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May 13, 2020 12 mins

This week Peter’s new computer destroys the episode before release. After a full meltdown, Peter picks himself off the floor, cuts together a mini episode with Bryn, then goes back to bed. See you next week.

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Speaker 1 (00:12):
Hello, and welcome to We Know its Parenting. I'm Peter McNerney,
and this is not a real episode, my friends. Sometimes
the universe wants you to succeed, and other times it
lets you spend an entire morning editing together uh incredibly
long interviews with your kids into a really cute, extra

long episode. And then um, then the app tries to
update itself and deletes the whole thing, and then you
get so mad that you scream into a pillow. Um
for god knows how long. Time really starts to blur
and it's a pandemic, so what's time anyway? And then
you try to, you know, broach the subject of rerecording

the episode with your wife and and you both know
it's not gonna happen. We because we bought all the honesty,
all the truth and all the fun into the first
recording and then here we are with almost nothing, and uh,
we decided we can't do it. We can't do it.
We would just try to be we trying to be

recreated all the delightful you know, an honest banter that
we do, and that's bullshit, and um, we're not going
to do that. So uh, my, my, my, my, great apology,
My great apology, My apologies to the listeners, um for

getting a new computer and not making sure that the
software worked before we recorded. We'll be back next week
with a regular episode. UM. So, all we're gonna do
in this episode is we have a little bit of
an interview that we recorded. The one piece that was
not deleted from a previous save, uh is a little
a little interview UM with Brent. Now it's not clear

who is interviewing whom into this episode. It starts one
way and then it seems to flip and you know,
like most interviews conducted with a five year old, you know,
it goes where it goes. Um, So please enjoy this
segment of you know's what they you know's what they're saying. Hello,

I'm Brent and I would him in review my daddy.
It's great to be here. Hi, brand Hi, how are
you doing good? Um? So, what do you want to
interview me about? Um? All about different animals. If they

ask any kinds of animals, you talk about them. Oh so,
all right, you're gonna ask me about an animal and
I'm gonna about animal. Um, I want you to tell
me all about piranhas piranhas. Um. I don't know the time,
but pranas are um a smaller fish than you think,

but they've got teeth and they eat meat. So if
you jump in a river, I think in the Amazon
with a lot of pranhas, you could I don't think
they'll kill you, but they could take some chunks out
of you. Uh, brand, Can I ask you a question? Um? Yes? Um?
Do you like being the host of the podcast? Sure?

Is there anything about me Brian that you don't know? No,
you don't think there's anything about me you don't know? Well,
actually there's things that I don't know about you. I
don't know why your name is Peter and all some
of you and you have some friends that had the
same name, so you had to talk about So you

have to say, like their last name so you can
so they know you're they're talking to. That's true. In
middle school and high school, some of my closest but
my two close friends were named for Peter and Peter
um um. There are actually five Peters in my grade. Um,

and so we all went by our last name because
we'd be like, hey, Peter, and then four of us
would be like yes, what huh huh me him, Peter,
who him? He goes, no, No, Peter, me you him,
and so we just they they called me Narnie. Sometimes
they call me Nern. Do you think that's a cool name?

M m well, no, because the Mario Kart as that name.
There's a Narni in Mario Kart. No, it just as
Nern instead. Oh, I think that's I think that's my
user name Mario Kart. I wrote that because when I

started playing video games where you could add a name,
I was probably in fifth grade, and so I'd write Nern.
So you put yourself and Mario Kart. We'll be asked
for your name, and that's my cool nickname Nern Nernie,
Nern dog, Nern Burger. Yeah, but your luck. But your

real last name is Nicknerney. Some people call me McNerney. Why. Um,
But you also asked, why is my name Peter? Well,
do you know what my dad's name is? Ostritche that's right.
Your grandfather's name is Ostrich McNerney. No, his name is

also Peter, and you know his only name is Ostrich.
That's his nick name, Peter. He is pretty tall, like
an Ostrich. Um. But you also know that grandma has
a twin a twin brother, and his name is also Peter. No,
his name is Robot. Oh you're right, I've got my

whole back story wrong. So now you know those things
about me. But what do you think it's like to
be a daddy? Do you think it's easy or hard? Easy?
Why do you think it's easy because you know everything
what to do, like when you're grown up, like if

you got kids, you you just know what to do.
That's easy. M hmm. Do I make it seem like
I know everything? I don't think? So what do you
think I don't know about you? Don't know anything that
I know some things that I told you? I know everything?

Oh you know everything? Yes, all right? Bran Um? So
do I make you mad? Sometimes? What do I make
you mad? Sometimes? Why would you ever make me mad?
When you like at when you are mad at me?
You don't make you be mad? You make me sad? Oh? Well,

I don't want to make you sad? But sometimes do I?
Sometimes I make I make you sad when I'm angry,
only if you just do it. Like yelling, Do I
yell a lot? Or do I yell just sometimes all
the time, all the time? Every time you're mad at me?
So mad every only every time you're so mad? Why

do I get mad at you because I do something
so bad? You are that mad? Like? What do you
have any bad habits? You think? I can't control myself?
Movie than candy. I love candy. You know that you

know that you shouldn't have treats in the middle of
the day, but you can't help it. Yeah, I can't
help it'sess my brain control. It's just that my brain
controls to do it. So your brain is telling you
to get candy, but another part of your brain knows
that you shouldn't, right, Yeah, but he just is. He's

just like a bad brain. Also, do you have different
kinds of brains, Like you have a good brain telling
you what to do that's good, and then another part
of your brain that's like, yeah, but I'm the bad brain.
Go get some chocolate chips and fill up a giant
cup with it and eat it on the white couch.
Is it like that? I think you mean white comfy chair.

I'm sorry, the white comfy chair. Does it feel like
That's times where one part of your brain is like
the bad guy, one part of your brain is is
patient and understanding. Yeah, but I don't. I don't ever
know which one is the which mm hmm. That's a

good point. Like every time I fall asleep, I don't
have any brain inside me. It does dreaming is weird.
What do you think happens when you're asleep? What does
your brain do when you're asleep? Hey, there isn't even
my good brain or or my bad brain isn't there.

It's just nothing's happening. Yeah, well do you have dreams? No,
my brain doesn't make me have dreams. You never never
had a dream before. Yeah, I do not know, but
you don't think it's your brain when I'm asleep. I
actually there's only one thing that I know was that,

like every time I fall asleep, my brain goes at
different places and they take out and and the bad
brain is actually evil. So he so he goes to
someone's house. He takes that person, that kid's brain out

and puts self in there and he makes their brain brain.
I mean they're there. They they they have a nightmare.
So that's where your brain goes. That's why you don't
have nightmares, because your bad brain goes away at night. Yeah,
like good brain to stays there. He just likes to

be with me because he likes me. Um, Brn, I
have one more brain, Brinn's brain. I have one more
thing to ask you about. I want to ask you
about your sister. What do you think about Maybe I
don't really have my I don't really have my good
brain in right now, so that's going to affect your answer.
When I have my bad brain, I really know everything.

Oh so your brain bad brain is smart. Yeah, my
brad brain knows everything. Actually I don't really know all
the things that it knows because I don't really know
everything when I have it in. Well, Um, can you
tell me about your sister, Maybn? What is she like?
What does what did my bad brain make me do? Oh?

What does that have to do with man? Okay? The
answer was candy. Well, this has been a fun interview.
Thank you, brand Um. Did you learn anything during this interview?
Only about Piranhas because you told me about him? All right?
You wanta you wanna do your sign off? How do

you say goodbye to the audience? M? H And with
that h M. That's gonna do it. For this week's episode,

mini episode if we Knows Parenting, Um, if you'd like
to write us an email you can do so it
we knows pot at gmail dot com. I'm not gonna
give you the voicemail number because that's the best job.
And she's not here, she's upstairs working. Um yes, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
we knows pod right, why don't you you know it?

Don't write us review this week, we don't deserve it.
But next week, well maybe that's the week you're going
to write a review. Until until next week, We're great.
We'll hope you're great. We miss you. Goodbye.

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