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May 13, 2024 60 mins

In this edition of Steamed Trends, Jack and Miles discuss their respective weekends, John McEntee giving unhoused people fake money, Trump's unhinged NJ rally (feat. Bruce Springsteen and Hannibal Lecter), the latest lies from Kristi Noem's newly released memoir, the Northern Lights heading down south (feat. Steamed Hams), Katie Britt returning for another human-like performance, eating like Garfield at the Olive Garden, Jerry Seinfeld's speech at Duke and much more!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
When was the last time you had food poisoning? Jack?

Speaker 2 (00:06):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (00:07):
Was it recent? No, I'm not asking you, like about
the fucking tizz results. You're like, yeah, Jack, go ahead,
when was it? Seems like a lot of food poisoning
happening in that household interesting, but you've never had it? Wow,
I guess everyone else is unlucky in that house.

Speaker 3 (00:23):

Speaker 1 (00:24):
I think the night that uh my wife and I
got engaged, I rented a limo and the champagne glasses
in the limo were dirty. I didn't get a good limo. Oh,
and so I drank out of those and then I'd like,
rented a hotel for us for a couple of days

and spent the entire two days in that hotel just
in bed.

Speaker 2 (00:49):

Speaker 1 (00:50):
My last one was a firehouse Subs Firehouse Subs. It
was like a chicken and mushroom. It was the mushrooms
on the sand, which I know it had to have
been because I was like, no, they're they're kind of flavorful.
Today the mushrooms have like a bite to them. Yeah,
they don't usually have the pickled What are these pickled mushrooms?

They're fizzy? Hello the Internet and welcome to this Monday
Morning Trends edition of Day. Yeah. It's the production of
iHeart Radio. It's Monday, May thirteenth, Monday the thirteenth, remember

remember I.

Speaker 2 (01:36):
Don't know.

Speaker 1 (01:38):
Making sense. It's Monday. Yeah, are remember remember the thirteenth
of May? Remember remember remember?

Speaker 2 (01:49):

Speaker 1 (01:50):
For sure, remember remember the thirteenth of May. Remember Okay,
remember that? Remember that? Man do we do the day?
We don't usually say what day it is? I don't
think too well, well we just did so no, no,
like just so you know. It's National Decency Day whatever
that is. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah day, just to let

you guys know because we've been hearing stories. Yeah, people
not keeping decent and also national dance like a Chicken
daya so fun?

Speaker 2 (02:23):
All right?

Speaker 1 (02:24):
Uh, I'm Jack, that's Miles. Yes. This is the episode
where we tell you what was trending over the weekend
was trending this Monday morning. And first we tell you
what is going on in our lives by telling you
something we think is overrated. So we think is underrated.
There's a stomach bug blowing through our our house. So

my ship is, uh, I'm not sick, currently said, my
ship is, like, are we talking literally here. Yeah, no, no, no,
my ship, My ship is fine. Everybody, thank you, thank you,
but yeah, mixed with stomach stomach bug, a lot of
a lot of plates spinning over the weekend. I hear that.

I hear that you have a good Mother's Day.

Speaker 2 (03:11):

Speaker 1 (03:11):
We went to this like restaurant that's like a garden.
Her majesty was like, ideally it would feel like a picnic,
but it's a it's a restaurant. And luckily there was
like a place nearby in Maryland that fit that bill.
So we were there. Nice. Yeah, we usually do picnics.
This time we just did a little brunch. But yeah,

picnics are the best Mother's Day picnics. Yeah, something about
that I just love. Just like the ad from as
a kid, the idea of like the cooler that had
everything you needed inside of it always appealed to me.
I was like, and everything we need it's in there. Drinks, food, napkins, everything.
It's almost one little cube went napkins in my case

because I suck it packing those things. Cuties?

Speaker 3 (04:00):
Is it?

Speaker 1 (04:00):
Block man? Yeah? All right? Should we tell people what
we think is overrated?

Speaker 2 (04:06):
You start overrated.

Speaker 1 (04:08):
So I'm going to take you back to the meat
packing district, the segment of the podcast where I complained
about meat packaging for some reason, what I used to
dorm room. All right, bro hey, come on, all right,
so I've already spent time on the Monday Morning Trending
episode talking about bacon packaging being subpar. We learned that

the fanned out shingle packaging was there to show off,
like the pink side and hide the fat, and that's
why it exists the way it exists. And my complaint
is it was that it like doesn't it doesn't like
fold back. It's there, there's very little of it that's
like resealable. It's just like once floppy mess hot dogs.

Had similar thoughts about hot dogs this weekend, just like
I don't know, they have no excuse for needing to
come in that like one sided, very similar packaging to
the bacon. No, nobody needs to see what a hot
dog looks like. There's no like good side of a
hot dog that needs to be shown off, like oh yeah,

we want to see this bad boy. Oh you know
it's thinking about pulling the trigger on those Hebrew nationals.
I just ya, just don't know what they look like exactly,
and a lot of times they're like kind of graying,
like I don't know, sure this might explain the stomach
bug that's blown through our household. Great hot dogs anyway,

we'll get into but I don't know, a lot of
the hot dog packs are similarly packaged, and like you know,
it's like an air tight plastic package, but like once
you open it, it does not hold its integrity. Yeah,
and like you have to do like put a fucking
rubber band around it or you know, like there's just

no that there were Oscar Myers like resealable hot dog
packages for a while gone away, so the cheese dogs
came in. I remember they were resealable.

Speaker 2 (06:11):
Yeah, but now we're just.

Speaker 1 (06:12):
Back to like cut into it, and then I don't
know that there's a wounding your hot dog packaging. Now
there's Yeah, I think there's probably something where like if
it was resealable, it would last longer. Therefore you wouldn't
have to cook them all and then necessitate the need
to repurchase more hot dog. Yeah. Yeah, definitely like the
cynical version of it to me. But yeah, I just

that's why I like whenever I just have like a.
I always put it in tupperware, just boom, that's sealed.
Fine lock bag speaking a zippy bags. But I don't know.
Big issue is that they like it's similar to like
a lot of cold cuts and things like that. At
least cold cuts will start to like smell bad after

you've opened them, because you'd do an indication of where
you're at. Yeah, give you, like I need to know
whereas hot dogs because they are comprised of ninety eight
percent preservatives with like some meat mixed in. You've got
a poorly packaged meat that will resist all the telltale
signs of being bad, just like sitting in a wet

like pouch that's been open to the elements. And I
just I don't think it's the best thing for us,
for the way I think I think.

Speaker 2 (07:26):
They can be beat.

Speaker 1 (07:28):
The way you're talking, it sounds like you in a panic.
You made hot dogs for Mother's Day that got everybody sick,
and now you're focusing all that frustration about that failed
Mother's Like and it's the packaging. You know, me, you
don't even know when they're bad because it's mostly preservatives
and nobody knows it's next thing, you know, everybody's on
the toilet in your house, and you're the bad guy
who's just trying to make a memorable mother's day.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (07:50):
I mean there were baked beans too, so don't make
it seem like it was just just hot dogs. I
did some canned baked beans. I tried to pass them
off as chili dogs. Yeah, nobody was buying that. Yeah,
you're feverishly texting me and Anna asking if you can
cook beans with just a lighter underneath the cane. Things
are rough. Yeah, we're both like, hey man, can this
wait till monday? You got any alternatives if the plastic

vacuum sealed you know, temporary bag is not good. Where
do we need to go with this? I'm wondering if
craft singles packaging like some sort of like individually wrapped,
would that that way you can like use the born
on date or you buy them loose too, like if
we're doing are they like Lucy's or like, hey man,

let me go to the story, just grab through hot dogs. Well,
like I think this is how string cheese comes, right,
Like string cheese already comes in a bigger package than
each thing, like visually packaged. Yeah, with like thirty six
sticks for plastic waste. Let's just say that they'll be
uh recyclable or something or like in the old timey
depictions where like they're like Frankfurters are always like a

continuous sort of like wrapped ring. Yeah, yeah, like a rap. Yeah,
like yeah, just a string of a vine of frankfurter's.
That that's fun, and like each one is wrapped up
in the old ways. Yeah, you can eat them like
a cartoon wolf just like and swing them around like

a prop like a feather boa. We've seen it all,
or you know, tennis ball style, just stacked one on
top of each other so they're like incredibly long.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
That's a bad idea.

Speaker 1 (09:31):
Actually, wow, that's a very like like can tower frat
party style. Yeah, keep taping them into end man, who's
got a fifty fifteen foot fucking scepter of hot dogs? Anyways,
that's you know, that's this edition of the Meatpacking District. Yeah,
just follow the just follow the sounds of the Boondocks

Saints soundtrack straight for the meat Packing District. My overrated
is my own supposed ego derived sense of my knowledge
about Star Wars and the movies themselves. I like Star Wars.
I was a big fan of you know, like all
of the movies. Because by the time episode or Phantom

Menace came out, I was like, thirteen fourteen, Oh yeah,
ripe age to not like totally comprehend how bad it
wasn't like all right, yeah, well this is the first
one I'm alive for, so I guess I will have
to treat it with respect. Did you go without all
realizing it? By the time episode two came out, I
was like, this is fucked up. Yeah, this whole thing.

I'm like, this is a joke, Like this is nothing.
It just doesn't feel as sacred or whatever. Anyway, So
I became a neck beard at fourteen, and like I said,
I like I had technical journals, like I knew a
lot of like lore story stuff like the vehicles and technologies.
But then I got hit with this piece of trivia
on the internet and it completely fucked my head. So

in the Phantom Menace, you know they are all these
like handmade that are with Queen Amidala, you know, patme
slash Natalie Portman. I knew that Sophia Coppola was one
of those people because there are always like these articles
about like celebrities who had like snuck into Star Wars homes.
But Kiera Knightley was also one of the handmaids in
the Phantom Menace. I had no fucking clue and someone

posted this image of them. It's it's there, It's it's true,
and I was shocked because this is like years before Benditt,
like Beckham too, so this was kind of like a
pre fame nightly thing. Yeah, so I don't know. That
was just me being like, huh, I guess I don't
know all the cool fucking bar trivia about Star Wars,

and then I then I went back to sleep. I
didn't lose too much sleep over it, but it was
it was like my hot dog packaging. You can see
the you can see the poster board with the red
string behind me about all dedicated to the hot dog packaging.
Oh yeah, and me trying to tell her majesty, Hey,
did you know Kiaren Knightley was in the fandom? Mens
like shut the fast fucking are you awake? Are you awake? Okay, well,

now who do you think this is a picture of.
It's not Natalie Portman from Phantom Menace. That's Karen Nightley
in the makeup. Oh man, I've been spending a lot
of time with the prequels lately against my will. And yeah,
I just saw the third movie for the first time
actually because I was so out, like I had a

very similar trajectory or I was like Phantom Menace was
actually like, I enjoyed it. And the second one opens
with like a cool sequence and I was like, damn,
we're here, we are and now we're but then it
gets uh, it turns into the worst maybe a Star
Wars movie of all time, with a lot of love
story that is laugh out loud. The third one, though,

you know, it's not terrible, you know, yeah, like it
reminded me of Dune two and then you were like, Okay,
I see why you made those first two now, like
the it was building to something we get here that
wasn't the best way to do it, but but here
we are, Here we are. Yeah. My son's knowledge of

Star Wars is all like in universe, Like he's a
smart person in the Star Wars universe, so he would
have no idea. He'd be like, what do you mean,
Kiera Knightley, No, that's just one of the handmaids. Yeah,
you know, he's like, why is that surprising to you
that this is the group she traveled with?

Speaker 2 (13:27):
Yeah, of course you.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
Should know the structure of the Royal Court of Naboo.
It's also like, what there's there's another like eventually very
famous actor Joel Egerton. Is that his name? The guy
who plays like uncle Owen or who oh Luke? Yeah? Yeah,
it gets left with It's just every time there's like

a character or like an actor who appears in like
a tiny role like five years before they then become huge, right,
I always feel like, oh, Hollywood like just knows who's
going to be famous, you know, like there's just this
thing where they're like, yeah, we have it mapped out,
so in four years, this is going to be the

person who you are all going to know about. And
there there's nothing you can really do. But there's there's
a lot of a lot of actors that would disagree.
It's like, oh, yeah, but where's my Marvel movie? Well
I was, Yeah, I was Benjamin Bratt's right hand in
some of those Star Wars movies. They forgot about me
literally is right hand just on insert shots facemail that's

my face all right? Underrated? I have the jerk off
hand motion was underrated. Yeah, so I don't know. I
got to do a conversation about hand gestures with a friend.
He he described someone using the blowjob motion in a
dismissive way, which I said I'd never witnessed and would

actually have to like, I don't think that's what the
blowjob motion is. Well, wait, what do you mean like
to be like you know them, they're they're being like, yeah, yeah,
like I just did. I just did it for you.
But it's like you have to like kind of make
the face you would make while doing the jerk off
hand motion while pretending to suck a dick. But you know,
interest rates aren't high right now, you know, Yeah, it

just what doesn't work. It's not a very versatile like
I feel like any use of the blowjob hand motion
has to be implying something about a blowjob because it's
also like such a dramatic thing to do with your hand.
And yeah, because even if it's like you're saying, someone's
like sucking up, like it's not even the most effective thing,

right you know what I mean to demonstrate And sometimes
people like get way too into it and it's like, oh,
why are you why are you yeah, but I don't know.
It did make me appreciate that because then I was like, well,
I think they should have used the hand motion, and
then just made me appreciate the utility and sheer dismissiveness

of the jerk off hand motion, like when when done
right again, it can be done to realistically with too
much feeling, and you're like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, but
you know, I just like that in this conversation, this
person did the blowjob motion, and then you just went
into your own head just extolling the virtues I in
my now, I appreciate that they're like Jack, Jack, Jack,

come back to us. But yeah, doctor O'Brien, Doctor O'Brien,
we're losing the patient. Oh my god, that's right. I'm
a surgeon. Yeah, but I don't know that in terms
of if you want to dismiss something someone is saying,

I don't think it can be topped with possible exceptional
turning your thumb and hand into a bottle to be
like this person's shita, which is also under or doing
the old like loopy finger like this person's cool, but
that one just feels very like that one. I feel
like stopped in ninety five being useful. I really think,

like when you hit double digits in age, that's yeah, yeah, yeah,
you know, the booze one is pretty fuck. That one's
also pretty good. It's right, okay, wrong, Yeah, but I'm
sure this is like different preferences. But like for me,
for my money, yeah, you know, it's the motion to

like done to the side, like so it doesn't imply
you're actually jerking off, you know, it looks like you're
jerking off someone very much taller than you buy your shoulder, Yeah, exactly,
but it does take a certain like my wife is
not great at doing it. She gets like, I think,
too excited, does it like too fast, and then sort

of like throws suggestions at me like click clack and
dice real Yeah, it's like too far out in front
of her, I think. Yeah, yeah, control called the fire brigade. Yeah,
I think in a loose ranking, it's up there with

like the middle finger for me. Yeah for sure, yeah,
for sure. Well, allow me to reveal my underrated the
District of Columbia Washington, Washington, Washington d C. That's what
stands for yep, exactly. It wasn't because they're big a
C d C fans out here like it was Washington City.

I thought it was like named in the early nineties. Yeah, no,
that was cool. It isn't It isn't the city, not
the state one, not the state one, the d city.
But yeah, the more I come here, the more I
appreciate it as a city. I mean, obviously not as
like the spooky seed of government, which is also wild
to think. It's like some of the world's worst decisions

are being made mere blocks away from me right now.
But I mean, like, you know, who needs representation in
Congress when you get free museums. You know these museums,
the Smithsonian. Baby, Yes, maybe wow. Yes, it's walkable, there's
solid public transport, there's bike lanes, there's parks. There's a

high chance you can offend a random person on the
street by saying the government fucking sucks. It just has
all these really cool little things. Even zekegang hollered at
me on the street. It's a utopia. It's a utopia.
All that to say is thank you for the person
who who really made my day, who was walked past
me and then said look at and I was like,
oh shit, thank you. I could not even face the

fellow zigang. But yeah, I think but for me too,
Like growing up on the West Coast, a lot of
us sort of view DC as sort of like this
historical field trip city. It's like, well, yeah, you go
to DC, like see all this like sort of historically
significant stuff as it relates to the United States government. Yeah,
but there's so much more, Like just it's so culturally diverse.
It has such a rich history on so many levels,

Black history, and there's just I yeah, I think it's great.
I think it's great. And uh, but the recreational cannabis
is overpriced, I gotta say, but I get it. Oh really,
if you have if you have it, if you have
a prescription, it's different. But like here they have this
thing Initiative seventy one, I think it's called where basically
it's sort of like how stuff was in the early
days of like collectives and dispensaries in California, where they're like,

we can't transact for money for cannabis, but if you
buy this digital art piece, we can give you the
cannabis as a gift for that. And you're like, oh,
we're just make with the just make with the wead
we don't need to do with the shrade but art
piece and yeah, that to me was like the best
thing I'd heard because it's like, yeah, do you want

this like bucket hat that you will wear? Yeah? I'm like,
you know what, you don't even need my email, but
thank you will make my leave.

Speaker 2 (21:01):

Speaker 1 (21:01):
I would be a little nervous about that, like that
they're asking for personal information when buying weed. But does
everything smell like weed? I haven't been there since. Uh, like,
is it like California? And that I think anywhere that
anywhere that relaxes their shit on weed, it's people are
going to smoke weed. So yeah, I don't say that
as like a Fox News contributor. It's like it just

smells like marijuana everywhere. I think it's good, Like it
makes me calmer to like smell. It's like everybody's hey,
people are chilling, man, people are sure. People are good
out here? Your favorite place in DC, Jacks. I'm asking
you as someone who went to school here. I was like, dude,
what about you? Man, where do you gotta go when
you come out to DC? And you're like, ah, I

got been so long. It's been so long and so
long did you have your like engagement party out here
or something, or did you propose out here? We get
married there? Oh you got mesed and did all that
stuff in New York?

Speaker 2 (21:56):
Got it, got it?

Speaker 1 (21:56):
Got where'd you get married? If so, I can go
check the Mellon auditory. Okay, I'm going to go by there.
We got married on Georgetown's campus, like at the little
chapel there and then oh nice, yeah melon auditorium. All right,
big big wedding, people flying in from Korea. It was
it was wild wow. So yeah, sound like a real

Christie Nome type of occasion. Dignitaries fromer I said to them,
you should have seen what I said to them when
they se what I said to them, Spare me with
your gifts. Just pick a new leader. What All right,
let's take a quick break and we'll come back and
talk about some news. And we're back. We're back. And

there's a video going around of John mckent. Is that
mc tee, Yeah, mc tee, mc and tee just big
rap boy and energy, failed high school quarterback, Energy because
he was a high school quarterback. Though let's not you know,
let's not dismiss that he is actually a failed high
school quarterback too. You know, respect to that man, but

he so he was a member of the Trump administration,
got escorted out and fired because of financial crimes. But
obviously doing financial crimes will not you know, Trump will
only be impressed by that. So he was eventually rehired

and is now helping head up Project twenty twenty five. Yeah,
he also started the right stuff, the Maga tender app
that currently there's a darth of women that are willing
to go on there and subject themselves to the the
social platform that stresses profile at all of women. Yeah,

just a darth ball of a dearth of them. And
I like but darth though too, but also you know,
saying that you know they they it's profiles without the
pronouns obviously. And on his TikTok he just he posts
all kinds of just dumb, like weird liberal gotcha videos
that just don't make sense. But this latest one is

really doing numbers for how just fucking depraved it is.
This is This is Johnny McEntee with his tips on
how to how to hook the unhoused people up around
in your city.

Speaker 3 (24:25):
So I always keep this fake Hollywood money in my car.
So when a homeless person asks for money. Then I
get my fake five dollars bill, so I feel.

Speaker 1 (24:34):
Good about myself.

Speaker 3 (24:35):
They feel good, and then when they go to use it,
they get arrested. So I'm actually like helping clean up
the community, you know, getting them off the street.

Speaker 1 (24:43):
Wow. Yep, So everyone's like what, First of all, that's illegal,
but also sure this sull makes sense to somebody who
is like, yeah, and that's how I That's how I
clean up the streets, I think later. I don't know
if he initially clean aimed it as a joke, but
he definitely has. The video caption now on one of

his other platforms says it's a joke. Calm down, I
don't Just because I had this very realistic looking prop
money in my car that I said I give out
to people through my car window doesn't mean I actually
do that. Now that someone pointed out that that could
be felonious activity. But anyway, big jokes, JA man, Yeah, yeah,

the criminal defense that only works for guys who look
like him. I was joking, Oh my god, what are
you talking about. I think I actually poisoned McDonald's food
and then pass it out to people and would never
do anything like that. That was just some joke poison
I had in my car. Seems like a nice guy,
all right. Yeah, but again, this guy, you know, he

started as like Trump's like body man, and then like
you said, they he was under investigation for a serious
financial crimes. He's I think he like bragged a musical
that he's also managed to like master the art of
forging Donald Trum signature and instrumental in the election denial
trying to get Pence to do the deed on January sixth,

and yeah, now project twenty twenty five. So he's really
he's just falling his way upward towards the sky. Yeah,
just crime in his way forward. He also has a
name that like, this is the first time that he
has existed as a person in my brain because it's
just you know, that name in a list of other

co conspirators is pretty right, right, It's like, I don't
know Jack, it sounds America guy name Johnny mcin t
Ryan older House Yep, yep, ruse definitely Odor.

Speaker 2 (26:46):

Speaker 1 (26:46):
Well, speaking of Yeah, Trump hadder rally in Jersey, fled
about the crowd, saw, yeah you're going to Wildwood, We're
going to do Maga rally. Fled about crowd size, insulted Springsteen,
and I don't know some people like that. There's been
some news stories that are like, guys, he's this is

the most unhinged one yet. We need to he was
shouting out a cannibal. Lecter did shot an annibal. Lecter
said he was dearly departed like rip rist in peace.
Great guy, but just yeah, I mean, seemed about as
unhinged as as ever. Well, yeah, I mean, he he

was claiming there was almost one hundred thousand people I
think the day before then today he's like there was
over one hundred thousand people. Like a spokesperson for Wildwood,
New Jersey was like, yeah, there's probably between I don't know,
eighty and one hundred thousand people, but many, like non
trumpy observers said it was not even close to that number,
and like most people left because he was ranting ninety

straight fucking minutes. Yeah, and not even these people were like, yeah,
I want I'm just gonna play this clip. I don't
even know what he's talking about, but I'm also it's
like so bad. I'm a bit dubious if this is
the actual audio, because it seems like he's just saying
whatever is coming to his mind, while people are clearly
like most people have seen like the shots with like

he has this whole he's like silhouetted by this just
wall of supporters, like packed to the rafters. But the
reverse of like what the crowd looks like in front
of him, Yeah, mostly people bored hell are leaving. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (28:26):
Yeah, A tenderhearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake.

Speaker 1 (28:32):
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
Poor thing. She said, oh, the snake poem. Yeah. So
the reverse shot looks like like a Coachella stage of
like it's not going well, you no, Like people are
like kind of sitting there, not really responding, and there's

just a line of people streaming out behind him, behind
them at the at the back, which is wild because
I'm pretty sure there weren't like other authoritarian dictators speaking
like at other stages that they could have been going to,
like they came for Trump and were like Jesus Christ,
he loves to make poem again. Yeah, he's been doing

that for a fucking Was he doing that in the
first campaign or was that second campaign. I think he's
been I think he's been doing that from from way back.
Oh boy, yeah, poem was so mean that if he
went to dinner with him and he didn't like you,
he'd be dead the next morning. And I got better
more than him. Oh boy, yeah he's he's having I guess,

an absolutely regular one. And yeah, I just like also
liked that the fact that he decided to take a
shot at Bruce Springsteen because obviously everyone in New Jersey
hates that fucking carpetbagger. And like even when some people
like when he first said like, yeah, you know people
like Bruce Springsteen. I think there's more people here than
at Bruce Springsteen show, they just laughed. It wasn't even

like yeah, I think you're like momus, like we're from Jersey.
This is not even close. But this caused many Boss
fans to post pictures of shows where actual tens of
thousands of people had gathered to be like this does
not compare or compute or whatever, but hey, you know
that's that's what That's what life's like for Trump, just

going to the Garden State taking shots at Springsteen, telling
weird poems I think that were written by a black people. Okay,
has anyone ever seen silence? Of the Lambs, the Late
Great Hannibal Elector. He's a wonderful man. He oftentimes would
have a friend for dinner. Remember that the last scene.
Excuse me, I'm about to have a friend for dinner.
Has this poor doctor walked by? We're about to have

a friend for dinner. Hannibal Elector. Congratulations, the Late Great
Hannibal Elector. We have people that have been released into
our country that we don't want in our country, and
they're coming in totally unchecked, totally unvetted, and we can't
let this happen. They're destroying our country. And we're sitting
back and we've been damn well win this election, because
if we don't, our country is going to be doomed.

It's going to be doomed. He doesn't even connect the
Hannibal Elector thing, like I'm assuming he meant to. He
started out meaning to be like and these people are
worse than Hannibal Elector. But first of all, he just
keeps talking about how cool Handble Elector, how cool and
dead Hannibal electric is, weird, weird choices, great dinner host folks,

great hosts part Yeah, and then just taking the Chris
Farley show approach to remember Hannibal Elector's cool. Yeah all right,
we just drifting aimlessly. Yeah, it just sucks that those
people did not want to hang around for that or
his completely misinterpreted the snake recitation, right, sure, yep, yeah,

that's what he does.

Speaker 2 (31:51):
That's what he does.

Speaker 1 (31:52):
And uh so the Christy nomebook eagerly anticipated by no
one really, but I guess the media who get to
write these stories about like all the bullshit that's in
there that finally dropped. We got more words there, probably
uh not true? Yeah, yeah, which is great. This time,

she said that she totally pulled a fucking power stunt
on French President Emmanuel Macron last year. She says, quote,
while in Paris, I was slated to meet with French
President Emmanuel Macran. However, the day before we were to meet,
he made what I considered a very pro Hamas and

anti Israel comment to the press. So I decided to cancel.
Oh yeah, fuck yeah, girl, cancel his Prohamas ass. Let
them fucking know, honey, from the fucking windows to the wall.
What else? Mother, mother? What's the square root of sixty four? Um?

If you liked that story, though, please don't reach out
to Macron's office to verify the story like NBC did,
because they will say. Quote, a representative from the Elyse
Palace disputed nomes account, saying there's no record of a
scheduled meeting, nor was there an invitation extended to her.
When reached for comment Friday, a spokesperson for Nomes said

that quote, the governor was invited to sit in President
of Macron's box for the armist to stay parade at
Arcta Triumph, So you were invited to be at an
event he was at, you know. And spoiler alert, he
didn't even show up at this event. So even if
she had, he wasn't even there for the chance to
even be like, ah Am Macron, I'm off of the
year pro Hamas fucking rantings because like the NBC also

tried to figure out what he may have said to
the press, like in the lead up, and it was
just very boilerplate Western European leader shit. Right after the
October seventh saying like oh yeah, like I condemned Hamas
and Israel has like a right to defend itself, but
they should also not indiscriminate bomb people, and okay, I

don't think. Wow, not today, not on my watch, my watch,
so shouldn't kill innocent people? Okay, Wow, it's okay, Homs,
I'm out of here. I'm off this. I'm not going
to come to your box for the Armistice parade at
the Arc de Triomphe box suite or whatever you Her
lines are just like such basic like kid in middle

school lies where it's just they all seem to start
with leg so I told him, And it's just some
bullshit that she like wishes, she said. But in a
lot of cases, like the entire conversation didn't even happen.
So it's just it's that it's like that freshman year
of high school lying energy. I feel like freshman year
of high school brings a lot of like lies out

for kids because you have a chance to like start
over sometimes, like you have different classmates, you can kind
of create your own myth. I remember like out there
you know high schools, your high school too? Yeah, man,
cool man, I can't wait, dude, I saw Kirvana this summer.
What about you, guys? Son Rvana? You know I got

kid's T shirt. I remember there was this fucking kid
my freshman year. Man. He fucking said that Green Day
played at his like fourteenth birthday for like eighth grade,
and we're like how He's like, my dad knows them.
And we're like, how is your dad like in the
industry or something. He's like, nah, my dad, my dad's
an accountant like for a record label. He's like, nah,

but he knows. Like he didn't even think his lie
out passed Grand Day pay to my birthday, and it
was also became one of those things. It's like later
on like he was like became more chill, and I
remember bringing it up and he's like, I never said that.
I was like, all right, that's what I'll call you
green Day full because you said that came to your birthday.
You are Green Day behind your man Green Days, acting

like he didn't say Green Day came to his fucking
birthday party. What the fuck? So you guys called me
that because of how much weed I smoke. Fuck, that's
a lie, too, said, You've never done drugs in your life. Yeah,
it wasn't the Kim Jong un story, Like she told him.
I know a thing or two about dealing with little

tyrants because I've worked with children before. I was a
Sunday school teacher. Yeah yeah, and then immediately just the
immediate backing down and it's like that scene and is
it happy Gilmore Billy Madison, Billy Billy Madison. That Veronica
Vaughan is one fine piece of assive And I know

from experience. No, no you don't, well no I don't,
but yeah, she just a friend of mine. Him and
her got it on. No they didn't, Yeah, no they didn't.
But Marley references and you could imagine what it would
be like. Right, you're welcome, young listeners. Yeah, yeah, all right,

let's take a quick break and we're gonna come back
and talk about solar storms. And we're back, and yeah,
there was some there was a bit of solar activity

over the weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A lot of places
got to see the Aurora borealis this weekend in the US.
Yeap went as far south as a northern California and Alabama. Yeah,
you could apparently allegedly could have seen them from d
C from what I read, But when I went outside

there was clouds, and then I was just so tired.
I I should have acted like it was an actual
chance to see something like very significant to our earth,
But yeah, I was just too tired. So I was like, oh, well,
maybe God, maybe God is intending for me to go
to Scandinavia and see it like yeah at the way
Away attended, or Alaska, wherever the fart, wherever. Just I

gotta go up in the northern hemisphere there, Yeah, catch
the last solar eclipse. But that's just because I'm going
to go so crazy for the solar eclips. Many just no,
you're not, No, You're I'm not.

Speaker 2 (38:22):
No, I'm probably not.

Speaker 1 (38:23):
But you can imagine though, right, Yeah, I guess yeah.

Speaker 2 (38:27):

Speaker 1 (38:27):
A lot of people seem to be processing this by
posting uh Simpsons memes on Twitter.

Speaker 2 (38:34):
Specifically the uh.

Speaker 1 (38:36):
The Skinner meme where he is eating with Superintendent Chalmers
the super Nintendo Chalmers, Yeah, super Nintendo, and is like, uh,
there's a fire in his kitchen. He claims that's the
or borealis this time of year, at this time of day,
this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen. Wow,

I wonder this is when you know you're getting old too,
because I'm sure there are a lot of people been like,
what the fuck is this?

Speaker 2 (39:03):
What are you guys talking about?

Speaker 3 (39:05):

Speaker 1 (39:05):
What are these yellow cartoon characters talking about Steamed Hams. Yeah,
it was a great fucking day for us, So obviously
that was the reference everybody was using on social media. There.
There were some concerns about the storm because it was
a G five storm, Oh god, and we all know

what that means. But fly like a G six, So
it's probably less than a G six, less than a
G six, but definitely more than a G four. And
you kept tell and I had a feeling it's on
like what we were seeing. Definitely more than a G four.
This was the first of this strength to hit the
planet since two thousand and three, and when that one

hit it temporarily knocked out power in part of Sweden
and damaged electrical transformers in South Africa. This one, this time,
we I mean no major damage as of yet. The
storm did affect communication systems that rely on high frequency
radio waves, so that fucked up my ham radio stuff. Yeah,

what's your call sign on there, steamed Ham Radio, steamed
Ham Radio. Yeah, Steady Hammond. I like that. I'll go
by Becky Hammond, Becky on there. Yeah. The other thing,
I guess GPS really fucked up, fuck things up for
the farmers, which I did not know that. I mean, yeah, again,

I don't know anything about agriculture, but I was like, oh,
that makes sense. Automated agriculture machines. Cool. Yeah, they have
a form of GPS that is better than ours, apparently
they have, like their tractors use GPS for automated guidance
while planning crops. But it has to be like incredibly precise, right,

Like it can't be the normal GPS. Nice, you're one,
You're on one of these roads in this general area,
right and based on the factor're moving in that direction
at that speed, you can't be going the wrong way
on a one way So we're going to say you're
here just making educated guesses at that point. But their
tractors are precise to the point of like centimeters, which

like allows them to plant in straight lines and allow
for proper spacing, which is just a crazy level precision
that they have.

Speaker 2 (41:29):
Access to that I wasn't aware of.

Speaker 1 (41:31):
Oh wow, Brian the Editor, with the fucking facts here.
Civilian GPS limited to three meters real real GPS is
centimeter accurate. Brian the Editor, any thoughts we we have
had you on before to talk about the dangers of
a solar storm, the possibility of a solar storm. Eventually,

solar storms knocking shit out. Yeah we did. We did
the sexiest solar storms of the past fifty years. You
came in and gives her top five. But this one,
it seemed like there was There were definitely like Wi
Fi issues that I saw happening in America on Friday.
I don't know if they were related, but generally it

seemed like the system held.

Speaker 2 (42:15):
How did you feel.

Speaker 5 (42:17):
I didn't have any problems because I was actually getting
my internet set up my new apartment, So.

Speaker 1 (42:23):
Yeah, I wouldn't have noticed it right right, and it sucks.
I heard it. I heard it did affect a bunch
of hot dogs though the solar Yeah, a couple of
people stomach bugs.

Speaker 5 (42:36):
Yeah, any shrimp and port one times during a solar
storm or.

Speaker 1 (42:42):
Bad things might happen. Yeah. God, everybody's getting it in
some weird way. I feel like one of the early
zombie movies made of maybe Night of the Living Dead,
like there's a comet or something. There's some celestial explanation
for the zombie apocalypse. I mean, it's the it's the
classic explanation.

Speaker 5 (43:02):
If you don't yeah, if you don't want to explain
why the shot in your movie is happening.

Speaker 1 (43:06):
Just show a comment hitting Earth during the credits. The
problem solved, right, yeah post post credits scene, do that
happened because that comment? Anyway, have a good night. Sometimes
it's like spacecraft disguised as a comment. But yeah, anyways,
we should say it's the system has held together pretty

well so far. But we do have to await the
emergence of any zombies or you know, people going haywire
and hey, yeah, we'll see well yeah, like again November,
take your time if you're gonna if this is also
zombie related, maybe maybe hold it or I don't know,
maybe just do a whole whatever you want, whatever you want. Yeah,

Katie Britt, we have an update from Katie Britt. Missed
her Actress of the Year. I think she just won
a BAFTA over the weekend, so she's center. Who did
the response to Biden's State of the Union was that
this past year or year before that was that was okay, Yeah,
that's how fucking wild shit feels. She somehow didn't die

of embarrassment after doing one of the strangest just approximations
of humanity in the speech where she's like on the
like she always looks like she's on the verge of tears,
but also it feels fake but also like it's yeah,
it's just weirdly on the verge of like screaming to
the point that her like blood vessels would burst in

her eyes. Yeah, it's everything. It was a powerhouse performance.

Speaker 2 (44:39):

Speaker 1 (44:40):
Anyways, she's introducing a new bill called the Mom's Act,
which sounds cute. We all love moms, right in time
for Mother's Day. Mom stands for more opportunities for moms
to succeed. Okay, so the word moms is both the
acronym and one of the letters, and we'll allow it. Fine,

very clever. And it proposes to establish an online government
database called pregnancy dot gov listing resources related to pregnancy,
including care providers unless and you could probably fill in
what the unless is unless they provide abortion related services.

Pregnancy dot gov. This sounds very good. This sounds very good.
So it's probably going to be a lot of propaganda,
probably crisis births and pregnancy center things nothing to do
with your pregnancy that would actually keep someone informed about
what their options are. I'm guessing that's just what I'm

thinking if that's what Senator britt is a is whoever
whatever interest group basically said, here your put it. You're
gonna introduce this onto the Senate fold. Just go out
there and do what you're told. The site would quote
provide misleading information and effort to dissuade women from seeking abortion,
and the bill itself would quote provide grants to anti
abortion nonprofit organizations, and it actually like gets worse from there,

which is pretty wild. It just feels like she's gone
full Handmaid's Tale. Her website would require users seeking info
to provide their contact information. So essentially, we create a
national registry of pregnant women created by the people who
are actively trying to criminalize abortion. Mmmm yeah, wow wow

wow wow Yeah that will I mean the video itself again,
she I don't know if she's ever able to do
things not super creepy, like her performances feel like when
artists do commentary on mass media and like there's like
this uncanny thing about like the people on TV selling
us like fucked up messages black hole sun core. Yeah exactly.

So this is just a little taste of how she
wanted to let you know it's safe okay, and I'm
a smiling lady. Yeah you should picture wide smile plastered
across her face. Hi.

Speaker 6 (47:03):
As a mom, I know that there is no greater
blessing in this life than our children. And I also
understand the types of challenges that women face during their
pregnancy journeys and while raising their kids.

Speaker 1 (47:16):
Dude, this music is fucking violent. I don't know how
else to describe it. Like, you're not tricking me with
this fucking acoustic guitar string piano arrangement, as much as
you want to make it feel like, no, no, this
is but nine, this is.

Speaker 2 (47:29):
Okay, this is a benefit.

Speaker 1 (47:31):
This is a song that my husband was playing on
the acoustic guitar at the bonfire that I met him at. Right, Yeah,
he was a youth pastor and I was one of
the in the youth, the youth group. Let's let's what else.
Let's want to see the last couple of seconds of it.
What kind of entertainment value do we get out of it?
If any?

Speaker 6 (47:50):
I'll continue to fight to a dance a comprehensive culture
of life, to empower parents and to grow opportunities for
hard working families. Every child across their nation can reach
their God to give them potential and every woman can fry.

Speaker 1 (48:06):
Oh boy, yeah, that's uh.

Speaker 7 (48:11):
Well, that's here, it's here, this is this is what
they're this is hey, all part of Project twenty twenty five,
because that's also another one of the aims of a
new Despotic regime is to do away with any kind
of healthware body, any.

Speaker 1 (48:26):
Of that, any any privacy, any Yeah. Yeah, it's not
a cult. It's not a cult. That was very natural,
very natural sincere vibes I got from that.

Speaker 2 (48:36):

Speaker 1 (48:37):
And yeah, pregnancy dot go y'all check it out, check
it out. Uh And finally, we have an opportunity to
let you know about you can eat like Garfield at
the Olive Garden. You guys, how does one eat like Garfield?
Well you might have heard this, but Garfield like lasagna.

That okay, So the entire menu is literally just lasagna. Obviously,
the entrees lasagna, I'm not I'm not surprising you with
that one. The appetizer miles also lasagna. Oh. The dessert okay,
lasagna frittata. Lasagna frita is.

Speaker 2 (49:21):
What it's called.

Speaker 1 (49:22):
It looks like what is that like fried polenta with
just like sauce, on it. Okay, sure, yeah, cut with
meat sauce on it. It's not technically lasagna, which I
think the thing okay, and that's okay, that's okay, just
shut the fuck up. I'm trying to eat like Garfish. Yeah,
garflet is on the on the ad being like I
always start with this app looking very smug and satisfied,

well fed. But yeah, the dessert is a chocolate lasagna
and people are already treating it like a challenge to
like eat the whole thing three than six hundred and
sixty calories. Wait, if you eat the fucking Garfield menu,
that's like once all fuck off should be like a
day and a half. I think is probably the FBA. Yeah, yeah,

that's a that's a lot of Garfield fandom going on.

Speaker 2 (50:14):
If you're if you're willing to put that down.

Speaker 1 (50:16):
I'm sorry. There's a new Garfield, like this is the
other thing? Was like, there's a movie coming out, yeah soon,
who's Garfield? Oh that's right? And everyone's like, wasn't Bill
Murray the voice of Garfield?

Speaker 2 (50:29):
At one point?

Speaker 1 (50:30):
He was he signed on to do it. I don't
know was he the voice or was it like one
of those live action combination things. I think he was
the voice, yeah, which makes sense. He he has Garfield energy.
But I remember that was a story where the yeah right, yeah,

the person who made it was named Joel or Ethan Cohen. Wow,
Joel Cohen is that of the Coen Brothers is like
stepping out. So it was like one of those things
where because he like does all his decisions on his
own managers an agent. Yeah, kind of got fucked on
that one. But it's anyway, this one is going to

be a cinematic classic. Yeah, I don't know what is
this actually gonna make money? I just don't know, or
I guess care. I think that's that's the other part
is Garfield feels so like irrelevant, you know what I mean,
Like I don't know how else to put it. I
mean like I get the character itself looks yeah, sure

it's like Garfield. But are the kids. Are the kids
asking for Garfield? I don't think so. My kids are
not asking for Garfield. I think this reminds me of
like the big Blockbuster movie they had a couple of
weeks ago, was fall Guy, which was, you know, a
Ryan Gosling movie that was like kind of because they

can't just be like give him another Marvel movie anymore
because Marvel is run out of They're like, give give
them another Gossling.

Speaker 2 (52:03):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (52:03):
They're like kind of throwing dart at a wall, like
trying to figure out what it is that people would
want that could be like bankaball and so in this case,
they're like, give them another cartoon that is well known
that is voiced by Chris Pratt.

Speaker 2 (52:17):
Oh my god, you know.

Speaker 1 (52:19):
Yeah, well, at least Samuel L. Jackson is the voice
of his father. Thank god. I was. I was waiting
for a vehicle where sam Jackson was Chris Pratt's father.
Oh wow, that's where I get. After an unexpected reunion
with his long lost father, scruffy street cat VIC voiced
by Samuel Jackson, Garfield and his canine friend Odi are

forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in
a hilarious high stakes heist. Wow. Oh cool, cool, that
is cool, Miles, You're right, that's cool. But again, I
feel like diminishing returns, Like they're trying to copy the
success of Super Mario Brother. There's that cartoon with like

a Garfield cartoon with Chris Pratt is Yeah, it's written
by the same guy who wrote Finding Nemo and Emperor's
New Groove, And I guess the director also worked on
Emperor's New Groove. Like that shit came out in two thousand. Wow,
well they've been working on it for a while. Hey,
they know what the kids want. I'm telling you we're

we're good here.

Speaker 2 (53:25):

Speaker 1 (53:26):
Don't worry about the bill because conceivably the people that
would even take their kids to see this movie were
born around the time the last big animated thing these
guys made was right, Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, so
we'll say it's it's such a stupid thing. But it
is an instinct I have where I'm like rooting for

the box office. Like the Planet of the Apes movie
did well this week, and I was like, yes, people,
those are going to do well. There's maybe there will
be They do like exactly the same every time, like
it made like fifty six million, and like the last
one made like fifty four and yeah, because I want there.
I want people to continue to be able to go

to the movies, for that to continue to be an option.
But it's tough team to root for when it's like
these sorts of decisions can you imagine they just they're
just gonna start going all in on Planet of the
Apes mashups. They're like, all right, dude, this is then
this this shit is still giving us something. Man, So
what if are they part of the MCU. Is there

any way we can connect the Planet of the Apes
with that? About a rom com set in the Planet
of the Apes uniform? You know, dude, I have to all.

Speaker 2 (54:37):
Be war and fighting.

Speaker 1 (54:39):
That would be so absurd that I feel like that
could be hilarious. Like like when this silver back enter
Rangutang said they were they couldn't be together. They went
against all odds to prove to the world that they
were true prime mats. Yeah, prime mates. There you go,
try that out. Try that out. That's a free one, Hollywood.

Don't even want anything for that. Just promise you'll make it.
Oh man. The Fetichini Alfredo is like in the mix
on this Garfield movie, Uh extravaganza. That was That was
my go to when I was a kid and got
to go to the Olive Garden Vetti Genie Alfredo, I
won't be hungry for two weeks. Yeah, I mean, I

feel like that was always the like I remember, like
in the nineties, it felt like it was like uncool
to order pot like red sauce, like everyone wanted FETI
like Alfredo, that felt like the cool thing to eat.
It was like, dude, red sauce, that's for my grandma.
I eat molten cheese. Well, I think we also got
fucked up on the red sauce because we were all

eating like Ragu spaghetti, Yeah, which not great. I mean
actually Ragu was better. Like we got like the chunky
stuff that had like chunks of vegetables in it in
a jar and that that was actually I liked even
less than Ragu. No, well, good to know. I will.

I will make sure I never prepare you that kind
of sauce again. I feel like they've got the cannsauces
figured out. No, like there's yeah, they're pretty good. They're
pretty good. Good good shortcuts for the past eaters out there. Finally,
Jerry Seinfeld gave the commencement speech at Duke over the
weekend where his his kids go, I guess, and it

went about as well as everything else that Jerry Seinfeld
has done in the past month. Yeah, you know, he's
been complaining about the wokes. He released his January sixth
pop tart movie yep. And he's an avowed supporter of Israel,
and it was recently revealed his wife donated money and

encouraged others to donate money to the pro Israel counter
protest group that showed up at u c.

Speaker 6 (56:50):
L A.

Speaker 1 (56:51):
Yeah, it's called the Right Side of History Jack. That's right.
They're all in on that. They're just all in on that. Well,
what a great time to ask him to speak? Well,
school president Vincent Price, which like these colleges are just
political and financial institutions. Yeah, no, it's the Vincent Price

I got him, which is a bummer because his voice
was drowned out by a chance of free Palestine, So
you didn't get to hear Vincent Price's voice.

Speaker 2 (57:26):
What a what a gift?

Speaker 1 (57:28):
What did what does Seinfeld have to offer people who
are graduating college. I'm glad you asked, Miles, because we
got the inside from people, like people reported on it.
They were like, so what did these kids miss? And
I did see like one of the blue check Twitter
people that Elon Musk insists on like putting in my

Twitter feed was like, great job, guys, getting to watch
Seinfeld at your commencement speech. Would have been a highlight
of your life, and you out on it and missed it.
You fucked up. So the thing that they actually missed
out on was Seinfeld's three keys to life, work hard,

pay attention, and fall in love. Oh my god, just
real really that you know, that's cut down from his
earlier draft ra fall in love with a seventeen year
old high schooler when you're thirty eight and a TV star.
But oh my god, well falling a lay listen, pay,

work hard, pay attention, and fall in love. It couldn't
be more fucking useless. It's it's great because, like he
he has been for years talking about how he can't
play colleges anymore because they don't like his joke about
how people use their smartphones like a gay French king. Yes, yes,
he used to take the note that like the gay

is actually like doesn't make sense and you're just being
here and instead is like the kids. It is the
kids who are wrong, and insisted that colleges are too woke.
And then, man, this must have been he must be psyched.
Gets to really double down on this. Rogan or wherever

the fuck he's gonna appear next. This quote from What
apparently what he said, quote, whatever.

Speaker 4 (59:22):
You doing, I don't care if it's your job, your hobby,
a relationship, getting a reservation at M Sushi, make an effort.

Speaker 1 (59:30):
What what Getting a reservation at M Sushi is great.

Speaker 4 (59:37):
Whether you're haggling with with someone who owns a rare
car in Europe, just make sure you give it your best.
You're not gonna pay three hundred thousand dollars in transportation fees.

Speaker 1 (59:47):
Oh Jesus, Jerry, thank you for that. Tell that to
the kids who are out here. But he still gets it.
He's still just one of the people. He understands. Thank
God for is M Sushi? Like, please be like a
place that Oh it's a place in Durham. Okay, so
he was doing a local reference research. Wow, Jerry, you

still got it, buddy, He's still that's on me. That's
on me. Yeah. The form of the commencement speech is
just I love that he did the paint by numbers,
work hard, pay attention, fall in love, yeah cool man. Yeah.

Well all right, well those are some of the things
that are trending on this Monday morning. We are back
tomorrow with the whole last episode of the show. Until then,
be kind to each other, be kind to yourselves, get
the vaccine, don't do nothing about white supremacy, and we
will talk to you all tomorrow. Bye bye,

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