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March 10, 2020 39 mins

This week Maeven discovers the comedy or Modana, Peter is too tired and Bryn hits Beth with some devastating news: she’s fired.

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Speaker 1 (00:12):
Well, well, wow, look who it is. We know it's parents,
and I'm Peter McNerney that and you're you the fine listener, fine,
your finest of listening. You are fine. We have great
we have great listeners. We do. We have the finest,
nothing but the best. It's true. No jerks, no jerks. Yeah,

people get upset with us very rarely. It's usually usually
the car seats, car seats. Oh yeah, it's usually like
a valid point that. It's usually like, hey, you're using
your car seats wrong. You're recommending car seats for kids
that are too young to use those car seats. I'm
not gonna say they're wrong. I mean, just to clarify,

this is the in reference to travel car seats, which
are not a regular car seats. Well, they also got
criticized for putting our kids in car seats with their
winter jackets on. Yeah, I know that's the thing. And
I also say, no, I think we are For the record,
you're right. For the record, you're right, we are wrong.

It is correct. But I also think sometimes we have
to let parents live their lives and it's cold that
side and kids need coats on up in Minnesota, I'm like,
what parents are getting out in like thirty below. My
one of my midwives, who is one of the most
sort of strict, seeming like direct midwives, like the she's

like the older one who was just like when I
told her I thought it might be pregnant with twins,
she was like, there's no twins in there. I hate
to tell you this. Like she was just like, listen up, idiot,
I've seen twins that ain't twins. She's like very abrupt.
So I was talking to her um years ago when
I was post parton or something, and she was like,
my daughters all stressed out about trying not to put

the kids in car seats with their jackets on and
all this stuff, and I said, just tighten the straps.
And I was like, thank god, this woman is giving
me permission to endanger our children to children. For the record,
for those of you screaming at us, we're not saying
do this. We're not saying do this, but we're also
saying that we do this. We this. This podcast is

called We Knows Parenting because we don't know is ironic
and we're just surviving out here with this difficult thing
of keeping children alive. A coronavirus economy. I did. I
had a good talk with our friend Um, one of
Brand's friends parents on Sunday, and she is a pathologist,

and I had a good talk with her about coronavirus
because I what I was saying last week and what
I continue to believe, as I said, we'll probably get it.
We don't have a lot of con role. I think
I have it right now. And now coronavirus has hit
one town over from us. They've shut all the schools down,
have they which was not which is cause debatably causes

more problems than it solved. When you do that, we're
not a single child. Well, I'll say this coronavirus, as
many other people have pointed out, is really highlighting the
weaknesses in our system of capitalism because people don't I don't,
I don't want to know. I am going to say this, Peter, Okay, people,

when we shut down schools, then people can't get leave
from their jobs. They need to do that. People are
going into work sick because they don't get paid sickly.
People don't have health insurance, they can't hospital like shutting
down shutting down schools, the kids aren't gonna the kids
are still going to go out, then they go to
the mall. You're spraying, you're mixing up people's travel daily

travel routines, and you're spreading the disease further, and you're
mixing people What you do need to shut the school down, yes,
but it's not when there are no children who have
gotten the disease. Well, it's hard to say because this
disease is as a special form of chaos because kids
don't often present many symptoms with coronavirus. But anyway, I

was talking to our friend the pathologist, who is very smart,
and she was saying, like the uh, she agreed with
me that we probably will get it and will be
fine because we're not elderly, we're not immunocompromise. But she's
concerned about is elderly people. And like she said that
the United States, the US government, because of Trump, really

fumbled this. They should have been working on this months
ago when everyone was already talking about it in the news,
and they have. He's still downplaying it. They've massively sucked
up the response. And but the good thing is that
the state of New York is doing a lot better
than a lot places. So in a way. I think
it's like a blessing that it's hitting here in Westchester

where there's a lot of wealth, because that people will
be able to hopefully respond in a somewhat coordinated way,
even though there is currently no clear plan like as
to what's happened. Well, they don't have enough information, you know,
there's not enough there's not enough data to make these
definitive choices. Well, there's no tests available. People can't get tested.

Can we talk about the real big news of the week.
What's the real big news of the week is mommy
got fired forever? Oh yeah, Bryan fired me from being
his mom. So this is last night. I was like,
this is okay, Bryan. You started letting Brin play with

a Nintendo switch, which is actually didn't not really How
did he learn how to use it? Peter? While he
did it when I was not in the room. He
now tell us how to turn it on and he
starts playing, and I'm like, what are you doing? He
learned it from you? So Sunday you were gone all

day and he had a play date and he was
using the switch, and then I was tired, so I
let him use a switch longer than I probably should have,
which makes him go a little crazy. And then at
a certain point I was trying to get him to
eat dinner, and I think by this point he was
maybe watching TV, but I turned the TV off and
he was like, he was like, you can't do that.

He's he's just always doing a lot of negotiating, which
I feel like we need to work on. I need
to like just lay down the law like crazy for
two weeks or something to just like break him because
he's just such a tyrant. And so he was like,
he was like, you never let me do anything, and
he was, yeah, that he said that. And then I

posted this video to Instagram where he was like, he
was like, you're fired from this home tomorrow. You're gonna
get dressed, but on your shoes. You're gonna walk out
the door and your jacket and he's and he posted
this is another thing that he's like, we talked about
this last week, I think, where he's like posting signs

up with rules and he like, so he made a rule.
He made a sign from our bedroom door that says
mommy is fired forever. Mommy's fired forever. And then he
made a sign for the front door to our apartment
that just says go away, just anticipating you leaving and
trying to come back. It's unclear if that one is
exclusively directed at me, but I was walking in the

door today and our neighbor next door, who has a
two year old, saw it and she was laughing and
I was like, well, I was like, this is the
current form of tantrauming in our household. Here's a peek
ahead at five and she was like, that seems like
pretty preferable to other forms of tantrum. I was like, yeah,
very articulate. I came home after not seeing that for

two days, and that's the sign I saw on the door.
They were asking about you, especially when I had to
get up with them this morning, which was hard because
they're not used to me taking them to school. They're
used to you. But it also is daylight saving time
and they were very tired, and Britain was like laying
on the ground in the kitchen like he was like,
I don't want to go to school, it's boring. I

hate it. And I had to trick him out the door,
but I was like, we have to drop Maven off
and then I let them just alloying that I have
to get him out the door. I had to be somewhere. No,
I did this. I had to do the same thing
last week. Um. It was very stressful because the clock
was ticking and I had to literally do the most

time sensitive thing possible, which is go on a live
radio show in the city, which like, so I was
like and as I was looking at the clock this
morning in front of Mayvin, and I was like fuck,
and Maven goes whose fuck? Um? Who indeed? Um? And yeah,

so he was a nightmare and then I had to
So normally what we do is we drop him off
at school and just opened the door and he walks
into school by himself. So today he wouldn't get out
of the car. The woman who runs before care thinks
that he walks by himself every day. Yeah, so I
had to pick him up, like crying and screaming and
carry him into school. And I was carrying him in

and he had his hood up so she could only
see the back of his head and then me and
she's she's like, who's this woman? Never seen me before?
And she was like, oh, is it his first day?
And then I was like no, I was like, he's
just not used to me taking him and blah blah,
and she was like and then she was like, oh,
this is Brin And it was a very stopping mess

of a human. It was very embarrassing. Um. But luckily
he sat down and then as he was sitting there
crying like the most pitiful face, all these little girls
from the before school Boys and Girls Club came over
and just like like looked at him like they were
like just like all these little girls were so invested

in I think it was carring, but it was also
just like kind of like rubber necking, like they were like,
what is happening over here? Um? Yeah, so it was.
It was a tough morning, but we survived. Um. And
how how was pick up? Pickup was fine? He okay,

So picking up. I got in the car with Maven
and then we're listening to the radio and the song
material Girl by Madonna comes on, and you know, it's like, dad, dad, Dad.
It's like I think it's like a kind of music
that you don't hear on the radio anymore, Like it's
like more electronic or something. And maybe Maven started laughing

hysterically and she was like, this is so funny. I
was kind of wondering because you've been playing weird al
for them, and I was kind of wondering if it
was like felt weird alish because she just assumed it
was like a joke. And then and she's laughing so hard,
and we got to pick up Brand and she was like,
can we put that back on? When Brand gets in

the cars? Hious? So then she made me put it
on for him. She was like, you're going to love this.
She was like, this is It's so funny, Brand, It's
so funny. And then I put it on and he
like the music starts up and he's like, it's not
that funny, and she was like, but wait till the
voice and then it's just like the regular material girl
lyrics and he's like this isn't funny either, and like

stupid little sister. Yeah, I was like Brand, different things
were funny to Different. I think it really was. There
was he they been listening to. They were listening to
a lot of Queen so they really liked Another One
Bites the Dust, and so I played him another One
Rides the Bus and he didn't laugh and I was like, Okay,
it's earlier for this. And then the next time you

heard another One Bites the Dust. He then he goes,
maybe there's a really funny song called another One Rides
the Bus Daddy who he listened to it if I
played it, then he laughed hysterically because he had someone
to explain it to. And then like a poke a
Midley came on and poke a music blew their minds
and they laughed hysterically. And I think she was just

remembering her big brother laughing and mean like, oh, this
is funny music. But I think there was a certain
rhythm to it that probably reminded her of like weird
awl songs, and she was just like, this is a
funny song from the same decade. Yeah, um, that's super funny. Um,
so you're you're fired forever. But you missed my favorite part.

You asked him, well, who's gonna make you breakfast? And
he said, Daddy, really defiant, and you go, well, who's
gonna cuddle? You goes, we can call you to cuddle,
we can call you to come. A whole like angry
side breaks down as you see the thought of him

not having you to cuddle. It's funny because I didn't
even think he's particularly liked cuddling with me. I mean
sometimes be like hem, I like to maybe in the background,
she goes, who's going to cuddle you go daddy? Yeah,
that's my girl. Yeah, she's like, I just cuddle daddy
yesterday a time whenever I went. She likes to cuddle

me though. She was just being kind of difficult. She's
been throwing She's in through a lot of little tantrums,
like unfortunately she runs out of steam kind of quickly
because we just don't have the patience for her. Like
were just literally throw it in a tub tonight. Yeah,
that actually went better than I thought it would. She's
had like gave up three of those in the last

twenty four hours, like just like defiant, Like I had
to carry in from the car after picking them up,
and like, and she started screaming, and she's just like
and there's two old ladies outside who are like kind
of laughing, and then she kind of got more shy
when she saw them, so she just screamed more quietly.
She's getting old enough to be a shame. Shame is

good people, Yeah, Um, I mean, in healthy doses, we
love shame. There's a reason shame exists. Shame keep acting
like an idiot boy. Yeah, kids learning a little shame,
just a little, yeah, just a little. I mean sometimes
they need a lot. We don't shame them, but we're

happy that they're ashamed. I don't know what I'm talking about.
You're tired. I've been away from you. Comial most exhausting
thing ever, it's not having me to cuddle. It is
I've been so exhauced, like no one to cuddle. So
shed commercial. We're supposed to only say the code name,
so I can't say what it is. It's not that exciting.

But I spent all day with a six year old
and at one point is a six year old who
lives like in Tribeca. It's like the capital of Story
Pirates fans is like Tripeca, and so I was like, oh,
this kid will know me, and I have to be
his dad in the spot, so I need him to

be comfortable with me. So at one point my worst nightmare,
I was like, hey, buddy, I bet you've heard of
story parrots, huh, like in front of his mom and everybody,
and he's like nope. And I was like, oh, well,
you know what, never mind, that's talk the next two hours.
That's so funny. I'll like, I have things with the

Reductress where sometimes the most random people will be like
be sharing it or like no, like be really into it,
friends of friends or whatever, and then other people are like,
so many people are just like, what what is that that?
I pulled the Reductress card twice today, no hits, including
including somebody that you went to college with did my

makeup today? And she had not heard of it, but
she was very excited to hear about it. She's about
to have a baby, so she was much more excited
about your book. There's no manual now available on Amazon
or wherever you get your wherever you get your books.
Um so, But by the end of the day, this
kid and I were We're besties. Yeah, it's the first

I had unrelated The last thing I need to say
about this kid. This kid was on set for seven
hours or something and he was six years old and
he had to do all these takes and he was
tired everything, but he never complained and he did it
over and over and over. And I was like, people

have asked me to bring Brian to auditions for certain things.
I was like, no, wait, Brian wouldn't have lasted twenty
minutes being told what to do on a set. He's
not cut out. No, no, he says he wants to
do it. If he ever does maybe maybe, But I'm
not taking him into that situation. What were you going

to say? I was gonna say, so I had to
go into Serious today to do Jenny McCarthy's show and
it live to say it was live and what like.
So what's funny is like I've I've done plenty of
podcasts and I've done I think a serious show before.
But they usually when you're in Serious x M, not

a serious show, yeah, serious EXIM radio show. Yeah. Do
they call it serious x M anymore? I think it's
just serious anyway, they XM Radio and Serious Merge, I know.
I don't know um anyway, they when you go in
and do a podcast, usually you talk to the people
beforehand and it's sort of like, hey, like what's up. So,
but this they like ushered me and they're like hey,

what's going on. They're like, okay, you can sit here,
and then they're like literally rolling, and I was like,
oh wow, so well, actually what happened was like I
put the headphones on. She's introing me, and I'm like
I can't hear her talking at all. She's on video
monitor from l A and so I'm like mouthing to

the people in the room like I can't hear anything
as she's entroing me, and so they're like what and
they're like, we're like fiddling with it, and then they
give you different prayer headphones. Those didn't work, so then
they did had to give me the sound engineer's headphones,
and it was like, I like I just got it
on in time to start the interview, and I was

so proud of like how like I like I sometimes
I have to remind myself, like when I started doing
improv like sixteen years ago, how incredibly shy and incompetent
I was at like having a stage presence. And I
was just like I can't believe I just like handled that,
Like we got that done. I was live on the air.

We figured it out, and I wasn't. It didn't at
this point, it didn't even phase me today, where I
was just like doing the interview was fine, and I
was like so proud that I was able to like
speak up to them like silently and like get it
resolved and not freeze up and be like, what is happening?
Do you know what I mean? Like? It was like

very you got what you needed. I was proud of myself.
You're a woman. I'm a woman now I'm a mother
of two. If you have a woman, but you know what,
you're still fired. Yeah, I am fired from being a parent.
So mommy's fired forever. This next segment is brand new.

It's called we Knows what They look like? So I
had asked a week or two ago, I had I
had shamed a listener for referring to his large baby
um and not sending, not including a picture of the baby.
And since then is the listener, we don't need to
call him out? Well, he responded, Okay, we're gonna call

him out. Okay, Well, since then, we've gotten some really
great baby photos from our lists. You listeners listened. We
want to see pictures of your babies, Yes we do.
We're not going to post them. We're not going to
share them unless you tell us too. But I don't
think you would want to know we're not going to
This is for us, and this new segment is in it.

I pull up a picture of your baby and I
showed it to Beth, and then I described then she
reacts to these beautiful babies. All right, Samantha, we looked
at your baby last week and we went so this
is this has inspired this segment. All right, this first

baby comes to us from Chris. Alright, Beth, are you ready? Yeah,
I'm looking first. Oh, we got a happy one. We
got a cute one. We got a little one. Three
pictures happy, happy in a sleep right right. I'm gonna
go with number two because there's a real smirk here. Ready,
here we go one three. Boom. Oh, this is like

a little professor. Professor, he's done. Um, that is so cute.
There is a sleep. Oh he has really nice little
squinty eyes, a lot of hair, a lot of dark hair. Um.
Oh yeah, here's the big that's the last one. Big smile.
Oh he's cute. Yeah, he's like a little bit. Yeah,

very cute. Yeah. It's like he could be he could
find him scamping around in the wood. He's like kind
of have elf, have hobbit without the curly hair. Yeah.
This second one where you smirk if you like go
into the woods. You're like, it's a beautiful day in
the woods. You here he go huh, and you look
peering up behind a tree. Is this guy going follow me?

But he also looks a little stoned in that one
where he's laughing, like he has like a squint to laugh,
kind of like I have actually a lot of photos.
I like this baby, Chris, you got a good baby,
I say, good. All right, So here at the end
of this we rate each baby either either good or

or we hate this baby. All right, boy, good, that's
a good baby. Okay, that's a good baby. We're joking.
All of them are gonna be good. I told my
friend tonight. She was like, she was Marco following me.
She's trying to sleep train her daughter, and she was
watching her daughter squirm on the monitor and turn onto
her stomach and get her face stuck and cry. And
I was like, you know, doesn't make me really start

to not like her, because like, uh, I understand, all right,
this baby infant uh slash toddler. Oh, this is not
a little baby. This baby is walking. Oh gosh, oh gosh.

This from Suzanne and this is a Madeline Ray twenty
two months. We call her Maddie. Alright, ready, ready for this,
we got to here, alright, ready one two three. React. Oh,
she's at the store. She's at a store, sitting in
a shopping cart, and she's holding a toy with her

mouth wide open. It looks like, um, baby baby shark cereal?
Oh is that I thought it was a toy? Okay,
it's a cereal box and she's so happy. She's looking
at it as if um. She's like, I can't believe
I get to hold this box. No one told me
about baby sharks cereal before. Boa Grocery stores are like

an incredibly like an incredible sensory experience for kids. Sometimes
I think like they're just like grocer stares are incredible.
They're incredible for all of us. There's all this food,
all right, there's one more already. This is her more
in business mode. This is her walking down the street going, oh, hi,
are you also walking your baby dollar a stroller? Because

I am Oh, something just popped up on your screen,
so I shook it and it made me go undo, Sorry,
I ruined the roof. That's very cute. She's like, I'm
a grown up if you haven't noticed, even though I'm
about a foot and half tall and I can push
a baby stroller. This is a high confidence kid. She's
very cute. Yeah, she's like very proud, She's like, she

seems very happy. I think based on the information we
have on your child, she's very confident. She's very happy. Basically,
these select photos I'm going to in your baby is happy, alright,
beth count of three. Thumbs up means good baby, thumbs
down means terrible baby. Ready one to three. The listeners
can't see anything. But that's the thing is, we won't

tell you what our thumbs are doing. Just kidding. That's
a good baby. That's a good baby. Alright. Ready. By
the way, this is the best segment we've ever done.
I like it. Our friend Ivan is back. Oh thank god, Ivan.
I've been waiting on the edge of my seat to
see this large baby. Alright ready, Oh my gosh, oh

my gosh. On brand remember Ivan lived in Germany. One too.
There's just two pictures. Get ready one two? Wait? Wait,
what's the um trying to remember babies? Oh my god,
just show me one to three baby. Oh yeah, that's

a big german head. I like it. He's in like
a leader hos in one of those pics. That's a
very uh is he is? He wrote a Bavarian boy.
He's got a leader hose in one. That's really cute.
That's actually kind of how Um, the babies in my
family looks some of the boys on My Daughter's Baby,

Has you a newl head? My family is my dad's
side of the family is German ancestry, and they do
have big fat heads. Um, very cute. I love it. Um.
But Ivan's from Brazil. I know, we know we're learning
so much about Well, I'm going to assume he married

a German woman. Um, well he wrote it. We're going
to keep forgetting what I've been Sorry, Ivan, We've forgotten
everything about He's practically a supporting character on this podcast
at this point. Ah, here's another regular, a regular listener,
a regular writer. And Mandy has two kids here right

for this, right this one of them. One of them
is a baby. Okay, do the first one ready? Ready? One? Two? Three? Oh?
That is a little dumb founded face like what kind
of like a little dumb baby. No, this was a
dumb look lout like that is a dumb very cute

and like the most innocent what are we doing? And
it's like a good pose for a kid when like
they're kind of accentuating the like Peanuts nature of their
head shape, like like a Peanuts character with like a
big head and a little neck. Yeah, it's Peanuts vulnerability. Gosh.
I love the little knuckle dimples. Yeah, and like this

is a girl, right, this is this child? No, I
don't think. I don't know anyway, this is a matter.
Maybe is like looking at the camera like I can
sit up now, Like that's the um. Okay, so this
next one is great. I'll just show it to you

and then i'll explain. This is the older one. This
is the toddler already, Oh my gosh, cute. Alright, I'm
sorry I gave it away one too. Three boom, okay,
we got a dirty face. We got a dirty girl.
I think there's maybe makeup or a black guy happening.
It's hard to see from here. This is what she says.

This is what Mandy says, is that it's a slightly
older one. She's got mark her on her eye looks
like she's been in a playground flight. It's very much
looks like a black eye. Yeah, and her hair is
like coming out of its ponytail. She's very cute. She's
been crafting. That is that is that is cute? All

let's rate her children already one to three. Boom, it's
a good baby. Two thumbs up from each of us
for each of those, for each of those babies. Congratulations, listeners,
All of your babies are good babies. You've got our
approvable Every single one of them made us go oh ah.

This is like our version of like reaction videos. But
it's just reaction audience. Sometimes cute baby photos are like
a xan X. You know, not that I don't think
I've ever taken a Zannex, but it's like just so calming,
Like I don't think that I ever have. I think
one time my friend was like, here, just take half

of azan X, and I took it and felt nothing.
So you have had Zanex, Yeah, but I don't. I
can't speak through the effects of But it didn't count.
It didn't count because it was illegal, so I only
count legal things. If you want us to aggle your baby,

that's the wrong way to say that. M hmm. I
think augle is correct. You can augle something without it
being creepy. Yeah, I mean if you want us to
gasp at the cuteness does your baby, we will do that.
The next time we get at least four pictures of babies,
we'll do this now are very best segment we've ever

done about and this has been oh that's a good baby.
That was not the title we intro to. It is
now and now it's time for who knows what they're saying.

This is where we unpack a quote from our Sweet Babes. Okay,
I have a couple of quick ones. I would never
say sweet babes again. I'm sorry. Yeah, you're just the
baby fever has gotten to your brain. For the record,
I'm exhausted, Yeah you are. Um yeah, daylight savings baby,

It's it's funny. I think that we both had to
get up extra early on a day that we also
lost a lot of I have not got a full
night sleep in two weeks for no reason anyway. Um, okay,
so here's some funny things our kids have been saying.
So yesterday Bryn kept saying, uh, he was talking to
me in his usual like commands, and he was like,

don't get me wrong on it, don't get me wrong
on it. And he kept saying that, like over and
over again. He's like, don't get me wrong on it. Um,
out of context, you know, like he was like he
would just be talking about some random thing, probably like
explaining why he wasn't gonna eat his dinner or something,
and he's like, don't get me wrong on it. Uh,
And I didn't. I didn't. I don't think he knew

what he was saying, like, I don't think you need
to get me wrong on it. Uh. And then he
this chairways a thousand pounds and then he was refusing
to eat the lasagna I made um and mostly just
on site alone because we haven't cooked the lasagna in
a long time. So he was just like, what is
this And then he finally took a bite and he
was like, oh, this is good, and he said he

didn't tell me it was good. Then he goes, I'm
getting this dinner good. I'm getting this dinner good. I
forgot A side story I forgot to say is that
his friend came over yesterday morning and he brought to
wrestling figurines with him um, and so Brin after he left,

was talking to Maybn and he was like, I think
Mayven took off her shirt because it was wet or something,
and Brin was like, wrestlers where just their underwear and boots.
We should be wrestlers, So then maybe and Burn both
stripped down to their underwear and put on snow boots
and they were like fake wrestling, and it was the
funniest thing. I don't know if I should put on

Instagram because it's not inappropriate to me, but I feel
like people feel like it's inappropriate when I post nearly
nude things of my children but they're in their underwear.
I don't think it's appropriate. I think society finds it appropriate,
and as a woman, will be aggressively blamed for it.
You realize you just said I don't think it's appropriate,

but society thinks. Okay, I don't think it's inappropriate to
see children, even fully nude. It shouldn't be weird for us.
That's my philosophy. Were human beings don't want to get flagged,
so I don't want to get flagged, and I don't
want to like actively attract pedophiles to my account, so
we're not going to post it. This episode is all

about us describing things you'll never see. Yes, sorry, sorry, ladies. Um.
The other funny thing Prince said this week, which I
think we've kind of covered in the past, is our
kids have watched a lot of Pepper Pig and have
some like British mannerisms. Brin was looking out the window
and he was like, I wish we had a garden.

It was like, he was like, at the new house,
we'll have a garden. And I was like, because I
knew from watching Pepper Pig, he thinks he's saying a yard.
I was like, yeah, we will. But I was like,
now I feel like we have to start referring to
our future yard as a garden because it's so tiny
it basically is a garden. Um. I like that you
said Pepper Pig, Pepper Peek. I like pepper Peek. My

I'm out of the British Pig. I watched my favorite
big Pepper Peak. Don't get me wrong on it. Don't
get me wrong on that. I like a pepper Pig,
but I like a Pepper Peak just my babes. I
love sad pepper Peak. I love that pepper beak. But
do the impression you do of a Southern child that

you came across when you were on a story part. Okay,
so you don't need to set it up. Just sit
what's nick Nels? My comedy partner Magnan from Story Prize podcast.
We're in a tour van for weeks and across the country.
We're in Kentucky in a tiny bookshop and we're backstage
and the show starts with like the scary music and thunder,

and right before Megan came out on stage or she
opens the curtain and she's got like a hood over
face and she kneels down on the ground and before
she lifted her hood up, she just heard this tidy,
little Kentucky boy with a perfect lateral list just go scary.
And that was the intro, Like that kid's amazing, but
that's scary. But then later at the very end, he

was so excited because we were there selling a book
and then he picked up and ran over to his
brother and got this book because I can take your shoot,
Greg shock and type hue perfect. That reminds me of
when I went to Vasser. I looked at Vasser, didn't
go uh when I was looking in schools and I

was really grumpy was the end of this week, and
I like through a weird like tantrum when I told
my mom I knew I wanted to go and it's
not here, and I'm not going on the tour. She's like,
all right, I'm going on the tour. And so I
sat down on this bench really angry, like not going
on the tour. I was sitting there. I was like,
nothing will get me out of this mood. And then

this guy comes out of the theater building and someone
walks up to him and goes, oh, hey, do you
know where we're meeting later and he goes, um, Sharon said,
we meet you down by the shop. He goes, okay, thanks,
it walked away. It was like, it's the only thing
I will hear that man say. And there couldn't have
been more ss Karen said she meet. Well, now we're

just veering into like a bless I don't mean to
mock a speech talking about kid um, but it was
it cheered me up. And he was such a jolly
man and he was smiling and I love him, okay,
and he just rocks from the world, a grown man,

just so happy, a little Kentucky boy. He gets a
thumbs up. Oh that's a good baby, let's sharey okay,
shrike shocking, just shoe? Oh is that all he knows?
What they say this week? That's all I got don't
get me wrong on it. Don't get me wrong on it. Well,

you know what, Um, I'm literally going to collapse from
lack of sleep and all this all this coronavirus I
got in my body. It's just percolating inside of us
at the burst fourth any moment. So we're gonna go
to bed. Literally, I'm calling it. Surprised. We're done. Look
at you. I'm taking I'm getting my needs met, prioritizing

self care, and this is me setting up boundaries. Listeners,
I got a week ahead of me. This has been
another episode We Know It's parenting. If you would like
to send us a picture of your baby, or ask
a question, give some advice, share story, or give us
a parenting hypothetical for the wood you Know segment, you
can email us at We Know pod at gmail dot

com or leave us a voicemail at three four seven
three eight four seven three. Hey, you know you're gonna do.
You're gonna go into your phone. You're gonna find us
on your podcast that is whatever they call it these days,
where it is, and you're gonna write us or you
and say that you will love us five stars and
you're gonna wag your finger in the air while you

do it, and then you're gonna go over to your
book preferred bookseller, and you're going to order. There's no
manual for a pregnant person, you know, and you're gonna
or prank someone who's not pregnant it. Yeah, just prank them,
or just drop some knowledge on someone who doesn't understand
the female reproductive system. Did you know Woman Facts Pregnancy

by there's no manual. If you've already purchased it, If
you could review it on Amazon, I swear we're almost
on asking you for things. Um, if you could read
it at your preferred bookseller, that would be great. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
We Knows Pod and guys have a great week. By

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