Commercial Real Estate Leadership

Commercial Real Estate Leadership

This is the Commercial Real Estate Leadership podcast. The show is hosted by Darren Krakowiak, the Founder of CRE Success. In every episode, Darren delivers insights designed to help commercial real estate leaders to get their business growing faster. This podcast was previously known as CRE Success: The Podcast (until episode 158).


June 19, 2024 26 mins

In episode 182 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak - Founder of CRE Success and coach of commercial real estate principals - interviews Simon Borham, Director of Eastview Advisory.

Simon shares his journey from living in Sydney and working in a highly-paid corporate role to moving to regional Australia during COVID and then building a new advisory business from scratch. Learn how he navigated the challenges of ne...

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This week, Darren Krakowiak explores the use of traditional media channels and the importance of branding with special guest and CRE Success client, Darren Lucchese, Managing Director of Tewksbury Commercial.

Darren shares his pathway from IT sales to becoming an accomplished office leasing agent and then the owner of a commercial real estate agency that dominates its patch. We hear how the opportunity to become a business owner ar...

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In episode 180 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, join Darren Krakowiak as he delves into the partnership of Brad Lord and Charlie Yankos, principals of RWC (Ray White Commercial) Greater Sydney South.

Charlie Yankos, a former captain of the Australian national soccer team, reveals the lessons he learned about team work, discipline and leadership that helped him forge a post-professional athlete career in the cut-and-thrust worl...

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In episode 179 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak is joined by Ty Blanch, the Managing Director of Knight Frank Central Coast.

From a Buddhist monastery to commercial real estate success, with deep study of the Munen Muso martial arts along the way, Ty shares his intriguing personal and professional journey, with insights into business leadership, spiritual growth, and navigating change.

This includes his earlie...

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Learn how to identify tasks that drain your energy and focus, and discover actionable steps to spending more time on what lights you up and makes you money.

By aligning your activities with value and enjoyment, you can elevate your performance, accelerate professional growth and extend your time in the industry.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and take control of your schedule; unlock the secrets of effective time management and ...

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In episode 177 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak delves into strategies for coaching your crew to higher performance at quarter time.

Darren discusses the three cohorts of team members: those on track, those falling short, and those with potential who just need some support.

He explains the importance of providing encouragement and guidance to help individuals regain focus and build motivation.

Tune in for prov...

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In episode 176 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak outlines the four essential factors to consider when seeking a mentor or coach.

Darren emphasizes the importance of relevant results, aligning values, seeking rapport, and verifying references. Discover why shared principles, proven experience, and the capacity to help others are crucial elements in mentorship.

Whether you're a seasoned leader or aspiring entrepr...

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In episode 175 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak addresses the (often-overlooked) power of generosity.

From acts of kindness to charitable donations, discover how generosity can transform relationships, inspire giving, and elevate your business.

Darren shares personal insights and experiences, including a thank-you note that sparked this discussion - along with valuable tips and motivation to cultivate a cultur...

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In episode 174 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak delves into the often-underestimated power of email databases in commercial real estate businesses with his three C's of email marketing: Cadence, Content, and Calls to action.

Discover how consistent email marketing builds relationships, enhances brand value, and ultimately drives business growth. You'll also learn strategies for maximizing the potential of your...

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In episode 173 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak provides his take on the Dream 100, a strategic approach to cultivating high-value relationships that will unlock explosive revenue growth.

Discover how to identify and prioritise key clients and prospects, tailor marketing efforts, and streamline your sales strategies for maximum impact.

Learn why quality trumps quantity in your interactions and how to leverage ...

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In episode 172 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak is interviewed by Raphael Collazo of the Commercial Real Estate Meetup to discuss success strategies this year.

For newer agents, building a pipeline is key; established deal-doers are advised to create more leverage by knowing their zone of genius, relinquishing control, and investing in people to create scalability.

One of the concepts shared, that all client-f...

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We're back for 2024, so let's set the stage for an impactful year that is underpinned by taking more action. The more action you take, the more it accumulates for your long-term success in commercial real estate.

Discover key strategies to make progress, lay foundations, and navigate market uncertainty effectively. Your host, Darren Krakowiak, shares personal experiences, lessons learned, and practical insights to empower commercia...

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In our final episode for 2023, join Darren Krakowiak as he unveils his top three book recommendations for boosting sales skills as a commercial real estate agent or broker in 2023.

Dive into 'The Little Red Book of Selling' for timeless relationship-building insights, explore '$100M Offers' for crafting irresistible propositions, and embrace 'Combo Prospecting' to master the art of multi-channel and digital prospecting.

Darren's sh...

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It's time to unveil the essential strategies for commercial real estate agents and brokers to thrive in 2024.

Reflecting on past predictions, Darren Krakowiak explores the significance of processes, data, DE&I, and leverage in 2023.

Looking forward, he emphasizes the four key areas of focus for 2024: soft skills, prospecting, marketing, and resilience.

Discover why mastering emotional intelligence, focused outreach, leveraging free...

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As you gear up for 2024, here's a timely reminder: avoid overcommitting to tasks that might not need your personal touch.

Discover the Function Funnel and how it can optimize roles in your business, ensuring tasks are handled efficiently.

In episode 168 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership with Darren Krakowiak, you'll learn how to identify, prioritize, and deploy resources cost-effectively to drive your business forward.

The power...

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In episode 167 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, we explore the connection between personal mindset and professional success.

Discover how shifting limiting beliefs can enhance your leadership and team performance, fostering a culture of innovation and business growth.

Join host, Darren Krakowiak, on this journey of self improvement and empowerment; your business is a reflection of you—so let's cultivate success together!



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In episode 166 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak addresses the challenges faced by commercial real estate leaders during difficult market conditions.

Whether it's individual performance slumps or broader business struggles, we're sharing strategies to maintain morale and make strategic shifts for stronger performance.

An important part of any commercial real estate leader's role is to stay positive, share wisdo...

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In episode 165 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak delves into the essence of great leadership, focusing on consistency, self-awareness and transparency. Discover how exceptional leaders not only understand their team but also themselves, identifying and mitigating their weaknesses.

As you listen, you'll learn how a leader's commitment to improving in these areas influences the entire business, setting it on a pa...

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In episode 164 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak addresses the critical importance of maintaining a healthy balance between professional growth and personal well-being.

As you may have noticed, burnout has become more common in recent years. Therefore, it's essential to recognize the signs before they take hold - which (depending on the individual) can include chronic fatigue, decreased motivation, increased ri...

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In episode 163 of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, Darren Krakowiak discusses how to make difficult conversations easier by mastering the art of delivering feedback effectively.

Sharing constructive criticism isn't easy, but when given with respect, empathy, and a sincere desire to help others grow, you can elevate relationships, inspire improvement and avoid more difficult conversations in the future.

Let's talk about framing fe...

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