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January 15, 2024 37 mins

Jana and her Queendom are breaking down the latest in pop culture with a look at some celebrity parents!
How would you feel if your ex was now married to a Kardashian?? We discuss the “competition parenting” of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler.
Plus, Jessica Alba goes to therapy with her kids… does that help? Or hurt??

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heeart Radio podcast.
All Right, girls, I feel so alone right now. Everyone's
on their phone and I'm just staring at both of you.
I have to make sure my facts correct. They're doing
that because today is a pop culture topic day, and
well we were just discussing and I'll say something to

this year. I don't know if you guys have noticed,
I haven't been on Instagram that much. I noticed. No
one's noticed. I've noticed. I've noticed, well I'm not on,
but I realized it just wasn't like I'm gonna obviously,
but I just at the moment, it's just I just
I'm so like in a bubble, in my sweet little bubble,

and I'm like, I don't really feel like I need
to show anything. And then also I just kind of
like being not on there. That's great. And I don't
scroll now too, so so I when I got the
pop culture I was like, ooh, what's going on. That's
exactly why I'm like, oh, and I get used to
the island. I mean, I do get on Instagram, but

I don't really I don't really like read like the
peoples and the sweeklies and stuff. Like that. I used to,
but I used to too, and now I'm just like
everyone's just so mean. I'm in all this stuff and
I'm like, I'm not really getting anything out. Why why
am I? Why am I going there to look at that?
You know? So this time it's like, why do I
need to know that? Yeah? I don't need to know

all this information about these people's lives, right, So I'm
just yeah, and I think too, I don't know, it's
there's a switch for this this new year. New Year
knew me. But I just am not feeding. I'm not
even going to bring up like because it doesn't matter,
the hate the trolls. It's like I realized, I'm like,
oh my god, nothing like it actually doesn't matter. It

doesn't like I've let that affect me for so long
for what reason. It was such like a shift in
may to go and that was one of my resolutions
to or goals to just like not even like let
it bother me. And then I really just kind of
saw with it. I'm like, I'm like, I just such
a disservice to myself to even care well you, especially

because they just really come and go hard on that.
I'm like, not even gonna say like anything, like, I
had this feeling and this may not be what you
guys feel about it, but there's something to it. I
had this moment at one point when I remember I
was going to go post something and I was like,
this feels like it cheapens the experience. It actually was,
and I just was like, for who would I post that?

For me? Or for someone I like to keep mine
pretty inspirational or pretty like real, or like join me
in like the you know. Yeah, but I just was
like that shows somebody something like what what is my reason?
What's the why for doing that? And one I couldn't
quite answer that either honestly or find a why or

just didn't feel like it mattered. Then I was like,
well that's kind of a waste of someone's grid. Yeah.
So having said all, that is pop culture topics now
and now I'm excited because it's juicy and I actually
was like, ah, she did no way. So topic number
one is Jessica Albert recalls incident with daughter Honor that
led them to pursue therapy together. This is not fun,

So I'm just going to kind of read you the background.
Jessica Albo's opening upbout how she decided on therapy for
herself and her two daughters. The mom of three forty
two has always been open about her family's mental health care.
Appearing on the cover of Real Simples first ever Feeling
issue for their January February edition, the actress an entrepreneur,
calls how she came to the decision. So Honor was,

she says, Honor was probably eleven, and we were arguing
all the time about dum dumb stuff, and I was like,
I don't want to live like this. This is not fun,
she shares, she said, I don't. I didn't want us
to have a wedge between us as her mother. When
I say something, she's going to hear it as an
argument or as me trying to control her. I wanted
there to be someone who could explain things in a
way I couldn't. What I said to Honor was I
want to be a better parent to you, and this

is your this is your form to basically talk about
everything that gets on your nerves that I do. Alba
says it wasn't long until both she and Honor started
to see how therapy could work for them. It put
me in check, like, yeah, I totally do that, and
I'm sorry, I'm going to work on that. It gave
her a little bit of perspective too, that I'm not
the bad guy. I'm just being a parent. She'll come out,
she'll come out the other side of it, and I'll

still be here. I just wanted to get to that
point and it worked, she admits, And the therapists allowed
me to see that it's natural for kids to disagree
with their parents, and as a parent, it's not always
about being right or rational in that moment, she says.
She concludes with saying, I'm not going to front. It's
a process and I'm not perfect, and so I love
the fact that she's talking about this. So I'm curious

for you guys, like, do you like the idea of
seeing a therapist with your child? You know, do you
wish you would have done it with your parents? And
would you consider doing it now with your parents or
with your kids? Well, that's a lot of you go
first with her, your parents are no. Well, my first
thought to this whole thing was I don't think that

it has to be done in a therapist office to
have these conversations. Those are a lot of conversations that
happen in our home currently. You know, I'm not doing
this right. I am just trying to be a good parent,
but I'm you know, so I think if if you
need it, and if I felt like we needed someone
to come in and point out when I'm doing things
that I need to or to point out to the

kids that I am just being a parent or whatever, sure,
I think if it got to that point, we would
do that. But I also do think that there's ways
to have those healthy conversations on your own with your kids,
and I think that that's something that everyone should be doing,
you know, explaining to the kids, we're not always going
to get it right. We're just trying to parent, We're
trying to protect you. I'm sorry when I do it this.

Blah blah blah blah blah. Would I have gone to
therapy with my parents, No, there's no way. There's literally
zero way. And what I would would I now? Nope,
absolutely not. Well it was funny when I read this,
I thought about you first, because Janna and I are
still in like the younger years, yeah, you know, like
the eights fives, and I thought, gosh, I don't know

what I would do at eleven. I mean, I'll be
honest with you. I'm we I am in struggle bus
mode with a five year old right now. We are
in a mode and I was like, maybe, like I
had this moment the other day where I thought, well,
maybe there needs to be like a third party to
tell me, like to do something differently or better, just
you know whatever, because I gosh, I feel like I'm
so well rounded and I try to go thirty thousand feet,

but I'm stir ruggling and these five five is hard.
I remember five being a hard age, Thank you. Cat's
all different, I specifically, and I remember because I remember
when Ramsey and Jolie were both five. I remember having
this conversation. But again, as they get older, yes, it's different.
So I can see where therapy really especially might be needed.

But yeah, I mean I think that it's for whoever,
you know, for each I know, like one of my kids,
he would probably, you know, the oldest, he'd probably never
want to go. Emmy, who's twelve, she might. I don't know.
But we just have a lot of conversations about that stuff.
We're just very open about it, and I think that
that's kind of key for us at least. Do you

think you got that from going to therapy. No, I
think I got that from vowing to do it differently
than how I grew up. I've just sworn to myself,
and it really truly just started with saying sorry. That
was my number one. You know, I do something, I yell,

or I do something I wasn't proud of, then I
get upset about it and I have this guilt and
I always just like just say sorry. I would make
myself say sorry, but that always opened it up to
a bigger discussion and a bigger explanation and a bigger whatever.
And I definitely still I mean, I'm still yeller, Like
I'll still get to a point where I will yell
at my kids when I've lost it, and I'm not

proud of that, and that's something I'm really trying to
work on. But we just have so much conversation around
it that again, it's really just so that this is
kind of off topic, but just from something you said,
and I'm just gonna pivot just for one second, because
something happened the other day where I had asked, you know,

I was like, Jolie, please turn that off. Noice. Jolie
please turn that off. By the third time, I'm like,
I'm like, I don't want to. I've said it now.
The third like every time my voice is gonna I
was like, please turn that off. And then it's like
a little bit more and then like by I'm like
I then she looks at me like, oh, like I
I'm like, but I just said it nicely the first
and you don't listen. Yeah, this is like and I'm like,

is that Normalcuse I try to be like, I'm like,
just I'm the first one. I'm saying, like, I'm nicely
saying I need you to listen. The second time, I'm like,
it's a little more stern. Third time, Mommy's gonna get frustrated.
And like, so I think of what I've learned in
my mind for that, but I don't always practice it.
Two completely different things. We're also doing something wrong in

that sense that an expert may say differently. But I
think what would work easier in that situation was, you know, Jolie,
please turn that off. Well, when she doesn't listen that
first time, going getting on her level, getting eye level
with her and saying I need you to please turn
this off, and then it would probably change, I think,
but we get so busy and we're doing things, and
we're doing that, and then we're frustrated because we asked

them to do something three times, you know, And so
I think that that's partly on us as well. I'm
gonna probably regret saying this, but so I shouldn't even start.
But but here goes well because I think we're such
a different kind of generation of parent. Like for me personally,
the way I was raised was out of fear, like

if you told me to turn that off, not one,
or I'm going to get the death stair or hit
with something like it was eggshell walking, So it wasn't
I didn't. I sometimes have this moment where I'm like,
I kind of love not sometimes in the moment, but
I'm sometimes later like, gosh, I love that they're like

I don't want to because they can say that to me.
I could never say anything. I've operated out of fear.
It was like yes, sir, no, sir, it's the soap,
because I've got the soap before Budge and Breast might have. Also,
I'm gonna get dreamed. I don't what I think we've talked.
I feel like you I mean, I'm sorry. I know,

there's just I think where I'm at right now is
there's this really fine line in parenting for me. You're shocked,
Are you shaming me? I'm I'm I'm processing. I'm trying.
I'm honest, I'm trying not to judge me or process. No,
no, no no, I think she mays judge you, but she's
going to take that back. Okay, it's damn it, but

not judge. They do not judge because I know you,
like you know what I mean, Like I've yelled where
you've done things and like you know you wouldn't have
done so no judgment. Yeah, it's crazy. So I just
had to think of soap when I was like seven,
Well he's five and he's a If I'm honest, I
love him so much. You guys, I'm telling you I
quite possibly might be raising the president of the United States.
And I'm not even kidding. He's that kind of like leader,

unapologetically the one that rides bike. So WHOA. That was
damn much. No judgment, just physical ability. It was I
think it was. It's just like I try to run
this ride this fine line of like what what we
had preserving the o genus of some of the ways
we were raised and also implementing this layer of like,

actually you can feel and you can tell me some
things and I want you to. Yeah. Well, I think
there's a balance there because at the end of the day,
we do need them to listen to us and do
what we've asked them to do. We have to because
it's also a lot of safety. But if they don't
fear at all, and I'll go back to it and
I'm gonna take I'm gonna take this back. I don't know.

I struggle with this as well, because do we need
them to have no fear whatsoever there's no consequence if
they have to because I mean, I'm saying that now
as high school kids, like I know the ones whose
parents don't, they have no fear that they know they're
gonna go do something. There's no consequence at home. So
that's where that's a hard balance for me, Like it

does to me, start with something so small as turn
the TV off. I don't want them to be fearful
of me, but I need them to know that like,
if you're not going to do what I'm ask on
bigger scales where there's gonna be consequences when kids like developmentally,
like I went to school for early childhood first, and
you learn really quickly, like they need discipline. They need

to know the boundaries that's feel safe to them, because
if it's a big, wild world, it doesn't feel safe
to them. Yeah. So I always try to operate with
this like mentality of I always call it like the
yard in my brain, not like not like the yard
in a jail, but like it's like they need to
know where the fence line is. They need to know
where you can be pushed to. They need to know
what's not safe. Like if you're not listening to me

for anything, then when it is about your safety, you
won't listen either. Yeah mm hmm. It's just it's a
hard balance. So then would you go to therapy with
your kid to talk through these steps. I would go
to therapy with anyone. I love therapy. I would go
just because I think for someone like well, for the kids,
the separation, I always want them to I always want

to check in with that. I also feel like Jolie
is a lot like her dad where she doesn't express
her feelings, whereas Jace is a little bit more open
to sharing feelings at the moment at five. But Jolie
is she's such a people pleaser, like she just wants
and deaths where she's like, you know, she shews everyone
to be happy. So she's like, Mommy, we'll do that,

like if that's makes it. I'm like, baby, do you
want to do that? Honey? You don't need to Well,
I like both how like anytime, like Jace has a
mood and he's like, I like Daddy's hous better, or
I like you know, or he you know Michael Kalmbick, well,
he sees like you. He wants to be says, you know,
here's not a good you know, I don't want to
be here. And I'm like he's five and he's being whatever.
But Joe was like, I love both places. And I'm like, honey,
you don't need to say that. I love you for

like saying. But I was like, I just I want
her to be able to have a place where she
can because I'm like, I just I see her in
her mind just always like thinking maybe that's just her age.
But I'm like, are you good baby field her, you know,
because I just I'm like, they have so much they're
thinking I'm like I want her to go talk it
all out, you know, and if that needs to be
me in the room or me out of the room,
like I've definitely and I think there are some things too,
like learning stuff like maybe with maybe her might the

slexia or the ADHD like that, I need to learn
tools to how to maybe talk to her better too,
you know. So that's a good point. And I'm talking
to Amy about that because I'm like, I don't feel
like a ride her a lot, but it's because I
don't think we're like but I think she might need,
you know, I don't there's something that I think she
needs to be. I should really just start having joint sessions.
Because Amy and I just had this compage. So she's like,

I think she should do. I'm like, no, I do,
And I'm having her being evaluated too, like because well,
like I don't think that. Like for a very good
example of that, it's like I I don't think Emmy's ADHD,
but I have figured out we're twelve years in on
her life, you know, Like Kayden, I can say I
need you to do one, two, three, four five. It's
done in ten minutes to any old I say one yeah,
if I say one, two, three, she'll come back and

be like what was Like, she legitimately can't, and so
like I've learned, I have to ask her one thing,
focus on the one thing, and then come back to me. Okay,
now I need you to do this because we're we
get upsided like how do you not remember? But I'm like, oh,
she just physically can't. Yeah. So see, I think you
learned that with each child too. Whether there's ADHD there
or not, maybe there's tendencies. I don't know, but she

cannot focus on a list of things to do at
once in her head. Me neither. Would you go with
your parents to therapy at this age of your life, Kristin, I, well,
I'm down to one parent. I would have loved to
go on therapy with my dad so that I could
have done some reckoning this side of heaven, because I

think that there's a lot of things I wish I
could have said to her that I didn't get to
say that would have felt good for him to hear.
I am a firm believer though, that the listening is
almost more important than the talking, and I don't know
that I have any listening parents left in this moment

just for their The point in my mom's grief journey
is just really I'm just very observant right now, and
I don't know that she is in a listening face,
she is in a living pace, she is gone busy,
you know, and I just don't know. Well, I think again,
it comes to a time where you just have to
what Amy has told us is you have to almost

accept them for who they are at this point, you know,
because they haven't done therapy before, or it'd be hard
to start at this point. Yeah, and I think I've
made peace with I've definitely made peace with my dad
my mom. I've recently come to piece that, you know,
we might just might not be of what I've wanted
for either one of our relationships. But I can now go, Okay,
I can choose to have a good relationship here. I

just have to just have no expectations on X, Y
and Z, and I can live with that. So I
read this was really great quote, and I was hoping
I could find it for you. But essentially for younger listeners,
I will just say I do regret not doing something
with my parents at a younger age because I had
spent so many years resenting like my father for example,

or you know, so I think that then contributed to
potential relationships in my belief in myself from the lack
of what I thought he believed in me. Oh sure, yeah,
so yeah this quote I read, I just felt like it.
Maybe this will go somewhere with both of you. It
says she accepts people as they are, but places them

where they belong. Topic number two. Shana Kler is Travis
Barker's ex wife, and she's accusing Travis and Courtney of

parenting alienation. So Shana is sharing new details about her
co parenting relationship with Travis Barker. We just start with
saying co parenting is so challenging, so empathy there for
just the table. In a preview clip of Wednesday's upcoming
episode of The Dumb Blonde Podcast obtained by The New
York Post, Page Mochler forty eight, talked with host Bunny
XO about her relationship with ex husband Barker, alleging that

he and his wife, Courtney Kardashian have been trying to
one up her as a parent. So Mochler shares her
son Landon and daughter Alabama twenty and eighteen with Travis.
She's also a mom to daughter a Tiana twenty four,
whom she shares with her ex Oscar de Lahoya. I
didn't know that. I didn't either until today. I'm savvy
and knew whom Travis helped raise. So Mochler called the

Kardashians disgusting, saying I removed myself so that they couldn't
bond over my children hating me. Go do what you
need to do, and when you're ready, I'll be her,
loving you unconditionally. The mom of two went on, and
I will be here as your mother and I will wait.
And that's what I did. When Travis got with Courtney,
there was some parental alienation going on there where Travis,

even when we weren't together, always wanted to be the
super dad, she said of her ex. I'm the best parent,
I'm the this and I'm that, and I'm like, bro,
you win like you're the winner here. You have all
the money, you have all of this, You're the winner.
She says. I think there was a lot of glitter
and fame, and they watched them on TV, and now
their dad is dating one and they're going to be
on the show. She said of her kids, and I

think they got caught up in that which young kids
would do. They're buying them Prada, they're buying them gifts,
and they're going to these events, and they're meeting Kanye
and you know, all the big stuff. She says, I
can't give them that. I don't have that, I don't
have access to that. I don't have the money to
do that. I can't buy you guys Prada every other
week and stuff I can't I don't and I can't
do it. My house isn't a mansion like Travis. I
don't have a movie theater. I don't have golf carts

for you kids to drive. She added, We're up for
Travis did not obviously respond. You know, Travis and Courtney
don't pay attention to what Shane is doing. A friend
of the couple tells people, which we know who the
friends of people are. They're so happy in life right now.
So I mean, what do you think about Shane speaking
out about Travis and Courtney and that in that and

do you think because one of the questions too is
I do think there's a feeling competition between co parenting
and I think, you know, it would be hard if
the roles were reverse, and like, you know, I couldn't
give my kids maybe what the other parents giving them.
I could look at that and go that would be
tough because they probably would want to go to the

bigger house and to the ones that have more toys
or this or that or the other, or more fame,
and so as the co parent, I would feel I
would struggle. I woul probably would. I'm just being honest.
I think I would struggle with that because I can't
give them that. Now. On the flip side that I
was like, but I can give them love and I
give them a home, like you know whatever. But I
think kids see the that they don't see that until

they're older. Weren't they like teenagers, right, So that's even
more shane. It's just even more like oh I get
to meet so and so, Oh I get to go here,
we get the movie theater. That's like even more heightened
at that age. And I think that personally, I think
what she's done and said, I mean besides talking out,

you know, in public or whatever, but like it's pretty smart,
like you know, saying to your kids, I can't give that,
but I'm here and I'm going to be your parent,
and I'm gonna they're going to see that in the end.
They're going to understand that as they grow up. But
that can't be easy. I mean I would struggle with
it too. But all she can do is be honest.
She can't just go broke and try to provide the

same you know, and you know, listen again with the
co parenting thing, it's like, you don't want to ever alienate.
You always want to talk good about the other parents.
So I hope that that's at least there. But I
can I can understand her feelings of maybe that competition vibe.

I guess I don't know why she said it. I
know she was like, I think that is maybe my
hang up a little, which is probably people listening to
me on here, like why did you you know, Like
I'm talking about my kids too and things that they
go through. But I it feels I shouldn't say it.
It just feels a little like an insecurity, like it's her,

like she's got to have a voice to it. And
I can understand. I can't understand actually or even imagine.
You think she's more jealous of it being Courtney Kardashian.
I think if it wasn't Courtney, and if it was
just like a girl next door, she wouldn't care. I
think it's wildly honest, and I love that. I just
wonder if it is strategic somehow in which way, because

I don't. I don't think it's strategic. I think she's
just hurt and it's hard. But being Courtney, then that
to me is like a therapy visit or a diary visit,
unless of a Tell Bunny, And that's where this came from.
That's what I'm saying that I'm talking about it on
a podcast, like everything comes. We don't know about that,
Like every time we talk about something in here, we
get talking and start talking about something that's hard or

hurtful or whatever, and then it gets picked up and
it seems like she's doing it for And that's why
I said earlier, besides her talking about it in public,
it feels to me like it's just hard and you're
having to compete with a freaking Kardashian and teenage kids
like but maybe maybe she did just say it out
there to I don't know, but no, no, I just wonder, like,
what is the reason for saint, you know, like of

course she feels that where it came from, so that
would be tough, though I can't even freaking imagine. I mean,
there's literally no one bigger right name, someone bigger name,
bigger celebrity family, I mean the Royals, but even then,
but even then take her out of it. Like I

can think of someone that we know very specifically who
was giving their teenager prades, shoes and all the things,
all the time thinking and thinking and it's not me,
So oh, you know, don't know the ex wife, but
she probably couldn't, you know. And so it's like, but
did that mean anything? That's probably she's probably going to

Daddy for the black card to make sure that she go,
you know what I mean, But like she's with her mama,
but she also knows that, you know. So I don't
think it has to be who they are necessarily, but
like when you're you're a teenager and you're getting all
those things, like of course, like can you blame them?
I think at the end of the day, no matter what,
as long as you love your kids, give them a

beautiful home, it's not going to matter the size of
the house, how big it is, how many toys you had,
as they want to love in that house, and I
don't think the kids see that until later in life.
That's but as long as you're consistent, you're loving, you
show them. My kids will never know the difference between
my house and their dad's house because there's love in
both houses. And it's not a competition. I'm in the

long grain for parenting. Yeah, I am in it for
like the thirty year old conversation I get to have
with love or she's like two hundred nights a year,
how did you do that? Yeah, you know, and well, truthfully,
like just like for them to I don't ever say
I do this by myself, and Dada is on the
you know, like he has to do what he has
to do, so I can do what I can do
for them. Yeah, but there will be inevitably a day

where they go, oh wow, you know or something, and
maybe it's not a talk, it's just it's all in
conversations around I'm like, I'm not doing this all by myself.
Get your butts in here and help me. Well yeah,
but it's just Yeah, I think you parent for the
long game, and I think it's about making good people. Yeah.

Topic number three Lindsay Lohan and Tina Favor You unite
twenty years later for Mean Girls, the musical premiere Love It.
First of all, I was gonna say, I love Lindsa
Lowhans back, I do. I loved your Christmas for me
last year. I just love the whole thing Mean Girls.
Do you let's just talk about that? Did you? You
guys obviously look love mean Girls? Yeah? Yeah, the only

thing is so long I was. I know. I was
shocked to hear that Richard Goddams wasn't even asked about
coming back for the commercial that they had. Yes, I
wasn't asked, probably because they couldn't afford her. But either way,
do you guys, speaking of mean girls, do you guys
have any mean girls that you remember from high school? Plenty?
I have one. She has two first names, Ashley Scott. No,

she wishes I won't give her any energy, but she
knows who she is really mean. I also wore a
back brace. Oh that's right, I wish I was making
that up. Cramer puts her head down. Oh that's right. Yeah,
I mean listen is there was there plenty for people
to purge on and if they wanted to or binge

on with my back brace probably no boobs overplucked my eyebrows,
But really I just felt like that was too bad though,
like to even to like name those things and be like, oh,
people had everything to mess with, Like that's terrible. Well,
I mean I look back and I'm like, wow, bless sure,
but doesn't Yeah it was ruthef, I mean it was rough. Yeah,

That's why I feel bad about what I said about Shana.
We have to check ourselves even as forty two year olds. No,
I think she's great. I actually loved her and I
watched her with the Barker Show. You look at the me,
Do you look at her differently now than you did
from when you were in high school? Like if you
were to look at like, I had one mean girl.
She wasn't very nice and I don't even know why
she was so mean to me, But I don't Were

you always hot? No new, new, new, new, new new.
It might have blessed the senior year, but besides that, No,
I mean I didn't even get My boobs didn't come
until I was like nineteen, so I was a late blimmer.
You should still haven't come in So I waiting. I
saw on my yearbook the other day when we were
cleaning out the garage and Alan about fell over when

he saw one of my yearbook pictures. He's like, that's you,
and I was like, yeah, he's like, I can't even
I can't even say what he said because that's how like, no,
oh yeah, and he'll he took a picture of it. Yeah.
I you guys, she was ruthless. So, but do you
think of her any differently now? I feel like Amy

and I don't look at her now. I'm like, oh
this is I mean, her words hurt and she was mean,
but m m so I ran into her in college
m hm, and everything stayed on brand unless and listen,
I have changed a thousand times over since I was

even twenty five twenty seven. I just don't know. I
don't I actually don't think about her at all, which
is great and that's wonderful, but I just don't know.
I have no interest. And even honestly, I say hi
to everyone, and I don't know that I would say
hi to her if I ran into her, because I
just don't think there's much to have you ever thought about? Though?

As kids, we probably all at some point did something
that was mean to someone that might have stuck out
in their heads of course, you know what I mean? Hm, Like,
I mean, I can't think of an example, but there
has to have been something that I can't think of
that I said or did to someone that they could
be you on the couch, no, no going. That person
was mean to me. And so all that to say,

I think that there is grace for people when they're younger.
But then I think that there are those people. You
find them when you're forty and you're like, oh, you
haven't changed. I hope she's changed. Yeah, grew up a
little bit. I mean, I hope she has, because that's
not any way to live. Yeah, that's miserable. We all
have the right to change, That's correct. Ki Kioko shares
a relatable parenting woman on a nine month old daughter.

I can't are nine months old. Matilda's first flight, so
first fight over Thanksgiving she was I was so terrified,
she told Kimmel. So I thought, what do we do?
We have to bring her saw machine on the Plane's
the only thing she can go tous sleep too. Oh.
I love being a first time parent. I used to
have the phone in Juli's ear when I was rocking
around the plane. With like this this sleep machine to

like go to sleep, or oh my god, this is funny.
The star continued. She's so she's crying. It was hard.
She finally fell asleep, and she's on U. She's on Tom,
her husband, or I think they got under their engagement.
The sound machine is on and we're finally like, ah sy.
The steward's come over and he's like, hey, one of
our passengers would love it if you would turn this
sound machine off. And I'm sitting there and I'm like,

oh my god. The coca recalls and I can feel
Tom be like, hey, ask the passenger if she wants
to hold our screaming painted shots. When we turned it off,
and I mean the ice went into the veins. I
couldn't believe by the way she asked us to turn
it off. The base added, uh, she said, this is
so crazy, and what a terrible job to have to
be a flight tendant, have to deliver a message of
that type. We were so angry. So then we landed

and was the woman in right in front of us,
and so we get up and she goes, oh, so
your daughter does know how to smile. It was in
that moment where I understood why why women end up
on dateline. That's funny. I wonder if she had two
first names. Wait, the woman in front of her, what

your baby does know how to smile? This is what
I'm saying. Guys do mean girls? Stay mean girls? Is
what I'm saying. I hope not, but like there's people
like that for sure. I also I would have responded,
like the husband, sure, I'll turn it off if she
wants to hold my screaming baby. You would, actually one
hundred percent yeah, in a very nice way, I'd say, absolutely,

you can have my baby and get to sleep. So
I mean, we'll forget that they were babies. That's what
my comeback is always when everybody has anything to say
about babies, I'm like, I think you forget you were
a baby, and you probably had a rough flight. I
always such anxiety for moms on planes, and not because
I care in the least. They don't bother me. It

does not, But if I know they're having a hard time,
I know that feeling and that anxiety, and I just
hate it for them. It's not fair. Anxiety. Yeah sucks. Yeah.
So here's the thing. Chanda's like, and I'm the person
asking I was just kidding, Yah, I just I Okay,
how do I say this? It drives me nuts when

people do not have the when someone's watching a show
on the plane without the headphones in, it literally drives
me bonkers. And I'm like, my whole body language is
like yeah, you know, like it's so rude to me.
I married him, and I down not always, but for

a minute, I can't do that. Well, he's trying to connect,
I know, but I'm like, can you just pause it?
Like every ounder? So Devil's advocate? What is I understand?
And again hello baby? Well I also would like, this
is silly, but I'd like to know the kind of
sound machine because I do feel like a plane sounds
like a sound machine. I was going to say also
what I was going to do, but I mean like,
and you know, I would go, I go like in
the ear, like you are a mock sound machine, you

know what I mean? Like, yeah, So I think there's
I think there's variables to all of this. And I'm like,
and again I get it. We all have babies, we
get it. Like I'm not like and I love Kaylee
like the whole thing. Having said that, again, how loud
was it? What was the actual sound? Because I will
say this, I love sleeping with the sound machine on
people that i've been, you know, when we're when we're
on tour. You let's just say one of y'all do

not like the sound machine. If they watch the answer stories,
they know it's me. It sounds like we're in a tornado.
So I need that to sleep. Yeah, but some people
like silence. So if it's a noise that's driving someone crazy,
baby or not, I'm sorry, Like I don't mean to
be like blunt with it, but I just kind of
the rule to not have the sound if it's being

distracting to another person. I understand the mask. I don't
like comment with a baby would be more distracting. So
if it now, if the baby's already asleep, you could
probably turn the noise maker up, make it lower, you
know what I mean, Like, maybe it a little lower,
put it closer to the ear and away the men
kind of you know. But yeah, I'm with you. It's
mostly it's just the comment. For me, it's the comment afterwards,

I because it's the off two like that just kind
of tells you where what you know, whatever. I will
also say this. I'm not defending, said passenger. There have
been flights that I have taken where I have been
in a very tumultuous personal on my way to someplace
like to grieve, or to death, or to hospice or

to like, you don't know, and you're just like, I
wonder if that woman feels like she wishes she didn't
say that, you know, Yeah, I hope so. Yeah. I
think we all say things that we don't mean sometimes,
and maybe she was going through something. I truly think
when someone says something mean, they've got something they're going through. Yeah. So, oh,
I had a great quote for this the other day too.
Can you dig it out of there? It's just people's

responses aren't about you, it's about them. Yeah they ah? So,
I mean that's our hot topics. I feel informed. Yeah,
I knew none of this. None. It's like a liturely zero.
I didn't even know that Shana married Oscar Oscar Leli,
I know Oscar de la Hoya on that stuff, I

don't know anything. Well, So on that note, is there
any other hot topics that we have? I always feel
like you're teeing us up for something when you literally
got nothing no, I would say, I am struggling, like
with parenting my son right now. So that's just my
vulnerability moment where I'm like, I want to he's such

a leader. I just want to be what he needs
and I can't find the sweet spot for what that is.
He's a very alpha male out of the gate. He
has been. I he just is, and so it's a yeah,
it's in them, it's it's incredible. When he was four
his Character Award was for Godly Justice, and when he

was five his Character Award was for passionate Heart. Yeah.
So those are big things for people to see in him. Sure,
but stewarding that is really tricky. Yeah. Well, girls, I
love you and uh, channel's judging me again. I am
not judging you, basically, I try not to do. It's

just because it's it's it's a childhood thing for me.
Sure that the belt the thing, it's it's it's in
that I don't have a belt, which is you know,
it's like it's but we all have very different parenting styles.
What she's trying to say is I know that Catherine
has spanked her kids before, and I judge her for that.
I don't. I don't I am no I and Jason

Legend couldn't different of those words out of her mouth,
but I knew her brain. But how I speak sometimes
to my it's not right either. So it doesn't make
it any it's just it's all the it's just how
we like I have reacted in awful ways that I
have to take back. It's just there's something about the
physicality piece for me that is is a very deep

thing for me in childhood. Well, it's always for me.
It's not out of anger. I can't do anything out
of anger. That's my promise to myself. Yeah, that's what's
because that's when it's like, yeah, like I, so did
you did you put it? Like all like what did
you do? I'm gonna get banned. We're just gonna all right,
well I judged b
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