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March 10, 2021 13 min

Fifth dimensional reality, what does shifting from three dimension to five-dimension, reality mean?  To simplify, three-dimensional reality is the belief that there's nothing that exists outside of what we can see. It's a state of ego self. It's like the old adage, “I'll believe it when I see it” mentality. Then four-dimensional reality is starting to believe that there is “more to life than meets the eye”, that we are spiritual beings... there is more out there... more unseen. Five D reality is not just a belief that there is much more to life than what we can see, but is actually resonating at a higher vibration. For example, if we align with the “Love Tuner”, a sound at 528 hertz, the vibration of love and compassion, one can sample that type of higher vibration. Refer to the show notes for more information on the love tuner, but it is using sound to raise our vibration. 

The fifth dimension is unconditional love, peacefulness and happiness that resonates at an exceedingly high vibration. What I find extremely interesting is that we were born into the fifth dimension, that we are living basically from birth to about age one in the fifth dimension. But then we forget it. Our parents have integrated us into their 3D reality and in some cases 4 D. Have you noticed children being born right now seem to be very aware, have you looked in the eyes of a newborn lately, there is deep wisdom there. It's like they already know you and know all about you, when they just look into your face. It's amazing. They are existing in that higher vibration. In 5D reality, we know that we are deeply connected. As adults, our self-mastery becomes very focused on fulfilling a purpose that involves serving others. 5 D is about living fully in the present state of “now”. Leaving the past in the past and not worrying about what the future brings.'s about accepting all that is and embracing life with all five of your senses. Because your vibration can fluctuate, various activities can cause you to go back into the other dimensions.  

Learn about these activities to avoid and which things to call in for fifth dimensional living by listening to this episode of “Call IT in with Dar”!

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