, I might bet him
not showing up. But I don't know.

Speaker 2 (13:19):
Yeah, no, like people there's you know, production companies are
like so wait do we what do we? You just
like do it anyways? And then he just might not
show up, Like what's what's happening? Like, is there is
there a Vegas odds for that?

Speaker 1 (13:34):
I wonder you take for that? We should check. There
should be. I'd probably not. I'd be more comfortable betting
on that than like sports, but I guess it's But
also Trump, I think as much as one of the
most predictable humans ever, so it's not exactly the science
I think I think he shows. I would love if

he shows because based on what his debate prep is,
I have to see this in action. I have to
see what this guy's going to do.

Speaker 2 (14:01):
He hasn't talked to anybody who is like left of
Fox News in just like I think, both in his
private life and just generally since I don't know, maybe
twenty twenty, maybe since the last episode we had, I
don't think he lets it in.

Speaker 1 (14:20):
I wonder if that like the best strategy there too
for Biden is is really just too and I wish
they would do this more. When Trump talks is just go,
you know, he rambles on and says whatever, and then
I hope Biden can have the wherewithal to just be
like I'm sorry, what what you know? Or we had
talked about this in twenty sixteen, like I wish somebody

would just be like, hey, I'm sorry, but bro, he
smells so bad, like there's a smell up here that
I'm I just like Roy, I don't know. That's why
it's funny too, Like that's the kind of shit Trump
would do. And he's like lock at little Mark or
the way he holds the water bottle and it was like,
oh shit, but it's almost like are you like, yo,
are you okay? No? Like for real? If Trump, if Biden?

Really this is where I always thought Biden should hire
some comedy writers to go in and just be like, hey,
let's pick a couple of moments and then let's let's
get an acting teacher in here to help you translate
the moment that Trump shit his pants and just continue
to play that ready entire thing. Yeah yeah, yeah, but anyway, Yeah,
since twenty twenty, I've kind of come around on Trump guys.

Speaker 2 (15:26):
So you know, I think my man shows up because
he is brave. He doesn't run from anything. No surrender.
And that T shirt says the T shirt of a
picture of him surrendering. Oh but yeah, that's that's our
motto here in this house. We believe no surrender for

Donald Trump. So squid game, but America is happening apparently
at Netflix, or at least that's the rumor with David Fincher.

Speaker 1 (15:55):
Don't do it? What the fuck don't.

Speaker 2 (15:58):
Do David Fincher is like torn between two projects that
sound like absolute shit.

Speaker 1 (16:05):
So I just want to talk about that because it's
not great decision making. So well, yeah, and I think
we need.

Speaker 2 (16:10):
To hold Hollywood's hand right now, because they are kind
of reeling like the Avengers kind of went away for them.
They're they're at the point where they're like, what if
we just run it back with the old Avengers that
worked before. But before they get to that, they're like
having to make these decisions about like what movies to make,

and they keep making similar mistakes over and overs. So
I want to talk about all of that play more.
But first Greg, we do like to ask our guest,
what is something from your search history that's revealing about
who you are?

Speaker 1 (16:45):
This was this was well I'm trying to move, so
I went ahead and took out all of my searches
for you know, two bedroom charming guest house for cheap
with pool because those clearly didn't turn up anything. But
I'm dudes, I'm so on one right now about just
like positive thinking. This is like my new thing, okay,

and not like full like I wouldn't say I'm like
full on like manifest guy, but I am like trying
to get out of the habit of just like sort
of spiraling about you know, nonsense or just you know,
playing on rotissory things that really aren't very beneficial. So
I saw this great post. I think it was on

Open Culture a few years ago, which is a great
website that's just like fun interesting things, and it was,
and so I googled it again the other day because
I'm like, oh, this is right, this is my jam
right now. It was Octavia Butler, who was a famous
sci fi writer. Yeah, her journals and her notes were
all given to Huntington Library and they published an Open Culture.

I remember had one of her journal pages was just
like her mantra to herself, like basically like her positive
thinking like mantra, and I love it. And so I
was like, so the last thing I googled was it
was something like Octavia Butler journal page Positive or something,
and uh, it's really cool. Actually you can read like

she she's sort of like laid out exactly like what
she was going to do with her life, like I'm
going to be a best selling author, I'm going to
sell my books to these places. I'm going to be
on all the best seller New York Times list. And
I was trying to remember the phrase that she used,
which was so be it c to it and I
just loved that. And so it was like, so the
last thing I googled was what are the Octavia Butler

journal pages?

Speaker 5 (18:35):

Speaker 1 (18:36):
Okay, kind of nice one.

Speaker 2 (18:37):
I got to update get more specific than my search
how to positive thinking?

Speaker 1 (18:44):
What sounds better? How to how too positive? Is that positive?

Speaker 4 (18:48):
Like that?

Speaker 1 (18:49):
Am I positive? Also? Is a is a search term
that I've used and it comes up with different things.
It's u yeah, man, the positive it's hard sometimes, you know. Yeah.
The thing the skill that I've had to really develop
is like when you're like ruminating and you start spiraling,
is the cycle of going like fuck, I don't want
to start like I hate that I'm thinking about this?

Why am I thinking about this? It's stressing me out?
And then you just keep you just keep fucking folding
that up for like a fucking just just making it
worse and worse. And then I heard like I forget,
which like it's like sort of one of these like
therapist spirituality sort of people that I've I've I've listened
to before, was like the thing that stuck with me
most was saying you have to sort of break out

of that first by forgiving yourself for letting it come pound,
because if you don't address that first, you have to
disrupt it first by trying to say like, that's okay
that I'm that I feel this way, yeah, and try
and stay with that versus like, fucking don't feel like
this because this is how gonna feel like shit? Why
you keep feeling like shit? And they'd be like, hey,
well it's okay that I feel like this. Let me

just always say, dude, I'm I'm like really trying to yeah,
just even like acknowledge that I'm like, oh, yeah, that's okay.
That's interesting that I've like sort of like it's that
thing where you're like when you're on low grade stress
or anxiety, you don't really realize a lot of times
you're even thinking the things you're thinking. Just trying to
like pay attention to what I'm thinking about and be like,
you know, maybe I could like put that here for

a little bit and focus on something else rather than Yeah,
it's mindfulness. It's that that mindfulness thing, Brock. That's what
I was thinking about. Yeah, Tara Brock, She's she's all
about some tera Brock.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
Yeah, there's a Buddhist thing, the parable of the two arrows,
where like the first arrow is the physical pain, but
then the second arrow is like the stress of feeling
the first arrow and then feeling bad about the pain
about the first arrow. And that is a great description

of how my anxiety works. It's like I mostly wake
up with anxiety and then I'm like, fuck, why am
I feeling anxiety? And you know, you have judgment compounding
on judgment.

Speaker 1 (20:55):
What Jack's not saying is also you had a guy
shooting arrows at you, Which is that is the cause
of my anxiety? Yeah? Yeah, just a guy hunting of
an urban an urban hunter stalking you through the streets
of LA Right, Yeah, she's less lethal. Maybe what is
something you think is underrated? Right? Customer service? My guys, Okay,

I am here's the thing. I've been there. I've worked
at places where you're just like, I don't know, man, Yeah,
you're like, yeah, complain, I dare you dead already? Totally? Yeah.
And I was like I was in a place the
other day and it's like the customer service was really great,
and I was just like, this is this is my
new thing. I'm like, I will I will sing the

praises of any business that is is doing some good
customer service. That's my thing right now. Yeah. Well, I
mean it's funny because your original thought is tied to
why customer service is so terrible because no one is
actually paid a living wage in most instances totally even
allow you because most people have to carry all this
existential fucking stress anyway. Yeah, and on top of that,

you're gonna go somewhere where you don't know if the
people are gonna tip you, and they're all in their
stress and they don't know how to treat people in
service jobs and shit like that. It's really yeah, it's
it's not it's not great, but yeah, and.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
It reminds me of the thing we talked about on here,
Like there's this great mystery about why young people's mental
health is struggling, and people like it must be like
their phones, right, Like it's got to just be that
they have the phones. And then they're like, oh yeah,
and they seem to like have really high stress levels
about the end of the world being caused by their parents' generation,

like the world being left to them being an apocalyptic wastelam.
But like, I think, I think it's just we need
to get them off probably grass while there's still grass,
because actually we're getting rid of that pretty soon because
it's not very profitable for us. But yeah, I like,

I think there's an overall understanding like people I think
are generally smarter than generally giving credit for and they're
like they recognize Okay, I worked for like a big
massive company that is like bad, is not like contributing anything.

Speaker 1 (23:11):
Yeah, And I mean and you hear about all these
people like soft quitting their jobs during the pandemic and stuff,
and it's like, yeah, because it just like that grind
is terrible, especially if you like can't make it make
ends meat at the end of the day.

Speaker 5 (23:24):

Speaker 1 (23:24):
Yeah, I definitely don't get mad at the people who
are not providing good customer service. I do get upset
where it's just like I even just like the idea
of like I'm so hopeful that like people can start
little small businesses and stuff that they actually like and
enjoy and can make a living at because yeah, working
at Warby Parker, ain't it. Yeah, that feels like what

Portland is.

Speaker 2 (23:46):

Speaker 1 (23:46):
I always see people like the most niche small businesses
in Portland and I'm like, oh, on, you like beer
and hot sauce and you only do these two things
at your store? Okay, yeah, man, And I'm doing pretty
well at it. Yeah, but you have to have a
beard to work here. Yeah. But here it's just impossible
because like there, the rents are so high for any
kind of commercial space. It's like, I don't know, does

your dad or your mom can they give you all
the money to start? Yeah? Yeah, And usually it is
like if you dig one layer deep where it's like, oh,
you have a cute little pop up fashion brand. Yeah,
then I googled you and your dad produced that is
twenty four. Oh your dad is TJ Max. Yeah, Thomas

James Max.

Speaker 2 (24:30):
Thomas James Max. Just a couple of corrections here. We
think capitalism on this show is underrated. And in this house,
we believe working at warby Parker.

Speaker 3 (24:38):
Is it.

Speaker 1 (24:42):
Just in case they went on like sponsored Potters, Yeah, yeah,
we we think it's it. Don Glasses because I had Lasik.
Nice dude, COVID can reverse lasick. Okay, well I think
that's a true thing. Actually, people that got lasick and
then got and it basically fucked up their lace. Oh shit, I.

Speaker 2 (25:03):
Heard you can just like blow really hard and like
plug your nose or I just like pops back to
the old way it.

Speaker 1 (25:08):
Used to be your eyelid or your yeah your corniery shapes.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
Yeah up, my eyes are fucked again. Uh, what is
something you think is overrated?

Speaker 1 (25:17):
I'm going Tesla right now, y'all? I oh, no, you
guys trying to. I finally like rode in a Tesla
and really paid attention to the feeling of riding in
a Tesla car. And I gotta say, if you're gonna
pay that much money for a car, it's got to
not feel like a weird golf cart that doesn't have
any smooth ride. It sucks. It's a it is not

a smooth ride. I would much rather be in like
a nineteen ninety eight like buickless Saber if I if
I want to smooth ride, But those cars suck to
ride in. I'm saying. I remember the first time I
got in one, I was so underwhelmed, like it was weird.
I had built up Tesla's in my mind like fucking crazy.
And I remember someone I knew it was, like partner,

drove one and like picked us up to go somewhere.
And first I fucking embarrassed myself because I know the
fucking door handle whrek, Yeah you can't get it. And
I was like I was like rubbing it. Shit, you
guys gotta push it and then it comes out. I
was like all right, And then I was immediately like man,
fuck this door handle. And then I got in and
then like everything kind of felt like like not substantial.

Like when I pulled the door thing, I was like,
is this like just PVC pipe like the rap filed
in synthetic leather. Everything feels very just yeah, not substantial,
transitory something like they're just you feel like, yes, it's fast,
and if it goes too fast, the car might just
kind of like fall apart around you, like a cybertruck
where the paneling will just turn it like into an

air fin and bend backwards on a way. And I
feel like they don't even need to talk about those.
It's just like, you know, if you drive the cyber truck.
That's my honestly, that's like my favorite new Like I
was talking about this on the show the other day.
My new favorite like form of shotenfreude is watching the
people with their cyber trucks be like, I can't the
fuck is wrong with my car. My steering wheel looks
like a little batmobile thing. My inssurance company won't ensure it.

I think it's actually fully worthwhile to Like. My new
thing with cyber trucks is if I see one, I
actually turn and point and laugh and see and see
if I can ever get the person to like be like, man, man,
we're laughing at Yeah, well yeah it is pretty cool.

Speaker 2 (27:22):
U Wow, why are you convulsing?

Speaker 1 (27:25):
I don't know, but yeah, I don't know. And that
you know, obviously the elon thing is is is hard
to swallow, and I did. There was a time when
I was like, yeah, ev is so cool, and now
I'm just like, give us a train. Somebody, give us
a train. Somebody give us a fast, cool train like
they have in Europe or Japan or whatever, so that
I can go somewhere and not have to drive, and

also not have my car drive me. I don't really
want that to you.

Speaker 2 (27:48):
I see your train, and I raise you a train
tunnel that you can.

Speaker 1 (27:54):
Drive in Sea Jack. This is what we don't want
in this house.

Speaker 2 (27:58):
We believe the Boring Company is the future.

Speaker 1 (28:01):
And I just picturing your yard with all your missile signs.

Speaker 2 (28:05):
It's so many signs, so many signs, and that guy
keeps shooting.

Speaker 1 (28:13):

Speaker 2 (28:13):
Well, uh, let's Uh, let's take a quick break and
we'll come back and we'll talk about some news.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
We'll be right back and we're back and all right.

Speaker 2 (28:34):
So Donald Trump seems worried about the debate that he
agreed to after like saying he wasn't going to do
a debate.

Speaker 1 (28:44):
He yeah, he said he was going to do it.
What happed mean the whole thing was, these are rules
you agreed to. It's like they're gonna cut the mics
off when you're not talking. They're like, yeah, you agreed
to that.

Speaker 2 (28:56):
Yeah, the rules as you agreed to them.

Speaker 1 (28:58):
They can't I can't bring up I can only have
a water and paper and pen up there. I can't
bring my big old books up there and other crap.
They're like, yeah, yeah, you can't have any of that.
But yeah. It's like, over the last couple of weeks,
we've heard increased speculation from the right about how Joel
Biden is going to be higher than method Man and

Red Man on the Blackout album and on Thursday. This
is going to happen on Thursday night when they're scheduled
to debate for the first time since obviously twenty twenty.
The excuses, though, really began trickling in over the last
week as like you know, Trump surrogates and people going
out there doing the news shows, and Trump himself began
like lamenting again the rules he agreed to or how
mean Jake Capper has been to him in the past.

And Trump has good reason, I think, to not be
excited about sharing the stage because you know, not that
poll numbers really matter, but every time he debates a Democrat,
like in twenty sixteen and twenty twenty, his numbers dip
when people were just like that juxtapositions a little odd
for some people, like this person spoken complete sentences and
this guy was stalking a woman around the stage. And

while again pulling is the whole game, it's just like
the last time twenty twenty, that first debate with Biden
and Trump, it just wasn't a good look because Trump
came off looking like a fucking freak next to Joe Biden,
who was merely just an old man, like standing on
RGE like he.

Speaker 2 (30:18):
Did when there were like primary debates for the Democratic
primary like in twenty twenty.

Speaker 1 (30:24):
Biden was not like good, no, he's not like a
good debater, no, no, yeah, no, My question is like
who comes to these debates going like, you know what,
I've I've stayed pretty independent up to this point, and
I'm just going to see what these two gentlemen have
to say and Trump guys all about it, and I'm
just going to base it on the issues, you know what.
I reacht their websites and they seem like they have

some they have some differences. I'm a Democrat, but I
don't know, man, I just didn't I didn't really see
Trump do his thing like that before. I'm kind of
into it now. I'm kind of I've kind of interested now,
and I think it is like disingenuous, right, Like I mean,
do you know people that are like, I don't know, man,
I just don't know if I can hold my nose
and vote for Biden. And it's like I had this,
this is a conversation where I'm immediately like, Okay, well

then I just don't. I don't have a lot of
patience for it.

Speaker 4 (31:11):
You know.

Speaker 1 (31:12):
It's like it's like turning that thing into like a
single issue vote where you're you know, I'm like, whatever
your issue with Biden is, I beg you to show
me like a version that you find a better version
of your beliefs in Trump. Yeah, I mean it's just
so hard because you're, like, especially with the Biden stuff,
so many people are contending with the anger of how

the two party system just like forces you to be like,
obviously I don't want Trump to be president totally. Biden
is completely unresponsive to anything that like matters and what
the fuck is this? But again, by both parties just
trade off being the bad guy so then the other
one can raise funds and then you know they do
the merriag around. But it's clear Trump is still fucking
hooked on doing freestyle jazz, talking up there, just flowing

on some stream of consciousness, consciousness, word association shit. And
on Saturday in Philadelphia, I don't know if you saw
that like epic rant he had about water and the
sinks and shit like that. A lot of like he's
he's definitely in his water phase between like the batteries
and the boats and the sharks and like dishwashers, which
he also period. Yeah, this is this is water era, and.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
That's something that like young children go like age like three,
you go through your water period where like water is
the coolest thing in the world and you have like
your little water tables and you kept playing.

Speaker 1 (32:30):
With water exactly. He's in his water period at the moment.
And if you this is a lot of people were
talking about this, but just to give you a taste,
like this is how the guy is talking. When he's
just talking, So try and like imagine this on a
debate stage.

Speaker 5 (32:44):
No water in your faucets. You ever tried buying a
new home and you turn on to have restricts in there.
You want to wash your hair, you want to wash
your hands. You turn on the water and it goes drip,
drip the soap. You can't get it off your hat.
So you keep it running for at ten times. We'll
get you try the worst hair.

Speaker 1 (33:03):
I have beautiful, luxuriant hair, luxuriant, and I put stuff on.
I put it in hair.

Speaker 5 (33:12):
I like lots of leather because I like it to
come out extremely dry, because it seems to be slightly
thicker that way.

Speaker 1 (33:20):
What anyway, So this is like a lot of people
like he's rambling, he's talking. He's trying to talk about
like water restrictors and shower heads, like this is the
thing he's talked about before. But again he starts off
trying to make some point about like what about our
water interns into I like my hair real drying. He's

just just freestyle man. He is of rifts. He's the
king of rifts. And think about how.

Speaker 2 (33:47):
Our toilets can't choke down his giant ships. It can't
be far behind. It's just a prediction.

Speaker 1 (33:53):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, we're talking soon. We got to
be talking toilets. Like again, we're in the water phase,
so something with something, something aquatic will turn up. But
prior to that performance of ranting, he had an interview
with some right wing blogger and said that they're like, uhs,
you got this. The guy was asking, like, you got
this debate coming up? It's pretty intense, and he's like, yeah,

I'm getting pretty Just listen. This is what Trump was saying,
like how he's fucking preparing for the debate.

Speaker 2 (34:19):
Being interviewed by a guy completely bald with a beard.
Just in case that wasn't, that's probably clear. I probably
don't need to Yeah, what a.

Speaker 4 (34:27):
Right wing blogger, dude looks like, Yeah, Joe Biden at
Camp David, as you and I stand here, your debate
is Thursday with him no audience. CNN controls the mics
Danavash Jake Tapper, how do you feel about that matchup?

Speaker 5 (34:41):
Well, it's probably one on three and I've been doing
this for a long time though, will handle that. And
people say, how are you preparing? I'm preparing by taking
questions from you and others if you think about it, so,
but I'm prepared by dealing with you.

Speaker 1 (34:57):
You're tougher than all of them.

Speaker 4 (34:58):
That well, it is a real player to be here. Sure,
I know you've got a lot of fans waiting. So
it's welcome you to town, sir, and thank you so
much for your time.

Speaker 1 (35:04):
You've been a great friend.

Speaker 2 (35:05):
Thank you very much.

Speaker 1 (35:06):
Chris, appreciate it. Thank you, thank you much for that.
Guy has like tears in his eye. Yeah, I always
love you. Yeah, he got his name right, But like, yeah, Chris, yeah,
I'm friend in this world.

Speaker 4 (35:19):

Speaker 1 (35:20):
This is where you know, I think most people become
very skeptical because if if you go off the answer
of what he said is debate. Prep was like, it's
like talking to people like you. I'm taking questions. So
in a way, that's preparing, isn't it. And that sounds
like you're not preparing at all because you're not going
to go on the debate stage. And if you are
going on the debate stage and your version of preparing

is just like completely whiffing on softballs from sycophants, and
that's your preparation for the debate of your life. I'm
again this this will be It'll just be straight up
chaos because he's obviously going to be getting a ton
of questions about all his bullshit, like felonies to January sixth,
asking about Egene Carroll, where he may fucking over like

millions of dollars again by opening his mouth to Rico charges,
fucking classified documents and talking to a guy who would
never be like I mean, like you know, like did
you really why did you have those classified documents? That's
not that's not done out. He's not preparing it anyway.
This is why I think it's going That's why I
think now we see that there's this like reason that's

emerging from the right, which is coming from a lot
of people, including Trump, which is Joe Biden is on
fucking crank and there's no way he can debate a
guy who's on fucking speed. Even though Trump I have
Joe Biden is on speed. Like I mean, this is
my prayers that Joe Biden does some speed before this debate,
because I mean, like, as long as we get Joe
Biden like talking fast and walking quick, I think we

win this thing. Like, hey, have me that computer monitor,
Jack and a screwdriver. Yeah, see what's going on? So
supporto on. I'm kind of fucking amped man, Like we
put Joe Biden, We put Joe Biden on some meth,
and he will win the debate and he'll steal a
bunch of copper piping out of thee.

Speaker 2 (37:06):
I took the bike apart, and I took the spokes
out of the wheels, but he used to hang the
spokes back.

Speaker 1 (37:12):
Look, Jack, anybody can do this. Yeah. It is weird
to how Trump alway stages it. Like I mean even
that clip was like a wrestling like it did feel like, well,
it's three on one this weekend.

Speaker 2 (37:23):
They were standing in front of the giant American flag
like doing the standing interviews.

Speaker 1 (37:27):
Yeah, camera, and I'm surprised something take the mic and
go direct a camera. But yeah, Ronnie Jackson aka fucking
doctor feel Good, the old White House doctor who has
had everybody pilled up in both administrations.

Speaker 2 (37:42):
By the way, also yeah, the Obama administration.

Speaker 1 (37:45):
Yeah. He submitted a letter as a congressman said quote,
I demand this is to Joe Biden. I demand that
you submit to a clinically validated drug test in order
to reassure the American people that you are mentally fit
to serve as president and not relying on perform romans
enhancing drugs to help you with your debate performance command.

There is either Queen of England. Yeah no. And again,
like you're saying, Zach, like this is this is a
guy whose time in the and the White House was
described as quote a wash in speed. Yes, yeah, like
everything they said apparently this like was staffer's popping pills
and washing them down with alcohol. In large part to
Jackson's leadership as chief Medical Advisor, common pill requests included

medafinil adderall, fentanyl, morphine, and ketamine, according to a Pentagon
report release in January, but other unlisted drugs such as
xan x, were equally easy to come by from the
White House Medical Unit.

Speaker 2 (38:37):
Of course, it really takes a step up at a
fentanyl morphine. It's like, yeah, wait, what for what the
the other ones are like, Yeah, that's what I expect
the what the White House sailor like.

Speaker 1 (38:51):
Fent like get those anymore? Right? Yeah, it's interesting.

Speaker 2 (38:57):
I mean we always talk about how his instinct is
always too accuse the other people of doing the thing
he's doing. And he seems so high when he's up
on the stage, like just the way he's just rambling
from one thing to the other and just talking about
how luxuriant his hair is. Like it feels feels like
he's on like ecstasy or something.

Speaker 1 (39:16):
Yeah, and it just feels like a guy who knows,
like I gotta get I guess I gotta talk for
an hour straight. So what I'm just gonna talk about
whatever the fuck I want.

Speaker 2 (39:25):
Like, you know, he doesn't have to, but he has
to exactly the only thing that fills the the sucking void.

Speaker 1 (39:32):
A good campaign ad for Joe Biden should just be
taking Trump transcripts and having someone read back transcripts of
Trump to potential voters and being like, so just a
quick thing when you hear Trump say, you know, because
if there's a star in the crowd, you know, their
cameras on my head, the back of the whole time cameras,

they're the best. Think about the seats. This is a
beautiful crowd, and how we're going to get the water
and then just be like, so what do you think
about that? What do you mean just just get the
reaction that should be the whole thing. I think it's great.
I think it's I think it's awesome.

Speaker 2 (40:10):

Speaker 1 (40:10):
And what was he saying?

Speaker 2 (40:12):
I don't know, man, I fucking love cameras. Man, They're
like magic. Just don't get them wet or near.

Speaker 1 (40:17):
A magnet, you know, exactly charkle by that camera.

Speaker 2 (40:21):
I do think though, like this is this happens every
debate where especially the Republicans. This seems to be like
a piece of accepted wisdom among Republicans. So you really
need to aggressively attack expectations and that that does tend

to work. Like That's why I'm just like, is the
mainstream media just like falling for the same bullshit every
like that they fall for every time, where like Trump's
like Biden's one of the great debaters of our time
and he he killed like at the time, I guess
he said, like remember when Biden debated Paul Ryan and
everyone was like Biden's gonna get fucking killed, and then

Biden like did fine, held his own against Paul Ryan,
which in retrospect not that impressive. Paul Ryan's a fucking dipshit,
but that like he did better than expectations. So now
Trump's like, this guy is one of the great debaters
of all time and he's gonna be So it's gonna
be flying on peds up there, and then he's gonna
show up and like have the expectations set where he

wants them. So I'm a little I'm a little like,
I don't know, he'll probably show up, Like it would
be such a bad look for him not to show up, Like,
I don't know, but he's giving himself, you know, like.

Speaker 1 (41:34):
Because this is anything, He's like, well, he's gonna be
on drugs. I couldn't debate somebody and then he could
just be like I'm not talking to that speed freak.
Yeah he won't. He won't take a drug test, and
I'm not gonna play like you know, it would be.

Speaker 2 (41:45):
A real bad look. It was just like, I hope
he doesn't show up because that seems like a terrible.

Speaker 1 (41:50):
Look is there even like because even in this version, right,
even if he shows up and completely shifs the bed
figuratively or literally, no one's gonna gonna whatever takes it.
It's gonna be like whatever, you know what I mean,
Like no one's it's so it's hard to know because
he's trying to be like I'm not losing anybody, you
know what I mean, So like what do I have

to lose if I don't even go up there? But again,
I know he wants to start wind milling about the
fucking like like immigrants are killing people angle and that's
gonna be a moment for him to sort of, you know,
try and press Biden on something like that. But I
don't know at the end of the day, based on
like how I don't know, just he just seems very
like he's just not into it. But look, we don't

fucking know.

Speaker 2 (42:34):
But I feel like maybe the debate polls are it
might be like like a thing with like the pepsi
taste tests, where you know, pepsi would win taste tests
when it was like a little sip of pepsi versus
a little sip of coke. But like you can't drink
a whole glass of pepsi without your teeth falling out

feeling like they're vibrating. Like I just feel like you're
testing for different things, and like the he always successfully
like makes it horribly ugly in any debate he's in,
Like I never leave the debate being like, well he
just got his ass kicked, you know, it's always so
I I just feel like some of this is like

people like wishful thinking that he's not gonna show up,
that he's going to show up and just like suck.
I don't like, I feel like it could go the
other direction pretty easily. Not that that like this is
just also me, like this is the same comportment I
take into my sports fandom where I'm like, we suck.
We're gonna lose by forty points. But it does feel

like I don't know, it could go badly for Biden. Oh,
given what we've seen of him speaking temporaneous yeah.

Speaker 1 (43:49):
Over the mistake. They're both No, I don't know who
a favorite is going into this, because just as easily
Trump can just suck all the fucking air out of
the room and just keep He's like these same things,
and then Biden's probably like I need a nap. Who knows,
like what the fuck's gonna happen, but he asks for
an actual nap. Oh God, Okay, he's like time out, man,

time out, and we get like I need a nap
and a caramel. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean maybe Biden
or maybe Biden. Maybe the best plan for Biden is
uh yeah, let's let Trump talk more and and and
also get on some performance enhancing drugs that make him
like super ripped. I mean, like, can we get him

on HGH at this point or something so that, yeah,
it looks like the best self. How quickly can he
look like a light heavyweight MMA fighter physically? Yeah, And
I'm sure, I'm sure Joe Rogan's got some tips, So like,
let's let's get let's get him just shredded for this one.
He get his organs to grow, and that would.

Speaker 2 (44:52):
Actually be the one thing that Trump would respond to
because as we know, like he terrified.

Speaker 1 (44:59):
Oh my god, the guy came out there with arms
like Christmas hams. He's wearing a smaller suit jacket, isn't
he They're bulging out of the sleeves. No, no, no, no, no, no,
he looks like right out of Central Casting, trumpel of
Central Casting. Yeah, he does. You get a super strong president.
Trump's gonna like it. And these guys, they have big muscles.

Speaker 2 (45:18):
Maybe not so much down here in here, but being
up here up here.

Speaker 1 (45:22):
Yeah, huge brains.

Speaker 2 (45:24):
All right, let's take a quick break. We'll come back,
we'll talk a little pop culture. We'll be right back.

Speaker 1 (45:40):
And we're back. We're back.

Speaker 2 (45:43):
And so back in April last year, there were rumors
that Netflix was working on American remake of Squig Game,
a show that is first of all, very much still
going on, like they only had one season and like
ended on a cliffhanger, and they were reportedly trying to
recruit David Fincher to make it. The Finchman is you know,

heavily involved in Netflix as like their chosen creative. The
directed the pilot for a House of Cards, and you know,
has done a bunch of good, good work for them. However,
Fincher has also been working on a Chinatown prequel series
with the film's original screenwriter, Robert Town, and Robert Town

just revealed that all the episodes are written and ready
to go. And the question is now, like, is Fincher
putting that project on the back burner, that project, which
we're assuming is called Chinatown Babies? Is he backburnering that
to focus on squid Game? And I just wanted to
stop here for a moment to just ask the question,

have either of these ideas ever worked? An American remake
of an already great, huge hit foreign film like let
the Right One In Do, Like at was a great
movie and they were like, well, we better remake that
as an American one. And it was like everyone's like, no, no, no,
we already saw the good one. We don't, we don't

need to see that. Get the fuck out of here,
Old Boy again, Like everybody had already seen it, so
like why why remake it?

Speaker 1 (47:16):
Those are the closest thing, but not everybody?

Speaker 2 (47:20):
Yeah, yeah, I agree, Like there have been there have
been American remakes of things, but like not in the
era when like everybody had already seen the first one, right,
you know, and this is the one, this is this
is the property the project that like has been seen

by more way more people than like Old Boy, you know,
like this has been seen by so many people. Squid
Game was like a massive hit. It like made them
almost a billion dollars Netflix just that show alone, So
it doesn't make any sense that they would do an
American version of a Squid Game.

Speaker 1 (48:00):
Question is have they ever has it ever been the
case that a prestige American director has signed on to
a reality show remake and been successful. I just don't
Did they just send an email to the wrong David
Fincher and he's like, yeah, I'd love to do it,
and they're like he's in what And it's like that,

so this isn't the So they have.

Speaker 2 (48:21):
Made the reality show remake and they're bringing that back
for another season and that one does not involve David Fincher.

Speaker 1 (48:28):
And this is was has anyone ever hired a giant director?
Like what? I just don't understand why David Fincher. I
guess it was my question. Yeah, it's like it just
needs more film, It needs more it needs to feel
like cinema more.

Speaker 2 (48:43):
Yeah, I guess that's their feeling. But like that's what
was cool about the original Squid Game was that it
felt very cinematic, Like especially the first like half of
the season, I thought it was great, Like, so what
it I don't know that you can really improve that
much on Squid Game by like remaking Squid Game. It's
purely for people who don't like reading, that's it, but

also too, like I don't know if people would be
as receptive to like the critiques of like capitalism and
like debt and exploitation if it was presented in this
American way, like we love capitalism too much and.

Speaker 1 (49:20):
No, but it'd be like preachy, you know what I mean.
But but from from it coming from South Korea, like Americans,
I feel audience was like, whoa dude, this is fucking
crazy and different this southern world.

Speaker 2 (49:32):
Damn like mirrors mine there, end of life healthcare can
bankrupt them over there.

Speaker 1 (49:37):
Damn dude, that sucks.

Speaker 2 (49:39):
Wow, just like not paying attention to what's happening in America.

Speaker 1 (49:45):
I can see why they would squid this game. Dude. Yeah.
I remember reading something about how like Monopoly, you know,
like of course Americans love to play Monopoly because they're like,
I just bank it like a monopoly was created by
like two French socialists to war about the dangers of capitalism. Yes, yeah,
and it's just like it like yeah, we're of course
we're gonna take it completely wrong. We're gonna like who

gets to win the squid game and become the new
hyper capitalist at the end or something like.

Speaker 2 (50:12):
Yes, it was like a warning Tale game and Parker
Brothers or whatever. The company took it and was like,
but you know what's fun is actually were forming over
and making people pay you.

Speaker 1 (50:25):
You gotta build it. You gotta build houses. Man, what
are you doing?

Speaker 2 (50:28):

Speaker 1 (50:28):
No, no, just buy up the property and the tax.

Speaker 2 (50:31):
Yeah, but I also want to just talk about what's
behind door number two, like the project that he was
supposedly already working on, a prequel, a prequel to Chinatown.

Speaker 1 (50:43):
Like I really feel like Congress needs to pass legislation.

Speaker 2 (50:48):
Like we we just talked about how furios so we
I haven't seen Furios, but people like, some people liked it,
some people didn't. It didn't do as well, I think
because it was a fucking prequel, and like people just
aren't as interested in prequels like this keeps happening, like
the Star Wars films. People were like, yeah, no, it
was good and like it made money, but it didn't

make as much money as people were hoping it would
because it was a fucking prequel and we know what
was gonna happen. Fantastic beasts. You notice how the Harry
Potter franchise just like died a very public death.

Speaker 1 (51:19):
Yes, JK.

Speaker 2 (51:20):
Rollings politics are super problematic, but like nobody was going
to see those movies because they made a fucking prequel
to the franchise, The Hobbit like did fine, it didn't
do as well.

Speaker 1 (51:32):
As it could have.

Speaker 2 (51:32):
Yeah, because those prequel do not eclipse the original. The
King's Man, the Hunger Games just had this happen to
them where they tried to do a prequel. It's just
like it always seems to be a slightly diminished version
of the thing that people liked in the first place,
and you always have this sense like the critics are like,
I mean, it should be good, like all the ingredients

are there, and just every fucking time it like underdelivers
on both like box office and like execution, because it's just,
I don't know, it just dramatically doesn't work for all
the obvious reasons that people have been pointing out since,
like Star Wars failed, and in the case of Chinatown,

like the entire met Like the whole point of that
is that you get this like glimpse of the unfathomable,
like depths of evil and darkness behind the city of
Los Angeles, this supposedly sunny city. You see this like
horrifying dark underbelly, and you glimpse it and then they're like,

forget it, jackets Chinatown, and like that's the idea, is
like you just got a glimpse and then it's over
and you're just like nothing.

Speaker 1 (52:44):
More to be like forget it, Jacket's all gonna be Chinatown.

Speaker 2 (52:50):
It's like actually the origins, you know, it's just like
the whole thing like it it's just so counter to well,
it's just great.

Speaker 1 (53:03):
Yeah, it's just the it's like really offensive way of
developing shit, which is kind of like, dude, Chinatown. People
know about it, but what if we completely fuck it up?
But we just use the name to try and get
some eyeballs on it and just reiterate on all this shit.
And it's just like it's like it's like a similar way.
How Like there's some musicians who have like this one

thing they do and they don't really evolve much. Some
some artists are able to like have careers off, and
other people like, man, all their songs are just like
the same fucking song. Yeah, and she just dies out
because it's not interesting, Like people want something different and
new and yeah, like we live in a town where
people are fucking dying to show like new stories, tell
new stories in new, different ways that are so fucking

interesting and not coming from this like weird monolithic way
of like looking at the industry and it's pay Chinatown.
Yeah yeah, people will be that, well it's a prequel,
like so it's like before Roman Polanski was even accused
of all these things, so like, you know, it's so funny.

Speaker 2 (54:07):
I'm not even talking about a fucking like make your sequels.
Like at least that is a new story that like
can go in a weird direction, like the characters can die,
like that's a thing, like there's still some question, there's
still some mystery, right.

Speaker 1 (54:22):
And yeah, no, it's tension when you're like this guy
can't die because he's in the next seven films. Maybe
if they do like the Fargo type treatment with it,
which is like give some creator like absolute unilateral like
decision making of like taking the like seed of you know,
like I like totally I like that, but I guess
I don't even think it's also like the TV shows

being like any kind of like it has not connection
and that's about it, you know, it's not starting.

Speaker 2 (54:49):
Like I think a lot of the reasons that they
do a prequel is because they're like, well, how do
we get the same character but younger and hotter. Right,
you know the character is what people like, Let's get
him young and.

Speaker 1 (55:00):
Hot Chalomet playing Jake? Yeah, could you imagine or like
what I mean we did it with the Irishman? What
if we just got Jack in here and just did
some he's moving a little slow man. Well. I did
read something recently. I thought it was interesting about this
whole thing was about why why is it? Because I
guess they did a poll of like no one wants

no people want new movies. There's like a huge like
sentiment among moviegoers like we don't want franchise stuff anymore.
We don't want like we just want some new stuff.
And the article is talking about how this is all
born out of like development executives being like what IP
do we own and what IP can we find that
then we bring to the table and say, guys, you

know what we should do? Reboot the Hannah Barbera Library.
And then the executive feels like essentially they created that.
So you have all these executive feeling like, yeah, I
brought up Hannah barbar I brought up Scooby Doo at
the table and everybody knows that and likes it, and
so now I get to act like I created Scooby Doo. Yeah,
what about Chinatown but instead of Jake, it's Muttley from

Hanna Barbara. Now that's actually I would watch that would
somehow just that just be a little more absurd?

Speaker 2 (56:15):
Yeah, So I don't know, it's seems like a like.
I also really like David Fincher as a filmmaker in
most cases, and like would love to see him continue
to do cool things. And it sounds like our two
options are just Hollywood bullshit. That yeah, feels feels like
the sort of shit that is just like dreamed up

in a like it exists because it makes sense in
a boardroom setting and nowhere else.

Speaker 1 (56:41):
What about Chinatown? But Chinatown? Like do do like the
squid game thing spin off reality show of Chinatown where
contestants compete to develop the waterworks of la in the
gritty backdrop of a city with immorals. Yeah, and then
we get Fincher involved. Yeah, now we're talking. Or just

ask David Fincher what the fuck he wants to make?
You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (57:08):

Speaker 1 (57:08):
Like? Or is he or is he the fucking has Like, dude,
I would love to do Chinatown prequel like a TV
show version. You're like, oh my god, dude, what, Yeah,
you don't have like another seven that you can Like.

Speaker 2 (57:22):
They already asked him what he wanted to make, and
he made a black and white movie called.

Speaker 1 (57:27):
So then maybe again, Like we've seen fucking just there,
there's again. There's an entire generation of filmmakers, writers, people
who have all kinds of wacky ideas that end up
in really cool things can talk to them. Yeah, that
end up on TikTok and that's why. But this is honestly,
you know, this is like the same. It's this mentality

that's driving like the embracing of AI because you have
a bunch of scared people in C suites who are
supposed to be decision makers and take risks, but they
would rather retreat to the comfort of something predictable or whatever,
and because their sort of perspective on what is creative
or original or acceptable is completely different, like oh, yeah, man,
this AI fucking thing could be cool, and oh yeah,

you'd be cool. Yeah, let's reboot this thing that everybody
has seen seven hundred fucking times. It's just not it.
Yeah yeah, well yeah, yeah, well comeing to you. There
you go.

Speaker 2 (58:23):
You know, I know of some screenplays that people should
be checking out over on the show called Get It
to Dutch. There it is, Yeah, greg Hess, thank you
so much for joining us. Where can people find you?
Follow you, hear you all that good stuff.

Speaker 1 (58:38):
It's always a pleasure. And you can find me on
the socials at hey greg Hess, and yeah, go find
Get It to Dutch on any anything you listen to
and uh and Mega as well. But would love for
people to listen to some put some screenplays in your ears.
It's like going to the movies with your eyes closed.

Speaker 4 (58:57):

Speaker 1 (58:57):
Wow, and these are and these aren't just you're not
doing like re like a prequel to ET or some shit.
The first movie out of the Gate is our attempt
to write a Lord of the Rings like a movie
and immediately goes off the rails. So if yeah, there's
an erotic thriller in there, definitely there's our there's a
nod to Garden State as I try to write my

generational my movie of my generation, which is the Elder Millennial,
and so I think, yeah, I think folks will enjoy it,
so check it out. And even in that version, we're
all listening to the Garden State soundtrack, and that's a
big that's a big fight that we have because I
wanted to be all Arcade Fire and the guys are
like kind of like, guys, I'm two years younger than you.

ArKade Fire was my Garden State soundtrack. You were into
the Shins. I was more into ArKade Fire by that time.

Speaker 2 (59:47):
Amazing. Is there a work a media that you've been enjoying?

Speaker 1 (59:50):
Oh boy, the work of media. Well, I'll say one
high brow thing. I loved Ripley speaking of cool black
and white stuff happening on Netflix. Man, what a fantastic
shot movie or series and written a piece of work.
But you know what, I've just been watching those new
Jimmy Glick clips online and got to say, Martin Short

still got it. So one of the funniest people alive.
And I will watch Jimmy Glick interview celebrities and make
them laugh all day long. Still think it. It's one
hundred percent success rate over here.

Speaker 2 (01:00:22):
You'll got it.

Speaker 1 (01:00:23):
In this house, we stand click, we stand click.

Speaker 2 (01:00:26):
And that's something that is agreed to on my front
yard signs and across the political spectrum in this house.
That's right, Dan click miles. Where can people find yous
their work and media you've been enjoying? Ah?

Speaker 1 (01:00:39):
Man, you can find me wherever they have the symbol, Twitter,
Instagram and the like at Miles of Gray. Can find
Jack and I on the basketball podcast Miles and Jacket
Mad Boosties. Miles and Jack got mad Boosties. I know,
I say that very fast. That's the name of it.
And I'm also talking about ninety day Fiance on four
to twenty day Fiance some things I like, Oh I

did hold on, it's this video. Someone made an animated
like clip making fun of people who buy cyber trucks,
and it's a pretty good cartoon. Let me just let
me just play a little bit of it. I saw it.
It's on Twitter at at Dan Harumi, I think is

a person who originally uploaded this, and let me just
have this play. WHOA, you got a cyber truck?

Speaker 6 (01:01:30):
Pretty sweet, right?

Speaker 1 (01:01:32):
How could you afford this?

Speaker 6 (01:01:34):
I had to take out a pretty big loan. But
pretty soon the dollar is going to collapse anyway, so
this thing will be practically free. But if the dollar collapses,
how are you going to pay back the loan? You
got to think about it as an investment. Pretty soon
this is going to have full self drive, so I'll
be able to rent it out as a robotaxi. I'll

rent out my car while I sleep. It's passive income
and anyway, pretty soon jobs will be automated with AI,
so most people will be unemployed.

Speaker 1 (01:02:04):
But if nobody has money, who's gonna pay for your robotaxi.

Speaker 6 (01:02:09):
That doesn't matter, because if society collapses, you're gonna need
a big, strong truck like this to protect yourself from
the riots. You can withstand bullets, or at least you know,
part of it can.

Speaker 1 (01:02:21):
Can I try it out?

Speaker 6 (01:02:23):
No, the battery is dead. I can actually have enough
to buy the Tesla wall connector thing. I kind of
assumed it would just come with a truck, so.

Speaker 1 (01:02:32):
You didn't get the charger. I'm going to.

Speaker 6 (01:02:36):
I just need the price of bitcoin to go up.

Speaker 1 (01:02:42):
I just love that logic. Well, pretty soon a's be

Speaker 2 (01:02:45):
I feel like that conversation has literally happened.

Speaker 1 (01:02:49):
That's happening right outside all of our houses here right now. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (01:02:52):
Yeah. You can find me on Twitter at Jack Underscore O'Brien.
A tweet I've been enjoying from Rachel a tormino. We
did wow, said the two year old neighbor boy petting
one of our kats for the first time. There are
bones in here. Take surprise. You know. You can find
me on Twitter at Jack Underscore Brian. You can find

us on Twitter at daily zeitgeyspread, the Daily Zeitgeist on Instagram.
We have a Facebook fan page and a website, Daily
zeitgeist dot com where we post our episode end our
foot note for no link off to the information that
we talked about in today's episode, as well as a
song that we think you might enjoy. Miles, what song
do we think people might enjoy?

Speaker 1 (01:03:31):
Oddly enough, I was just thinking about the band Zero seven,
who is also on the Garden State soundtrack. But this
is a track called mer Surmise and the artist is
called Osvaldo a os v A l d O. And
it feels like a zero seven like backing track. There's
no lyrics or anything, no vocals on it, but it
just has like that's like easy groover aspect to it,

and the drumming is like a little bit off, but
like in a funky way. So I think you'll like this.
It's called mer Surmise by Oswaldo.

Speaker 2 (01:04:01):
All right, well, we will link off to that in
the footnote.

Speaker 1 (01:04:03):

Speaker 2 (01:04:04):
Zeitgeist is a production of iHeartRadio. For more podcasts from
my heart Radio, visit the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or
wherever find podcasts or give it away for free. That's
gonna do it for us this morning. But we are
back this afternoon to tell you what is trending, and
we'll talk to you all then.

Speaker 1 (01:04:18):
Bye bye,

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